Sunday, September 20, 2020

Hollow praise for Justice RBG

I do not wish to speak ill of the dead, but the hollow praise for Ruth Bader Ginsburg is strange. For example, see this NY Times obituary or this NPR Radio obituary. While they are gushing with lengthy praise for her, they do not say that she ever followed the rule of law on anything.

What they do say, and credit her for, is pursuing a Jewish leftist feminst agenda on the court. And they praise her for the second woman on the supreme court, and the first Jewish woman. It is clear that she is being praised for her identity politics and her leftist ideology, and not much else.

The press never criticized her for writing disingenuous anti-White court opinions. She tried to force others to hire Blacks under affirmative action quotas, but she refused to hire any herself.

In contrast, reviews of Republican appointees like John Roberts nearly always discuss his fidelity to the law.

Already Dems are complaining about a Repub President appointing a justice, with confirmation by a Repub Senate. Elections have consequences. This is a Republican appointment to be made. Besides, the Dems just appoint partisan hacks anyway.


MikeAdamson said...

You must admit that the hypocrisy is hilarious.

Roger said...

From the Republicans who implied that they were only blocking Garland because 2016 was an election year, yes, they weren't being honest. They did not want to see Scalia replaced with a fifth ideologue on the supreme court, and they had the votes to block it.