Thursday, November 03, 2022

Defending the Jewish Narrative

Nathan Cofnas wrote an 2021 paper on The Anti-Jewish Narrative:
I focus on three specific issues:

(a) Are Jews particularly ethnocentric?

(b) Do liberal Jews hypocritically advocate multiculturalism for gentiles/gentile countries but racial purity and separatism for Jews/Israel?

(c) Are Jews responsible for liberalism and mass immigration?

My answers to these questions are (a) the evidence suggests Jews are not particularly ethnocentric, (b) liberal Jews typically advocate similar policies for Jews/Israel and gentiles/gentile countries, and (c) the West was on a liberal trajectory with or without Jews, and Jews were not responsible for mass immigration to the US.

Okay, I am glad to see some contrarian opinion. The whole Jewish religion is based on Jews having s special convenant with God. They are the chosen people. If you want to move to Israel, you might have to get a DNA test to prove your Jewish blood lines.
What are the “very high” intermarriage rates? Jews have the highest intermarriage rate of any religious group in the United States (Riley 2013). Jews who avoid intermarriage — the Orthodox — are mostly right-wing extremists with little interest in national politics. The vast majority of Jews who promote radical ideologies are either Reform or religiously unaffiliated. ... combined with low fertility, will lead the liberal Jewish population to nearly disappear in another generation or two.
That's interesting, but Jews have been a cohesive group for millennia. I am sure there have always been Jews who married out and left.
Advocates of the anti-Jewish narrative, including MacDonald, often claim that immigration to Israel is restricted to Jews. This is false. As I pointed out, since 1970, Israel will give automatic citizenship to anyone with one Jewish grandparent and their non-Jewish spouse and children (Cofnas 2018: 152; Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2013). We don’t know the exact number, but hundreds of thousands of gentiles have been granted Israeli citizenship because of this policy. According to the Times of Israel, “there are already some 400,000 people, mostly from the former Soviet Union, living in Israel who are not considered Jewish by the Chief Rabbinate” (Sokol 2019). Halachic Jews (i.e., those who are Jewish according to Jewish law) make up 65% of Israel’s total population.
This would be like someone getting American citizenship even though he is only one-quarter White and has a non-White spouse. Has that ever happened?
In the last several decades — at least until recently — the whole world has been drifting toward liberalism, and Western countries in particular have been adopting increasingly extreme forms of radical multiculturalism. One challenge for the theory that Jews are responsible for all of this is that the most liberal Western countries are those where Jews are relatively small in number and influence. By some measures, Sweden is the most extreme liberal country in the world. ..., Jews are less than 0.2% of the population of Sweden, and have very little influence—certainly far less influence than in places like the US and the UK. ... According to Vox, Jews are such a small percentage of the population of Germany that “most Germans have never met a Jewish person” 
These are good points. I don't know why Sweden and Germany have so socialist, but they have been for decades. In the USA, Jews vote 80% Democrat, and control most of the Democrat Party fundraising. The movement to prosecute Donald Trump includes non-Jews like Liz Cheney, but it is mostly Jews. Most of the radical leftist movements are Jewish led. So is much of the news and entertainment media.

He has some interesting comments about Jews being overwhelmingly Democrats, and even argues that the Republican Party should appeal to Jews. He rejects the obvious explanations for Jews voting Democrat, but fails to provide a better one.  
Combing through history books and newspapers to pick out examples of Jewish radicals while ignoring gentile radicals, and spinning unsupported tales about the nefarious motivations of the Jews, is not “race realism.” The conflation of this activity with race realism has misled people, made it harder to bring legitimate but controversial science into the mainstream, and drawn attention away from important scientific questions about the actual origins of our political system.
I agree that it is not "race realism". Whatever makes Jews distinctive in their potlical advocacy is not primarily racial.

Cofnas just posted a defense to the claim that his race realist views have been debunked.

Three years ago, when I was a PhD student at Oxford, I published a paper in a highly respected philosophy and psychology journal calling for free inquiry into all possible causes of race differences in intelligence, including genes. ...

Daily Mail’s website: “EXCLUSIVE: Controversial ‘race researcher’ who wrote a 2019 report about so-called ‘gaps’ in IQ between white and non-white people is hired by Cambridge University’s philosophy faculty — and says the university knew about it before hiring him”. ...

Are scientific objections so compelling as to preclude debate? Let’s briefly examine five of the most popular ostensibly scientific arguments used to “debunk” hereditarianism.

He explains that the IQ gaps are real, and that they are only denied by bogus leftist ideological arguments.

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