Monday, September 07, 2020

How the news media troll us

I found this anonymous comment:
Scott, when you see derisive, gatekeeping posts from the left, please keep in mind that some percentage of them are Russian trolls. A lot of us forget that foreign propaganda is present on both sides of the political spectrum, seeking to stoke our hatred of each other, divide us, and generally set Americans at each other’s throats. No matter what you do or say, some percentage of online discourse will always tell you you’re evil because it’s not trying to have an honest intellectual exchange.
Many others have said similar things.

This is a good description of the NY Times, and other Jewish news media. At every opportunity, they stoke racial and other hatred, and do everything to divide us. The NY Times does with a dozen articles every single day.

I mentioned yesterday that 627 Jewish groups placed a full-page ad in the NY Times saying that all American Jews speak with one voice on certain social matters. The sponsor bragged that not one of them requested a single edit to the ad statement.

This is interesting because the short statement has several parts that are controversial among non-Jews. It (1) falsely claims George Floyd and others were murdered; (2) is anti-Trump without mentioning Trump's name; and (3) is openly pro-Communist. It babbles about communist Jews and falsely attacks the "pro-segregation organizations like the John Birch Society".

The JBS was anti-Communist, but not pro-segregation. Only Communist Jews says such silly stuff. If Jewish groups really just wanted to make an anti-racism statement, why bring up some decades-old phony arguments in favor of Communism?

I don't see any explanation, except that all these Jewish groups want to present a unified view that their attitude towards racial division is to follow the Communist playbook, and to stir up racial hatreds towards White Christians as much as possible.

I will be on the lookout for any Jewish groups who dissent from this plan.

Today, the NY Times has a silly article blaming Pres. Trump for identity politics. The Democrat Party is all identity politics all the time. Trump stands firmly against this use of identity politics to divide voters. As the article concedes, Trump is the one who issued an order for the federal govt to stop using racially divisive training seminars that demonize particular races. The Democrats, Jews, NY Times, and Communists are all in favor of such nonsense. (Actually, some Marxists are even against it.)

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