Friday, September 04, 2020

The Election IQ Gap

Republican voters have had higher average IQs and education levels than Democrat voters for decades. Democrats get the support of the super-rich and the poor, and there are a lot more poor voters.

This year, we see something different. It used to be easy to find intellectuals on both sides giving coherent policy reasons for their vote. Now I cannot find any intellectual coherent support for Biden-Harris at all.

Sure, there are well educated pundits who strongly favor ousting Pres. Trump. But they all say crazy stupid things.

Examples: They say that the videos prove system racist caused the murders of George Floyd and Jacob Blake. They attribute quotes to Trump that can be disproved with about 30 seconds of googling. They blame Trump for 200k COVID-19 deaths while they never suggest how he could do any better. They engage in childish name-calling and hyperbolic accusations.

I posted yesterday from the Princeton University president, and his comments are just embarrassingly stupid. This is in spite of the fact that his letter was review by 20 Ivy League PhDs before releasing it.

Most of these people cannot really be that stupid. So they are just lying to us, assuming that most readers will be too stupid to notice. Or too intimidated to object. Or too ideologically driven, I am not sure.

I see 81 American Nobel prize winners endorse Biden. No substantive reason is given. If they are really so smart, couldn't they think of a reason better than "willingness to listen to experts"?

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