Sunday, June 21, 2020

Why are neighborhoods so unequal?

The NY Times reports:
Why are black and white neighborhoods so unequal? The explanation is historical and complex, involving race restrictive housing covenants that prevented home sales to minorities, banks that discriminated against people of color seeking to borrow money to buy homes, and strategic siting of interstate highways and public housing developments to solidify the boundaries of segregation.
No, segregation is never the explanation for inequality.

If Blacks were just like Whites, but living in different communities, then they would build`everything they need for a thriving civilization.

When someone says segregation is the reason for Black suffering, he is essentially arguing that Blacks are parasites on the White society, and that Blacks cannot do anything by themselves.

Jewish publications commonly have this attitude. In their view, the world is like a giant corporation, with Jews as the board of directors and stockholders, and White gentiles as the middle management and other white collar workers. The management needs to be constantly putting everyone in their places. The White gentiles need to be told that they are no better than the Black workers, but for the generosity of management, and the Blacks need to be told that they are dependent on the Whites.

A NY Times op-ed says:
One powerful lie that we were born into is that white people deserve different, better lives than anyone else.
The context for this is several widely publicized stories of Black men who died while resisting arrest. George Floyd died of a drug overdose. So I guess the lie is supposed to be that White people think that they deserve different, if they don't take fentanyl and don't resist arrest.

Leaked transcripts show that the NY Times decided to go all-in on Black racism, after RussiaGate and other anti-Trump propaganda failed.

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