Wednesday, June 10, 2020

More Jews advocating Replacement

The Israeli publication Haaretz published this essay by a New York Jew:
Trump's Attacks on Antifa Are Attacks on Jews ...

When the right vilifies Antifa, it should remind Jews of who actually protects them when racists are on the streets. According to several reports, during the infamous Charlottesville rally when white nationalists shouted "Jews will not replace us," local cops refused to protect a synagogue and several churches from potential violence. Activists who identified with Antifa, however, did.

For many liberal and centrist Jews, that Antifa is unquestionably an ideology that sits on the far left, together with images of anarchists in masks marching directly toward columns of riot police, triggers discomfort, if not skepticism. Prominent centrists try to play a "plague on both your houses approach," denouncing both white supremacist militias and Antifa in the same breath.

But, the vast majority of Jews oppose the kind of right-wing extremism that in previous generations has put them in death camps. It might not be taught sufficiently in American Hebrew schools, but fringe left anti-fascist movements have been a defense for Jews when traditional liberal governments have failed them. ...

That’s why every Jew in America should oppose Trump’s attacks on anti-fascism.
He is arguing that all Jews should align themselves with fringe leftists.

Many Jews have centrist political views, but they are brainwashed into supporting Commies and other radical leftists. This article explains it, from the view of a Jewish publications. Jews are supposed to stick together political, and they have bet their futures with the Left.

An argument for this is that they must be on the opposite side of those who shouted "Jews will not replace us." That slogan refers to Jews who promote immigration policies that result in Americans being replaced by foreigners. This has been happening over the last 50 years, as everyone now acknowledges.

This article says that the one issue that overrides in importance all other political issues is this: Should Jews work towards the demographic replacement of the American population, or not?

In essence, this article is saying all Jews should oppose Trump because he is interfering with a Jewish plan to exterminate the White population.

Israel is working towards the demographic replacement of Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank. There are pros and cons of that, and I don't know enough about it to have an opinion.

I do have an opinion on the demographic replacement of Americans. According to this article, this is an issue that pits Jews against White nationalists. Maybe so, but together, the Jews and White nationalists are only 3% of the population. Today, the Democrat Party is almost entirely for open borders. This is the defining political issue of our day. It is too important to leave to the Jews and the White nationalists.


MikeAdamson said...

Most Jews I know decry the property damage that antifa is known to commit but they do appreciate antifa's willingness to stand up to assorted fascists and racists. The dreamland explanations of racial relations as espoused by wingnuts must be confronted wherever and whenever they appear. The notion of "replacement" is part of this nonsense and I am glad that it is believed by a small and sad minority.

Roger said...

So Jews might disagree with much of what Antifa does, but support them anyway.

The above Jewish article pretty explicitly buys into the Replacement theory, and uses it as an argument for all Jews supporting radical Leftist causes.