Saturday, November 23, 2019

Essay supports Incel Pride

Andrew Anglin writes about incel pride:
I get messages from sluts nonstop. And I do not engage. I will not engage in sexual relations with a non-prostitute, under any circumstances, unless that circumstance is with the clear intent to use her to produce children.

And because I have not found a woman worthy of that great honor, I am an incel and I am a proud incel. ...

According to the laws of God and nature, there are seven options for dealing with the sexual drive.

These are, from best to worst:

Marriage with children
Lechery (Slut-hunting)
Being a boyfriend (i.e., human pet)

In my view, only the first three should ever be considered valid options for a dignified and self-respecting man. ...

Ultimately, all of what I have just written here is political. It is a result of the political situation which has been created by the Jews. It is a society-scale problem that none of us can change, until the time comes when God allows us to change it by taking a series of necessary actions. ...

Until then, be an incel. And be proud of it.
This is funny. I don't agree with it. I am just posting it because it is funny. I think he put that line about Jews in, because his policy is to blame everything on the Jews.

Anglin used to be the most hated right-winger, but now that appears to be Nick Fuentes. There is a systematic effort by leftists and cuckservatives to ostracize him. He is just a kid with a YouTube following for his America First opinions.

I am not in favor of cancel culture. If you don't agree with someone's opinions, explain why he is wrong.

Ta-Nehisi Coates writes in a NY Times op-ed:
We are being told of the evils of “cancel culture,” a new scourge that enforces purity, banishes dissent and squelches sober and reasoned debate. But cancel culture is not new. ... What were the detention camps during World War II but the racist muting of Japanese-Americans and their basic rights? ...

For the past three years, this sacred trust has executed, with brutal efficiency, the cancellation of Colin Kaepernick. This is curious given the N.F.L.’s moral libertinism; the league has, at various points, been a home for domestic abusers, child abusers and open racists.

And yet it seems Mr. Kaepernick’s sin — refusing to stand for the national anthem — offends the N.F.L.’s suddenly delicate sensibilities.
No that was not Kaepernick's sin.

His first sin was being a lousy quarterback. In his last season, he lost nearly every game for what was otherwise a very good team.

His second sin was explaining his reasons for disrespecting the anthem. He said that it was to protest the police in Ferguson Missouri. In other words, he was supporting black thugs trying to kill white cops.

As I said, I do not favor cancel culture. Let him play, if he can make the team somewhere. But be clear about what he is. He is much worse than a racist or a Holocaust denier. He is someone who actively supports blacks killing white cops.

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