Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Not Replace Us, explained

Sam Harris interviewed NY Times columnist Bari Weiss on anti-semitism for his Making Sense podcast. Weiss explained why Jews are so offended by the Charlottesville chant, "Jews will not replace us."

It does not refer to Jews taking jobs from Whites. The "us" means Americans, and "replace" means deliberately changing American demographics by importing Third World migrants and refugees. Weiss said that she and other Jews very much believe in doing just that. So yes, Jews plan to replace us Americans with foreign non-whites. In the interview, she makes a big deal out of belonging to a synagogue that actively works to import non-white foreigners.

She wrote a whole book in anti-semitism, but her gripes consisted of (1) NY city blacks who commit crimes against whomever they find, notably orthodox Jews; (2) leftists who have become anti-Israel; (3) Moslems who follow teachings that Jews are monkeys and pigs; and (4) right-wingers who oppose Jewish policies of demographic replacement of Americans.

Harris is a leftist atheist Jew, and often denounces right-wingers, but he has to admit that the right-wingers are not really his enemies. Right-wingers are mostly pro-Jewish, and differ from Jews on only a few policy issues, such as whether Whites should be systematically replaced with non-whites.

Harris is often accused of being a closet white-supremacist. So is Steven Pinker, a Jewish psychology professor who writes against the Ctrl-Left:
Still worse, intolerance on campus is corroding the credibility of university research on vital topics ...

A final danger to allowing universities to repress open debate is that it sets off equal and opposite backlashes. The regressive left is an incubator of the alt-right. I’ve seen it happen, including to former students. When they see that certain opinions are unexpressable, when they see speakers being deplatformed and people being assaulted or demonized for citing certain facts or advancing certain ideas, they conclude, “You can’t handle the truth!” ...

So we must safeguard the truth and rationality promoting mission of universities precisely because we are not living in a post-truth era. Humans indeed are often irrational, but not always and everywhere. The rational angels of our nature can and must be encouraged by truth-promoting norms and institutions.
Harris, Weiss, and Pinker say they oppose the Alt-Right, but they are exposing the Ctrl-Left, and that is the main thing the Alt-Right wants to do.

It is funny how Harris, Weiss, and Pinker are all pre-occupied with religion.

Weiss never mentioned God or expressed any belief in spiritual values, but every single opinion of her is explicitly based on what is good for the Jews, and bad for gentiles. She is a Jewish supremacist. Maintaining her Jewish racial identity is more important than anything else.

She is more explicitly supremacist than any White supremacist I have heard.

Harris is really a convert to Buddhism. He writes books on the evils of Christianity and Islam, and on the virtues of Buddhist meditation. He still identifies as a Jew, and very much promotes a Jewish style of thinking.

Pinker is also active in exposing the supposed evils of Christianity, and in pushing Jewish ideas about what is good for the world.

They are all Trump-haters, of course. Much as I disagree with most of what they say, it is refreshing to listen to them. They are like the Jewish equivalents of David Duke.

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