Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Schools teaching systemic racism

Here is a BLM essay by a White high school girl in a nearly all-White community newspaper. It has one dopey leftist talking point after another. She doesn't appear to know any Black people, so I just cite is as an example of how today's White high school girls are brainwashed. She cannot be expected to think for herself.

Surely our elite schools can do better. But check out this letter from Princeton University's president. It is no better than the high school girl drivel.

The main evidence for systemic racism against Blacks is the supposed murder of George Floyd.

If I were a White supremacist trying to discredit BLM, that is exactly what I would say. I might say:
The White society had no idea that there was systemic racism against Blacks until the George Floyd video revealed that a White cop can openly murder a Black man and get away with it.
Then when the trial proves that Floyd died of a heart attack induced by COVID-19 and a fentanyl overdose, we are back to denying systemic racism.

The PU president goes on to say:
It coincided with the appalling harassment of Christian Cooper in New York’s Central Park, an incident that demonstrated how easily a racist complaint could put a Black man in danger.
Now he seems to be trolling us. Only the White Karen woman was in danger, and she was the one who lost her job.

He trivializes the whole subject to bring up a silly dispute between a bird watcher and a dog walker in the park.

This is all like someone saying:
We must do something about werewolves. For too long, people have ignored the threat of werewolves. But at the last Full Moon, and elderly woman called 911 and reported hearing some dog barking. This threat is so commonly ignored that some teenagers were arguing on Facebook over whether werewolves or vampires were the greater threat. We ,ist do more to combat the realities and legacy of werewolves.
The PU president's statement is almost this ridiculous.

PU already admits as many Black students as it can. Not sure what more it can do.

It could try for some symbolism, such as this newspaper:
The Tampa Bay Times effective today will no longer publish the mugshot galleries of those arrested around parts of Tampa Bay. ... Several news organizations have discontinued such galleries amid criticism that they disproportionately show black and brown faces.
The last time the social justice warriors came after this PU president, it was for Woodrow Wilson. So he appointed a committee to enumerate Wilson's faults, and it determined that Wilson was a racist.

Yes, of course Wilson was a racist, but he had worse faults that were not enumerated. Glenn Beck and others have rated Wilson the worst XX century president.

The NY Times reports:
It’s actually illegal to kill any snake in Tennessee unless it poses a direct threat to you. Thing is, there’s never any reason to consider a snake a direct threat. Unless you’re the one posing a direct threat to the snake — if, say, you’re trying to kill it — a snake will simply sit quietly and wait for you to go away.
Oops, this article is about reptiles. I meant this article:
The sustained outcry over Mr. Floyd’s death has compelled many white Americans to acknowledge the anti-black racism that is prevalent in the United States — and to perhaps even examine their own culpability for it. It is as though the ability of white people to collectively ignore the everyday experience of black people has been short-circuited, at least for now.
If one Floyd video convinced these White Americans, what will they think if they discover that Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose, and the police were following procedure for keeping him alive?

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