Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Atheists Want to Castrate your Kids

Atheists and freethinkers used to be big advocates of science and rational thinking. No more. They have signed on to a Leftist agenda.

FFRF announces:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has signed on to an amicus brief challenging a new Indiana law that discriminates against transgender school athletes.

The National Women’s Law Center and its law firm partner, Hogan Lovells, have filed a friend-of-the-court brief before the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in A.M. v. Indianapolis in support of the plaintiff, a 10-year-old transgender girl who was kicked off her elementary school softball team after a sports ban targeting transgender girls and young women took effect in the summer of 2022. A.M. and her family, represented by the ACLU, won a preliminary district court injunction finding that the anti-trans ban on sports participation likely violates Title IX. The state of Indiana has appealed. ...

Plus, women and girls of color will be disproportionately targeted and harmed by the new Indiana law. Exclusion of transgender women and girls has a far-reaching impact and can adversely affect other women and girls, as well. Black and brown girls and women — who are routinely targeted for not conforming to society’s expectations of white femininity — are particularly vulnerable to harm from the types of exclusionary policies the state of Indiana is asking the court to impose. Serena Williams is perhaps the most prominent woman of color to experience this policing but far from the only.

I do not even see what this has to do with religion. The arguments for restricting girls sports to girls are not primarily religious. I do not even know whether any of the major reliions have a postion on the matter.

Apparently the idea that we are oppressed by religion is all a big hoax, and the FFRF cannot find any example of religious views being forced on anyone.  

The science says that sex cannot be changed.

Serena Williams was a huge beneficiary of the discrimination that the FFRF complains about. Maybe the biggest. She was one of the top earners in the history of tennis, despite never being among the top 500, if men are included. I guess FFRF is trying to say that she was considered ugly, compared to the other top female players. The Indiana law will not change that.

I believe the science says that White women are more feminine, and Blacks are less sexually dimorphic.

I listened to an FFRF podcast a couple of months ago, and it was all about strategies to pack the US Supreme Court with extra appointments.

These people are frauds who should return the money that they have raised.

Wokism is a new religion. I want freedom from that.

AP reports:

She was a woman. She was not supposed to be here, because Singapore’s compulsory, two-year military service is required only for 18-year-old men. But under Singapore law, she was still considered a man, because she had not undergone surgery that would render her sterile.

Across the world, scores of countries still require transgender people to submit to such surgeries before their genders are legally recognized, a practice international human rights bodies have condemned as torture. These policies have left untold numbers of transgender people with an agonizing choice between their fertility and their identity.

It should have said "He was a boy, and now identifies as a girl." He tried to evade the Singapore military draft by pretending to be a girl. But he was not yet willing to have his genitals chopped off. That would be "torture"!

I did not realize that international human rights bodies have condemned transsexual surgery as torture. The article goes on to complain that some legal authorities do not recognize a sex change unless there is some evidence of a sex change. Seems reasonable to me. They also ask you to put accurate height and weight on official documents.

In the U.S., 13 states and territories have a surgical requirement to update gender markers on birth certificates, and four require it for updating driver’s licenses, according to Olivia Hunt, policy director for the National Center for Transgender Equality. The states do not clarify what procedures they will accept.

Even after surgery, the process of obtaining a legal gender change can be convoluted and humiliating. In Australia, two states require two separate examinations of post-surgery genitalia by doctors, who must sign statutory declarations confirming “a surgical procedure involving the alteration of a person’s reproductive organs.” Any false statement by the doctor, the New South Wales state form warns, could result in two years’ imprisonment.

“We don’t even force sex offenders to be sterilized in this country, but you’re forcing transgender people just to get a birth certificate? Come on,” says Kirsti Miller, a New South Wales woman who underwent gender-confirmation surgery in 2006, and was forced to divorce her childhood sweetheart. New South Wales removed the divorce mandate in 2018.

At least some people recognize these surgeries as abominations.

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