Friday, September 25, 2020

NY Times libels Stefan Molyneux

The NY Times reports:
This week, protests erupted around the nation after a Louisville grand jury did not charge any police officers in the killing of Breonna Taylor. And on social media, false and exaggerated claims about Ms. Taylor began recirculating, using a years-old format that was popularized years ago by far-right YouTube personalities. ...

Years ago, Stefan Molyneux, a right-wing podcaster and YouTube personality, got millions of views with a series of videos claiming to tell “the truth about” various prominent news stories, including the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed Black man whose killing by police in Ferguson, Mo., set off the original Black Lives Matter protests.

The “Truth About” format, which promised a kind of secret knowledge to viewers, was appealing to those who distrusted the mainstream media and wanted to hear an alternative explanation for police violence.

Actually, Molyneux never promised any secret knowledge. He used publicly available sources, and you could fact-check him yourself.

The NY Times and other major news media continue to lie about these police incidents. For example, this NY Times story, updated Sept. 15, starts:

Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Ky., said that he would sign “Breonna’s Law” after city council members voted unanimously on Thursday evening to ban “no-knock” warrants, a controversial procedure that the city’s police force used during the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor in March.
No, the police did not use a no-knock warrant, as you can see on the Wikipedia page.

The above NY Times continues:

Most “Truth About” treatments of police killings follow a standard format. In each case, an influencer calls into question the mainstream media’s framing of the episode, and barrages the audience with details about the victims’ pasts and the circumstances of their deaths in an attempt to prove that, while they may not have deserved to die, they were far from innocent. (Mr. Molyneux, who eventually became a full-fledged white nationalist, has since been banned from YouTube for promoting hate speech, and the videos on his channel have been deleted.)
Yes, they told us that Michael Brown and all the others were Black criminals violently resisting arrest.

It is false that Molyneux became a white nationalist or promoted hate speech. But even if he did, that would just be a reason to disclaim those opinions. Instead, YouTube blocked all of his videos, the vast majority of which were about philosophy, historical facts, or personal relationship advice.

The NY Times gives no source for this claim. They know it is a lie.

What is really going on is that the Lizard People who are taking over this country need to control the flow of information in order to gain the political power they seek. If people know the facts about what really happened in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Ferguson, Portland, Louisville, etc, then they would consider BLM/Antifa and their benefactors a threat to the modern social order, and vote for Trump.

For that reason, people like Molyneux must be silenced and ostracized.

I see Wikipedia also accuses him of promoting white supremacy. It is based on hosting interviews of several South Africans, supporting Donald Trump, being associated with the Alt Right, interviewing race scholars, and once blaming rap culture for Blacks resisting arrest. You can find some of his responses here and here.

If you accept Leftist dogmas like White Fragility theory, then all Whites are inherently White supremacist. Note that he is not accused of being wrong, but merely expressing opinions that others find distasteful. I suspect that the main reason the Left went after Molyneux was his opinions about Marxism and IQ.

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