Sunday, November 24, 2019

Extraordinary character of the Deep State

Susan E. Rice, a former Obama advisor, writes in NY Times:
Second, these hearings have amply demonstrated the extraordinary caliber and character of our nonpartisan career Foreign Service officers, civil servants and uniformed military personnel. The intellect, integrity, selflessness and sense of duty displayed by each of the officials who testified — even in the face of harsh personal attacks and efforts at witness intimidation orchestrated by the president — are extraordinary. ...

Yet Mr. Trump and Republicans in Congress have denigrated and demeaned these public servants, ...

In rhetoric that recalls the darkest days of McCarthyism, Republican leaders will seemingly stop at nothing to destroy public faith in our public servants.
No, none of the impeachment witnesses have impressed me as being anything but disloyal scum.

Many were foreign born. Many seemed to have allegiances to foreign countries. They all had agendas where they did not want to be accountable to the elected officials.

For example, anything from the White House was considered to be an "irregular channel" that was to be subverted if possible. They talked about the necessity of sending weapons to Ukraine, as if the desire to get Ukrainians killing Russians was more important than American interests.

Another NY Times op-ed:
In anticipation of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s recent public testimony in the House’s impeachment inquiry, the Fox News host Laura Ingraham and a guest concocted an insulting fantasy on her show: the idea that Colonel Vindman might be a Ukrainian spy.

It may have shocked a lot of Americans that Fox News televangelists and establishment conservatives like John Yoo are spinning the “narrative” of the courageous Colonel Vindman — a man who put his country’s interests ahead of his own — into one that suggests, as an immigrant, he wasn’t loyal to the United States.
That is just a lie. Neither Yoo nor anyone else at Fox News said that Vindman was a spy. Vindman is suing Fox News, and he is going to lose.

However, after listening to Vindman's testimony, he is obvious not a loyal American with American values. He is a traiterous creep who put his Ukrainian political agenda ahead of carrying out American policy. He used every opportunity to attack the President, even when he did not have the necessary facts.

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