Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Leftist columnist opposes Judicial Supremacy

Black leftist NY Times columnist Jamelle Bouie writes:
Down With Judicial Supremacy!

The Supreme Court was never meant to be the only arbiter of the meaning of the Constitution. ...

judicial supremacy [is] the idea that the courts, and the courts alone, determine constitutional meaning. ...

In Dred Scott, the Court ruled that Black Americans “had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” It held that Congress could not ban slavery in federal territories, and it struck down the 1820 Missouri Compromise as an unconstitutional limitation on the rights of slaveholders. Backed by much of the Democratic Party, including President James Buchanan, the court effectively outlawed the Republican Party’s antislavery platform. ...

The United States may not be a “pure democracy,” but it’s not a judgeocracy either, and if protecting the right of the people to govern for themselves means curbing judicial power and the Supreme Court’s claim to judicial supremacy, then Democrats should act without hesitation.

I agree. I blogged a lot against judicial supremacy back in 2004, and cited it as a reason for supporting Trump in 2016.

I do not agree with these media Trump-haters very often.

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