Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Watching the Presidential Debate

Joe Biden is reciting the dumbest anti-Trump lines. He talked about injecting bleach, and about calling neo-nazis very fine people. He even complained about Trump crossing the street to visit the church in front of the White House.

Biden refused to say whether he would try to expand the Supreme Court and pack it with leftist judges!

I don't see how anyone can watch this debate and vote for Biden.

Update: The NY Times post-debate headline is "2020 Presidential Debate Live Updates: Trump Refuses to Denounce White Supremacy in Chaotic Debate"!

Actually, Chris Wallace asked Trump “Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and groups ...?” and he replied “Sure. I’m willing to do that.” So the NY Times is lying again.

Update: Note this contradiction:

Vice President Joe Biden: (58:57) The Green New Deal will pay for itself as we move forward. We’re not going to build plants that, in fact, are great polluting plants-

Chris Wallace: (59:05) So, do you support the Green New Deal?

Vice President Joe Biden: (59:07) Pardon me?

Chris Wallace: (59:08) Do you support the-

Vice President Joe Biden: (59:08) No, I don’t support the Green New Deal.

President Donald J. Trump: (59:10) Oh, you don’t? Oh, well, that’s a big statement.

Wow, Biden says that the Green New Deal will pay for itself, but he doesn't support it?

I would support the Green New Deal if I thought that it would pay for itself.

The Jewish moderator injected this fake news story:

Chris Wallace: (25:43) No, less than you have. Let’s please continue on. The issue of rice. Vice-President Biden, you say that President Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville three years ago, when he talked about very fine people on both sides, was what directly led you to launch this run for president.
It is weird how Jews propagate the myth that Trump somehow praised violent neo-nazis in Charlottesville. It is true that Biden claims that the story somehow inspired his campaign, but the story is false. I can only assume that Wallace is among the Jews who want to replace Americans with non-white foreigners, because those are the ones who keep talking about Charlottesville.

The NY Times has two more stories on Trump's supposed White supremacy. One on Six Takeaways:

Trump would not condemn white supremacy or urge his supporters to stay calm. One of the chief reasons Mr. Biden has said he is running for president as a 77-year-old is because of the white nationalists who gathered in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017 and Mr. Trump’s unwillingness to condemn them.

The president declined to condemn white supremacists again on Tuesday, despite being asked directly by Mr. Wallace if he would do so.

“I’m willing to do that,” Mr. Trump began, before instead saying that “almost everything I see is from the left wing. Not from the right.”

Eventually, after Mr. Biden suggested he condemn the Proud Boys, a far-right organization widely condemned as a hate group, Mr. Trump declared, “Proud Boys: Stand back and stand by.”

This is very dishonest. Trump condemned the white suprmacists repeatedly in 2017, and again last night, as quoted above. Yet the NY Times says he "declined to condemn white supremacists again"!

Another says:

President Trump’s refusal to explicitly condemn white supremacy and right-wing extremist groups during the first presidential debate drew muted concern from some Republicans on Capitol Hill, as the highest-ranking Republican in the House sought to defend his remarks. ...

Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the House minority leader, defended Mr. Trump’s answer, arguing that the president “has been very clear that he’s against anybody for committing violence in the streets” and pointing to a recent pledge by the president to classify both the Ku Klux Klan and antifa as terrorist organizations.

Pressed by reporters, Mr. McCarthy chafed at the suggestion that Mr. Trump should have explicitly denounced specific right-wing extremist groups.

“How many times does he have to say it, if the question is, ‘Would you denounce it’ and the answer is yes?” Mr. McCarthy said. “He did that.”

When Chris Wallace, the debate moderator, asked Mr. Trump Tuesday whether he would condemn white supremacy and distance himself from extremist groups, Mr. Trump replied, “Sure.”

Okay, I guess the Jewish press is eager to make white supremacy a campaign issue, but they are lying about it, and anyone can watch what Trump said to verify that he denounced white supremacists.

Update: I see other Jews and even non-Jews are focusing on this white supermacist nonsense. Biden has even just accused a 17-year-old boy of being a white supremacist. (I mean the kid who was a victim of the Kenosha riots, and is not being charged. I prefer not to name him as he is an innocent juvenile.)

So they want Trump to denounce this 17-year-old boy?

There is now leftist dogma that all Whites are inherently White supremacists. Under this White Fragility view, the very worst White supremacists are the liberals who try to be color-blind or who are reluctant to tear down civilization. The one who most deny that they are racist are the one who are the most racist and White supremacist. In this sense, you could say that most of the rioters in Portland and elsewhere were leftg-wing Trump-hating Antifa White supremacists.

So it is really impossible to effectively deny being a White supremacist.

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