Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Russia Probably not Bombing its own Power Plant

Reuters reports:
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy urged NATO members on Monday to guarantee the protection of Ukraine's nuclear plants from Russian sabotage, a day after the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia plant was rocked by heavy shelling. ...

Russia and Ukraine each blame the other for attacks on the plant, which is located in Russian-held territory near the front line. Reuters was unable to independently verify which side was responsible for the weekend shelling.

If the plant is in Russian-controlled territory, why would the Russians shell it?

A Reuters Special Report:

A gender imbalance emerges among trans teens seeking treatment

Adolescents assigned female at birth account for a significant majority of minors receiving gender-affirming care, including top surgery, fueling debate about the influence of peer groups and social media.

Does Reuters still have some honest reporters? This story is a surprisingly fair look at teen transgenderism. It gives the impression it is all a big teenaged girl fad, promoted by pushy therapists and peer pressure.

The peer pressure is hard to understand, as you would expect that the peer pressure would be to be normal. But if that were correct, kids would never get a tattoo. No, today's kids feel peer pressure to be freaks. Some get tattoos. Others get more sever mutilations.

Update: RT reports:

The Associated Press has fired the journalist behind its since-retracted story, which claimed that the missile that hit NATO member Poland last week had been launched by Russia, a number of US media outlets have reported.

The news that the agency had terminated its contract with investigative reporter James LaPorta after a brief internal probe was broken by the Daily Beast on Monday. The sacking was later confirmed to the Washington Post by “people at the news organization.”

Last Tuesday, AP issued a news alert citing “a senior US intelligence official,” who claimed that “Russian missiles crossed into NATO member Poland, killing two people.”

The missile turned out to the a Ukraine false flag operation, and part of a plot to theaten World War III. Glad to see these news services wise up.

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