Friday, November 15, 2019

Impeachment testimony is fourth-hand

Here is the lead NY Times impeachment story from the top of page 1:
Impeachment Hearings Open With Revelation on Trump’s Ukraine Pressure

As public hearings began, William B. Taylor Jr., the top American diplomat in Ukraine, said he was told President Trump cared more about investigating Joe Biden than he did about Ukraine.

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives opened historic impeachment hearings on Wednesday and took startling new testimony from a senior American diplomat that further implicated President Trump ...

Mr. Taylor testified to the House Intelligence Committee that he learned only recently of a July telephone call overheard by one of his aides in which the president was preoccupied with Ukraine’s willingness to say it would look into Mr. Biden and work by his son Hunter Biden for a Ukrainian energy firm. Immediately afterward, Mr. Taylor said, the aide had been informed that Mr. Trump cared more about “investigations of Biden” than he did about Ukraine.

A powerful witness for Democrats, Mr. Taylor appeared as Congress embarked on the third set of presidential impeachment hearings in modern times.
Got that? The best evidence is fourth-hand hearsay.

Tayloy said that he had "authority" over the "regular channel" of communications to Ukraine, but was unhappy that Trump had used others for informal communications. Last week, one of Taylor's aides said that he heard Sondland express an opinion in July about Trump cares more about exposing Biden's corruption than advancing the Deep State agenda for reviving the Cold War.

Let's hope so. Some polls have indicated that Joe Biden is the frontrunner to be elected President in 2020. If he is a crook, we need to know that before he gets back into the White House.

Taylor has spent much of his career trying to revive the Cold War by putting troops on the Russian border in order to justify State Dept. budgets. Let's hope that Trump does not care to agree.

But only Trump knows what he cares about. Unless Sondland is a mindreader, he does not know Trump's state of mind. Any such opinion from Sondland is just second-hand hearsay. Taylor's aide is third-hand, and Taylor's testimony is fourth-hand.

If I went to the White House or anywhere else to push for some pet project of him, and didn't get what I wanted, then I might very well grumble that someone cares more about something else. Such grumbling could not possibly be evidence of wrongdoing.

And the pro-impeachment NY Times gushes that this is "startling new testimony"!

This is just a coup by Schiff-Nadler-Schumer, NYTimes-WashPost-CNN, and the Deep State Cold Warriors.

Schiff now claims that he doesn't know who the so-called whistleblower is, even tho Eric Ciaramella's name seems to be known to everyone else, and Schiff is known to have helped him write the complaint.

YouTube and Facebook said they would block people from identifying the government official thought to be the whistle-blower, so I may have to edit the previous paragraph. This is very strange, as I have never heard of a political accuser being protected in this way.

This will go down as the lamest impeachment attempt in American history.

The NY Times has a couple of articles that exemplify Jewish thinking.

David Brooks writes In Praise of Washington Insiders. He is an authoritarian of a sort that is common among Jews. He praises institutions making policy without much public accountability. He gives the impression that his ideal form of government is the Communist politburo.
We don’t celebrate these people. Trumpian conservatives say that Washington insiders are unelected bureaucrats, denizens of the swamp, the cesspool or a snake pit. Some progressives call Washington insiders the establishment, the power elite, the privileged structures of the status quo. ...

In reality, institutions are the only vehicles for legislative change. That’s because they are the way to wield power safely.
He is a Trump-hater, and he thinks it was great that Taylor and Kent were part of an institutional effort to undermine Presidential policy.

I am not sure what makes these views so common among Jews, but they are essential to impeachment. The whole basis for impeachment is the ideology that the President should submit to the Cold War policies of the Deep State instead of the voters who do not want to provoke war with Russia.

A NY Times op-ed exhibits such crazy Jewish thinking that it appears to be a parody:
I am a young, gay, left-wing Jew. Yet I am called an “apartheid-enabler,” a “baby killer” and a “colonial apologist.” ...

so many young Jews, myself included, can’t imagine being anything other than political progressives. As a gay abortion rights advocate and environmentalist, my place in such circles has always been welcomed and accepted. ...

I am a Zionist. It is because I, like 95 percent of American Jews, support Israel. ...

I viewed — and still view — the establishment of the state of Israel as a fundamentally just cause: the most persecuted people in human history finally gaining the right of self-determination after centuries of displacement, intimidation, violence and genocide. ...

At many American universities, mine included, it is now normal for student organizations to freely call Israel an imperialist power and an outpost of white colonialism with little pushback or discussion ...

While white supremacists plot to murder Jews across this country, “anti-Zionists” on college campuses seek to marginalize us as white supremacists. Consider the fact that at the University of Virginia — where white supremacists marched through campus shouting “Jews will not replace us!” — it was Jewish students who were barred from joining a minority student coalition to fight white supremacy (that decision is under review).
This is so sick, I don't know where to start. Why does someone identify himself as "a gay abortion rights advocate"? Gays don't get pregnant.

How can he think that Jews are "the most persecuted people in human history". Jews are the least persecuted people. Jews have more power, money, and influence that any other group, per capita.

While he spreads myths about white supremacists, he is obviously a Jewish supremacist. He believes Jews should advance policies to replace whites with non-whites.

His main annoyance is that other leftists lump together Jewish supremacists with White supremacists, while he an anti-White Jew. His distinctions don't make any sense to his fellow non-Jewish students.

Anyway, I post this as an example of Jewish thinking. There are no non-Jews who say stuff like this.

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