Friday, June 05, 2020

Mattis complies with anti-Christian statement

A Jewish magazine proudly presents: James Mattis Denounces President Trump.

I read this, but there is no point. It is all bland generalities. The only specific gripe is something about Pres. Trump visiting a church across the street from the White House.

For that, Mattis makes his big break? What is going on? I didn't think Mattis was Jewish, but maybe he hired a Jewish ghostwriter.

The Jewish religion has no use for Christian churches. I get that. But it is really bizarre for a general to be so triggered by a President visiting a Christian church.

Mattis was in Trump's cabinet. Surely he could say something more substantive, if he wanted to. Apparently Mattis did have a previous dispute where he urged Trump to fight a Mideast war in Syria.

But his statement says nothing about his foolish Syrian war plans. He does try to imply Trump is a Nazi, which is more Jew-speak.

My theory is that Jews are just showing off their power. They own this general, and they hate Trump and hate Christian churches. Mattis is allowing them to make an anti-Trump and anti-Christian statement at the same time.

I doubt that any other President has been criticized for visiting a church. The rioters had set fire to the church, and probably wanted to burn it down. I guess Trump wanted to make a statement that churches would not be destroyed by rioters and looters. The Jews and Mattis want to make a contrary statement.

More and more, I get the impression that our mass media are dominated by lizard people trying to destroy civilization.


MikeAdamson said...

I think the church visit has been criticized due to its prop nature and because Americans' first amendment right was trampled in order to facilitate said prop visit. Or it could be the Jews.

Roger said...

It is hard to believe anything really thinks that there is First Amendment right to block the President from visiting the church across the street from the White House.

There are a lot of people who are strangely sympathetic to rioters. This could be the defining issue of 2020.