Saturday, November 16, 2019

NY Times versus Western Civ

The NY Times token bisexual black opinion columnist writes:
“When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears.” ...

VDARE is preoccupied with “white genocide” — the myth that nonwhites are working to destroy white people through immigration and intermarriage ...

“the parallels” between Pope Francis’s pro-refugee statements and “The Camp of the Saints,” a 1973 novel by the French author Jean Raspail. In the book, an influx of Indian refugees — described as subhuman and led by a feces-eating demagogue — storm France, killing, stealing and rampaging until they’ve completely occupied the country. Other migrants follow and eventually overrun western Europe, turning white Europeans into a subject class. The book is popular with white nationalists and is mentioned frequently on VDARE and the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website. ...

Republicans stuck with President Trump in 2017 when he defended the “Unite the Right” protesters in Charlottesville, Va., and they stuck with him in 2018 when he denounced “shithole” countries. They stuck with him through family separation, and they’re sticking with him as he keeps thousands of children in detention.
Black people do not read the NY Times. This guy has a job because he is attacking Pres. Trump, and Western Civ.

It is amusing to see the NY Times publish plugs for Daily Stormer and VDARE, and calling White Genocide a myth.

Of course the lede stories in the paper are on how some pathetic Russian-American diplomat had her feelings hurt when some Ukrainians spread some rumors that she was disloyal to the President. I don't know whether someone was being mean to her, but her testimonty leaves no doubt that she is disloyal. Again and again she found ways to badmouth Trump when she never met him or had any first-hand knowledge about him. She admitted that she has no actual knowledge of any wrongdoing by Trump, and does not even know why she was reassigned to a different job.

This attempted coup is a national disgrace. All sensible people are sticking with Trump.

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