Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Jews are paying felons to vote against Trump

The Hill reports:
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has reportedly raised more than $16 million in an effort to help convicted felons in Florida register to vote.

The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition estimated Bloomberg's fundraising push has already paid off monetary obligations for 32,000 felons, Axios reported. ...

Florida passed a law in 2018 reinstating voting rights for felons that dictated they could register only if they pay all fines, fees and restitution — sometimes totaling more than $1,000 — owed to the government. ...

Bloomberg, who ran in the Democratic primary for president, has endorsed the party's nominee, Joe Biden, and has donated at least $100 million to the former vice president's campaign to defeat President Trump.

Supposedly, US Federal law has strict limits on campaign contributions. The FEC web site says the maximum is $2800 per individual donor per candidate.

It is also illegal to pay someone to vote.

I guess these laws have loopholes.

The top donors and fundraisers to the Democrat Party are Jewish. While the Jewish news media has complained endlessly about Russian influence, they only spent about $50k in Facebook ads, and Jews have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to control the election.

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