Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Author says to let the invaders in And to

From NPR Fresh Air:
When living things cross into new territory, they are often viewed as threats. But science writer Sonia Shah, who has written a new book — 'The Next Great Migration' — says the "invaders" are just following biology. Shah talks about the migration of people, animals and plants (especially due to climate change), and our misconceptions about "belonging."
She says that the environmentalists were anti-immigration about 50 years ago, until they realized the racial implications.

She doesn't say what those racial implications are, but it is clear that limiting immigration would interfere with extermination of the White race.

She is in favor of open borders, not only for people, but for plants and animals also!

She is hoping that climate change will send 100s of millions of climate refugees to the USA, to replace the population. Because wild animals migrate all the time, we should just let humans migrate like wild animals.

She makes reference to the possibility that an invasive plant or animal will displace and destroy other species that we would much prefer. She says we should just let nature take its course.

This is essentially telling farmers to let pests eat their crops. And to let other invaders destroy civilization.

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