Saturday, June 13, 2020

Why the Floyd cops will be acquitted

When the George Floyd cops go on trial, I am expecting the defense to prove:

* Floyd died of a heart attack. The autopsy showed serious heart disease that could have killed him.
* He had enough fentanyl in his system to kill him, as well as other illegal drugs.
* He had COVID-19.
* The death is consistent with both fentanyl overdose and COVID-19.
* The cops recognized him as a junkie and a criminal.
* The cops correctly diagnosed him as having Excited Delirium Syndrome.
* The cops took all available action to help him, which is to restrain him and call an ambulance.
* The autopsy showed no injury to his neck.
* No weight was put on his neck. The knee was just to block him from getting up.
* Chauvin appeared indifferent, but he was really a professional doing his job according to his training.
* If he intended murder or anything else illegal, he would have moved away from the videorecording.
* The rookie cops were just following orders.
* The whole process conformed to best practices, as taught by police academy training.
* There is no proof that any other course of action would have increased the survival likelihood.

For the prosecution, the main argument is that some uninformed bystander took a videorecording accusing the cops of killing Floyd.

I predict an acquittal, followed by more riots.

There probably are some Blacks who were wrongfully killed, but Barack Obama and the mainstream news media make the biggest issues out of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and George Floyd. Ask your self why.

Some news stories that it may be difficult to convict the cops, but I haven't heard any explain why.

I believe that our elites are looking to provoke race riots. They live in gated communities, and they depend on crushing the middle class. The middle class should be controlling this country, but the elites like to keep them distracted.


MikeAdamson said...

Minnesota's "but for" law leads me to believe that there will be convictions of some sort. Your laundry list contains items not in evidence and, even if some items are true, they do not contradict the fact that kneeling on the neck led to Floyd's death.

Roger said...

That's right, the case for the defense has not been given yet. The jury will get to hear both sides.

I do not see any proof that kneeling on the neck contributed to death. The kneeling did not cause any injury that was detectable in the autopsy. The kneeling did not appear to have blocked either the trachea or the corotid artery. I cannot even tell from the video whether Chauvin is kneeling on the neck, or merely using his knee to block Floyd from getting up.

Yes, I've heard people say that they watched the video and concluded that the kneeling caused the death. That is not a serious analysis. Exactly how did the kneeling cause death?

It may be that Floyd was in such a precarious medical condition that the stress of the arrest caused his heart to fail. But even if that is true, maybe Chauvin was doing the best that he could do by keeping Floyd lying down until the ambulance arrives.