Wednesday, November 30, 2022

How the World is Brainwashed

It is funny to see everybody, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, Jews and non-Jews, all line up in lockstep and recite the same lines about Donald Trump must be ostracized for failing to condemn a guest who believes in America First.

What goes? Are they all reading from the same playbook?

No, I don't believe all those people really have an opnion about Nick Fuentes. Or that they really believe that there is something wrong with Trump meeting someone with different views. Politicians meet with people of different views all the time.

None of them appear to have ever listened to Fuentes, or to be able to cise any of his opinions. His views are conservative, not radical.

I also wonder how all those same people can be lined up in favor of the Ukraine War. It used to be that we had some anti-war dissidents in the USA. There were Democrats against the Afghanistan War. Now they all favor the Ukraine War.

They all line up with predictable views on George Floyd, preferred pronouns, and same-sex marriage.

THey are horrified that someone might be allowed to express a contrary view on Twitter.

I don't know how far this goes. I think I will make a list of those against basic free speech.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Rich Jews with Trivial Complaints

The Jewish religion consists largely of complaining about imaginary or trivial persecutions.

Here is a video made by a British comedian who calls himself a fundamentalist Jewish atheist. His big gripe is that his fellow progressives advocate in favor of Blacks and minority, but treat Jews as privileged Whites.

He denies being a religious Jew, denies being White, and denies loyalties to Israel.

It is bizarre how trivial his complaints are. One of his top complaints is that Hollywood movies sometimes use non-Jews to play Jewish roles!

I consider him a religious Jews if he complains about a lack of Jews in Hollywood. He has bought into a Jewish narrative that goys do not understand.

The Jewish religion is not about belief in God or holding spiritual values. It is about promoting Jewish identity. Their favorite techniques are bonding with other Jews by pretending that they are a persecuted minority, and by attacking goys. The movie does this from beginning to end.

I believe in religious freedom, so this guy can believe whatever he wants, but it is just a goofy religious beliefs, and he have no legitimate complaint about others not subscribing to those beliefs.

He argues that Jews should be considered a minority race, because they are attacked for an immutable physical characteristic. That is not true. Okay, maybe someone will occasionally make fun of a Jewish nose. Most criticism of Jews is based on their beliefs.

Here is a Jew who dislikes the complaining of his fellow Jews:

I’m not sure that I love the evolution of Jewish victimhood over the past 75 years. In 1948, we fought against the regular militaries of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Today our enemy is an individual 24-year-old incel. If we extrapolate out another 10 years, is it reasonable to predict that all Jews worldwide can be taken out by a pet rabbit and we need all of the goyim to rally around us and protect us from that rabbit?
Here are videos of Sen. Chuck Schumer and law professor Alan Dershowitz ranting that Pres. Trump had a dinner guest who brought a friend who once did an internet livestream where a caller made a snide remark on how long it would take to bake millions of cookies. Dershowitz, speaking from Israel, also complained that the guest was once present when some protesters chanted "Jews will not replace us." They were both adamant that it is "dangerous" for Trump not to denounce these folks. Schumer said that it was "pure evil".

Again, these are strange Jewish religious beliefs. Christians do not believe in condemning people for their political opinions, or for their failure to take orders from Jews.

Saying "Jews will not replace us" is the opinion of non-Jews all over the world. To disagree with that means to believe that Jews should be allowed to import foreigner to displace your people. I guess Dershowitz and the other Trump critics believe that Jews should rule the world, and treat goys like farm animals.

Dershowitz actually agrees with almost everything Trump did as President, and argues that he was very good to the Jews. But Dershowitz would never vote for Trump because Trump refuses to express subservience to the Jewish world order.

I do not even necessarily disagree with Israel replace West Bank Arabs with Jews. I do not have a dog in that fight. But I certainly disagree with Schumer and the others who control the Democrat Party and who import millions of foreigners to replace the native White Christian population. As he recently explained:

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer made some startling admissions last week about his immigration views: “We have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to. The only way we’re going to have a great future in America is if we welcome and embrace immigrants, the Dreamers and all of them, because our ultimate goal is to help the Dreamers but to get a path to citizenship for all 11 million or however many undocumented there are here.”
However many? Is it 30 million? Illegal aliens do not make a great future. The purpose here is to exterminate White Christians.

Monday, November 28, 2022

NY Times Wants to Block Trump from Ballots

The NY Times Editorial Board argues that Donald Trump should not be permitted to run for President in 2024:
The facts are well known but necessary to repeat, if only because we must never become inured to them: Abetted by a posse of low-rent lawyers, craven lawmakers and associated crackpots, Mr. Trump schemed to overturn the 2020 election by illegal and unconstitutional means. When those efforts failed, he incited a violent insurrection at the United States Capitol, causing widespread destruction, leading to multiple deaths and — for the first time in American history — interfering with the peaceful transfer of power. Almost two years later, he continues to claim, without any evidence, that he was cheated out of victory, and millions of Americans continue to believe him.

The best solution to behavior like this is the one that’s been available from the start: impeachment.

No, this is partisan lunacy.

The Democrat-controlled House could have impeached Trump while he was still in office, but chose to delay it until it was ineffective and meaningless. Then Trump was acquitted in the Senate.

The House could not prove any of those things, because they are false. Trump was not trying to overturn the 2020 election, but trying to follow the Electoral Count Act. The Democrats in Congress are currently amending the law to block what Trump was doing. If Trump were doing something illegal and unconstitutional, there would be no noeed to amend the law.

Nobody interfered with the peaceful transfer of power. The J6 hearsing proved that. Trump left the White House, right on schedule. The only death was a Black cop shooting an unarmed protester.

Now they are scared of Trump, and want to rig the system to keep him off the ballot. If so, that will be the most anti-democratic official act of my lifetime. They say they want to democracy, but do everything against it.

The 2020 election was stolen in the sense that Trump got a majority of the observed and verified votes on Election Day. The official count only favored Joe Biden because of ballot drop box stuffing of questionable votes. An honest election would not permit such votes. Other countries do not.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Global Majority is the new Replacement Expression

London Daily Mail reports:
Westminster City Council has dropped the term BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) from its communications.

The local authority has announced it will instead use 'global majority' as a replacement expression.

It follows wider questions asked about describing minorities during the 2020 protests for the Black Lives Matters movement. 

This makes sense. Global population is now up to 8 billion people. India is passing up China as the most populous country. The global majority is concentrated in the area from India to China, in Asia.

Their only threat is from Black Africa, where population is booming out of control. The UN projects Africa to get a couple of billion people.

Whites in Britain and the USA are being systematically replaced. Global majority is a suitable replacement expression. To the extent that the world is democratic, Whites must understand that they will be ruled by the global majority.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Russia Bans LGBT Propaganda

I wondered why Putin was hated so much, and here is a possible explanation:
MOSCOW, Nov 24 (Reuters) - Russia's parliament approved on Thursday a bill that widens a prohibition of "LGBT propaganda" and restricts the "demonstration" of LGBT behaviour, making any expression of an LGBT lifestyle almost impossible.

Under the new law, which still needs the approval of the upper house of parliament and President Vladimir Putin, any action or information that is considered an attempt to promote homosexuality - whether in public, online, or in films, books or advertising - could incur a heavy fine.

Previously, the law had outlawed only promotion of LGBT lifestyles aimed at children. The new bill also bans the "demonstration" of LGBT behaviour to children.

This is a very mild law. There is no penalty for homosexual conduct.

By comparison, in the USA you can be fired for using the wrong pronouns.

At the World Soccer Cup in Qatar, the big issue is rainbow colors:

Qatar has stated that Pride colours will “not be prohibited” after reports that football fans wearing rainbow clothing were being turned away from World Cup stadiums.

According to The Independent, FIFA has now told LGBTQ+ fans and allies they will no longer be stopped by security staff for wearing rainbow colours, and that FIFA “has been given assurances” by the World Cup’s Safety and Security Operations Committee that Pride colours will no longer be confiscated.

The U-turn comes after FIFA reportedly held “urgent talks” with Qatar this week after a number of fans, including former Wales captain Laura McAllister, were reportedly asked to remove rainbow items before entering stadiums.

The vast majority of the players and fans are not LGBT. They are just trying to politicize a soccer game.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Teaching Students With a Migration Background

News from Germany:
WHY are German schools so bad in an international comparison (30th place)? A current study by the Institute for Economic Research (University of Munich) shows: 23.8% of all students “do not achieve any basic skills that should be taught in school.”

The President of the German Teachers’ Association, Heinz-Peter Meidinger (68), speaks plainly to Bild: “A key reason for the drop in performance at primary schools is the proportion of students with a migration background, which has increased by more than 50% in the last ten years.” The higher their proportion, according to Meidinger, “the lower, at least tendentially, the level of performance — this has been shown by accompanying PISA studies.”

Meidinger also emphasized: “If a large part of the class can no longer follow the lesson at all, the teacher must of course lower the targets. The performance level of children without a migration background then falls too.”

Yes, it is obvious, but no one wants to say it anymore.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Public Library Shows Jewish Propaganda

Some public libraries are showing this movie:
Repairing the World: Stories from the Tree of Life documents a community’s response to hate and anti-Semitism in the aftermath of the assault on three congregations at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA. The lives of 11 people were taken on October 27, 2018 in the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in U.S. history.
I would not describe it as anti-Semitic. According to Wikipedia, the killer described his motives:
Referring to Central American migrant caravans and immigrants, Bowers posted a message on Gab in which he wrote that "HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I'm going in."[13][14]
So he was not attacking because of their ethnic heritage or their theological beliefs.

Or maybe he was. The title of this movie is from a Jewish slogan that means Jews imposing their beliefs and values on the rest of the world. This could be considered a core Jewish religious belief, I guess. If they want to bring in Guatamalan invaders to kill Americans, then that is their religious prerogative, and any goy who resists is anti-Semitic.

I am not trying to justify the killing. The Pittsburgh perp deserves to be executed for his crimes. I am just trying to understand what my tax-supported public libraries are trying to accomplish. Apparently they are against this perp killing killing Jews, but all in favor of helping Jews bring in Guatamalan invaders to kill goys.

Speakaing of propaganda, why are we subjected to so much anti-Putin propaganda? Here is an essay on it:

Why Do Americans Hate Putin? ...

Everything Americans know about Putin they read in the media. And that’s the problem, because media despises Putin. And they despise him for the same reason they despise Trump, because the media’s wealthy owners see him as a threat to their political agenda. That’s the whole deal in a nutshell. Putin is not hated because he is a “KGB thug” or a “new Hitler”; that’s just public relations gibberish. He’s hated because he is an obstacle to the globalists achieving their geopolitical objectives. That’s the motive that drives this smear campaign.

I don't know. It is as it the lizard people have installed chips in the heads of many of the world's leaders, but not Putin.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Cities can Ban Pit Bulls

A federal appeals court upheld an Iowa city ban on pit bull dogs.

I did not know breeds could be banned for being undesirable.

They [the dog owners] presented evidence from canine behavior experts and recent scientific studies about predicting a dog's propensity to bite based on its breed. According to the dog owners, this evidence, viewed most favorably to them, negates every conceivable basis for the Ordinance by establishing: "(1) Pit Bull type dogs are no more or less dangerous than other breeds of dogs; (2) neither breed nor physical characteristics are predictive of a dog's aggressiveness or propensity to bite; and (3) the city's method of identifying dogs as Pit Bulls is inherently unreliable."

As for dangerousness, the dog owners argue that experts in canine genetics and behavior currently acknowledge that pit bulls are no more or less dangerous than similarly sized dogs of other breeds.

This sounds just like antiracism arguments.

Behavioral traits are heritable. Hence dog breeds will have varying levels of dangerousness. That is obvious. It is fake egalitarian foolishness to say that breeds cannot be more or less dangerous.

Pit bulls are source of a huge number of dog bite complaints. What is that, a coincidence? Discrimination? Even if it is partially attributable to bad training on the part of the pit bull owners, it is still a reality.

Saying that the breed is not predictive is more nonsense. Pit bulls are 6% of the US dog population but a majority of bites.

When the pit bull owners say that the breed is not predictive, they presumably mean that some pit bulls are well-behaved and do not bite. So they mean the breed is not predictive with 100% accuracy.

That is like saying that weather predictions are not predictive. Of course they are predictive. They have a probability of being wrong, but that is the nature of predictions.

There are those who say race does not exist, because some people are half Black and half White. Likewise I guess they argue that dog breeds do not exist. Nevertheless, if a city does not want excess dog bites, it makes sense to ban any dog that looks like a pit bull.

The problem with pit bulls is that they are very loyal to their masters, and aggressive to others, and particularly vicious in biting attacks. Often the owners are oblivious to how nasty their dogs are, and figure that anyone who gets bitten deserved it. Also, people who want mean dogs get pit bulls.

The problem could be completely solved if a law were passed allowing pit bulls to be shot on site. There are plenty of other dogs available.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Russia Probably not Bombing its own Power Plant

Reuters reports:
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy urged NATO members on Monday to guarantee the protection of Ukraine's nuclear plants from Russian sabotage, a day after the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia plant was rocked by heavy shelling. ...

Russia and Ukraine each blame the other for attacks on the plant, which is located in Russian-held territory near the front line. Reuters was unable to independently verify which side was responsible for the weekend shelling.

If the plant is in Russian-controlled territory, why would the Russians shell it?

A Reuters Special Report:

A gender imbalance emerges among trans teens seeking treatment

Adolescents assigned female at birth account for a significant majority of minors receiving gender-affirming care, including top surgery, fueling debate about the influence of peer groups and social media.

Does Reuters still have some honest reporters? This story is a surprisingly fair look at teen transgenderism. It gives the impression it is all a big teenaged girl fad, promoted by pushy therapists and peer pressure.

The peer pressure is hard to understand, as you would expect that the peer pressure would be to be normal. But if that were correct, kids would never get a tattoo. No, today's kids feel peer pressure to be freaks. Some get tattoos. Others get more sever mutilations.

Update: RT reports:

The Associated Press has fired the journalist behind its since-retracted story, which claimed that the missile that hit NATO member Poland last week had been launched by Russia, a number of US media outlets have reported.

The news that the agency had terminated its contract with investigative reporter James LaPorta after a brief internal probe was broken by the Daily Beast on Monday. The sacking was later confirmed to the Washington Post by “people at the news organization.”

Last Tuesday, AP issued a news alert citing “a senior US intelligence official,” who claimed that “Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people.”

The missile turned out to the a Ukraine false flag operation, and part of a plot to theaten World War III. Glad to see these news services wise up.

Monday, November 21, 2022

Jewish Topics of Conversation

Andrew Anglin writes:
White people have much less money per capita than the Jews. They have much less influence on society. Whites rarely make decisions that affect any public policy. Jews are the ones with the power, they are the ones making the decisions, but they are telling us that unlike whites, they are not a group, so they can’t ever be talked about. This is unacceptable.

Jews destroyed my life. They destroyed Ye’s life. We have a lot at stake here. We want to understand what is going on, and we need these Jews who control everything to explain it to us.

Here are some other topics of conversation:

  • Jews are currently pushing us towards a world war to try to collapse the government of Russia for reasons that are entirely related to Jewish experience and Jewish geopolitical goals.
  • Jews have used feminism to completely destroy the nuclear family, in line with stated Jewish goals about preventing “goyim” from opposing the Jewish agenda. (You can read about the Jewish plan to destroy the nuclear family in Theodor Adorno’s “The Authoritarian Personality.” They stated this agenda openly decades ago, and then they proceeded to do it.)
  • Jews are pushing this concept of child trannies, and they are mutilating the genitals of our children as part of a strange ideology that Jews have refused to explain when asked about it.
  • Jews are collapsing the global financial system. Most Jewish power comes from their money, and most Jewish money was obtained through underhanded means. FTX alone should be reason enough to talk about Jewish financial power.
  • The Jews legalized and then normalized pornography. The entire pornography industry is entirely Jewish, and over 95% of American men are addicted to pornography. This is not in keeping with the Christian values our people traditionally hold.
  • The Jews have a complete stranglehold on the news media, which they use to push their agenda. They use the apparatus of the media to silence anyone who opposes them.
  • Jews have completely shut down freedom of speech in the West, something that is necessary for our societies to function. Jews are currently in the process of stripping us of the rest of our God-given rights, as they shape an entirely new society to reflect their own value system.
We need to discuss all of these things and much more.

Jews did destroy his life, and they are out to get Kanye West and others.

He does not even mention the Democrat Party, which is run by Jews and doing many things to ruin the USA.

Alan Dershowitz has gone negative on Ukraine. It has a Jewish president, but is one of the most anti-Jewish countries in the world.

Here is Sen. Chuck Schumer explaining that his "ultimate goal" is to bring in non-white immigrants to replace the White population that is aborting its babies. Okay, he does not say it exactly that way, but watch it for yourself. Yes, Jews are plotting to replace us.

Google says that if I mention this topic, I should include the Wikipedia definition:

The Great Replacement (French: Grand Remplacement), also known as replacement theory or great replacement theory,[1][2][3] is a white nationalist[4] far-right conspiracy theory[3][5][6][7] disseminated by French author Renaud Camus. The original theory states that, with the complicity or cooperation of "replacist" elites,[a][5][8] the ethnic French and white European populations at large are being demographically and culturally replaced with non-white peoples

For some Jewish opinion, here is Jonathan Greeblatt of the Jewish ADL tweeting:
Jonathan Greenblatt @JGreenblattADL

Nov 19 Official
.@elonmusk's decisions over the last month have been erratic and alarming, but this decision is dangerous and a threat to American democracy. We need to ask — is it time for Twitter to go?

He is referring to allowing Donald Trump back on Twitter. He also tweeted about using Jewish power to destroy those he does not like.

He says it is anti-semitic to say Jews have power.

In all fairness, I cannot blame all Jews for this kook. A Jewish magazine writes:

But we Jews don’t control Kyrie Irving; in theory, we do control the ADL, and we shouldn’t want our chief defense group to behave in a way that advances antisemitic conspiracy theories about shadowy Jews trafficking in money and influence for fun and profit.

All of this leads to one sorry conclusion: It’s time to say goodbye to the ADL. It can’t be killed, so we need to just walk away from this formerly venerable organization, and weaken it before it swerves so far off the road that it takes us with it.

If you think the above is hyperbole, or if you haven’t been paying much attention to the ADL lately and still imagine it as a paragon of the good fight against antisemitism, here’s a sizzle reel of Greenblatt’s years in office. Since leaving the Obama White House and taking over the organization in 2015, Greenblatt has turned the ADL into a partisan attack machine, fueled by corporate cash and increasingly oblivious to any real suffering of any real Jews.

The article goes on to explain how Jewish organizations will sell out their fellow Jews to align with leftist causes.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Movie About Reporters Making Fake News

NY Times movie review:
Jurors in this trial received a particular instruction: The judge barred them from watching the trailer for “She Said.”

That’s the film adaptation of the nonfiction book of the same title. In it, the New York Times journalists Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey describe — in pragmatic, restrained how-we-got-that-story prose — the reporting that led them to publish a series of articles detailing Weinstein’s behavior. Those articles helped ignite the #MeToo movement,

This ia a NY Times review of a movie about a book about NY Times reporters collecting Hollywood gossip. You might expect it to be a story about uncovering facts, but that is not what it is at all.
While forged in the mold of other films about investigative reporting, like “Spotlight,” “All the President’s Men” and “The Post,” “She Said” privileges female experience. It follows its journalists home more extensively than those earlier films did, accentuating their identities as women and mothers. This choice helps explain the sacrifices these journalists made and the reputational risks they took to report this story. It argues that a reporter’s private life and personhood might animate her work without compromising her ethics. ...

Weinstein appears in the film only glancingly. His recorded voice is heard, and in a late scene the back of his head (well, the back of the actor Mike Houston’s head) can be seen. The focus, rightly, remains with his accusers and the reporters

With 100 accusers, and numerous books and NY Times articles, surely there are some facts about Weinstein that they can show without getting sued. Apparently not.

California Governor Gavin Newson's wife was the star witness at the latest trial, telling some far-fetched story about trying to get an acting job many years ago. I thought that Newson had higher political ambitions. Apparently having a slutty wife is advantageous in today's Democrat Party.

I assume that Weinstein will get convicted again, just because he is a creep, and because the prosecution was allowed to do a character assassination about uncharged allegations.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Civilization was Invented in the Dark Ages

The Dark Ages are called that because the meager written records leave a lot unknown. Scholars have shown that they were not as backward as most people think. Here are a couple of essays that falsely blame Christianity for a decline in civilization.

Richard Carrier writes:

There is a trend to try and deny the Dark Ages ever existed; even to portray them as really lovely, light and wonderful ages of goodness and achievement. I’m exaggerating. But only a little. I’ve debunked this a lot. ...

I mentioned in particular McDaniel’s piece debunking the Dark Ages, which has a lot of good material rightly debunking a lot of misconceptions about the Dark Ages. For instance, that wasn’t the era of mass witch hunts (the Inquisition, for example, was actually a much later phenomenon of a far more prosperous time) or of the kind of “armored knights” people usually imagine, and so on. And pretty much all educated persons knew the earth was a sphere, even in the Middle Ages. ...

For example, McDaniel argues that publicly seen depictions of the universe as a sphere indicate popular knowledge the earth was a sphere, but that’s incorrect: those spheres illustrate the entire cosmos, not the earth. The belief that a flat earth inhabited a spherical universe remained widespread—among the illiterate, who indeed also still thought such things as that lunar eclipses were caused by witch magic and not orbital shadows ...

Yes, the Dark Ages happened. They occupied the period from the 5th to the 10th century. And they took five hundred more years to fully recover from, bringing Western civilization back by the 15th century to all the peak markers of accomplishment that it had achieved by the 2nd century. That’s a thousand years we were set back.

If that is really true, and Europe dropped a millennium behind the rest of the world, then how it is that, starting in the 15th century, it rapidly advanced to being a millennium ahead? How is that even possible?

The atheists might argue: The enlightenment scholars discovered reason, and that was so much more powerful than religion.

But those Enlightment advances were all done by Christians, working in Christian institutions. And the non-Christian countries fell many centuries behind Europe.

Andrew Bernstein writes, archived:

In recent decades, medieval scholars have persistently advanced the thesis that the Dark and Middle Ages were not actually dark — that the 1,000-year period stretching from the fall of Rome (roughly 500 AD) to the Renaissance (roughly 1500) was an era of significant intellectual and cultural advance. ...

The thesis of Stark’s book is that the Catholic Church promoted a cultural commitment to reason that enabled the West to rise. Medieval Christianity was fundamentally, perhaps exclusively, responsible for the great progress wrought by Western Civilization in philosophy, the arts, science, technology, and freedom. ...

A reader will search Stark’s book in vain for any reference to the Church’s suppression of innovative thinkers. For example, the terms “heresy” and “heretics” are not listed in his Index.

So he denies that Christianity was a force of reason because some heresies were suppressed!

Most heresies were witchcraft, superstitions, and other unscientific nonsense. Yes, suppressing superstition was part of what made Christianity successful, and what made Europeans more rational.  

And of course he complains about Galileo, and misstates his dispute with the Pope. But of course Galileo was a Christian, and did his best work with the support of the Church.

Go ahead and read these essays for yourself. If Christianity was so bad, tell me where non-Christians did any better.

The Dark Ages did see a decline in some of the Roman accomplishments, such as construction, money, and law and order. But at the same time, it embarked on the long and difficult task of Christianizing the continent, and achieving a civilization far greater than anywhere else.

Friday, November 18, 2022

The Never-Trumpers Emerge Again

National Review is a supposedly conservative magazine that has always hated Donald Trump, and it came out again against his Presidential campaign.

Here is the summary: He was an outstanding President, but we don't like his personality. He brought a lot of voters into the Republican Party, but he alienated others. It explains:

To his credit, Trump killed off the Clinton dynasty in 2016, nominated and got confirmed three constitutionalist justices, reformed taxes, pushed deregulation, got control of the border, significantly degraded ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and cinched normalization deals between Israel and the Gulf states, among other things. These are achievements that even his conservative doubters and critics — including NR — can acknowledge and applaud.

That said, the Trump administration was chaotic even on its best days because of his erratic nature and lack of seriousness. ...

Certainly, GOP voters should give up on the idea that Trump is a winner. After securing the GOP nomination with plurality support in 2016, Trump didn’t exceed 47 percent in either of his campaigns, winning in 2016 with 46.1 percent and losing in 2020 with 46.8. ...

Needless to say, Trump is a magnetic political figure who has managed to bond countless millions of Republicans to him. Many GOP voters appreciate his combativeness and hate his enemies, who so often engaged in excesses in pursuit of him. Once he won the nomination in 2016, they understandably voted for him in 2016 and 2020, given the alternatives.

Criticism of Trump from Jews and others is usually similar. Little or no criticism of what he actually did as President, but endless gripes about petty matters that affected no one.

I wonder what really motivates these Never-Trumpers. No, I do not believe that they are honestly expressing their opinions.

One theory is that they believe that the Republican Party should be the controlled opposition party. Trump does not take orders from the lizard people who run the world.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Observing Anti-Christian Shills

An anti-religion group just had a conference, and here are their speeches. I listened to a couple of them to see if they had any examples of religion doing something bad. No, it was just leftist advocacy.

I found this amusing rant:

ID: 10az04kf When observing anti-Christian shills, you'll notice they never formulate arguments in favor of their preferred belief system. They never give you details about what they believe and why you should believe it too. What is their doc- Wine? Where do their morals come from? Which God do they worship, if any? No, all they do is attack Christianity and Christians. They insult Christ, they insult you for believing in Him. They try to conflate Christianity with modern day Judaism as a way to appeal to the overarching Jewish sentiment of /pol/. They try to conflate Christianity with typically leftist posi- tions using cherry-picked propaganda that rep- resents the complete opposite of the average case (for example claiming that Christians are pro mass immigration, or pro gay rights). They post anti-Christian images, memes etc. but never anything pro-whatever they believe. They claim that Christianity "destroyed" the West, but they never tell you how the West can be saved (aside from you not following Christ of course).

There is a reason for all of this: They genuinely don't care what you believe, so long as you stop believing in Christ. Their goal is not to convert you to some non-existant Pagan religion, or Marxism, or atheism; and it's certainly not to save the West. Their goal is simply to turn you away from the truth; to demoralize you. To strip you of your identity and your heritage. If you are not following Christ, they are happy. If you are confused, conflicted, and hopeless, they are happy. They are, quite literally, doing the bidding of Satan. /pol/ on anti-Christian threads - /pol/ on anti-Christian threads

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Trump Announces Presidential Candidacy

NPR Radio reports:
Donald Trump, who tried to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election and inspired a deadly riot at the Capitol in a desperate attempt to keep himself in power, announced he is running again for president in 2024.
You were not expecting objective coverage, were you?

I have heard people say that they donate to NPR Radio in order ot get neutral news coverage. I listen to NPR Radio and PBS TV, and I have never heard them do a neutral story on anything. And certainly not Trump.

Trump did not try to overthrow any results. He was merely advocating for the electoral votes that he believed he deserved. The J6 protest was only deadly because a Black cop shot and killed an unarmed White woman.

Hear the story about the Russian missile striking Poland, possibly invoking NATO Charter Article 5, and starting World War III? Now the authorities admit that Ukraine fired the missile. Okay, never mind.

Ukraine attacking Poland could also invoke the NATO Charter, but no one wants to consider that.

Whatever you think of Trump personally, his Presidency was four years of peace and prosperity. Biden has wrecked the economy, inflated the dollar, and lost wars in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Proving Uncountability Without Diagonalization

Cantor is famous for his diagonal proof of the uncountability of the real numbers. I just learned that his first proof was different. Here it is.

First some facts about the completeness of the reals. A bounded monotone sequence of real numbers must converge. That is, if a0 < a1 < a2 < ... < C are real numbers, then the sequence must converge to some point b ≤ C. Likewise, if the sequence is monotone decreasing.

Consequently, if we have a sequence of nested intervals, ie where each interval properly contains the next one, then the intersection must be nonempty. That is because the left endpoints form a bounded monotone sequence, and must converge to some point in all the intervals.

(I am being a little sloppy about whether the intervals are open or closed, ie whether they include the endpoints. It does not matter, as long as each interval is contained in the interior of the previous one. They cannot share an endpoint.)

Theorem If a0, a1, a2, ... is a sequence of real numbers, then there must be a real point not in the sequence.

Proof Removing duplicates if necessary, assume the numbers are all distinct. Let I0 be the interval determined by a0 and a1. Find the next two points in the sequence that are also in the interval, and let them define the interval I1. If that is not possible, then all the points inside I0 must be absent from the sequence.

Continuing, we get an infinite sequence of nested intervals, and so there must be a point in all of them. By the construction, that point cannot be in he original sequence of reals.

This proves that the real numbers are uncountable.

Atheists Want to Castrate your Kids

Atheists and freethinkers used to be big advocates of science and rational thinking. No more. They have signed on to a Leftist agenda.

FFRF announces:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has signed on to an amicus brief challenging a new Indiana law that discriminates against transgender school athletes.

The National Women’s Law Center and its law firm partner, Hogan Lovells, have filed a friend-of-the-court brief before the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in A.M. v. Indianapolis in support of the plaintiff, a 10-year-old transgender girl who was kicked off her elementary school softball team after a sports ban targeting transgender girls and young women took effect in the summer of 2022. A.M. and her family, represented by the ACLU, won a preliminary district court injunction finding that the anti-trans ban on sports participation likely violates Title IX. The state of Indiana has appealed. ...

Plus, women and girls of color will be disproportionately targeted and harmed by the new Indiana law. Exclusion of transgender women and girls has a far-reaching impact and can adversely affect other women and girls, as well. Black and brown girls and women — who are routinely targeted for not conforming to society’s expectations of white femininity — are particularly vulnerable to harm from the types of exclusionary policies the state of Indiana is asking the court to impose. Serena Williams is perhaps the most prominent woman of color to experience this policing but far from the only.

I do not even see what this has to do with religion. The arguments for restricting girls sports to girls are not primarily religious. I do not even know whether any of the major reliions have a postion on the matter.

Apparently the idea that we are oppressed by religion is all a big hoax, and the FFRF cannot find any example of religious views being forced on anyone.  

The science says that sex cannot be changed.

Serena Williams was a huge beneficiary of the discrimination that the FFRF complains about. Maybe the biggest. She was one of the top earners in the history of tennis, despite never being among the top 500, if men are included. I guess FFRF is trying to say that she was considered ugly, compared to the other top female players. The Indiana law will not change that.

I believe the science says that White women are more feminine, and Blacks are less sexually dimorphic.

I listened to an FFRF podcast a couple of months ago, and it was all about strategies to pack the US Supreme Court with extra appointments.

These people are frauds who should return the money that they have raised.

Wokism is a new religion. I want freedom from that.

AP reports:

She was a woman. She was not supposed to be here, because Singapore’s compulsory, two-year military service is required only for 18-year-old men. But under Singapore law, she was still considered a man, because she had not undergone surgery that would render her sterile.

Across the world, scores of countries still require transgender people to submit to such surgeries before their genders are legally recognized, a practice international human rights bodies have condemned as torture. These policies have left untold numbers of transgender people with an agonizing choice between their fertility and their identity.

It should have said "He was a boy, and now identifies as a girl." He tried to evade the Singapore military draft by pretending to be a girl. But he was not yet willing to have his genitals chopped off. That would be "torture"!

I did not realize that international human rights bodies have condemned transsexual surgery as torture. The article goes on to complain that some legal authorities do not recognize a sex change unless there is some evidence of a sex change. Seems reasonable to me. They also ask you to put accurate height and weight on official documents.

In the U.S., 13 states and territories have a surgical requirement to update gender markers on birth certificates, and four require it for updating driver’s licenses, according to Olivia Hunt, policy director for the National Center for Transgender Equality. The states do not clarify what procedures they will accept.

Even after surgery, the process of obtaining a legal gender change can be convoluted and humiliating. In Australia, two states require two separate examinations of post-surgery genitalia by doctors, who must sign statutory declarations confirming “a surgical procedure involving the alteration of a person’s reproductive organs.” Any false statement by the doctor, the New South Wales state form warns, could result in two years’ imprisonment.

“We don’t even force sex offenders to be sterilized in this country, but you’re forcing transgender people just to get a birth certificate? Come on,” says Kirsti Miller, a New South Wales woman who underwent gender-confirmation surgery in 2006, and was forced to divorce her childhood sweetheart. New South Wales removed the divorce mandate in 2018.

At least some people recognize these surgeries as abominations.

Monday, November 14, 2022

When Altruism Goes Bad

The world's leading proponent of effective altruism is Sam Bankman-Fried. A month ago he was worth $10 billion. Now he is broke.

Where did it go? He was the second largest contributor to the Joe Biden 2020 campaign, after George Soros. And he apparently made a lot of risky crypto-currency bets with customer money.

Before the collapse of FTX, he had spent around $40 million during the midterms to boost a range of candidates, most of whom were Democrats. His contributions made him one of the top donors of the election cycle, according to OpenSecrets, which tracks campaign finance data.

He gave a large portion of his donations to Protect Our Future PAC, which describes itself as a “an organization designed to help elect candidates who will be champions for pandemic prevention.” The PAC did not respond to a request for comment from JI on Thursday.

Many of the candidates Bankman-Fried supported were also backed by pro-Israel groups such as Democratic Majority for Israel and United Democracy Project, a super PAC affiliated with AIPAC. He gave $250,000 directly to DMFI PAC last May.

But it is unclear if his backing of pro-Israel candidates was coincidental or motivated by any personal interest in Middle East policy. Bankman-Fried, who is Jewish, does not appear to have spoken publicly about Israel or the Middle East.

This isn't altruism; this is buying political influence.

Here is a review of a book on Pathological Altruism.

“Animal hoarders” are another example of PA. They fill their houses with “rescued” pets but fail to look after them. They declare their love for animals even as they step over the bodies of dogs and cats that have died of malnutrition. They often neglect their own health, living in tumble-down houses filled with animal filth. These people usually started out with a strong childhood attachment to animals but were neglected or abused by their own parents. They often start hoarding after they suffer some kind of personal setback, such as a divorce or losing a job.
Most people think altruism is a noble thing, but it can be psychopathy in disguise, or just a personality disorder.
Another theory about the origins of PA is that it can be seen as the result of an excessively female brain. Women are more likely than men to be co-dependents and have eating disorders. Girls are more compliant than boys, better behaved, and more eager to please. They are better able to figure out the needs of others. They are politically more “liberal,” and more likely to think that an important function of government is taking care of people. Low levels of testosterone in the womb during fetal development is associated with higher levels of empathy in both sexes.
Update: It now appears that FTX was taking aid to Ukraine, laundering it, and sending it to Democrat political candidates. This is unconfirmed, but it is possible, as we have no good accounting of either Ukraine aid or FTX assets.

Update: See the FTX Super Bowl commercial with Larry David.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

How Celebrities can be Controlled

Page reports:
Beloved celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak appeared to threaten to “institutionalize” Kanye West so that the rapper would be medicated into “Zombieland forever.”

Following his anti-Semitic rants, West shared texts purportedly sent by Pasternak, who is Jewish, that began by offering to have a “loving, open conversation” with him based on “fact.” Pasternak also asked his former friend and client to refrain from “cuss words” or “crazy stuff.”

“Second option, I have you institutionalized again where they medicate the crap out of you, and you go back to Zombieland forever. Play date with the kids just won’t be the same,” the message continued.

West, 45, tweeted the screenshot Thursday and wrote that he was “mentally misdiagnosed and nearly drugged out of my mind to make me a manageable well behaved celebrity.”

If they cannot control him, they can cheat him in the name of the Jews.

The NY Post reports:

Adidas plans to relaunch Kanye West’s shoe designs after cutting ties with the disgraced rapper — and said it will ditch the Yeezy name in the process.

The German sportswear giant said Wednesday that it intends to strip the shoes of their “Ye” branding but keep the same designs. The move could save Adidas over $300 million in royalty payments.

I don't know what is going on with Kanye West. He appears to have some peculiar views, but he is entitled to his opinions. His views are no weirder than thinking that sex can be changed.

Somehow the Jews have decided that he is a threat, and they are out to destroy him. Ditto for Donald Trump, Kyrie Irving, and a few others. If they succeed, it will tell us something about how the world works.

Update: Even Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live TV show says he can never say "the Jews".

"Early in my career, I learned there are two words you should never say together," Chappelle noted during his opening monologue. "Those words are...'the' and 'Jews.' Never heard someone do good after they said that."
A Black journalist was fired for tweeting:
Look up the religious affiliation of everyone involved in the FTX collapse

Kanye was right

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Married Women Vote Republican

Yahoo reports:
Fox News host Jesse Watters recently said Democratic policies are designed to keep women from getting married. Now, single women have fired back.

During Wednesday night’s broadcast, the Fox News host broke down a midterm elections exit poll that showed 68 per cent of unmarried women voted Democrat, while 56 per cent of married women voted for Republicans.

“This makes sense when you think about how democratic policies are designed to keep women single,” he said during the segment. “But once women get married, they vote Republican. Married women, married men go for Republicans by double digits but single women and voters under 40 have been captured by Democrats.”

Then, Watters came up with a solution to the single women epidemic: “We need these ladies to get married. It’s time to fall in love and just settle down. Guys, go put a ring on it.” ...

Back in April, Watters revealed that he once let the air out of his now-wife’s tires so that she would accept his offer of a ride home. Watters married Emma DiGiovine, who worked as a producer on his show at the time, in December 2019 after finalising his divorce from ex-wife Noelle Inguagiato that same year.

The data are backed up by the latest CNN exit polls. But I am not sure that women will turn Republican by getting married. It may be that the Democrat single women have toxic attitudes that block them from finding a husband.

This could partially explain anti-marriage policies by Democrats. They need the votes.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Racism Against White People

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. writes:
Sometimes I wish white people could be Black.

Not forever, mind you. Maybe for just a few weeks like John Howard Griffin, the author of “Black Like Me,” who darkened his skin and traveled the South in 1959. Sometimes, I wish white people could have that experience.

Not so they could feel the sickly apprehension that can accompany a simple traffic stop.

Not so they could feel the indignation of being asked to account for yourself just walking down the street.

Not so they could feel what it’s like when your bank loan is denied, your home appraises for less, your doctor doesn’t take your pain seriously, you don’t get the job, your preschooler gets suspended, the shopkeeper follows you around, you can’t hail a taxi or you wind up in handcuffs, because of the melanin in your skin.

No, I wish white people could be Black so they could know how it feels to deal with all of that — and then hear white people complain how hard they have it.

I am White, and I have experienced all those things, and much worse. If Blacks have only experienced those, then they have it easy.

And I have Pitts giving me the indignity of lower-case white, while his race is upper-case Black. Obviously he has a hatred or disrespect for Whites.

The reference is to a recent political ad. You likely haven’t seen it if you’re not in Georgia, ...

“When did racism against white people become OK?” asks the announcer. ...

We lack space to detail those claims, but it won’t surprise you that they’ve been debunked by, Politifact and The Washington Post. ...

Yes, the spot is obviously a direct descendant of the notoriously racist Willie Horton ad of 1988. But our attention today is on how it tries to neutralize the language of liberal protest by co-opting it, i.e., re-framing “racism” as something suffered by white folks. It’s a rhetorical trick the white right has used for years.

I found the Politifact page, and the America First Legal site. Politifact says that the ad is completely correct, except that:
Our ruling

America First Legal claimed in an ad that Harris said "disaster aid should go to nonwhite citizens first."

The ad takes Harris’ comments out of context. She did not say any particular race would be prioritized in disaster relief efforts.

We rate the claim False.

The ad did not say that any particular race would be prioritized; just nonwhites. Politifact says that the Wash. Post pointed out that White lesbians might also be prioritized, so it is not just nonwhites. I might add that it is mprobably not just citizens either, as illegal aliens would probably be prioritized over White males.

Pitts goes on the complain about George Floyd and others. Floyd was a junkie and pettty criminal who died of a fentanyl while waiting for a police-called ambulance. Horton was a much worse criminal.

You would expect a whining Black columnist to give an example of Blacks suffering an injustice. No, he just makes excuses for Black criminals, and seeks to punish innocent Whites.

Update: Here is a video on the latest interracial crime data. Blacks attack Whites at about 35 times the rate of Whites attacking Blacks. Blacks are oppressing Whites, not the other way around.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Christianity Created the Modern World in Europe

Here is an anti-religion rant:
As a good old-fashioned New Atheist type, I have long been of the view that religion is most certainly not good for humanity. ...

The world did not come into being because an ancient Norse cow named AuĂ°umbla was thirsty. Allah did not create man from clay. Yahweh Elohim did not bring about the universe in six days before retiring for cocktails on the seventh. In short, every single religion simply got it wrong. ...

But let us not forget just how utterly corrosive religion was, when it had real power, to the pursuit of knowledge.

One example will suffice: the Dark Ages. Now, before you start furiously writing in to tell me that scholars do not, any longer, consider the medieval period to have been an age of darkness, I am well aware of the fact. I know that scholars of the Middle Ages take it almost personally when this crude view is expressed. Undoubtedly, it produced great scholars, literature, art, and architecture. But however much we might nuance our understanding of the Middle Ages, there remains one irrefutable kernel of truth in the old view: it took around a thousand years for modern science to emerge in Christian Europe.

Only with the fragmentation of the old order wrought by the Reformation could science and Enlightenment really take off. At the very least, we can say that Christianity didn’t help science in the slightest

No, this is completely backwards. At the start of that millennium, Europe was behind China, India, and Persia in science, and not very Christian. Then Europe turned Christian, and leap-grogged ahead of all of them in science, and is still way ahead today.

He mentions the Reformation, but that was a Christian movement. It used the newly invented printing press to disseminate bibles widely and teach people to read. Yes, this advanced civilization, but it did it by promoting Christianity, not opposing it.

It took Christianity about a millennium to transform Europe, genetically, culturally, spiritually, and philosophically. The so-called Dark Ages invented the nuclear family, universities, market economy, clocks, individual rights, rule of law, republican government, and the scientific method. Non-Christian countries did none of these, except to copy Christendom centuries later.

But make no mistake: religion is an extraordinarily effective engine of evil.

It's not much of an exaggeration to say that one could pick almost any conflict at random, historical or contemporary, and quickly see the poisonous influence of religion. Putin’s war on Ukraine, for example, like the missiles with which he slaughtered Syrians, has been blessed by the Russian Orthodox Church. Putin sees himself as the restorer of a pure Russianness, one based on a rejection of secular and liberal modernity and in search of an imperium over which to rule. For him, Russia is the last great hope of Christianity and traditional values, and Moscow is the “Third Rome”.

Again, the opposite of the truth. Ukraine is a Christian country, that is unfortunately led by a Jewish president who is a puppet of American and British neocons seeking a proxy war with Russia.
It is not so much that religion causes war (though it is very capable of that) as that it makes it worse. Take Israel/Palestine: here there is a perfectly fair and reasonable two-state solution. But religious fanaticism on both sides makes this solution impossible.
No, again. Israel has offered a two-state solution many times. It has always been refused.

Islam is evil, and causes conflict. It is set back the progress of civilization in about 50 countries. Christianity does not have the same faults. Christianity has been the major force for good in the world, no matter how you measure it.

Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Blacks Cannot be Anti-Semitic

I found these images online.

Antiracists commonly claim that Blacks cannot be racist against Whites, because Whites hold more institutional power. So by that same reasoning, Blacks could never be antisemitic against Jews.

I notice how the Jewish ADL seems to have enough power to tell Elon Musk what to censor.

This is a stereotype that I think is mostly false. There ought to be good research.

NBA star Irving has been suspended, and must undergo re-education to get back:

Sources: Nets have delivered Kyrie Irving six items he must complete to return to team:

– Apologize/condemn movie
– $500K donation to anti-hate causes
– Sensitivity training
– Antisemitic training
– Meet with ADL, Jewish leaders
– Meet with Joe Tsai to demonstrate understanding

Only Jews and Communinists would make demands like this.

Tuesday, November 08, 2022

How Schools are Now Anti-Parent

Life Site News reports:
Guidelines released this September by the Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) in Ontario are instructing teachers to conceal each student’s “gender identity” from the pupil’s parents unless given permission from the child to do so.

“Regardless of age or grade, staff must keep a student’s gender identity and gender expression status confidential unless the student gives explicit consent to inform the parent(s)/guardian(s), or there is a specific ‘need to know’ (e.g., to fulfill a specific accommodation request),” states the recently released document titled “Gender Identity and Gender Expression Guideline.”

The new guideline also covers topics called ““decolonizing gender,” “2SLGBTQI+ What does it mean?” and “Names, Pronouns, and Honorifics” among other things.

I do not see any legitimate excuse for a school to withhold information from a parent.

I am surprised that anyone puts up with teachers and other school officials conspiring to change and conceal a gender identity. Those people are like child molesters. Not just criminal, but going beyond basic moral norms in a way that is offensive to almost everyone.

Monday, November 07, 2022

Biden and Ukraine Refuse to Negotiate.

I don't know whom to believe about the Ukraine War, and certainly not Putin, Zelensky, RT, or the Washington Post. But here is a disturbing story that could be true.

RT reports:

The White House is privately asking top Ukrainian officials to show openness to peace talks with Russia, the Washington Post reported on Saturday.

Kiev’s public refusal to negotiate with Moscow unless President Vladimir Putin is removed from power in Russia must be abandoned, people familiar with the discussions told the paper.

However, the encouragement isn’t aimed at pushing Ukraine to engage in actual peace talks with Moscow to put an end to the fighting, which has been underway since late February, the sources pointed out.

The move is more of a “calculated attempt” to make sure Vladimir Zelensky’s government retains the support of foreign nations in which the public have become increasingly concerned about the prospect of the conflict continuing for years, they explained.

“Ukraine fatigue is a real thing for some of our partners,” an unnamed US official told the WaPo. Kremlin outlines why solo talks with Ukraine are ‘impossible’

Last month, Zelensky signed a decree, which officially made it “impossible” for him to hold talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

The move followed the incorporation of the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, into the Russian state as a result of referendums held in those territories.

Russia, which has repeatedly invited Ukrainian authorities to come to the negotiating table in recent months, has blamed Kiev for undermining any potential for a peaceful settlement of the crisis.

“How can we discuss any possible agreements when there’s no willingness to even talk to us from the other side?” Putin said on Monday. “So, we’ll wait. Maybe the necessary conditions will come about.”

In case you think Ukraine is winning the war, the NY Times reports that Kiev may have to evacuate for winter.

Apparently USA support for the war in declining. Zelensky is taking a hard line in order to appease his Western backers. They want perpetual war, but do not want to make it too obvious to the American voters.

All along, the likely outcome has been a negotiated settlement where Russia keeps Crimea and some other land, and Ukraine is neutral.

The voters are expected to punish the Democrats tomorrow, primarily because the Biden administration has ruined the economy with high inflation, high interest rates, recession, supply chain disruptions, wokism, and energy instability. Republicans have not made it an issue, but Biden has also lost two wars, in Afghanistan and Ukraine. Both were not just incompetence; they were massive sellouts of American interests.

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Not All Cavemen were African

The caveman has been portrayed as Neanderthals for a long time. There used to be two competing theories for early humans, Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon man. Neanderthals were from Europe, Cro-Magnon from Africa. Both seemed to have tools, art, culture, and language, and were on the path to evolve towards humans.

Then in the 1980s came the Out Of Africa theory, claiming that an African migration of about 50,000 years ago wiped out all others, and we are all Africans. Neanderthals and others were claimed to be extinct.

This was shot down about 10 years ago, when genetic evidence showed that modern Europeans and Asians were partially descended from Neanderthals.

The Out-Of-Africa anthropologists did not give up. They continued to say that Neanderthals were extinct, and renamed the Cro-Magnons as Early European modern humans. While they concede that Neanderthals mated with African migrants, they insist on describing this as "modern humans" replacing Neanderthals.

This usage has become universal. Nobody says the straight truth, which is that today's Caucasians and Orientals are descended from Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons.

For example, here is Encyclopedia Britannica:

Neanderthal, (Homo neanderthalensis, Homo sapiens neanderthalensis), also spelled Neandertal, member of a group of archaic humans who emerged at least 200,000 years ago during the Pleistocene Epoch (about 2.6 million to 11,700 years ago) and were replaced or assimilated by early modern human populations (Homo sapiens) between 35,000 and perhaps 24,000 years ago. ...

Until the late 20th century, Neanderthals were regarded as genetically, morphologically, and behaviorally distinct from living humans. However, more recent discoveries about this well-preserved fossil Eurasian population have revealed an overlap between living and archaic humans.

So they admit that research has proved that the Neanderthals were not really distinct from humans, but insist on calling Neanderthals "archaic" and the rival African migrants "modern humans".

Resaerch on multiple fronts has proved that Neanderthals were just as modern as the Cro-Magnons. For example:

Until the early 2000s, it was widely thought that Neanderthals lacked the capacity for complex communication, such as spoken language. Supporting that hypothesis was the fact that the flattened cranial base of Neanderthals — similar to that of modern infants prior to two years old — did not provide sufficient space for the production of vowels, which are used in all spoken languages of modern humans. However, studies beginning in the late 1980s of the hypoglossal canal (one of two small openings in the lower part of the skull) and a hyoid (the bone located between the base of the tongue and the larynx) from the paleoanthropological site at Kebara, Israel, suggested that the Neanderthal vocal tract could have been similar to that found in modern humans. Moreover, genetic studies in the early 2000s involving the Neanderthal FOXP2 gene (a gene thought to allow for the capacity for speech and language) indicated that Neanderthals probably used language in the same way that modern humans have. Such a deduction had also been extrapolated from interpretations of the complex behaviours of Neanderthals — such as the development of an advanced stone tool technology, the burial of the dead, and the care of injured social group members.
People used to say that Cro-Magnons were more advanced than Neanderthal, but I don't think anyone says that anymore.

I am not sure what is behind this. Possibly some don't like some of the research, such as:

Research on Neanderthal genetics and its relation to that of modern humans moved rapidly during the early 21st century, especially following the publication of the complete Neanderthal nuclear genetic sequence in 2010. Comparisons of modern human and ancient Neanderthal DNA suggested that some Neanderthals may have had pale skin and red hair. Genetic evidence taken from sites with the remains of multiple individuals pointed to Neanderthals living in small isolated close-knit extended families. In these family groups, the males were closely related, which suggests that these groups were possibly patrilocal; that is, females settled with the males’ relatives.
I think that they are trying to convince everyone that humans evolved in Africa, for ideological reasons. Saying we are all African is seen as supportive of Leftist goals.

Yes, we are descended from African apes. But if you look at many of the qualities that make us uniquely human, and not apes, some of them appear to have evolved first in European Neanderthals, and then in Neanderthal-Cro-Magnon hybrids.

Saturday, November 05, 2022

Black Athletes Must Serve Jewish Political Interests

If you wonder who your masters are, read what happens when a Black athlete posts a link to a disapproved movie.

Newsweek reports:

NBA star Kyrie Irving issued an apology Thursday for posting about an antisemitic movie after his team announced he was suspended for "no less than five games."

However, the watchdog group StopAntisemitism is not satisfied with his statement or with Amazon for continuing to sell the movie.

"StopAntisemitism finds the latest 'apology' from Kyrie Irving to be nothing less than disingenuous," Liora Rez, Executive Director of StopAntisemitism, told Newsweek in a statement.

"To All Jewish families and Communities that are hurt and affected from my post, I am deeply sorry to have caused you pain, and I apologize," Irving's statement read in part. "I initially reacted out of emotion to being unjustly labeled Anti-Semitic, instead of focusing on the healing process of my Jewish Brothers and Sisters that were hurt from the hateful remarks made in the Documentary."

Irving's apology came soon after the Brooklyn Nets announced he was indefinitely suspended. The team's decision followed a Thursday press conference in which the point guard failed to apologize for posting a tweet and an Instagram story last week that shared an Amazon link to a 2018 film titled Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America. The movie has been widely described as containing antisemitic disinformation.

Irving had pledged $500,000 to the Anti-Defamation League, but the organization announced it would not accept his donation after he did not disavow the film.

The movies says that Negroes have Hebrew roots. Why would NBA management care so much about an obscure historical theory that it imposes its worst penalty?

It is bizzarre that anyone would care about a Black man making such trivial comments. Another story:

The Nets issued a statement Thursday night saying Irving “is currently unfit to be associated” with the franchise after Irving held a press conference and refused to apologize.

The team said Irving must complete “a series of objective remedial measures” before he is eligible to be reinstated with the team.

“We were dismayed today, when given an opportunity in a media session, that Kyrie refused to unequivocally say he has no antisemitic beliefs, nor acknowledge specific hateful material in the film. This was not the first time he had the opportunity — but failed — to clarify,” the Nets said in a statement.

The way antisemitism is defined today, nearly everyone has some antisemitic beliefs, including Jews. Lots of movies have hateful material. What is he, a movie critic? Apparently he has to be sent to a commie-style reeducation camp to get a conforming opinion about a movie.

Only Jews would do this.

Kanye West tweeted, "I'm starting to think anti Semitic means ni**er." Only he said the word we Whites are not allowed to say. Someone deleted the tweet. The words are both derogatory ethnic slurs, I guess he is saying.

Here is another Black NBA player being cut loose for bad behavior:

A psychologist who worked for the San Antonio Spurs has sued the team and former player Josh Primo, claiming he exposed himself to her multiple times during private sessions.

Hillary Cauthen worked as a performance psychologist for the team. A lawsuit filed Thursday in Bexar County alleges that the 19-year-old Primo exposed his genitals to her nine times “despite her numerous complaints about Primo’s improper sexual conduct to the organization’s leadership.”

Cauthen spoke publicly about the allegations against Primo for the first time Thursday in an emotional press conference where she wept openly throughout.

“I am many things, but I’m not alone in the fight to do the right thing,” she said. “The right thing is to say: ‘No, this is not OK.’ To hold people accountable. To make systemic change. To protect those that suffer in silence.”

Primo was waived by the Spurs last Friday, just four games into his second NBA season.

Primo, through his attorney, denied any wrongdoing and lashed out at Cauthen’s claims, saying she is “playing to ugly stereotypes and racially charged fears for her own financial benefit,” and calling it an act of betrayal against a client.

“Dr. Cauthen’s allegations are either a complete fabrication, a gross embellishment or utter fantasy,” the attorney, William J. Briggs II, said. “Josh Primo never intentionally exposed himself to her or anyone else and was not even aware that his private parts were visible outside of his workout shorts.”

Criminal charges are coming. She is a team psychologist for an NBA basketball team, and she is shocked by Black behavior?

Here is a story about a Black former NBA star:

Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade are in opposition to their child, known as Zaya, transitioning to a transgender woman at the age of 15.

Wade filed a petition to legally change Zaya's name and gender on the birth certificate, to which Funches-Wade responded with an objection.

Funches-Wade claimed that her former husband and NBA player “is positioned to profit from the minor child’s name and gender change with various companies through contacts and marketing opportunities including but not limited to deals with Disney.” She makes her claim based on a conversation she had with Wade in April 2022, where he allegedly assured her the news of their child's transition had made them money and would continue to do so.

Really? Disney is paying Black athletes to castrate their teenaged sons? Hard to believe, but World War T is getting crazy.

Friday, November 04, 2022

Black Artist Makes Hate Posters

ABC News reports:
CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Black artist who goes by the name Hyero has been working hard to get a Bucktown gallery space ready to host her new exhibit this weekend. And the exhibit has garnered much more attention than originally expected since the 23-year-old distributed flyers around Chicago for the show, which is called "White Only," with a drawing of a noose. ...

Some critics have complained the flyers suggest they come from white supremacists or some other hate group. "I believe people should understand what a noose on anything should represent. It represents the blood of my ancestors," said a concerned resident, who did not want to share his name.

Is he descended from criminals? Maybe so. The critics are right. It was posted by a hate group.

Thursday, November 03, 2022

Defending the Jewish Narrative

Nathan Cofnas wrote an 2021 paper on The Anti-Jewish Narrative:
I focus on three specific issues:

(a) Are Jews particularly ethnocentric?

(b) Do liberal Jews hypocritically advocate multiculturalism for gentiles/gentile countries but racial purity and separatism for Jews/Israel?

(c) Are Jews responsible for liberalism and mass immigration?

My answers to these questions are (a) the evidence suggests Jews are not particularly ethnocentric, (b) liberal Jews typically advocate similar policies for Jews/Israel and gentiles/gentile countries, and (c) the West was on a liberal trajectory with or without Jews, and Jews were not responsible for mass immigration to the US.

Okay, I am glad to see some contrarian opinion. The whole Jewish religion is based on Jews having s special convenant with God. They are the chosen people. If you want to move to Israel, you might have to get a DNA test to prove your Jewish blood lines.
What are the “very high” intermarriage rates? Jews have the highest intermarriage rate of any religious group in the United States (Riley 2013). Jews who avoid intermarriage — the Orthodox — are mostly right-wing extremists with little interest in national politics. The vast majority of Jews who promote radical ideologies are either Reform or religiously unaffiliated. ... combined with low fertility, will lead the liberal Jewish population to nearly disappear in another generation or two.
That's interesting, but Jews have been a cohesive group for millennia. I am sure there have always been Jews who married out and left.
Advocates of the anti-Jewish narrative, including MacDonald, often claim that immigration to Israel is restricted to Jews. This is false. As I pointed out, since 1970, Israel will give automatic citizenship to anyone with one Jewish grandparent and their non-Jewish spouse and children (Cofnas 2018: 152; Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2013). We don’t know the exact number, but hundreds of thousands of gentiles have been granted Israeli citizenship because of this policy. According to the Times of Israel, “there are already some 400,000 people, mostly from the former Soviet Union, living in Israel who are not considered Jewish by the Chief Rabbinate” (Sokol 2019). Halachic Jews (i.e., those who are Jewish according to Jewish law) make up 65% of Israel’s total population.
This would be like someone getting American citizenship even though he is only one-quarter White and has a non-White spouse. Has that ever happened?
In the last several decades — at least until recently — the whole world has been drifting toward liberalism, and Western countries in particular have been adopting increasingly extreme forms of radical multiculturalism. One challenge for the theory that Jews are responsible for all of this is that the most liberal Western countries are those where Jews are relatively small in number and influence. By some measures, Sweden is the most extreme liberal country in the world. ..., Jews are less than 0.2% of the population of Sweden, and have very little influence—certainly far less influence than in places like the US and the UK. ... According to Vox, Jews are such a small percentage of the population of Germany that “most Germans have never met a Jewish person” 
These are good points. I don't know why Sweden and Germany have so socialist, but they have been for decades. In the USA, Jews vote 80% Democrat, and control most of the Democrat Party fundraising. The movement to prosecute Donald Trump includes non-Jews like Liz Cheney, but it is mostly Jews. Most of the radical leftist movements are Jewish led. So is much of the news and entertainment media.

He has some interesting comments about Jews being overwhelmingly Democrats, and even argues that the Republican Party should appeal to Jews. He rejects the obvious explanations for Jews voting Democrat, but fails to provide a better one.  
Combing through history books and newspapers to pick out examples of Jewish radicals while ignoring gentile radicals, and spinning unsupported tales about the nefarious motivations of the Jews, is not “race realism.” The conflation of this activity with race realism has misled people, made it harder to bring legitimate but controversial science into the mainstream, and drawn attention away from important scientific questions about the actual origins of our political system.
I agree that it is not "race realism". Whatever makes Jews distinctive in their potlical advocacy is not primarily racial.

Cofnas just posted a defense to the claim that his race realist views have been debunked.

Three years ago, when I was a PhD student at Oxford, I published a paper in a highly respected philosophy and psychology journal calling for free inquiry into all possible causes of race differences in intelligence, including genes. ...

Daily Mail’s website: “EXCLUSIVE: Controversial ‘race researcher’ who wrote a 2019 report about so-called ‘gaps’ in IQ between white and non-white people is hired by Cambridge University’s philosophy faculty — and says the university knew about it before hiring him”. ...

Are scientific objections so compelling as to preclude debate? Let’s briefly examine five of the most popular ostensibly scientific arguments used to “debunk” hereditarianism.

He explains that the IQ gaps are real, and that they are only denied by bogus leftist ideological arguments.

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Shermer Attacks Conspiracy Theories

Professional skeptic Michael Shermer writes in Quillette:
That theory, in turn, could be traced in part to the notorious hoax document known as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which purported to present the proceedings of a secret meeting of Jews plotting global domination. Many believed it was genuine, including American industrialist Henry Ford, who published his own derivative conspiratorial tract entitled, The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem. (He subsequently withdrew it from circulation when he found out The Protocols was a fake.)

Wikipedia explains that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was fake in the sense that some of the passages were plagiarize from other works describing plots for world domination. In one case, an interest rate calculation was copied from an 1864 political satire. Here is the Ford book.

While The Protocols no longer has mainstream proponents, belief in conspiracy theories remains a stubborn—and sometimes deadly—problem. In 2021, the California-based Skeptic Research Center, which I direct along with colleagues Anondah Saide and Kevin McCaffree, conducted a survey of 3,139 randomly selected Americans in regard to 29 conspiracy theories, with respondents being asked to signal their attitudes on a seven-point scale ranging from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” The results were alarming. Nearly one in five Americans (19 percent) told us they believe, to some degree, the QAnon-style theory that “the government, media, and financial worlds in the United States are controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation.” Over a quarter of Americans (26 percent) said they agree, to some degree, that “the actions of the US government are not determined by elected officials, but by an unelected secret group of business and cultural elites known as the Deep State.”

So you tell me. Why are all the authorities suddenly in favor of sex-grooming and mutilating schoolchildren? Why are htey all in favor of the Ukraine war? Jamie Raskin co-signed a statement expressing some concerns about the war, and then retracted it saying essentially that the war is needed for the Deep State to advance the cause of Satan-worshipping pedophiles.

Donald Trump would be pleased to learn that over a quarter of respondents (28 percent) expressed some measure of agreement with the proposition that “the 2020 presidential election of Joe Biden was fraudulent, because it was tampered with by high-ranking politicians, voting machine programmers, and poll workers.”

Those officials did change the voting rules. Trump won a clear majority of votes cast and counted on election day. Everything else was unverifiable, inexcusable, and possibly illegal.

Axios reports:

The Biden administration is concerned that if opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu wins Tuesday's elections, he will form a government with extreme right-wing parties and Jewish supremacists, including Itamar Ben Gvir and Bezalel Smortich, will be made senior ministers and be part of the security cabinet.
That is bizarre. I thought that Jewish supremacy was an anti-semitic conspiracy theory. Why would anyone care about Jewish supremacists in Israel? The Biden administration is full of them. Those are the ones to be concerned about.