Monday, September 21, 2020

Why I will vote for Pres. Trump

I started to write an essay on why I will vote for Pres. Trump, but I wanted to address the major arguments for Joe Biden.

However, I am unable to find any coherent arguments for Biden.

The big issues are Peace and Prosperity. On these, Trump is one of the most successful American Presidents we have ever had. Nobody seriously thinks Biden could do any better.

There are plenty of Trump-haters who urge a Biden vote. The vast majority of the political commentary I see is pro-Biden. Eg, NY Times, Wash. Post, Nobel and Turing laureates, NPR Radio, CNN TV, Lincoln Project, etc.

The vast majority uses transparently bogus reasoning. Some complain about Trump's personality. Some cite some Trump misquote, such as Charlottesville having good white supremacists or how we should drink bleach to avoid the coronavirus. Some just make bland general comments or personal name-calling. Some are only interested in identity politics, and have aligned themselves with some anti-white faction. Some are so obviously concealing their real anti-Trump reasons that there arguments are meaningless. Some blame Trump for the coronavirus or the race riots or California wildfires or Florida hurricanes, but have no explanation as to how Biden would have done any better. Some are openly anti-American, and sympathize with those who want to burn it down.

Some say that Biden listens to experts, but that seems to be either a code phrase for being controlled by the Deep State, or a tacit acknowledgement that he is too incompetent to make any decisions.

I am beginning to think that our electoral process is hopelessly flawed. Biden is just a stupid puppet with no genuine popular support, and yet he is propped up by 98% of the news media, 99% of Hollywood, 95% of the super-rich, 98% of academia, 90% of foreign money (as from George Soros), and most of the big corporations. Biden also does well in the welfare class, and other low-information voters. But he offers nothing to the middle class that is the backbone of America.

This nation is being split by differences that will not be resolved by this election. At least Trump gives us a chance for four more years of sane government.

Update: Here is an amusing pro-Trump rant:

You are not going to see some peasant uprising if Trump loses. There has never been a successful peasant uprising in all of human history. It is not a real thing. If the Democrats win this election, they are going to take absolutely everything from us, they are going to lock up all pro-whites, they’re going to take your kids and forcibly inject them with tranny hormones, they’re going to burn down the churches, they’re going to flood the country with so many brown people that you won’t be able to move around. They’re going to immediately abolish the First and Second Amendments, arrest dissidents and confiscate guns. They’re going to completely destroy the economy and ensure that the only thing that exists is a mass of poor people and a tiny elite ruling class. There will be no illusions, no pretension of fairness. They will start massive wars with Russia and China, and virtually all young white men (probably middle aged ones too) will be sent to die in a grinder that will last decades. Then, you’re going to live with that situation until you die.
This is over-the-top, but prominent Democrats are talking about impeaching Trump for following his constitutional duty to make a Supreme Court appointment, and about expanding the court and packing it with leftist ideologues, something that FDR tried and failed to do. They are also talking about making DC and Puerto Rico states, which would be an unconstitutional power play. Yes, if the Democrats gain power, they will do whatever they can to lock in their power.

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