Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Pope Welcomes Moslem Invaders

One of the most important events in the history of the world was how the Roman Church helped organize Christendom to stop Moslems from invading Europe in the period of about 1100-1600. That made modern civilization possible.

Now the Pope has reversed course, and sided with Moslem invaders.

The NY Post reports:

Pope Francis challenged French President Emmanuel Macron and other European leaders to open their ports to people fleeing hardship and poverty, insisting Saturday that the continent isn’t facing a migration “emergency” but rather a long-term reality that governments must deal with humanely. ...

He called for migrants to have legal pathways to citizenship, and for the Mediterranean Sea that so many cross to reach Europe to be a beacon of hope, not a graveyard of desperation. ...

Nevertheless, Francis said talk of a migration “emergency” only fuels “alarmist propaganda” and stokes peoples’ fears.

“Those who risk their lives at sea do not invade, they look for welcome, for life,” he said. “As for the emergency, the phenomenon of migration is not so much a short-term urgency, always good for fueling alarmist propaganda, but a reality of our times.”

The migrants are about 95% Moslems. Their grandchildren will be killing those of Christian Europeans.

Islam is not really a religion like Christianity. Christians are Christians based on beliefs. Moslems are Moslems because their parents were. Islam exists for the purpose of subjugating others. Every country that has admitted large numbers of Moslems has eventually been subjugated.

Catholics are facing other changes:

In just over a week, nearly 450 people from around the world will gather in Rome for a month-long assembly, a Synod of Bishops on synodality, which is expected to discuss a range of important issues including women's ordination, LGBTQ inclusion and ministry, and priestly celibacy.
Not sure what the Roman Church stands for anymore.

Monday, September 25, 2023

A. Blinken, Warmonger

Holocaust denial is illegal in much of the free world, and I am not going to do it here. Why would anyone even care about what happened 80 years ago?

Our foreign policy is being led by Antony Blinken, and his wars in Afghanistan and Ukraine have been disasters. What motivates him?

He tells a personal story about his family and the Jewish Holocaust, and it is full of lies, according to this article. I do not know what to make of it, and I am not sure it is even legal to have a public discussion of it.

I am more interested in why we have such a destructive Ukraine policy. Biden and Blinken started the war, by inviting Ukraine into NATO and then daring Russia to do something about it. Then Biden and Blinken started a policy of supplying Ukraine with just enough weapons to get themselves destroyed.

Vivek Ramaswamy said:

“Am I religious? Yes, I am. I am Hindu. I am not Christian. And we are a nation founded on Judeo-Christian values,” he said in an interview with NewsNation that aired last week. “But here is what I can say with confidence: I share those same values in common. I believe I live by those values more so than many self-proclaimed Christian politicians.”
No, the USA was not founded on Judeo-Christian values. The founders were Christians and Deists, but not Jews. No Jewish values involved.

I heard him comment that Christians might not vote for him because Hindus will not make it to Heaven. Actually I don't think that is an issue. The issue is his underlying values. The President has immense power and can start a war. Christianity teaches a set of values that most voters are comfortable with. Secular Jews like Blinken have another set of values, and I don't like them. Other religions are probably even worse. Nobody was sure about Barack Obama's religion, and look what we got. Mitt Romney claimed to be a Christian, but he was really a Mormon, and had strange values. Ramaswamy seems like a good guy, but I do not know how to assess his Hinduism.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Women should pay Reparations to Men

From the full California report:
The Task Force recommends that the Legislature estimate the cost of health differences between African Americans and white non-Hispanic Californians and issue reparations according to that calculation, as follows:

1. Take the value of the individual’s statistical life (roughly $10,000,000) and divide it by the white non-Hispanic life expectancy in California (78.6 years in 2021), to obtain the value for each year of life absent anti-Black racial discrimination ($127,226).769

Then calculate the difference in average life expectancy in years between African American and white non-Hispanic Californians (7.6 years in 2021). 3. Then multiply the two to arrive at a total loss in value of life for each African American due to health disparities based on racial discrimination ($966,918).

Women live longer than men by almost 6 years, and this is partially attributed to women having better access to health care and preventive services than men. So every man should be paid about $700,000 in compensation.

Women have more personal wealth and consumer spending power than men, and men have more debt. This is true in spite of the fact that men do more work and earn most of the money. Obviously a systemic injustice.

The report also wants to compensate Blacks for spending more time in jail. But of course men on average spend much more time in jail than women, so White men should be compensated also.

The Task Force also recommends that the Legislature provide reparations for less quantifable harms. For example, pain and suffering from generations of discrimination represents real harm experienced by descendants.

Also, because in some instances, more data and research are required to calculate the just amount of reparations, the Task Force recommends that the Legislature make a substantial initial down payment on reparations, to be augmented over time with additional payments as new evidence becomes available. It should be communicated to the public that the substantial initial down payment is the beginning of a conversation about redressing the economic and societal harm of historical injustices, not the end of it.

Forget about any payment settling any issue. Any payment for reparations will just encourage demands for more.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Origins of Woke

The Atlantic magazine has a hit piece about a new book:
This week, HarperCollins will publish a new work by the conservative intellectual Richard Hanania. Titled The Origins of Woke, it bills itself as the “definitive” account of the rise of identity politics. The book makes the case that contemporary “wokeness” is an ideology that has its origins in—and was in fact created by—changes to the legal system that began with the Civil Rights Act, in the 1960s. “Long before wokeness was a cultural phenomenon,” Hanania argues, “it was law.” The Origins of Woke offers a plausible defense of this claim, and it features a smattering of interesting observations about the historical relationship between the legal system, corporate and education policy, and identity politics.

Yet these fleeting virtues are an insufficient counterbalance to the fatal flaw at the heart of Hanania’s book: It is a racist, sexist fever dream, the product of an author whose not-inconsiderable intellect has been warped and distorted—like many young conservatives’—by a noxious mixture of racist pseudoscience and the casual misogyny of the extremely online right.

I tried to find what the author wrote that was so scandalous, and the worst I found was that he wrote this under a pen name:
“If the races are equal,” Hoste wrote, “why do whites always end up near the top and blacks at the bottom, everywhere and always?”
So why the hysterical attack on an obscure book about the origin of a political movement?

Wokeness is evil, and its success depends on a number of false premises. Those who point out the errors must be personally attacked and destroyed. This article does not try to show that he is wrong. Only that he is an enemy of Woke.

Another Atlantic article starts:

The most heavily anticipated economics book of the year makes a radical argument: Having married parents is good for kids.

I know, I know. It seems like a joke, right? Of course having two involved parents living in a stable home together is good for kids. Anyone who has considered having children with a partner or was ever a child themselves must know that. But for years, academics studying poverty, mobility, and family structures have avoided that self-evident truth, the economist Melissa Kearney writes in The Two-Parent Privilege, released this week. And while the wonks avoided the topic, the rise of single-parent households in America exacerbated inequality and contributed to astonishingly high rates of child poverty.

Everybody knows two-parent households do better, but the Left has attacked this for decades as a relic of the 1950s. Maybe the Woke and anti-marriage movements had the same origin. Anti-Christian Leftists.

Update: Quillette review:

For Hanania, “wokeness has three central pillars”: “The belief that disparities equal discrimination” (when those disparities favor the “advantaged” groups), “speech restrictions,” and “human resources (HR) bureaucracy.” These first two pillars have been called “equalitarianism” and “cancel culture,” respectively. It’s Hanania’s focus on the third—“how wokeness is enforced at an institutional level”—that makes his book distinctive.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Sam Harris has Trump Derangement

In this Sam Harris podcast, he explains that he is at an impasse with Trump supporters because they refuse to acknowledge the fact that Pres. Trump decline to commit to a peaceful transfer of power, and the fact that we did not have a peaceful transfer of power in Jan. 2021.

Harris is interviewing NY Times columnist David Brooks who mostly agree and similarly suffers Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The USA certainly did have a peaceful transfer of power. Bing Chat explains:

Yes, the United States had a peaceful transfer of power in January 2021. On January 20, 2021, Joseph R. Biden Jr. was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, succeeding Donald J. Trump 1. The transfer of power was conducted in accordance with established constitutional procedures and traditions, including the certification of the electoral college results by Congress and the swearing-in of the new president and vice president 2.

It is worth noting that there were concerns about potential disruptions to the transfer of power following the events of January 6, 2021, when a mob of supporters of then-President Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol building 3. However, despite these challenges, the transfer of power proceeded smoothly and without incident.

That is correct. An unarmed protest at the Capitol delayed accepted of the Electoral College votes for a couple of hours, but that's all. Trump did not call out the military or resist vacating the White House. No weapons were fired, except for the policeman who killed an unarmed women protesting. No use of force affected any votes. The Biden inauguration went exactly as scheduled.

Harris and Brooks give the impression of being educated, and yet they spout nonsense on the subject of Trump. They are both secular Jews, but that is probably just a coincidence.

The mainstream media says this stuff all the time. They are so self-deluded that they probably do not even realize it. Harris admits to trying to talk to Trump supporters, and them explaining the truth to him, and yet he cannot seem to hear it.

Harris talks like a preacher, dogmatically and moralistically pushing his ideology. He is also a (Jewish) atheist, denouncing Islam and Christianity, and probably Orthodox Judaism also. He also frequently argues that he has no free will, and not even a feeling that he can freely choose anything. He is a pre-programmed robot.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

The Rise of Phony Scientists

New book:
The Deadly Rise of Anti-science: A Scientist's Warning
Hardcover – September 19, 2023
by Peter J. Hotez (Author)
This is a big rant against those who resist covid-19 vaccines.

He is Jewish leftist, and argues everyone should get the vaccine once it became available. He complains about anti-science aggression from the far right. He essentially equates any vaccine skeptic with Hitler.

There is no real science in the book. Just arguments that people should accept what scientific and medical experts recommend.

He was offered a platform to debated skeptics, and refused.

He leads up to an argument that scientists should create a Jewish Scientific Southern Poverty Law Center to root out and punish those who do not accept the current scientific/medical dogma. He sees his enemies as far right extremists, and regularly reports them to the Jewish Anti Defamation League.

This is crazy. The SPLC and ADL are leftist hate groups whose net effect is very destructive. Only a Jewish leftist would think this way.

He is giving scientists a bad name. The advice from leading experts about covid was terrible. Just consider this: They banned Novak Djokovic from playing in the top tennis tournaments because he did not have the vaccine. What did that accomplish?

Update: For how the world's covid experts 😊were wrong, see Sweden's story (or video).

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

NYC Crime is Black Crime

NY City has released crime data. Blacks are committing these crimes at 30 times the rate of Whites.

The academic view is that race is just a social construct:

According to Jones (2002) “race” is only based on a few phenotypic-related genes, not global genetic ancestry, since the few genes that determine skin color, hair texture, and facial features are not informative about other aspects of the genotype at the individual level. Advocates of the structural racism hypothesis frequently emphasize that race/ethnicity categorization “reflects neither biological nor cultural differences” and that race is “often conflated erroneously with biology and ancestry” (Adkins-Jackson et al., 2022, p. 540), that “race is a social construct and is distinct from ethnicity, genetic ancestry or biology” (O’Reilly, 2020, p. 2), that “social races bear little relationship to the reality of human biological diversity” (Smedley & Smedley, 2005, p. 22) and that race “is a social construct with no biological basis and stems from White supremacy” (Haeny et al., 2021, p. 889). While the phrase “race is a social construct” can have a range of meanings, a popular one, given by the American Sociological Association (2003), is that race is “a social invention that changes as political, economic, and historical contexts change”; this social invention is said to be important because “social and economic life is organized, in part, around race as a social construct.”
You should disregard any journal that publishes such nonsence. You can pay $100 to get your genes sequanced, and the lab will identify your race based on your genes. And the genetic race match the ordinary social definition. And race shows up in crime statistics. It is not imaginary. It is real. If Blacks and Hispanics were to move out of NY City, the police would not have much to do.

Even the NCAAP recognizes:

The Oakland NAACP has called on city leaders to declare a state of emergency due to rising crime, calling the situation a "crisis," and has urged residents across the city to speak out against it. ...

"Failed leadership, including the movement to defund the police, our District Attorney’s unwillingness to charge and prosecute people who murder and commit life-threatening serious crimes, and the proliferation of anti-police rhetoric have created a heyday for Oakland criminals," the letter states.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

The politics of colorblind equality

Christopher F. Rufo writes:
As a practical matter, too, the politics of colorblind equality is vastly superior to the politics of “white identity.” Whatever one’s judgment on mass immigration, America is now a mixed, multiracial republic, and any successful political movement will need to build a coalition beyond any single racial group. The good news for conservatives — and a point against arguments for demographic determination — is that many racial minorities, most notably Latinos and Asians, oppose critical race theory-style discrimination, support the principle of colorblind equality, and have begun to shift politically to the right. By contrast, the advocates of “white racial consciousness” have a track record with the opposite results: from the late author Sam Francis to the website VDARE, such efforts have failed to garner an audience, much less a political coalition, beyond the fringes. Such a politics is perceived, rightly, as victim-oriented and antithetical to deeply held American principles.

The vision of racialists, whether on the left or right, is pessimistic: the first is driven by a spirit of vengeance, the second by a sense of inferiority. They are two sides of the same coin.

I think Rufo is right that it is much better for political movements to be colorblind, but I do not think he is being fair to Francis and VDARE.

We have an immigration policy that is systematically replacing Whites with non-whites. Some say that it is good, and some say that it is bad. Some pretend that it is not happening, but it is obvious from Census figures, or by just looking around.

Some say that it is racist to even have an opinion on the subject.

Most of the people at Vdare are not White nationalists. They merely disagree with the demographic changes. Discussing the subject necessarily draws attention to racial differences.

Colorblind politics is no longer possible. Whites are blamed for a great many things, and scheduled for extermination. I do not want a victim-oriented politics. I just want to defend good policies with facts.

Here is an example of an opinion from someone labeled a White nationalist:

There is a sense that we’ve said everything there is to say particularly on race. I want to quote something Rep. Cori Bush, a black Congressman, said a few days ago about Michael Brown. Brown died nine years ago, and it was his death that started the Black Lives Matter movement. Cori Bush said, “He would be alive today if the institutions of racism and white supremacy were eradicated.” Set aside whatever it would mean to eradicate the “institutions” of white supremacy. We all know “hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie. We all know Brown tried to take away an officer’s weapon and was charging him when he was killed.

Yet none of this matters. We can’t even say it was covered up by the media. The media reported it all accurately. It was Eric Holder’s Justice Department that found out the truth. However, people still believe nonsense, and even if the truth comes from an unimpeachably liberal source, they will keep believing it. BLM rhetoric hasn’t changed in nine years, and the movement has ever more support from the Great and the Good.

He is right, and Cori Bush is wrong. Brown would be dead if he were White. No racism or white supremacy was involved. If it takes white racial consciousness to tell the truth, then someone has to do it. The Brown hoax caused riots, destruction, and deaths. According to this study, 3000 murders.

Monday, September 18, 2023

The Misogyny Myth

Former NY Times columnist John Tierney writes:
Women aren’t discriminated against in twenty-first-century America—but men increasingly are. ...

There is overwhelming evidence of conscious, blatant, and widespread discrimination against boys and men in modern societies.

He mentions that there have been studies where sex info was removed from applications for jobs and promotions, and they show preferences for women. That is, women do worse of the applications are sex-blind.

These studies are ignored, and scholars dishonestly say the opposite. Some falsely claim that women do better in orchestra auditions if they are blind. Actually they do worse.

The article has a lot of facts. Too much to summarize.

I have posted about how systemic racism is all a big hoax. Nearly all of the racial discrimination is in favor of non-whites. Likewise nearly all of the sex discrimination is in favor of girls and women. All this should be obvious. Just look around.

Here is the most misogynist rant I have seen in a long time:

Women do not have beliefs because they do not have convictions. They are not compelled in the way that men are compelled. Therefore, politics are impossible for them to understand or care about, as at least real politics relate to convictions. Most women who talk about politics, you will note, are only interested in issues that directly affect their personal lives, such as abortion, or which provide a platform for them to draw attention to themselves and signal their high morality by siding with the establishment (BLM, immigration, gun control, etc.). There are some women who go into conservative politics because they realize they can do the same thing – draw attention to themselves. ...

Women are not aware that other people exist, really. To every woman, the world revolves around her. Everything that happens only happens in relation to her and her feelings. ...

What we have seen in Western society is a feminization of men, where men prefer the feminine virtues of safety, comfort, and conformity. However, when men do accept these feminine values, and take on this role of choosing wealth over truth, they appear to be aware that they are doing this, and seem to have guilt over it when they are forced to acknowledge what they’ve done. Women do not have guilt over anything internal, as they are incapable of imagining that it is possible for them to do anything wrong. They do not appear to believe that they have control over their own behavior, and instead view their lives simply as a series of things being done to them by others. They cannot comprehend personal responsibility, let alone something much more abstract, such as honor or aspiration.

From my observation, a big part of the reason that so many men have such an inaccurate perception of women is that they are (probably subconsciously) basing their understanding of women in part on female characters in entertainment media. These female characters in media are almost always written by men, and men project things onto them. I tell men to think of a single situation in their life where:

  • A woman has offered interesting conversation, or
  • A woman has shown remorse (or taken responsibility) for anything she’s done wrong.
We all know a lot of women, and none of us has ever experienced those things. Sometimes, a woman will say something interesting, and then you’ll try to develop that through conversation, and she will be incapable of doing so. Then, later, you find out she had previously been dating some interesting man, and so she’d picked up on some interesting thing he’d said and repeated it to you. ...

All of this makes women totally incapable of actually understanding politics, philosophy, or anything that involves a moral imperative. It also makes it obvious why the elite are comfortable with men becoming more like women, why they ban cigarettes but encourage the use of hard drugs and pornography.

That site has been banned by Jews and others for saying things like this. There is some truth to what it says. There has been a feminization of men. Of those women politicians and pundits on tv, such as Kamala Harris or Nikki Haley, I have never heard any of them say anything interesting.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Accept this, and you will accept anything

Snake Baker writes:
It hardly even seems real that they are just going around cutting the tits off of teenage girls. Like, it’s still hard to process that this is happening.

As Andrew Anglin has said many times, this tranny stuff is the worst possible thing that any government could ever do. Therefore, once people have accepted this, there is not a single thing they won’t accept. Once you say “yeah, it’s a good idea to chop teenage girls’ tits off,” there is no single thing you can look at and say, “now, this seems unreasonable.”

You’ve destroyed the possibility of anything being unreasonable, ever.

This is why this issue is so important to the government/media. They know that once everyone has been forced to accept it, the game is over, and no one will ever protest anything the government does ever again.

Washington Times:

A Nebraska woman who had her breasts removed at 16 has sued University of Nebraska Medical Center doctors for malpractice, saying she and her parents were manipulated into gender-transition medical treatments that “robbed her of her womanhood.”

Luka Hein, 21, said she underwent a double mastectomy in 2018 after just two counseling sessions as part of a “gender-affirming care” process without being fully informed of the risks in violation of the Nebraska Consumer Protection Act.

I do not believe that more than about 1% of the population sincerely believes in this tranny stuff. And yet it is being forced on everyone. Why? I am not sure I accept The above argument, but I do believe that they are deliberately sacrificing teenaged girls in order to promote social change.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

History of Impeachments

Andrew Johnson. He fired a couple of cabinet secretaries. Everyone now agrees it was 100% legal, but he was hated because he was not punishing the South for the Civil War enough.

Richard Nixon. He concealed when he learned about the Watergate break-in, and resisted a wider criminal investigation. No one ever showed that he knew about it in advance, or that he benefitted from it.

Bill Clinton. He sexually harassed an intern, and lied about it under oath in a civil lawsuit.

Donald Trump. He asked Ukraine to investigate corruption with the Biden family, and possible held up arms aid for a couple of weeks. He also gave a speech on Jan. 6, 2021 suggesting follower protest peacefully to Congress.

Joe Biden. His son took bribes from shady players in Ukraine and China who were trying to buy influence with Joe. Joe denied knowing anything about it, and denied any responsibility to even find out. He also held up arms shipments to Ukraine, for political reasons.

I consider all of these offenses minor, compared to presidents who lied to get us into war, or who started wars without congressional approval, or who failed to protect our borders, or who violated the law to achieve some political end, or who wasted huge amounts of money, or who prosecuted political enemies on trumped up charges.

Democrats say that there is no evidence against Biden, but he covered up family bribery as much as Nixon covered up Watergate.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Apple aims to remove carbon

New Apple ad says:
Our aim is to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere.
Apple is going to kill us all. Once carbon is removed from the atmosphere, all plant life on Earth will die.

The rest of the ad is worse. A Magic Negro is Mother Nature, and demands environmental sound bites. Tim Cook and some diverse actors say a lot of dopey things.

If you want to save the environment, it is never to pay big bucks for premium products. Everyone who gets a piece of that money is going to use it to consume resources. There is no way around that.

Apple also supports an assortment of destructive Leftist policies, such importing Third World folks into the USA where they will use 10x the resources.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

California Mandates LGBTQ Books in Schools

The NY Post reports:
California lawmakers passed a bill last week prohibiting books from being banned in public school districts because of content related to gender or racial diversity, and now, the governor is expected to sign it into law.

Last Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom showed his support of the bill, suggesting he plans to make it law. ...

Under the bill, school districts would be fined for banning books.

The bill, which was introduced and authored by Assembly member Corey Jackson of Riverside, does not prohibit book banning, though it would impose a fine if books are banned because they contain “inclusive and diverse perspectives.” ...

Jackson’s bill threatens financial penalties against school boards that restrict access to classroom and library materials because they feature LGBTQ people or were written by LGBTQ authors, the bill reads, “discriminates against LGBTQ people and constitutes censorship in violation of California law and policy.”

So public schools have to have LGBTQ propaganda and grooming books for kindergartners.

This video says it offers "updates on the religious right’s war against trans people." It says that the only opposition to the Trans agenda is thinly-disguised religious bigotry. A comment says this is backwards, and that "Woke is a religion".

I agree with that comment. Freedom from religion should mean freedom from wokeness. The pro-LGBTQ lobby pushes their view on everyone with religious zeal. They are more dogmatic than my local preachers.

On the other hand, opposition to pro-LGBTQ books in K-12 schools, and to trans kids, is almost entirely non-religious. Those arguments are mostly about the harms to over-sexualizing children, to sexual grooming, and to medical harms of treatments.

The USA Democrat Party is 100% committed to exposing your kids to queer/tranny propaganda.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Jews are Grooming Young Schoolkids to be LBGTQIA+

As mentioned, here is new California law:
The California State Assembly passed legislation Friday that would require judges in child custody cases to consider whether a parent has affirmed a child’s belief that they are transgender.

AB 957 originally proposed that courts deciding custody cases must consider whether each parent were gender-affirming of the child in question. An amendment in June added to the state’s standard of what constitutes parental responsibility for child welfare, requiring that parents must be affirming of a child’s gender identity if they are to be judged fit for providing for "the health, safety, and welfare of the child" in a court of law.

The bill was sponsored by a homosexual Jew and a fat Black woman.

In case you don't believe that this is part of the Jewish agenda, consider this notice from the Boston Jewish Community Center:

Fostering Belonging. Join us for a virtual panel that bring together parents of LGBTQIA+ youth and dedicated educators, all passionate about supporting LGBTQIA+ and gender expansive students in elementary school.
That's right, they are grooming elementary school kids to become queers and trannies.

Perhaps you think that it is impossible for them to turn kids into queers. Then why are they trying so hard? Why are they so adamant about using the schools for indoctrination?

Some are resisting:

The Orange Unified School District became the latest district in California to approve a transgender notification policy following a packed meeting that grew heated at times Thursday night.

The policy requires the school to notify parents when their children under the age of 12 request to use different names or pronouns than what is on their birth certificate.

Prior to the meeting, school board members said they received an email from California Attorney General Rob Bonta threatening to take action to protect student civil rights. Meanwhile, students and their families anxiously awaited the fate of the proposed policy.

California sued another district for doing this.

Update: In a surprise move, California Gov. Newsom vetoed the tranny child custody law.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

RadioLab: Not Born That Way

Here is the latest RadioLab episode:
Born This Way?

Today, the story of an idea. An idea that some people need, others reject, and one that will, ultimately, be hard to let go of.

It traces the notion that homosexuals and other LGBTQ folks are "born that way" and that the condition is immutable. it says that the belief was crucial to winning public acceptance of same sex marriage and other privileges, but not really backed by any hard science all scientific attempts to prove it has failed. The show suggests that people will continue to recite this belief in spite of the evidence and possible harms from the belief.

Genetic research has shown a large number of human behaviors that are correlated with a large number of genes. However the idea that some single gene is responsible for some complex human behavior has been proved wrong.

In other areas, genetic determinism is considered harmful and offensive. There is a lot of evidence that Black men have innate instincts to commit violent crimes. You will not learn about that in school. Being fat and lazy is heritable, but not commonly accepted as an excuse. People do have power to change their lives.

But "born that way" is just a hoax used to advance some political goals.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Actor Masterson to spend Life in Prison

Famous Hollywood actor Danny Masterson is a Scientologist, and got sucked into some Scientology controversies. He was just convicted of two 2003 rapes, and sentenced to life in prison. He will be eligible for parole after 30 years.

The women did not complain until 2017, and there was a first trial in which most jurors thought he was innocent. There was no objective evidence of a crime.

I never heard of him, and did not follow the case. But do I think our justice system was somehow able to determine what happened in 2003? Of course not. This is an extreme sentence, on the flimsiest of evidence. Our system is broken.

Here is video of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis apologise for letters. This is pathetic. They were friends Masterson for 25 years, and laways thought that he was a find man, and now they apologize for saying so? They disgust me. Kunis is a Ukrainian Jew who was 14 years old when she was on a TV show with Masterson and Kutcher. She describes herself as a non-practicing Jew, but Jewish enough to hate Republicans. Now she is married to Kutcher. The apologiy talks about victims, they have no knowledge of any victims. These people are horrible.

Apparently Kutcher and Kunis had to make this apology video because one of Masterson's accusers threatened to also make accusations against them. So it was extertion. Kutcher and Kunis look like kidnapped prisoners reading a prepared statement. Kutcher has an estunated bet worth of $200 million. But he could lose it all and spend life in prison, if he triggers the wrong woman.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Black Woman on the Moon will be Expensive

the Artemis program is supposed to land the first woman and person of color on the Moon. And it is a massive boondoggle:
In a new report, the federal department charged with analyzing how efficiently US taxpayer dollars are spent, the Government Accountability Office, says NASA lacks transparency on the true costs of its Space Launch System rocket program.

Published on Thursday, the new report (see .pdf) examines the billions of dollars spent by NASA on the development of the massive rocket, which made a successful debut launch in late 2022 with the Artemis I mission. Surprisingly, as part of the reporting process, NASA officials admitted the rocket was too expensive to support its lunar exploration efforts as part of the Artemis program.

"Senior NASA officials told GAO that at current cost levels, the SLS program is unaffordable," the new report states.

Maybe NASA should focus more on science, and less on diversity politics.

Saturday, September 09, 2023

New California Law Mandates Transgenderism

mentioned previously that california was passing a bill taking kids away from parents for not affirming transgenderism. The bill has now passed, and is waiting for the governor's signature.

Previous California laws drew the attention of fact-checkers who denied that the bill was so radical. So now California passed a more radical bill.

It is hard to say exactly how radical this is, because California law already gave judges the discretion to make child custody decision on just about anything they want. This just adds transgenderism to the list. And soon parents will lose their kids for not going along with perverted sex treatments.

Friday, September 08, 2023

Right to Criticize the Jewish Agenda

In understanding the Musk-ADL dispute, it is useful to look at the opinion of the world's worst anti-semite, the man that the ADL has had banned and deplatformed more than any other.

He writes:

Jewish Censorship is the Leading Cause of Anti-Semitism

... As explained above, there is no way to deny that the Jews, collectively, have an agenda and engage in a variety of behaviors to push this agenda. If we look at the ADL and the various other Jewish groups designed to push a Jewish agenda, we see that these Jews support:

  • Mass nonwhite immigration into white countries
  • Abortion and feminism more broadly
  • Homosexuality and the trans agenda, including child homosexuality and child trannies
  • “Civil rights” for the blacks, which now involve legalizing black crime
  • Sending huge amounts of American taxpayer dollars to fight various wars which are considered helpful to the interests of the Jews.

    And most importantly:

  • Silencing any attempt to criticize these agendas, or to identify these agendas as fundamentally Jewish in nature.

    It is that last thing that bothers people more than anything else. ...

    The most obvious example is that the ADL has demanded that Elon Musk censor the account “Libs of TikTok,” which is run by a Jewish woman who supports Israel. She is simply opposed to the trans agenda, as well as other “far-left” agendas that most Jews support. She probably also, presumably, would support banning criticism of Israel.

    There is no point in attempting to argue that you are not an “anti-Semite,” and there is no way to oppose the Jewish agenda while also attempting to avoid that label. This is because the label itself is designed to taint anyone who opposes the Jewish agenda. That is the only reason the term exists – it is a way for Jews to protect their agenda by destroying anyone who questions it.

    In order for this civilization to survive, we have to be able to criticize the Jews.

    We can say “I don’t hate the Jews,” but we cannot bargain with them for a right to oppose their agenda. They will not ever agree that any non-Jew has a right to criticize them, because they do not even believe we are human.

    The ADL’s leader, Jonathan Greenblatt, does not attempt to disguise the fact that he believes he is better than other people because of his Jewishness, that he has a right to control other people because he is Jewish.

  • There is no free speech, as long as this man is banned from Twitter and the other major platforms. And yes, the Jewish agenda must be criticized.

    Wednesday, September 06, 2023

    Musk may Sue ADL for Defamation

    The fight between Twitter and ADL continues:
    X owner Elon Musk is threatening to sue the Anti-Defamation League for defamation, claiming that the nonprofit organization’s statements about rising hate speech on the social media platform have torpedoed X’s advertising revenue.

    In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Musk said US advertising revenue is “still down 60%, primarily due to pressure on advertisers by @ADL (that’s what advertisers tell us), so they almost succeeded in killing X/Twitter!”

    Musk also claimed that since he took over the platform in October 2022, the ADL “has been trying to kill this platform by falsely accusing it & me of being anti-Semitic.”

    For background, see People Should be Talking About the ADL’s Support for Extremist Racialist Policies in Israel. The author of that article has been banned from Twitter/X, just like Nick Fuentes, at the demand of ADL.

    Anti-semitism is almost entirely a hoax perpetrated by the ADL, and like-minded Jews. They complain about it all the time, but it is almost impossible to find any example of it.

    The Twitter debate has cited an Israeli movie on the subject, which you can watch at this banned site. The documentary details how Jews are taught anti-semitism myths so that they will hate gentiles, and support Jewish ethnic cohesion.

    My guess is that most Jews do not agree with this strategy. But it very much is the strategy of the ADL, and of the Jews who are out to destroy free speech in America.

    There is no free speech as long as the ADL can extort major platforms into banning people like Anglin and Fuentes. The ADL must be exposed for what it is.

    Monday, September 04, 2023

    No Bodies in Canada School Graves

    The biggest Canada scandal of the last ten years was how Catholic schools abused and buried Indian and Eskimo children. It was all a hoax.

    The London Daily Mail reports:

    Doubts are growing about the scale of historic abuse at Canada's notorious residential schools for indigenous children after a dig at one of the country's most high-profile sites uncovered no bodies.

    The country has set aside billions of dollars in compensation and declared a 'cultural genocide' in the treatment of indigenous children who were taken away from their families and placed at the schools for much of the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Teams using ground-penetrating radar claim to have found mass graves in the last two years containing the remains of more than 1,000 children who were buried in secret.

    But no bodies have since been recovered, and researchers have now confirmed that none have been found during a four-week dig in the basement of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Catholic Church, on the site of the former Pine Creek Residential School, where the remains of more than 60 children were thought to be hidden.

    'People believe things that are not true or improbable and they continue to believe it even when no evidence turns up,' said Tom Flanagan, a professor emeritus of political science at the University of Calgary.

    The Pope came to Canada and apologized. Dozens of Catholic churches were burned in retaliation.

    Sunday, September 03, 2023

    Science discovers Timeline for Adam and Eve

    AAAS Science magazine reports:
    calculated the composite likelihood for present-day human genomic sequences of 3154 individuals. Results showed that human ancestors went through a severe population bottleneck with about 1280 breeding individuals between around 930,000 and 813,000 years ago. ... This bottleneck is congruent with a substantial chronological gap in the available African and Eurasian fossil record.
    They are trying to say that the Garden of Eden was 900k years ago, and that is when humans started.

    I don't see how this much info can be gleaned from DNA, but I did not read the paper.

    Humans do have distinct characteristics that are quite different from apes. Not just big brains. The followers of the Aquatic ape hypothesis might say that those 1280 breeders could have lived in water, and undergone rapid evolutionary changes. Wikipedia says "Anthropologists do not take the hypothesis seriously", but the alternatives are not convincing either.

    The status of the AAH depends on your philosophy of science. Some say that unless there is some direct evidence for it, such as a fossilized marine community, it is pseudoscience and should not be discussed seriously. Others say that it should be accepted as a working hypothesis as long it explains some evolutionary features, until someone finds a better explanation.

    Saturday, September 02, 2023

    Jews Attack Musk and Twitter

    The Jewish magazine Forward reports:
    An anti-ADL campaign is erupting on Twitter and Elon Musk endorsed it

    More than 89,000 of #BantheADL posts flooded Twitter as part of an ongoing effort by the far right to defame the organization

    Not sure what is going on here. Twitter does not have free speech, and has mostly carried out the wishes of Jews at the ADL. The Groypers are banned, at the request of the ADL.

    ADL stands for "anti-defamation", but all they do is defame people.

    Some say that Musk was driven to buy Twitter because he sent his son to a fancy private school, and they turned him into a tranny communist who no longer talks to him. Maybe Musk is figuring out that the ADL is ruining Twitter also.

    The article goes on to explain ADL preoccupation with a 1913 murder case.

    Frank, a Jewish factory manager in Atlanta, was convicted of raping and murdering a 13-year-old girl who worked for him. After the governor commuted Frank’s death sentence to life in prison, Frank was dragged from his prison cell in Marietta and lynched by a mob.

    The state’s failure to protect Frank while in custody led Georgia to posthumously pardon him in 1986. The pardon did not exonerate him, but contemporary experts who’ve examined the case believe a factory janitor committed the crime. ...

    The ADL was founded the year Frank was convicted

    The Black janitor probably did commit the crime, and framed Frank. Wikipedia editors insist on saying that Frank was "wrongfully convicted". Maybe so, but if you google the case, you will find sites with lots of authentic with evidence of Frank's guilt that convinced many people. There is certainly no consensus that Frank was innocent.

    A Wikipedia reader may think it very strange that the article says Frank was wrongfully convicted, when 90% of the sources do not say that. Obviously there is a faction of editors with an axe to grind. The ADL has a big investment in promoting a myth that Frank was a victim of anti-semitism.

    Much of today's Left insist that everyone accept facts, once a consensus of experts agree on them. This applies to global warming, wearing covid masks, getting vaccines, the 2020 election, Ukraine war, etc.

    Thursday, August 31, 2023

    Biden Attacks Whites Again

    Reuters reports:
    President Joe Biden and top White House officials railed against white supremacy on Monday, asking Americans to unite against hatred ...

    “Silence is complicity and we’re not going to remain silent,” Biden said. "White supremacy is a poison." ...

    "We have to act," Biden insisted, noting that white supremacy was now the greatest terrorist threat facing the United States. "All of us need to say clearly and personally, as forcefully as we can, that hate will not prevail."

    No, there is no White supremacy, and no White supremacist terrorist threat. This is just an attempt to stir up a race war. If there is one thing Biden stands for, above all else, is getting votes by stirring up anti-white hatred.

    Update: Ann Coulter writes:

    White supremacists are responsible for .001% of all murders each year. According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting statistics for 2021, black people are responsible for 60% of all murders in the U.S., and the majority of their victims are other blacks. Those are the many, many black lives that absolutely do not matter to the media.

    Nor to Democrats. Predictably, President Joe Biden immediately issued a statement on the Jacksonville shooting decrying “white supremacy.” There will be no denunciations of black criminality, no photos of their victims’ grieving families, no black pastors saying, “We’re burying our future.” It’s doubtful that more than 10 people could name any of the eight black Chicagoans killed between Friday night, Aug. 18, and Sunday, Aug. 21.

    Imagine if tomorrow, instead of one white person being killed in Chicago every week, whites suddenly started being killed once a day, Monday through Thursday — and twice on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It would be a national crisis. But that’s what’s happening to blacks.

    Biden can only get re-elected by stirring up hatred against Whites.

    Tuesday, August 29, 2023

    More Educated People are more Anti--semitic

    The Jerusalem Post reports:
    How we combat hate may need to be reevaluated after a new study found that educated people may actually in some ways be more antisemitic than less educated people, despite largely accepted views supporting the contrary, according to an article by the researchers behind the study in Tablet magazine.
    The common view of the relationship between antisemitism and education is that higher education leads to less antisemitism, with education seen as an important tool in combating hate of all kinds and antisemitism in particular.
    The study did not really measure anti-semitism, but the willingness to distinguish Jews from other groups in policy questions. It is unconvincing because there could be good reasons for the distinctions, and maybe more educated people will make the distinction.

    The whole purpose of these articles is to help Jews use the concept of anti-semitism to manipulate non-Jews to serve the interests of Jews.

    Monday, August 28, 2023

    Why Rich Married People are Happier

    Kevin Mims writes in Quillette:
    In July, Sam Peltzman, an economist at the University of Chicago, published a study showing a strong connection between marriage and happiness. “Being married,” Peltzman wrote, “is the most important differentiator with a 30-percentage point happy-unhappy gap over the unmarried. … No subsequent population categorization [black vs. white, young vs. old, rich vs. poor, etc] will yield so large a difference in happiness across so many people.”

    Many cultural commentators quickly picked up on this study and began urging Americans, especially young people, to focus more on finding a spouse than on finding a good career. In the New York Times, David Brooks wrote:

    My strong advice is to obsess less about your career and to think a lot more about marriage. Please respect the truism that if you have a great career and a crappy marriage you will be unhappy, but if you have a great marriage and a crappy career you will be happy.
    He goes on to agree, citing his happy marriage.

    This sounds very strong, but I am unconvinced. Here is the study summary:

    Since 1972 the General Social Survey (GSS) has asked a representative sample of US adults “… [are] you …very happy, pretty happy, or not too happy?” Overall, the population is reasonably happy even after a mild recent decline. I focus on differences along standard socio demographic dimensions: age, race, gender, education, marital status income and geography. I also explore political and social differences. Being married is the most important differentiator with a 30-percentage point happy-unhappy gap over the unmarried. Income is also important, but Easterlin’s (1974) paradox applies: the rich are much happier than the poor at any moment, but income growth doesn’t matter. Education and racial differences are also consequential, though the black-white gap has narrowed substantially. Geographic, gender and age differences have been relatively unimportant, though old-age unhappiness may be emerging. Conservatives are distinctly happier than liberals as are people who trust others or the Federal government. All above differences survive control for other differences.
    It claims to control for differences, but of course there was no control group.

    If marriage is correlated with happiness, then the obvious explanations are that marriage causes happiness, or that happiness causes marriage. The paper admits:

    The usual caveats about causal inference should be kept in mind All of them – mutual and reverse causality, omitted variables, selection, etc. – apply to most every comparison you will see. For example, married people are happier than unmarried. Is that because marriage produces happiness or because unhappy people tend to be difficult to live with or because they sort out of the marriage market and on and on or all of the above? I leave such questions to others but show that the marriage gap is large enough to merit asking them.
    So the study does not substantiate David Brooks' advice. Likewise, are the rich happier because they have more money, or did their happy outlook help them get rich?

    Brooks is known for being very sloppy in citing social science data. Some consider him a charlatan.

    There are also studies saying that married folks are healthier, longer-lived, richer, better-looking, etc. My guess is that the healthy happy rich people have a much better supply of mates to choose from, and hence more likely to get married.

    Sunday, August 27, 2023

    Missourt Rejects Gender Changing Ideology

    CBS News reports:
    A Missouri judge ruled Friday that a ban on gender-affirming health care for minors can take effect on Monday, as scheduled.

    The ruling by St. Louis Circuit Judge Steven Ohmer means that beginning next week, health care providers are prohibited from providing gender-affirming surgeries to children. Minors who began puberty blockers or hormones before Monday will be allowed to continue on those medications, but other minors won't have access to those drugs.

    Here is the ACLU lawsuit. The complaint is a pretty good summary of the pro-trans science/medical position. Glad to see someone saw thru it. It is misleading and nonsensical from beginning to end.
    79. Hormone therapy can have significant masculinizing or feminizing effects and can assist in bringing transgender people’s secondary sex characteristics into alignment with their gender identity. Therefore, hormone therapy is medically necessary care for transgender people who require it to treat their gender dysphoria.

    80. Gender-affirming hormone therapy does not necessarily result in a loss of fertility, and many individuals treated with hormone therapy can and do still biologically conceive children. The first sentence is just a lie, and is contradicted by the 3rd sentence. No one's sex characteristics are changed if he/she is still fertile under the original sex. Sandwiched in between is "Therefore, hormone therapy is medically necessary", and absurd non-sequitur.

    This footnote is silly:
    For these reasons, the Endocrine Society, an international medical organization representing over 18,000 endocrinology researchers and clinicians, warns practitioners that the terms “biological sex” and “biological male or female” are imprecise and should be avoided.
    Those terms are probably the most precise terms in the brief. Terms like "gender identity" are hopelessly ill-defined, and there is no consensus on what it is. Some say there is a biological element underlying gender identity, and that it is innate and immutable. Others say that it is a psychological phenomenon, or even a social construct. Others say there is no such thing, that it cannot be measured, and the phrase is just used to describe some role-playing.

    Saturday, August 26, 2023

    Human Ancestors Originated Outside Africa

    Anthropologists have been telling us for a century that we are all descended from African apes. Ever since the 1912 Piltdown Man turned out to be a fake. They seem to take great glee in saying it, as if it shows that we should identify with Africans.

    Okay, I can accept that, but they ignore so much evidence to the contrary. It appears that our ancestors ten million years ago were not African at all.

    Sci-Tech Daily reports:

    A recent discovery of a fossilized ape from a site in Turkey, aged 8.7 million years, is challenging long-accepted ideas of human origins. This finding supports the hypothesis that the forebears of African apes and humans may have evolved in Europe and later migrated to Africa approximately 7 to 9 million years ago.

    The findings establish Anadoluvius turkae as a branch of the part of the evolutionary tree that gave rise to chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and humans. Although African apes today are only known from Africa, as are the earliest known humans, the study’s authors ... conclude that the ancestors of both came from Europe and the eastern Mediterranean.

    Anadoluvius and other fossil apes from nearby Greece (Ouranopithecus) and Bulgaria (Graecopithecus) form a group that comes closest in many details of anatomy and ecology to the earliest known hominins, or humans. The new fossils are the best-preserved specimens of this group of early hominines and provide the strongest evidence to date that the group originated in Europe and later dispersed into Africa.

    The study’s detailed analysis also reveals that the Balkan and Anatolian apes evolved from ancestors in western and central Europe. With its more comprehensive data, the research provides evidence that these other apes were also hominines which means that it is more likely that the whole group evolved and diversified in Europe, rather than the alternative scenario in which separate branches of apes earlier moved independently into Europe from Africa over the course of several million years, and then went extinct without issue.

    Those were apes, but the first ancestors who were identifiably human were Neanderthals living in Europe.

    Friday, August 25, 2023

    Trump for President

    Pres. Trump was arrested again.

    I would never vote for Pres. Biden for the following reasons.

    Biden lost 2 wars. The Biden foreign policy in Afghanistan and Ukraine has been extremely damaging and irresponsible.

    Borders. Biden has permitted an invasion of millions of foreigners, making USA worse.

    Corruption. The Biden family has accepted millions of dollars in bribes, from China and Ukraine.

    Econonmy. We have inflation, big deficits, oil dependency, runaway spending.

    Politicized prosecutions. Biden has used the US DoJ to go after political enemies. Yes, I have read the four Trump indictments, and they are for things no one ever thought was criminal before, and with flimsy evidence. They are un-American.

    Appointments. Trump appointed much better judges than Biden.

    Culture war. Biden is aligned with those grooming your kids into trannies.

    Senility. Biden is obviously unfit for any position of responsibility. He is obviously a puppet, and others are calling the shots.

    I have tried reading the rants of the Trump-haters. They complain about his personality, but almost never try to even make an argument that the Biden administration was somehow better than Trump's.

    Even on subjects like climate change, Biden's policies will be putting more CO2 into the atmosphere than Trump's presidency, largely by moving Third World residents to the USA where they and their descendants will use fossil fuels.

    There are some other Republicans who would be better than Biden. But they have either disqualified themselves, or not yet ready for the White House. Trump is the only man who can save the nation.

    These phony charges only underline the necessity of draining the swamp.

    We are at a crossroads. 200 million people clicked ont he Trump-Tucker interview, according to Twitter/X. Are we going to sit back a senile corrupt pervert puppet frame his political opponent with bogus charges?

    Thursday, August 24, 2023

    Medical Journals have gone Woke

    The Lancet, a British medical journal that is one of the tops in the world, published a May 2023 editorial:
    Occasionally, someone says something so appalling, so shocking, and so disheartening that you just stop in disbelief. On April 26, 2023, UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman said this: “I think that the people coming here illegally do possess values which are at odds with our country. We are seeing heightened levels of criminality when related to thttps://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(23)00900-5/fulltexthe people who have come on boats related to drug dealing, exploitation, prostitution.” ...

    This is the era of culture wars—politicised conflicts over values, identities, and beliefs. Are British institutions systemically racist? Should the monarchy pay reparations for its historical links to slavery? Are activists terrorising the young with climate doom? Has Brexit been a success? What is the definition of a woman? ...

    Antonio Gramsci (1891–1937) was arrested by Mussolini's police in 1926. Imprisoned, he used his time to fill the pages of 33 notebooks. Gramsci sought to make sense of his experience in the vanguard of Italian politics. One question in particular occupied his thoughts. Why did every effort to bring about revolutionary change in Europe fail? His great insight, one largely forgotten today, was to recognise the way in which the dominant group uses culture to exert its controlling influence. If the ruling power can persuade people to share its social, cultural, and moral values, the motivation for radical political change will wither. The culture wars suggest that it is not the economy, stupid. If populist governments can win over the public to their beliefs, progressives have little chance of electoral success. It was this cultural hegemony, according to Gramsci, that explained the resistance to progressive political change in the aftermath of World War 1. And it is the modern struggle for cultural hegemony that explains today's bitter disputes over race, sex, and gender.

    Responses are here and here.

    Why is it so shocking to a medical journal that a politician said that illegals were bringing crime into the country? It is an obvious fact. Maybe a medical journal should stay our of pollitics, or maybe it should address social problems. But this medical journal wants to complain when someone else points out social problems.

    Wednesday, August 23, 2023

    Do not be an Ally

    I see a lot of public schools are adopting a slogan to be an ally:
    Becoming an Ally

    Working to create a more equitable and inclusive school, community and society starts by looking inward. The “tools” described in this section provide guidelines and a general direction for this lifelong process that can bring about a fundamental change in our perspectives and attitudes.

    These tools are intended for all members of the school community. They recognize that everyone has a part to play in creating an equitable and inclusive culture. Everyone has the capacity to be an ally to those who have been marginalized and excluded.

    The word ally primarily means for a nation to take sides in a war or potential war. Usually there is a mutual defense treaty.

    There is a new definition:

    : one that is associated with another as a helper : a person or group that provides assistance and support in an ongoing effort, activity, or struggle

    a political ally

    She has proven to be a valuable ally in the fight for better working conditions.

    —often now used specifically of a person who is not a member of a marginalized or mistreated group but who expresses or gives support to that group

    The storyline on "Glee" captures something larger that we are seeing with a new generation of allies (allies are people who support LGBT rights but aren't LGBT themselves).—
    David M. Hall

    Following the metaphor, this means that LGBT folks are at war with straights, and straights are allies if they side with the LGBT. There is no indication that the LGBTs will help the straights in any way.

    No, I do not think that the public schools should take sides in the culture wars in this way. They are trying to get normal kids to side with perverts.

    Tuesday, August 22, 2023

    NY may Decriminalize Sex Trade

    NY Post:
    More than a half-dozen sex-trade survivors and advocates from anti-trafficking and women’s rights groups gathered in Midtown to call on politicians to reject bills put forth in the state Senate and New York City Council that would decriminalize prostitution.

    “We have now become a society that looks at the sex trade as an employer like any other, and prostitution as labor like any other type of work,” said Taina Bien-Aime, executive director of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women. ...

    “Every day we see that sex buyers and traffickers indiscriminately rape, kidnap, and torture the people that they’re buying and selling them in the sex trade,” said Ann Matheson, co-director of the Empower Center.

    “The majority of sex buyers do not care whether the person they buy is trafficked, has a pimp, identifies as ‘empowered,’ or is a teenager.”

    There are good arguments against prostitution (and/or sex work), but these arguments are not convincing. Prostitutes are not abused anymore than any other profession. Sure, customers care about the product, rather than the history of the product, but you could say that about a lot of things.

    Everyone is against sex slaves and child prostitutes, but those are just bogeymen, and not relevant to the complaint here about NY City not enforcing laws against the adult consensual sex trade.

    I think prostitution will be decriminalized in the USA, as no one is making serious arguments against it. Yes, major religions say it is immoral, and various groups say it is exploitative, but they do not get related to modern legal notions of consent.

    Monday, August 21, 2023

    Did Neanderthals have Souls?

    An evolutionary biology professor mocks this theological issue:
    So did Christ die for Neanderthals? ...

    So were Neanderthals theologically human or not? I think the only way we can approach this question is to ask whether or not Neanderthals had immortal souls, as we do. But, apart from Christian teaching, how do we know that we even have such souls? We cannot just have a look at our immaterial souls, and Aquinas thought that we only know the character of our souls through what we do.

    . . . What we need to look for in the case of Neanderthals is evidence of some behaviour that bears the mark of an intellectual soul such as we have.

    We do commonly make distinctions about who is human, and who is not. Legally, gorillas, chimps, and ChatGPT are not. Morally, not either.

    Non-Africans humans today are descended from matings between Neanderthals and out-of-Africa hominin of about 50,000 years ago. Some say that the Africans looked more human, because they lacked brow ridges. In terms of tools, rituals, art, socialization, and brain size, they were comparable. Some evidence seems to show that the Neanderthals were more advanced, but it is unclear.

    Modern anthropologists call the Africans human, and the Neanderthals extinct cousins of humans. This seems more absurd to me than the theological Acquinas musings. Either they were all human, or none were.

    There is another argument that humans were not fully conscious until several thousand years ago. Theologically, it could have been Eve eating from the tree of knowledge. This view is dangerous, as it might make many of today's 8 billion people not fully human.

    Sunday, August 20, 2023

    Turning Runaway Kids into Trannies

    Daily Stormer:
    Remember when I told you they were going to kidnap your kids and turn them into trannies?

    It’s just like the deadly vaccine thing and the out of control black crime thing.

    I said all of these obvious things were going to happen, now they’re all happening.

    Sounds like hyperbole, but it is happening:
    America First Legal is suing Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) to stop a law allowing children to get genital mutilation surgeries without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

    AFL, headed by former Trump administration policy adviser Stephen Miller, is challenging Senate Bill 5599, which Inslee signed into law in May and allows shelters to house runaway children and provide them with genital mutilation and chemical castration interventions if they are struggling with gender dysphoria.

    “The recently signed legislation creates a dangerous incentive for minors who disagree with their parents on ‘gender-affirming care’ to run away to a shelter or host home,” the group argues.

    S.B. 5599 strips a requirement to notify parents of a runaway child and allows them to pursue transgender medical procedures.

    No info about runaway children should be kept from the parents. The kids should be returned without any medical treatments.

    It is amazing to me that the Democrats are in favor of holding runaway kids and not telling the parents where they are.

    Saturday, August 19, 2023

    School upset by Instagram Postings

    The NY Times has a long article on The Instagram Account That Shattered a California High School. I tried to read it, but I don't get it.

    Who cares about a private account with a handful of followers?

    Apparently it expressed some racist opinions. I did not find exactly what. How could this be an issue? Don't kids have the right to express opinions, whatever they are?

    Friday, August 18, 2023

    Crime to suggest watching TV

    The Atlanta Trump indictment charges:
    Act22: On or about the 3rd day of December2020, DONALD JOHN TRUMP caused to be tweeted from the Twitter account @RealDonaldTrump, “Georgia hearings now on @OANN. Amazing!” This was an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy”
    So Trump's crime was, in part, posting a public tweet to watch tv news!

    This is crazy stuff. There was no conspiracy. There were no secret deals to do anything illegal. Everything Trump did was in the open, public, and in pursuit of lawful remedies.

    NPR Radio reported last year:

    The omnibus spending bill includes a section that would reform the Electoral Count Act, a 1887 law that governs the counting of Electoral College votes in Congress.

    For years, legal scholars have worried the law was poorly written and in need of clarification, and former President Donald Trump and his allies targeted the law's ambiguities in their attempts to overturn the 2020 election.

    So all the Democrats agreed that the Electoral Count Act had a loophole. So how can it be illegal for Trump to have tried to exploit that loophole?

    Thursday, August 17, 2023

    Chosen One accuses Christian of Bigotry

    The Federalist:
    “There’s no hope for any of us outside of having faith in Jesus Christ alone,” wrote Lizzie Marbach.

    [Congressman] Miller, who is Jewish, took offense.

    “This is one of the most bigoted tweets I have ever seen,” Miller wrote, demanding Marbach “Delete it,” because she had “gone too far.” ...

    Miller didn’t stop there.

    In the replies to Marbach’s post, Miller wrote, “God says that Jewish people are the chosen ones, but yet you say we have no hope.”

    Miller has apoligized. I post this to point out Jewish thinking. Here is an elected politician who is used to being careful about what he says. He says he is part of an ethnic minority that is God's chosen people, and yet he accuses a Christian of being bigoted for expressing Christian beliefs.

    Wednesday, August 16, 2023

    Oppenheimer Was a Communist

    From a Jewish Commentary article:
    … Chevalier also identified Oppenheimer as the author of two 1940 pamphlets put out by the “College Faculties Committee, Communist Party of California.” Oppenheimer, who was the scion of a wealthy New York family, had also paid for the printing and distribution of those pamphlets. Herken interviewed Philip Morrison, a former Oppenheimer graduate student and then Communist, who claimed that he, Morrison, had taken to the printer a third pamphlet written by Oppenheimer justifying the Soviet invasion of Finland.
    The movie was supposed to be factual. It portrays Oppie as a Commie fellow traveler.

    A reviewer notes:

    But there are also flaws [SPOILERS FOLLOW]:

    1. Stuff that never happened. Most preposterously, Oppenheimer travels all the way from Los Alamos to Princeton, to have Einstein check the calculation suggesting that the atomic bomb could ignite the atmosphere.

    2. Weirdly, but in common with pretty much every previous literary treatment of this material, the movie finds the revocation of Oppenheimer’s security clearance a far more riveting topic than either the actual creation of the bomb or the prospect of global thermonuclear war. Maybe half the movie consists of committee hearings.

    3. The movie misses the opportunity to dramatize almost any of the scientific turning points, from Szilard’s original idea for a chain reaction to the realization of the need to separate U-235 to the invention of the implosion design—somehow, a 3-hour movie didn’t have time for any of this.

    Einstein was also a Commie fellow traveler, and was beyond the point where anyone would trust him to do a physics calculation. Igniting the atmosphere was a minor worry.

    Obviously bringing in Einstein and igniting the atmosphere was done to overdramatize the movie. But why? They were inventing the A-bomb. They were fighting World War II. Isn't that enough drama? It damages a true story when it is overdramatized with absurd fictions.

    Why make a $100M A-bomb story, without telling any of the technical difficulties? What is the story?

    This is baffling. Presumably the movie makers will say that the audience is mostly non-physicists, and may not understand or appreciate a detailed physics lesson. But it could tell the basics in a way that most could understand.

    Finally the security clearance story is an obscure historical footnote of no particular interest or importance. It was the Cold War, and he should have lost his clearance years earlier. It used to be something leftists would complain about, but the case against him was pretty strong.

    The movie would have been better with more war and bomb stuff, and less political drama about trivialities.

    Monday, August 14, 2023

    Fictitious Atlanta Document Charges 13 Felonies

    NBC News reports:
    A docket appeared on the Fulton County court website shortly after noon, the news agency Reuters reported, indicating that Trump had been charged. The document was quickly removed from the site, Reuters reported, and the news agency then changed its report to say Georgia was "set to charge" the former president. A representative for the Fulton County prosecutor's office called the report inaccurate, and the county clerk's office later issued a statement calling it a "fictitious document that has been circulated online."
    Really? Here is the list of 13 felonies.

    So the Democrat prosecutors are using a fictitious document to charge Pres. Trump of conspiracy to commit false statements and writings! The pot is calling the kettle black.

    Also racketeering and some other crazy charges. We shall soon see. All Trump did was call an election official to see if there were enough votes to contest the election.

    Update: Here is the indictment. Yes, 13 felonies. The prosecutor's office was lying about it being fictitious.

    Sunday, August 13, 2023

    Ethnicity in the Ancient World

    Book review:
    Ethnicity in the Ancient World — Did It Matter?
    Erich S. Gruen

    “The idea of an immutable character determining the nature of a people or an ethnic group finds few takers today,” he tells us. Never mind, of course, that to be a “taker” of this view is to be exiled from modern academia, which might explain why there are “few.”

    Gruen says his purpose is to demonstrate that “ancient societies generally shunned the sense of ethnicity as an undeviating marker of distinctiveness stemming from descent, and that they were therefore open to change, adaptation, intermingling, and incorporation. In our contemporary age when ethnic identity has become increasingly fraught and divisive, those characteristics can offer a salutary corrective.”

    In other words, the ancients were woke.

    The review goes on to point out that ancient Greeks kept barbarian slaves, and that the Bible speaks favorably of killing for miscegenation. Many noticed ethnicity:
    Herodotus, sometimes known as the “father of history,” is often described as the world’s first ethnographer. Indeed, his writings are replete with his observations — sometimes first-hand, other times heard from others — about the races and ethnicities of the world.

    And, as Guillaume Durocher notes:

    Herodotus’ world certainly featured peaceful commerce, cultural exchange, and ethnic intermarriage among these peoples — the historian is quite broad-minded and free of chauvinism in this respect. But, as Herodotus makes clear, this was also a world of extreme ethnocentrism and brutal wars.

    So why would a Jewish professor be so eager to write a book denying obvious facts about ancient ethnicities?

    The review does not say, but the obvious inference is that the Jewish religion is based on extreme ethnocentrism for the Jews, while denying it for anyone else.