Sunday, June 07, 2020

The systematic racism hoax

A gigantic hoax about institutional racism is being perpetrated on the world. Almost no one dares say that the emperor has no clothes. One of the very few exceptions is a tenured Black college professor in the Ivy League.

If Blacks are being mistreated, then there should be some convincing examples of it. In the past ten years, the examples given by Barack Obama were: Professor Gates, Trayvon Martin, Ferguson Missouri, and George Floyd. However, in each case, the Black perp turned out to be 100% at fault, and treated the same as similarly situated White perps.

As I write this, there is some Black guy on NPR Radio complaining that he was once subjected to an unnecessary traffic stop. So what? That has happened to me over a dozen times.

Apparently Blacks commonly believe that Whites want to do them harm because of their skin color. I have never even met any Whites like that. I have met Whites who do not care to be around Blacks, but that is something else. There are also Blacks who don't care to be around Whites.

But systemic racist police brutality? It does not exist.

What is true is that Blacks commit violent crimes at many times the rate of Whites. If we have a problem where one race is terrorizing another, then Blacks are terrorizing Whites at maybe 100x the rate that Whites terrorize Blacks.

I am not counting a Black as being terrorized if he is being arrested for a crime.

There are Black protesters arguing that Blacks built this country, and Blacks can burn it down if they want to.

Do they really think this? It is delusional. I would like to see an honest accounting of what Blacks built in America, minus the costs that they have imposed on the rest of us. I am not even sure that number would be positive. But whatever it is, I am all in favor of crediting Blacks for what they have done, and letting them live in peace. So is everyone else I know.

But these protests convince me that a lot of Blacks, including Barack Obama, just hate White people because they always blame Whites for the crimes and bad behavior of Blacks.

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