Thursday, November 14, 2019

Mention Coolidge, get branded a Nazi

A popular leftist law professor blogger writes
So the architect of Trump's immigration policies, Stephen Miller, is a Nazi after all
Miller is Jewish, and is engaged to a Jewish woman. So I am pretty sure he is not a Nazi.

Here is the Nazi connection:
Miller refers to President Calvin Coolidge multiple times in emails to Breitbart. Coolidge signed the Immigration Act of 1924. ... In “Mein Kampf,” Hitler portrayed the U.S. law as a potential model for the Nazis in Germany.
Wow, the leftist pro-immigration lobby has gone nuts.

Daily Wire editor and Ben Shapiro employee Josh Hammer writes:
Jew-hatred is inherent in European DNA.
Really? How does that work? Is this like sexual preference is supposed to be, and innate?

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