Friday, November 11, 2022

Racism Against White People

Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. writes:
Sometimes I wish white people could be Black.

Not forever, mind you. Maybe for just a few weeks like John Howard Griffin, the author of “Black Like Me,” who darkened his skin and traveled the South in 1959. Sometimes, I wish white people could have that experience.

Not so they could feel the sickly apprehension that can accompany a simple traffic stop.

Not so they could feel the indignation of being asked to account for yourself just walking down the street.

Not so they could feel what it’s like when your bank loan is denied, your home appraises for less, your doctor doesn’t take your pain seriously, you don’t get the job, your preschooler gets suspended, the shopkeeper follows you around, you can’t hail a taxi or you wind up in handcuffs, because of the melanin in your skin.

No, I wish white people could be Black so they could know how it feels to deal with all of that — and then hear white people complain how hard they have it.

I am White, and I have experienced all those things, and much worse. If Blacks have only experienced those, then they have it easy.

And I have Pitts giving me the indignity of lower-case white, while his race is upper-case Black. Obviously he has a hatred or disrespect for Whites.

The reference is to a recent political ad. You likely haven’t seen it if you’re not in Georgia, ...

“When did racism against white people become OK?” asks the announcer. ...

We lack space to detail those claims, but it won’t surprise you that they’ve been debunked by, Politifact and The Washington Post. ...

Yes, the spot is obviously a direct descendant of the notoriously racist Willie Horton ad of 1988. But our attention today is on how it tries to neutralize the language of liberal protest by co-opting it, i.e., re-framing “racism” as something suffered by white folks. It’s a rhetorical trick the white right has used for years.

I found the Politifact page, and the America First Legal site. Politifact says that the ad is completely correct, except that:
Our ruling

America First Legal claimed in an ad that Harris said "disaster aid should go to nonwhite citizens first."

The ad takes Harris’ comments out of context. She did not say any particular race would be prioritized in disaster relief efforts.

We rate the claim False.

The ad did not say that any particular race would be prioritized; just nonwhites. Politifact says that the Wash. Post pointed out that White lesbians might also be prioritized, so it is not just nonwhites. I might add that it is mprobably not just citizens either, as illegal aliens would probably be prioritized over White males.

Pitts goes on the complain about George Floyd and others. Floyd was a junkie and pettty criminal who died of a fentanyl while waiting for a police-called ambulance. Horton was a much worse criminal.

You would expect a whining Black columnist to give an example of Blacks suffering an injustice. No, he just makes excuses for Black criminals, and seeks to punish innocent Whites.

Update: Here is a video on the latest interracial crime data. Blacks attack Whites at about 35 times the rate of Whites attacking Blacks. Blacks are oppressing Whites, not the other way around.


CFT said...

It's fine to be proud of who you are. It's not fine to accomplish this by denigrating others for faults all people have via human nature. No one grows taller for cutting other people down.

Leonard Pitts Jr. is going to have to face the boogie man in the mirror of Black mostly his own bigotry, not everyone else's.

CFT said...

If you want to see and hear to a truly exceptional man, who has lived a long and productive life,
watch or listen to Thomas Sowell, and compare and contrast him to Mr. Pitts Jr.

Mr. Thomas Sowell is a man who has come incredibly far, and taken notes of his journey and progress towards understanding through history and economics. Thomas Sowell is probably one of the greatest living men I've encountered in my lifetime.

CFT said...

This is what a man who truly thinks sounds like:

“Some of the biggest cases of mistaken identity are among intellectuals who have trouble remembering that they are not God.”
― Thomas Sowell

“Racism does not have a good track record. It's been tried out for a long time and you'd think by now we'd want to put an end to it instead of putting it under new management.

― Thomas Sowell

“When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.”
― Thomas Sowell