Monday, April 22, 2024

Judge with Vagina Engenders Confusion

Canada news:
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in a recent sexual assault case that it was “problematic” for a lower court judge to refer to the alleged victim as a “woman,” implying that the more appropriate term should have been “person with a vagina.”

In a decision published Friday, Justice Sheilah Martin wrote that a trial judge’s use of the word “a woman” may “have been unfortunate and engendered confusion.”

Martin does not specify why the word “woman” is confusing, but the next passage in her decision refers to the complainant as a “person with a vagina.” Notably, not one person in the entire case is identified as transgender, and the complainant is referred to throughout as a “she.”

The transgender folks are mentally ill, but what is her excuse? How did she get on the Canada supreme court if she cannot call a woman a woman?

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Cut Funding for Public TV and Radio

Here is NPR’s CEO Katherine Maher on the truth.

There has been a lot of press on this, but isn't it obvious? Their editorial board has 87 Democrats and 0 Republicans. In the last year, it has run about 2000 pro-Biden stories, and 0 pro-Trump stories. An NPR listener would have no idea why anyone ever voted for Trump.

PBS TV is just as bad. If Republicans were really ruling as Republicans, they would cut off govt funding for PBS TV and NPR Radio. They never have a balanced treatment of anything.

The current NPR CEO is the symptom, not the cause. Ask yourself: how does such a wacky woman get such a big job?

The Hill reported a year ago:

It was tendentious — and inaccurate — for Elon Musk to identify NPR on his Twitter platform as a “government-affiliated” news organization. NPR may have its biases, notably in its story selection, but to class it in the same category as the New China News Agency or, in their day, Pravda or Tass, is both argumentative and absurd. ...

NPR may receive little direct federal funding, but a good deal of its budget comprises federal funds that flow to it indirectly by federal law. Here’s how it works: Under the terms of the 1967 Public Broadcasting Act, funds are allocated annually to a non-governmental agency, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, overseen by a board of presidential appointees.

It is like China News or Pravda. It is anti-Trump and woke, all day, every day.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Cofnas Fired for criticizing Diversity

The London Telegraph reports:
Nathan Cofnas, an early career research fellow in the Faculty of Philosophy, is reported to have had his research affiliation with Emmanuel College terminated.

The lecturer had said that in a meritocracy, “blacks would disappear from almost all high-profile positions outside of sports and entertainment” and dismissed racial equality as “based on lies”. ...

“The committee first considered the meaning of the blog and concluded that it amounted to, or could reasonably be construed as amounting to, a rejection of diversity, equality and inclusion policies,” the newspaper quoted the letter as saying.

“The committee concluded that the core mission of the college was to achieve educational excellence and that diversity and inclusion were inseparable from that. The ideas promoted by the blog therefore represented a challenge to the college’s core values and mission.” ...

a 2019 article by Mr Cofnas claiming that there were “gaps” in IQ between different racial groups.

No academic freedom anymore.

If Cofnas were wrong on the facts, someone would write an academic paper proving him wrong. Nope. They fire him because he is right.

I have previously mentioned Cofnas, such as here, on Jewish evolutionary strategy. I do not think he is always right, but he addresses important issues with reason and data.

In a survey of taboo questions, the intersection of race and IQ tops the list.

Friday, April 19, 2024

Leftist Scientists Defend Cannibalism

I am always wondering what the next step Leftists will use to try to bring down civilization.

NewScientist reports:

Is it time for a more subtle view on the ultimate taboo: cannibalism? ...

IT IS the ultimate taboo: in most societies, the idea of one human eating another is morally repugnant. Even in circumstances where it could arguably be justified, such as when a plane crashed in the Andes in 1972 and starving passengers ate the dead to survive, we still have a deep aversion to cannibalism. ...

Ethically, cannibalism poses fewer issues than you might imagine.

No, there was no need for the passengers to eat the dead to survive. All they had to do was to send a couple of players on the soccer team to hike into town to call for help. But they were too lazy, until half of them were dead.

The article does not mention Haiti, but it appears to be written to make us have a more favorable view towards places like that.

Also, Biden Implies His Uncle Bosey Was Eaten by Cannibals.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

French First Lady to Prove She is a Woman

The NY Post reports:
France’s elegant first lady, Brigitte Macron, is about to take the extraordinary step of going to trial in a Paris court to fight a conspiracy theory — amplified last month by American conservative commentator Candace Owens — that she was born a man.

Brigitte, 70, has long been the subject of fascination because of her marriage to the much younger Emmanuel Macron, 46. The two met in northern France when he was a 15-year-old student and she was his drama teacher, and wed in 2007.

Mme. Macron’s libel trial is set for June, where she will face off against the right-wing accuser and freelance journalist Natacha Rey, who hides behind avatars to push rumors that powerful members of the French establishment are hiding Brigitte’s true identity. ...

“In recent weeks, particularly internationally via the Trumpist influencer Candace Owens, I felt that the harm to my clients was increasing day by day,” Ennochi said.

This is not any more ridiculous than raising questions about Pres. Barack Obama's birth certificate. When our leaders behave strangely, we need proof that they are what they say they are.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Democrats depend on Crazy Single Women

Jennifer Galardi writes:
Last month, conservative news host Jesse Kelly told Megyn Kelly on her podcast that “the mentally ill single woman is the beating heart of the Democrat Party.”

He proclaimed over 70 percent of single women vote Democrat. Furthermore, he declared that “studies” show approximately 60 percent of those women had been diagnosed with some sort of mental illness.

Kelly (the man) joked that everyone knows a woman with “her eyes half bugged out of her skull. … She ruins Thanksgiving every time bragging about her 15th abortion!” While Kelly’s exaggerations made me laugh, I simultaneously thought to myself, Oh crap. He’s talking about me. Or at least who I used to be.

Married women and mentally stable women support Trump.

She got some pushback, and followed up:

As much as they whine about “gender” being a social construct, women have inherently feminine traits that predispose them to liberal or progressive values....

The left weaponizes women’s tendency to be more caring and nurturing. They play on emotions all women likely have felt at some point in their lives — the feeling of being taken advantage of, dispossessed, or patronized. Women who have not yet disposed of the victim narrative will continue to empathize with it and stand with their “brothers and sisters.”

Monday, April 15, 2024

Press Tries to Deny that Crime is Up

SciAm reports:
Why We Believe the Myth of High Crime Rates

The crime issue, a focus of the 2024 presidential election, is sometimes rooted in the misplaced fears of people who live in some of the safest places ...

The overwhelming consensus is that crime is only getting worse. According to a Gallup poll, in late 2022, 78 percent of Americans contended that there was more crime than there used to be.

These perceptions would make sense if they were accurate, but they aren’t. Crime, in fact, is down in the U.S., ...

There are many reasons for these attitudes. Partisanship plays a growing role in fueling these perspectives.

The truth is more nearly the opposite. The Wash. Post did a poll to compare US violent crime in 2023 to 2019. 57% correctly answered that crime was higher in 2023, while only 11% of Post readers did.

In other words, crime is up, and the major news and science media are on a propaganda campaign to convince us otherwise.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Keep Moslems off our Courts

The Pakistani-American lawyer Adeel Abdullah Mangi has been nominated to be a judge.

A Slate column argues:

Democrats—the party that has in recent decades identified themselves with equity and social justice—to recommit to fighting Islamophobia. Instead, they’re allowing Islamophobia to sabotage the judicial nomination of a highly qualified candidate: Adeel Mangi, an attorney from New Jersey, who, if confirmed, would become the first-ever Muslim attorney to sit on a federal appeals court. ...

Confirming Mangi would add some sorely needed diversity to our nation’s courts—the federal bench is currently 66 percent white—and a check on biases. A study by the Center for American Progress found that judges belonging to different racial, ethnic, and religious groups use their unique backgrounds and life experiences to shape their rulings, and that it overall has a net positive impact on our judiciary. “Women judges and judges of color have spoken out about gender and racial bias on the courts and led calls for reforms,”

The article makes two arguments: (1) we should replace White Christian men with more Moslems to promote leftist causes; and (2) anyone who disagrees is a bigot.

No, these arguments are contradictory. If it is bigoted to oppose Moslems on the court, then it is also bigoted to promote Moslems on the court.

This is not a matter of picking the most qualified candidates. He was picked for being a Moslem.

Some say it is wrong to judge someone for a condition he was born into. Maybe Mangi is a Moslem because he was born into it, or maybe he free accepted it as an adult. I am not sure which is worse.

Regardless, Islam is incompatible with Americanism. Appellate judges have a lot of power. and we do not need Moslems.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

The most Pernicious Faith is Islam

Biology prof. Jerry Coyne writes:

But now the most pernicious faith seems to be Islam. Certainly many Muslims (and I know some) practice their faith benignly and even charitably. But many others don’t, and they enable harms throughout the world — harms that were never produced by Christianity or that have been largely abandoned by them. Here are some practices promoted or exacerbated by Islamic doctrine:

  • Islamism: the desire to dominate the world with Islamic doctrine, including sharia law
  • The codified oppression of women. In many places women must be veiled, put into cloth sacks, can’t go out without a male guardian, can’t go to school or get many jobs, must walk behind their husbands, can be beaten (or divorced) by their husbands without sanction, can be stoned to death for adultery (a practice just resumed by the Taliban in Afghanistan), and so on.
  • Honor culture: killing of family members who supposedly sully a family’s “honor”
  • Female genital mutilation, which is encouraged in many places by Islam
  • Sharia law, which is also oppressive. For example, the testimony of women under sharia law counts only half as much as a man’s
  • The oppression of gays, including outright murder in places like Gaza and legal execution in places like Iran.
  • Blasphemy laws, under which you can be killed for insulting Islam or burning the Qur’an
  • The demonization and sometimes the killing of apostates or atheists
  • The issuing of fatwas when Westerners insult Islam, sometimes calling for killing those perceived to insult the religion (Charlie Hebdo, Salman Rushdie, etc.). This is connected with the blasphemy laws mentioned above
  • Divisiveness within the religion that leads to war and death: Sunnis kill Shiites and vice versa, so there are internecine killings as well as cross-cultural killing
  • The propagation of hatred of Jews and propagandizing of the young
  • Favoring religious teaching in madrassas above secular teaching
  • The suppression of freedom of speech in general, particularly that which criticizes the government, often an explicitly Islamic government.  Masih Alinejad, for instance, fears for her life in America because she criticizes Iran, which has tried to both kill and kidnap her in separate incidents. Why? Because she’s against mandatory wearing of the headscarf (hijab) for women.
Islam is worse that this. First, there is no really any difference between Islam and Islamism. All followers of Islam believe in dominating the world with Islamic doctrine, and committing jihad against others.

Islam cannot co-exist with other religions. It cannot even co-exist with secular government.

Islam does not believe in free will, or other freedoms we take for granted. If you are born into Islam, you must stick with Islam or be killed.

There are now Leftists, some of them Atheists, who say it is bigoted to say one religion is better than another. Yes, some religions are better, and Islam is the worst.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Getting Visas for Staging Robberies

Instead of deporting criminals, we are giving them visas to stay! Example:
HOUSTON – In January, FOX 26 reported on what police thought was a robbery turned homicide when a bystander shot the robber, but an investigation now shows that the robbery was fake.

22-year-old Rasshauud Scott was staging a robbery that two victims were in on when Jesus Vargas, a bystander, shot and killed him.

Court records say that Scott was working with William X Winfrey, who instructed Scott to stage the robbery in exchange for money.

The documents say the two victims were in on the robbery, so they could file for U-Visas. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, a U-Visa is granted to victims of certain crimes to aid law enforcement in solving cases. It grants the victim temporary immigration status, including work authorization; temporary immigration status for qualifying family members of the victim; and the possibility of lawful permanent resident status.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Sex is not Assigned at Birth

Richard Dawkins writes:
The American Medical Association says that the word “sex” — as in male or female — is problematic and outdated; we should all now use the “more precise” phrase “sex assigned at birth.” The American Psychological Association concurs: Terms like “birth sex” and “natal sex” are “disparaging” and misleadingly “imply that sex is an immutable characteristic.” The American Academy of Pediatrics is on board too: “sex,” it declares, is “an assignment that is made at birth.” And now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urge us to say “assigned male/female at birth” or “designated male/female at birth” instead of “biologically male/female” or “genetically male/female.” ...

Even so, the sexual divide is an exceedingly clear binary, as binary as any distinction you can find in biology.

So where does this leave the medical associations’ claims about “sex assigned at birth”?

A baby’s name is assigned at birth; no one doubts that. But a baby’s sex is not “assigned”; it is determined at conception and is then observed at birth, first by examination of the external genital organs and then, in cases of doubt, by chromosomal analysis.

Or from a NY Times op-ed:
This matters because sex matters. Sex is a fundamental biological feature with significant consequences for our species, so there are costs to encouraging misconceptions about it.

Sex matters for health, safety and social policy and interacts in complicated ways with culture. ...

More generally, the interaction between sex and human culture is crucial to understanding psychological and physical differences between boys and girls, men and women. We cannot have such understanding unless we know what sex is, which means having the linguistic tools necessary to discuss it. ...

The problem is that “sex assigned at birth”— unlike “larger-bodied”— is very misleading. Saying that someone was “assigned female at birth” suggests that the person’s sex is at best a matter of educated guesswork. “Assigned” can connote arbitrariness — as in “assigned classroom seating” — and so “sex assigned at birth” can also suggest that there is no objective reality behind “male” and “female,” no biological categories to which the words refer.

Contrary to what we might assume, avoiding “sex” doesn’t serve the cause of inclusivity: not speaking plainly about males and females is patronizing. ...

A more radical proponent of “assigned sex” will object that the very idea of sex as a biological fact is suspect. According to this view — associated with the French philosopher Michel Foucault and, more recently, the American philosopher Judith Butler — sex is somehow a cultural production, the result of labeling babies male or female. “Sex assigned at birth” should therefore be preferred over “sex,” not because it is more polite, but because it is more accurate.

This position tacitly assumes that humans are exempt from the natural order. If only! Alas, we are animals. Sexed organisms were present on Earth at least a billion years ago, and males and females would have been around even if humans had never evolved.

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

Expert Witness Justifies Baby-stealing

ProPublica reports:
Was Baird’s method for evaluating these foster and birth families empirically tested? No, Baird answered: Her method is unpublished and unstandardized, and has remained “pretty much unchanged” since the 1980s. It doesn’t have those “standard validity and reliability things,” she admitted. “It’s not a scientific instrument.” ...

Who hired and was paying her in the case that she was being deposed about? The foster parents, she answered. They wanted to adopt, she said, and had heard about her from other foster parents.

Had she considered or was she even aware of the cultural background of the birth family and child whom she was recommending permanently separating? (The case involved a baby girl of multiracial heritage.) Baird answered that babies have “never possessed” a cultural identity, and therefore are “not losing anything,” at their age, by being adopted. ...

But a ProPublica investigation co-published with The New Yorker in October revealed that there is a growing national trend of foster parents undermining the foster system’s premise by “intervening” in family court cases as a way to adopt children.

Of course there are no scientific instruments to justify this child-stealing. The judges claim to act in the best interests of the child, but they rely on hired kooks and do not look at any scientific evidence.

Monday, April 08, 2024

Biden is Outspending Trump

The Biden-Harris campaign posted this.

Yes, Pres. Biden has the support of wealthy donors, and has the power to prosecute his political opponents on bogus charges. Biden is using his money to organize unverifiable mail-in votes.

The Trump-haters mostly give ridiculous arguments like: Trumpp lies a lot; he wants to be a dictator; he hires based on personal loyalty; he might prosecute his enemies; he might make peace with Russia; etc.

This is all risdiculous. Trump was President for four years. He did not prosecute his enemies. He did not use covid to seize dictatorial powers. He left office when his teerm expired. He did not staret any wars. He made hundreds of disloayal appointments, as many of them turned on him.

Sunday, April 07, 2024

Judaism is the Most Favored Religion

The Wash. Post reported last year:
Researchers Michael Wallace, Bradley R.E. Wright and Allan Hyde of the University of Connecticut sent 3,200 fake applications to 800 jobs within 150 miles of two major Southern cities through a popular employment Web site. Each employer got four résumés with comparable job qualifications. The only thing that set the fake job candidates apart was whether their résumés mentioned involvement with a religious group — such as membership in the Muslim Student Association or Hillel House, a Jewish organization.

Résumés for the control group indicated no religious affiliation. The others indicated the applicant was atheist, Catholic, evangelical Christian, Jewish, pagan, Muslim or a made-up religion called “Wallonian.”

Employers preferred the control group. This confirmed the researchers’ hypothesis that employers would be put off by overt statements of religious identity.

“Only Jews escaped totally unscathed,” researchers said, reporting “no statistically significant evidence of discrimination against this group across all eight indicators in the study.” In fact, researchers found that some employers seemed to favor Jewish applicants, as they were more likely than any other religious group to get an early or exclusive response from an employer.

Not surprising. Anti-semitism is a big hoax. Jews are favored over other groups.

I just saw a JewBelong billboard, saying you don't have to be Jewish to support Jews. No kidding. Jews get a lot of support from non-Jews. Here is an example:

BRUSSELS, April 4 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Thursday that Ukraine will eventually join NATO as support for the country remains "rock solid" among member states.

"Ukraine will become a member of NATO. Our purpose at the summit is to help build a bridge to that membership," Blinken told reporters in Brussels.

The Ukraine War was mostly caused by Jews wanting to absorb Ukraine into NATO. And Jews have persuaded a lot of non-Jews o go along with the war.

Saturday, April 06, 2024

AAAS uses Neanderthals for Racism Lesson

AAAS Science, the leading USA science journal, reports:
Anthropologists take up arms against ‘race science’

At their annual meeting, biological anthropologists began to build a playbook to thwart racist misuse of research

Anthropologists are fighting the erroneous notion that humans are divided into a few separate races. They emphasize that human genes and populations show complex patterns of variation and mixing.

LOS ANGELES—Calling someone a Neanderthal was once an insult, meaning you thought of them as a knuckle-dragging brute. “[Neanderthals] have always been used as a mirror for thinking about ourselves … projecting things we don’t like about ourselves onto another group of humans,” said Fernando Villanea, a population geneticist at the University of Colorado Boulder, last week at the annual meeting of the American Association of Biological Anthropologists (AABA) here.

As scientists have learned more about Neanderthals’ cultural sophistication and abilities, though, their public image has gotten a glow-up. For some people, their status was elevated still further by the widely publicized discovery in 2007 that some Neanderthals carried genes suggesting they had red hair and light skin. These ancient inhabitants of Europe and Asia became coded as white, and on social media some people began to claim Neanderthal ancestry as a mark of racial superiority.

Such misuse of science spurred researchers to organize an AABA symposium devoted to combating race science, or the idea that genes and other biological variation can be used to sort humans into races—some superior to others.

They sure picked a funny example, because nearly all the Neanderthal science articles show a bias against them. They nearly always refer to Neanderthal as archaic and extinct, and the African hominins as modern humans. In fact, according to the latest research, the Neanderthals were at aleast as modern and human as the Africans.

The Wikipedia article on History of the chair used to say:

"In Sub-Saharan Africa, chairs were not in use before introduction by Europeans."
The editors removed this for being racist.

So the descendants of Neanderthals were the only ones to ever invent chairs.

The AAAS article goes on to aruge for retracting and censoring scinentific that shows group differences in intelligence.

Friday, April 05, 2024

New Laws to Pay Pregnant Women

The London Guardian reports:
The Republican-led Kentucky senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to grant the right to collect child support for fetuses, advancing a bill that garnered bipartisan support despite nationwide fallout from a controversial Alabama decision also advancing “fetal personhood”.

The measure would allow a parent to seek child support up to a year after giving birth to retroactively cover pregnancy expenses. The legislation – Senate Bill 110 – won senate passage on a 36-2 vote with little discussion to advance to the House. Republicans have supermajorities in both chambers. ...

Kentucky is among at least six states where lawmakers have proposed measures similar to a Georgia law that allows child support to be sought back to conception.

A federal Unborn Child Support Act has also been proposed, with support from Speaker Mike Johnson. The proposal pretty extreme:
“(35) provide that the State will establish and enforce child support obligations of the biological father of an unborn child (and subsequent to the birth of the child) to the mother of such child provided that—

“(A) the mother has requested payment of such child support obligations;

“(B) the start date for such obligations may begin with the first month in which the child was conceived, as determined by a physician (and shall begin with that month if the mother so requests);

“(C) payments for such obligations may be retroactively collected or awarded, including in the case where paternity is established subsequent to the birth of the child;

“(D) the payment amount for such obligations shall be determined by a court, in consultation with the mother, taking into account the best interests of the mother and child;

“(E) any measure to establish the paternity of a child (born or unborn) shall not be required without the consent of the mother;

So payments will be required based on the mom's demands, on her best interests, based on consulting her, and not even having a paternity test if che objects to it.

Under existing abortion law, the pregnant women can kill the fetus without consulting or notifying the dad. Maybe he will be paying child support, up to the date of termination.

Most people think child support laws are to support the child. Not really. There is no requirement that the money be spent on the child. The law is a feminist plot to obsolete marriage, and force men to split their incomes with women, outside of marriage law.

Thursday, April 04, 2024

Law Tests are Racist, says Court

The Washington State Supreme Court decided the bar exam is no longer required to become a lawyer in the state. Their reason? The bar exam is racist, which they say “disproportionately and unnecessarily blocks historically marginalized groups from entering the practice of law.”

At the height of the extremist Black Lives Matter movement, the court-appointed the Bar Licensure Task Force to provide alternative ways to earn a law license. As they were trained to do, they found the Washington State bar exam “disproportionally and unnecessarily blocks” marginalized groups from becoming attorneys. ...

Task force members declared the bar exam racist and classist because of how it’s written and the impact they think it has on who becomes a lawyer. ...

Indeed, the task force complains that the Washington State Bar Association is 83% white and 56% male. This is proof, they believe, of racism and bias in the licensing process and “specifically the character and fitness inquiry.”

The Washington state supreme court has nine judges, and only one White male.

Wednesday, April 03, 2024

TV Show promotes Vegan Diets

A current Netflix series turned this medical study into a reality tv show:
Question What are the cardiometabolic effects of a healthy plant-based (vegan) vs a healthy omnivorous diet among identical twins during an 8-week intervention?

Findings In this randomized clinical trial of 22 healthy, adult, identical twin pairs, those consuming a healthy vegan diet showed significantly improved low-density lipoprotein cholesterol concentration, fasting insulin level, and weight loss compared with twins consuming a healthy omnivorous diet.

Meaning The findings from this trial suggest that a healthy plant-based diet offers a significant protective cardiometabolic advantage compared with a healthy omnivorous diet.

It says that the twins were chosen randomly, but the ones chosen for vegan diets had lower blood pressure, lower LDL cholesterol, and lower triglycerides. After the 8-week study, these measurements were lower still. The study brags that the vegan diets lowered these numbers. Okay, but why did they start with lower numbers?

The vegan diet also lowered HDL cholesterol, but higher HDL is considered good for the heart.

The test subjects were healthy, with figures in the normal ranges. There is reason to believe that someone with high LDL will be healthier if he lowers his LDL, but no so clear about someone with LDL in the normal range.

Plant-based diets have gained recent popularity not only for their lower environmental impact compared with an omnivorous dietary pattern but also for their health benefits.1,2 ...

Clinicians may consider recommending plant-based diets to reduce cardiometabolic risk factors, as well as aligning with environmental benefits.

So your clinician might be making a dietary recommendation based on speculative effects on climate change.

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

America's Foremost Gender Lunatic

Feminist Katha Pollitt writes in The Atlantic magazine:
udith Butler, for many years a professor of rhetoric and comparative literature at UC Berkeley, might be among the most influential intellectuals alive today. Even if you have never heard of them (Butler identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns), you are living in their world, in which babies are “assigned” male or female at birth, and performativity is, at least on campus, an ordinary English word. Butler’s breakout 1990 book, Gender Trouble, argued that biological sex, like gender, is socially constructed, with its physical manifestations mattering only to the degree society assigns them meaning. The book is required reading in just about every women’s-, gender-, or sexuality-studies department. Butler has won a raft of international honors and been burned in effigy as a witch in Brazil. How many thinkers can say as much? ... A few decades ago, Butler was probably as famous outside academia for their impenetrable jargon-ridden prose as for anything they were trying to say. In 1998, they won first prize in the annual Bad Writing Contest run by Philosophy and Literature, an academic journal.
A couple of years ago, Butler was using she/her.

How could such a crackpot be such a widely-cited scholar?

Maybe she has gone too far. The feminists hate her for saying men can be women, and now the Jews hate her for siding with Gaza/Hamas in the current Israel/Gaza war.

Monday, April 01, 2024

College tries to stop Microaggressions

Russell Group universities have told staff and students that saying “the most qualified person should get the job” is a “microaggression”.

At least five universities have issued guidance or training courses on how to eliminate “microaggression”, which are defined as subtle or indirect forms of discrimination.

Guidance from the University of Glasgow and the engineering department of Imperial College London states that saying “the most qualified person should get the job” is an example of a microaggression.

Take away free speech, and here is what can happen:
A pregnant woman is facing seven years behind bars for slamming tomato puree on Facebook.

Chioma Okoli, 39, a businesswoman from Lagos, is facing criminal prosecution and being sued after she said a renowned brand of canned tomato puree was too sweet.

There will always be microaggressions.

These stories are not jokes.

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Dawkins says he is a Cultural Christian

Richard Dawkins is probably the worlds most famous living atheist, but he concedes:
I want to make a three-way distinction. You can be a Cultural Christian, a Political Christian, a Believing Christian, or any combination of the three. People may disagree about which of these constitutes being “A Christian”. For me it has to be Believing Chistian.

I am a Cultural Christian, specifically a Cultural Anglican. I was educated in Christian schools. The history of my people is heavily influenced by Christian tradition. I like singing Christmas Carols, and am deeply moved by the sacred music of Bach and Handel. My head is full of Biblical phrases and quotations. And hymn tunes, which I regularly play by ear on my electronic clarinet. ...

Believing Christians believe that there is a supernatural creator at the base of the universe called God. They believe a First Century Jew called Jesus is the son of God. They believe Jesus’s mother was a virgin when she gave birth to him. They believe that Jesus came alive again three days after he died. ...

If I were American I would vote Democrat because, in spite of their idiotic stance on the male/female distinction, they are hugely preferable to the Republican alternative. Similarly, if I were forced to vote for either Christianity or Islam as alternative influences on the world, I would unhesitatingly vote Christian. If that make me a Political Christian, so be it.

Who appointed him to decide who qualifies as a Christian?

Dawkins likes to play the role of a hard-headed materialist scientist, but I don't think he is. He has written a whole essay on making a distinction based on unmeasurable abstraction. Nobody can objectively determine whether someone else truly believes that Jesus rose from the dead.

There are saints who privately expressed doubts about their faith. I guess Dawkins would deny that they are true Christians.

We can look at Dawkins and see that he is living a Christian life, and not a Moslem or Hindoo life. He is a product of Christian culture and values. He has mostly accepted Christian morals and ideals. He has rejected aspects of Christianity, but as you see, he very much prefers it to Islam. I think that makes him a Christian. Christianity is not an exclusive club.

You could argue that members of the Anglican Church have traditionally announced support for the Nicene Creed, and Dawkins does not. Okay, but they also have traditionally be able to explain why Christianity is better than Islam. Dawking can do that, but the current Archbishop of Canterbury, the church leader, cannot. Not only that, he appears to be abandoning Englishmen in favor of recruiting new African members.

And Pres. Biden, who claims to be a practicing Catholic, has just redefined Easter Sunday as Transgender Day:

Transgender Americans are part of the fabric of our Nation. ...

I am proud that my Administration has stood for justice from the start, working to ensure that the LGBTQI+ community can live openly, in safety, with dignity and respect. I am proud to have appointed transgender leaders ...

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 31, 2024, as Transgender Day of Visibility.

No, there is no dignity in this. Biden has also banned religious symbols from the White House Easter Egg hunt.

Happy Easter.

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Texas Bans College Criticism of Jews

Texas issued this Executive Order:
WHEREAS, Texas will continue to stand with Israel and support our Jewish neighbors in Texas; ...

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of Texas, hereby direct all Texas higher education institutions to do the following:

1 . Review and update free speech policies to address the sharp rise in antisemitic speech and acts on university campuses and establish appropriate punishments, including expulsion from the institution.

2. Ensure that these policies are being enforced on campuses and that groups such as the Palestine Solidarity Committee and Students for Justice in Palestine are disciplined for violating these policies.

3. Include the definition of antisemitism, adopted by the State of Texas in Section 448.001 of the Texas Government Code, in university free speech policies to guide university personnel and students on what constitutes antisemitic speech

That refers to this definition of antisemitism:
Contemporary examples of antisemitism in public life, the media, schools, the workplace, and in the religious sphere could, taking into account the overall context, include, but are not limited to: ...

especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions. ...

Accusing the Jews ... of ... exaggerating the Holocaust.

claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor. ...

Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.

There probably is a sharp rise in Texas students comparing Israel to the Nazis. Aren't the students entitled to their opinions?

Why would the Texas governor do this? Texas Jews do not vote Republican. Neither do Texas Rrabs. Apparently the Jews have a lot of power over the governor's office. Except that saying that could get this blog banned at Texas colleges.

The Jews do not need this. They can defend Israel's war in Gaza on the merits.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

White, heteropatriarchal supremacy in America

New academic paper:
Theorizing White heteropatriarchal supremacy, marriage fundamentalism, and the mechanisms that maintain family inequality
Bethany L. Letiecq

In this article, I draw upon critical feminist and intersectional frameworks to delineate an overarching orientation to structural oppression and unequal power relations that advantages White heteropatriarchal nuclear families (WHNFs) and marginalizes others as a function of family structure and relationship status. Specifically, I theorize that marriage fundamentalism, like structural racism, is a key structuring element of White heteropatriarchal supremacy. Marriage fundamentalism can be understood as an ideological and cultural phenomenon, where adherents espouse the superiority of the two-parent married family. But it is also a hidden or unacknowledged structural mechanism of White heteropatriarchal family supremacy that is essential to the reproduction and maintenance of family inequality in the United States. Through several examples, I demonstrate how — since colonization — marriage fundamentalism has been instantiated through laws, policies, and practices to unduly advantage WHNFs while simultaneously marginalizing Black, Indigenous, immigrant, mother-headed, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning (LGBTQ+) families, among others.

I agree with this. The WHNFs are superior to the alternatives, and the paper cites many studies finding that conclusion. Most people respond to this by enouraging nuclear families for others. Not this paper. She says that White people have figured out a good system, so it must be dismantled.
I conclude with a call for family scientists to further interrogate how marriage fundamentalism reproduces family inequality in American family life and to work toward its dismantling. A deeper understanding of how these complex and often covert mechanisms of structural oppression operate in family life is needed to disrupt these mechanisms and advance family equality and justice. ...

I define marriage fundamentalism in narrower terms: it is the belief that a family composed of a cisgender heterosexual married couple (i.e., a man and a woman as husband and wife) is the ideal family form for rearing children, is the foundation of civilization, and is necessary for ensuring White, heteropatriarchal supremacy in America.

This brand of marriage fundamentalism is fomented by White Christian fundamentalism and patriarchal politics

Yes, WHNFs are the foundation of Western Civilization. If she doesn't like it, she can move to any of the 100+ countries where they do not have WHNFs.
Although marriage fundamentalism is an ideology, it is also a structural feature of American family life. As many family scholars have documented, there are a vast array of laws, policies, and practices that have systematically protected, enriched, and unduly privileged WHNFs to the disadvantaging, marginalization, and exclusion of others
That used to be true. Now a lot of the benefits go to single moms and others causing a breakdown in civilization.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

The Deep State is Dangerous

The NY Times just released: The Deep State Is Kind of Awesome | NYT Opinion.
As America closes in on a major election, mistrust is brewing around the mysterious government entity that’s now denounced in scary-sounding terms — “the deep state” and “the swamp.” What do those words even mean? Who exactly do they describe?

We went on a road trip to find out. As we met the Americans who are being dismissed as public enemies, we discovered that they are … us. They like Taylor Swift. They dance bachata. They go to bed at night watching “Star Trek” reruns. They go to work and do their jobs: saving us from Armageddon.

Sure, our tax dollars pay them, but as you’ll see in the video above, what a return on our investment we get!

When we hear “deep state,” instead of recoiling, we should rally. We should think about the workers otherwise known as our public servants, the everyday superheroes who wake up ready to dedicate their careers and their lives to serving us. These are the Americans we employ. Even though their work is often invisible, it makes our lives better.

But if Donald Trump is re-elected and enacts Schedule F, that could change. He would have the power to eviscerate the so-called deep state and replace our public servants with people who work for him, not us.

In the video above, you’ll meet a few of our hard-working American public servants, and we hope you’ll agree that they’re not scary at all. In fact, they’re kind of awesome.

According to this video, the Deep State saved the world by developing the technology to deflect an errant asteroid! Plus, it shut down some meat packers using child labor, and has some Black woman working on clean water.

It says Trump is going to fire these people, and we will all die.

No, these people are not the Deep State that Trump is targeting.

Here is a much better video: The Deep State is Real, Here's Why it Matters

With all the allegations about a group of unelected men making decisions that impact the rest of the country, we wanted to dig into the documents and talk to experts to find the truth. Is there a Deep State? And if so, how deep does it go?
Neither video is willing to explain that the Deep State is controlled by the Jews.

Here is a Secular Jewish Atheist American professor, with an Israeli wife, posting a long rant in support of the Israel war against Gaza. He says, rightfully I think, that the one-state and two-state solutions are not viable, and that Israel will fight to maintain its territory. So is he unhappy with Biden's sellout of Israel? He writes:

I unhesitatingly vote for Biden over Trump ...

As it’s done in the past, Israel can survive without American support—just not as easily, and (alas) probably at the cost of much more violence inflicted on the Palestinians. But the US as we’ve known it can’t survive if our elections come to mean no more than Russian elections.

If you wanted me to vote Trump, you’d need to invent an opposing candidate who literally wanted to put my family into an internment camp, or something of the kind.

Trump's opponent, Pres. Biden, is literally putting Trump and his supporters in jail.

I also do not see the point of Israel destroying Gaza, if there is no hope of a one-state or two-state solution anyway.

Update: When the above blogger is confronted with the fact that he is firmly opposed to current Biden administration policy, he gives this lame defense:

I suspect that Biden simply got worn down by all the protesters screaming that he’s a genocidal monster, plus all the woke staffers in his administration, plus (yes) the very real possibility that he’ll lose Michigan and hence the election to an authoritarian conman if he sticks to his original principles. Honestly, I might’ve been worn down too in his situation. Or maybe Biden simply felt like he already stuck his neck far out to give Israel half a year to destroy Hamas, and if they haven’t managed to do it in that time then that’s on them.
I do not think Biden has any original principles. He just goes along with whatever most of the Democrat Party wants. And currently the Party is split over Israel.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

New Book says Biden is like Hitler

The New Yorker reports:
new book, “Takeover: Hitler’s Final Rise to Power” (Knopf), an aggressively specific chronicle of a single year, 1932, seems a wise, even an inspired one. Ryback details, week by week, day by day, and sometimes hour by hour, how a country with a functional, if flawed, democratic machinery handed absolute power over to someone who could never claim a majority in an actual election and whom the entire conservative political class regarded as a chaotic clown with a violent following. Ryback shows how major players thought they could find some ulterior advantage in managing him. ...

Ryback’s story begins soon after Hitler’s very incomplete victory in the Weimar Republic’s parliamentary elections of July, 1932. Hitler’s party, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (its German initials were N.S.D.A.P.), emerged with thirty-seven per cent of the vote,

The parallel to today is that Pres. Biden also stole an election, and has only about 37% approval ratings, and gains support from groups who believe they can manage him to favor their interests. Also Hitler ran as a Socialist, and got his support from the Left.

But the bigger parallel is that Hitler used lawfare to aggressively prosecute his political enemies.

The USA can survive stolen elections and incompetent leaders. It has many times before. But it cannot survive the Justice Dept. being weaponized to jail enemies. Biden is the new Hitler.

Here is a Jewish podcast complaint about Trump, by Sam Harris and Jonathan Rauch. Rauch gives a step-by-step explanation of how Trump could end Democracy. He does it by getting popularly elected, and then emulating Victor Orban of Hungary!

Trump was not able to accomplish much in his 2017-2020 term, because the DC civil servants were always sabotaging his policy. But Trump could issue an executive order to make his appointments more loyal to him. The Supreme Court could intervene, but will probably back down when it sees that Trump's actions are reasonable and popular.

Apparently Democracy is a code word for Jewish control.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Stark Differences in Behavior of Women

The London Daily Mail reports:
UC Berkeley professor forced to issue groveling apology after telling students to 'get out of the Bay Area if you want a girlfriend' - claiming EVERYWHERE else on the planet is better 'for that' ...

'If you want a girlfriend, get out of the Bay Area. Almost everywhere else on the planet is better for that,' he wrote.

'I'm not kidding at all. You'll be shocked by the stark differences in behavior of women in places where women are plentiful versus their behavior within artillery distance of San Jose and San Francisco,' he added. ...

'We want to be absolutely clear that the offensive content of the original post goes against the values and Principles of Community we adhere to at UC Berkeley,' said Roqua Montez.

The comments mostly say that the negative reaction proved him right. Note that no one says what he said that was incorrect. Just they were offended, and wanted an apology.

A professor ought to be able to give some friendly advice to his students.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Woke Science Journal Declares Sex Incoherent

The journal Cell, perhaps the top Biology scientific journal, has a special issue:
Landmark Cell focus issue centers the voices of sex and gender minorities ...

Building on last year’s Juneteenth focus issue ...

The focus issue centers around the idea that a more precise, inclusive, and interdisciplinary approach to understanding sex and gender will create better science.

No, there are no sex minorities. Half the population is male, and half female.

One article complains that that biologists define sex as binary, based on gamete size, but different opinions come from non-biologist scholars:

Scholars in the history of science and science and technology studies (STS) have identified many models of sex. ...

The answer to the question “What is sex?” is, in both theory and practice, just about everything, and therefore also nearly nothing. This exercise demonstrates that sex is an incoherent category, one that has perhaps outlived its use. ...

This kind of cross-disciplinary work is hard. ... In the case of sex, we know equally important but separate things about it: I have not been trained in the intricacies of the SRY gene,

The SRY gene is the one on the XY chromosome that triggers a fetus to become male. The author, Beans (they), does not understand any of that, but wants us all to believe that sex is an incoherent category.

Jerry Coyne elaborates on the errors in this paper.

Another paper: Rigorous science demands support of transgender scientists.

Trans liberation interacts with and builds upon the accomplishments of the women’s liberation, Black liberation, antiracist, anticolonial, class liberation, and disability justice movements. All assert that a person’s identity should not determine what opportunities they have access to and that it is each person’s right to control what happens to their body (i.e., bodily autonomy). Today’s movements for trans liberation continue this progress by upholding the simple fact that one’s assigned sex does not determine who one is. ...

Most authors self-identified as trans or transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, or genderf∗ck, with one author identifying as cisgender. The author list includes men and transmasculine persons, women and transfeminine persons, non-binary persons, and the parent of a transgender child.

If sex is not determinitive, then why are they so eager to use preferred pronouns?

This is all garbage that does not belong in a scientific journal. It says sex is incoherent, even though it has as good a definition as anything in biology, and uses terms like "queer" that really are incoherent. I cannot even guess what it means for a scientist to identify as "genderf∗ck". I am pretty sure it has no coherent definition.

This is all so crazy that it is hard to believe anyone is sincere with this. Maybe someday they will announce that they mocked us all with hoax papers.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Inflation is Up, but CPI is Doctored

Democrat campaigners say that the USA economy is much better than Pres. biden gets credit for.

Mark Hulbert writes:

Consumer borrowing costs in the U.S. have skyrocketed, but the CPI doesn't count this. ...

A new study takes exception to this anti-consumer narrative, finding that consumers are entirely justified in their gloominess. If inflation were measured correctly, the researchers argue, then it would be evident just how much consumers are hurting.

Entitled "The Cost of Money is Part of the Cost of Living: New Evidence on the Consumer Sentiment Anomaly," the study was conducted by Marijn Bolhuis of the International Money Fund and Judd Cramer, Karl Oskar Schulz, and Lawrence Summers, all of Harvard University, the latter the former Treasury secretary. The "anomaly" in their title is the unusually gloomy consumer.

Had the CPI fully reflected higher borrowing costs, it would have peaked at 18% in November 2022 and still be around 8%.

So inflation is only down because the changed the way the official figures are computed.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Woke is a Mental Illness


A study out of Finland has found that people who believe in “woke” ideas of social justice are more likely to be anxious, miserable, and depressed.

The study, entitled “Construction and validation of a scale for assessing critical social justice attitudes,” was carried out by Oskari Lahtinen, a senior researcher at the INVEST Research Flagship Centre at the University of Turku. It sought to establish the prevalence of the “woke” worldview and the kinds of people who hold it.

This is an example of stereotypes being correct.

Woke people are concerned about bizarre stuff like George Floyd, pronouns, and Ukraine. They are detached from reality. These things have no bearing on their lives.

Transgender people are obviously mentally ill, but so are those who play along with their perversions, such as Pres. Biden.

The paper gives some wokeness definitions:

Theoretically, critical social justice propositions derive in part from various academic disciplines dealing with forms of oppression, for example, intersectional feminism and critical race theory (Bell, 1995; Crenshaw, 1990; Delgado & Stefancic, 2013). These disciplines derive a portion of their underlying epistemology from critical theory, postmodernism, and post-colonialism (Delgado & Stefancic, 2013; Mounk, 2023). A broader scope of relevant fields would also encompass, but not be limited to, black feminism, queer theory, and transgender studies (Butler, 1990; Collins, 2020; Combahee River Collective, 2014). Ideas deriving from these theoretical continuums come together in the perception component of critical social justice attitudes.

Previously esoteric ideas in the mentioned fields have made it into the mainstream recently, aided by best-selling authors (e.g., DiAngelo, 2018; Kendi, 2019). These disciplines point out varieties of oppression that cause privileged people (e.g., male, white, heterosexual, cisgender) to benefit over marginalized people (e.g., woman, black, gay, transgender). In critical race theory, some of the core tenets include that: (1) white supremacy and racism are omnipresent and “colorblind” policies are not enough to tackle them; (2) people of color have their own unique standpoint; and (3) races are social constructs (Delgado & Stefancic, 2013).

Queer theory on the other hand can be roughly summarized as a mechanism for problematizing boundaries of concepts and categories like “man,” “woman,” “straight,” “gay,” etc. (Butler, 1990; McCann & Monaghan, 2019). This process is called “queering,” and results, for example, in beliefs that there are no real boundaries between men and women and that gender, and possibly even sex, are social constructs. Queer theory and its offshoot transgender studies influence, and are influenced by, trans activism (McCann & Monaghan, 2019). They also often go hand in hand with current race activism: the critical race theory-influenced black identity movement Black Lives Matter (BLM), for instance, explicitly state their aims to include “to dismantle cisgender privilege” and “to foster a queer-affirming network”, even though BLM is best known for its activism against racist policing (Mathews & Jones, 2022).

Intersectionality thus ties together different kinds of oppression-related identity politics. Post-colonial theory derives from post-modernism and aims at opposing colonialism in all aspects of culture (Mishra & Hodge, 1991). Its most visible manifestations in contemporary culture have included, for example, attempts to “decolonize” university reading lists, that is, make them less white and European in favor of marginalized identities and attempts to get rid of statues of persons deemed controversial (e.g., slave-owning founding fathers in the US) and combating cultural appropriation (a privileged group adopting, e.g., traditions or dress from an oppressed group).

Believing all this entails life is inherently unfair and oppressive, based on skin color, microaggressions, and other trivialities. It denies your true identity and defines you by social expectations and the pronouns that others use.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

The Effort to Abolish Whiteness

A blogger quotes:
If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world!

The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.

He backs off these, but argues:
Therefore, abolishing whiteness in this thought experiment doesn’t entail abolishing white people. It instead involves dismantling the social constructs and structures which have historically been associated with the concept of whiteness. ...

As can be seen from this discussion, abolishing whiteness doesn’t entail abolishing white people. Such delusions comes from white nationalists and reading into “Abolish whiteness” and inferring that it must mean “Abolishing white people.” This then can be likened with the so-called “great replacement theory“, where abolishing whiteness is being carried out through, great replacement.

Got that? Only someone delusional would take offense at efforts to abolish his kind.

The constructs associated with with whiteness can be collectively called Western Civilization. Or Christendom.

Saying you want to abolish that is wanting to exterminate the best culture on Earth. Maybe not killing white, but wiping out their culture.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

More Doubt about George Floyd's Death

I posted arguments for and against the guilt of the George Floyd cops, and now the authors have had an online debate over it. It is three Whites ganging up on one Black man.

The anti-cop threesome aggressively accused the Black guy of getting the facts wrong, but they never showed any facts were wrong.

In shprt, there was no proof that the cops caused Floyd's death, and there are plausible explanations that do not involve neck or chest compression.

It is funny how much resistance there is to anyone questioning the official narrative. Even if the cops did contribute to Floyd's death, there is no evidence that they tried to kill him, or acted out of malice or racist, or out of systemic racism.

They go on to discuss the Ferguson Effect, where faulty accusations of police misconduct have led to huge increases in Black murders, and reduced policing of Black neighborhoods.

The Black guy just wants the truth, and to undermine faulty arguments that led to a lot of Black murders and other crimes. But why do the Whites so doggedly try to uphold the narrative that cops murdered Floyd?

I think the Whites are suffering from a mental illness. They want to believe that Whites have some collective guilt for some poor Black junkie dying.

Monday, March 18, 2024

California Governor tries to undo an Election

Politico reports:
SACRAMENTO, California — Gov. Gavin Newsom is embarking on a last-minute scramble to correct rejected ballots as his prized $6.4 billion mental health and housing bond maintains a razor-thin lead.

The governor’s federal PAC, Campaign for Democracy, sent an urgent volunteer request to supporters Thursday night, asking them to help reach out to Democrats who have had their ballots rejected — for reasons like forgetting to include a signature — in an effort to get their ballots counted.

“This ballot initiative is SO CLOSE that your commitment to volunteer could mean the difference between people getting off the streets and into the treatment they need... or not,” the governor’s email read. “Truly. It is that close.”

The most recent update showed Proposition 1 with 50.2 percent of the vote, leading by about 21,000 votes with a half-million ballots left to be counted statewide.

What? The election was a couple of weeks ago. And yet a half million ballots are uncounded, and the governor is trying to manipulate the tally of what has been counted.

American elections are rigged. The outcomes should not be trusted, unless all votes are cast and counted in front of observers on election day, as is done by other civilized countries.

Democrqats say they stand for election integrity. It is all a lie. Only Trump promises fair elections. Democrats are openly stealing the California election right now.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Ireland Reaffirms Motherhood

Ireland just rejected proposals to amend these constitutional clauses:
In Article 41.1.1° “The State recognises the Family as the natural primary and fundamental unit group of Society, and as a moral institution possessing inalienable and imprescriptible rights, antecedent and superior to all positive law.”

In Article 41.3.1° “The State pledges itself to guard with special care the institution of Marriage, on which the Family is founded, and to protect it against attack.”

Article 41.2.1° “In particular, the State recognises that by her life within the home, woman gives to the State a support without which the common good cannot be achieved.”

Article 41.2.2° “The State shall, therefore, endeavour to ensure that mothers shall not be obliged by economic necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of their duties in the home.”

Ireland has been taken over by non-Irish people, and they object to this recognition of the family and motherhood.

In most of the West now, "mother" has become an offensive word.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Migrant Measles Outbreak in Chicago

Measles was once eradicated in the USA, but we have occasional outbreaks. The officials always blame vaccine hesitancy.

There is an outbreak in Chicago. Most of the cases are at the Pilsen migrant shelter.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Trying to debunk the Racialist Hypothesis

The NAACP called on Black student athletes to boycott Florida universities in light of the Sunshine State’s crackdown on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

NAACP leader Derrick Johnson on Monday announced that they told Black NCAA prospects via a letter to reconsider playing for "PWI" public colleges and universities in Florida. PWI is typically referred to as a "predominantly White institution."

Black athletes have been overrepresented in Florida college scholarships, compared to the population. If Blacks really want racial equity, then Florida should play White athletes at those PWIs.

The idea that Blacks might be better at some athletic skills is called the racialist hypothesis, and is attacked in a new academic paper:

In this manuscript we have analyzed the last twenty years of race data for the 100m and 1500m and found it in conflict with the dominant racialist models that suggest regional African ancestry has a role in determining running ability. With respect to the 100m, the emergence of South African and East Asian sprinters challenge the argument that West African ancestry rather than culture is what underlies Caribbean success in sprinting. Cataloguing the morphological diversity and biomechanical variation across elite 100m sprinters, ...

We propose a psycho-cultural framework that considers multiple sources of psychological impact that occur within and between races. This framework allows us to quantify and validate what many athletes have frequently expressed, that belief is paramount.

So Jamaicans are not really naturally talented sprinters; they do well because they believe they can.

As you can see from the above link, the fastest sprinters are overwhelmingly West African, and the fastest long distance runners East Africa. Maybe that is just coincidence, or belief.

To substantiate this, they point to progress in video game scores!

, the psychocultural framework that we have developed is by no means exclusive to sports. ..., and observe the recent developments in Tetris a classic video game known for being simple, yet cognitively challenging [93]. Despite being out since 1989, and maintaining a large enough cult following to support yearly championships since 2010, it was finally completed for the first time at the beginning of 2024 [94]. And then twice more in the next month [95] - suggesting that even without the strictures of scientific racism, limits are subconsciously set far below the pinnacle of human achievement across many different domains.
Tetris is supposed to follow the example of the four minute mile:
When progress appeared to plateau after the second world war, scientists declared it may be physiologically impossible to break that "four minute barrier" [47], perhaps further delaying the event - which finally occurred in 1954 when Roger Bannister of England ran 3:59.4 [48]. The "barrier" now broken, another sub four clocking occurred again only 46 days later, eight more times over the next three years, and the following decade saw the largest improvement since records were first recorded (see Figure 3-b).
This is a widely-believed misconception. People say that no one could run a 4-minute mile before 1954 because no one thought it was possible, and then, once it was shown possible, everyone could do it.

No, that is nonsense. What really happened was that modern polyurethane/rubber tracks replaced the old cinder tracks, and everyone ran about 2% faster. The elite runners who ran 4:02 on cinder suddenly did 3:58 on synthetic. Nobody got faster on the same track.

In Tetris, someone recently figured out a winning strategy that a highly skilled gamer could execute. Yes, revealing the strategy allowed others to mimic it. Not like running at all.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

AAAS Science goes Woke on Genetics

AAAS Science magazine reports:
For as long as the concept of race has existed, racial prejudice has been justified on hereditary grounds (1, 2). Justifications of prejudice often misappropriate the work of Mendel, who first expounded a scientific model of inheritance by breeding peas (3). Today, our understanding of inheritance has moved far beyond Mendel, and insights from genomics refute the prejudiced idea that racial inequality is determined by genes (1). Even so, many believe that inequality is genetic because they are biased by an inaccurate conception of race called “genetic essentialism” (1, 2, 4). We present data from a randomized trial to argue that if teachers move genetics instruction beyond Mendel and toward more complex genomics concepts—what we call “humane genomics education”—they can protect students from believing in unscientific notions of genetic essentialism and support their scientifically accurate understanding of race as a social construction. ...

If teachers move beyond Mendel to instruct students about the complexities of contemporary genomics concepts for the purpose of refuting genetic essentialism, they can help students understand that racial disparities are not unreal, unimportant, or the product of genes. Rather, they are socially constructed.

It goes on to explain that many students learn that Blacks are susceptible to sickle cell anemia. It argues that this leads to a false belief in racial essentialism, as some non-blacks have the disease, and some Blacks do not carry the faulty gene.

It is a stupid point because sickle-cell anemia is a predominantly Black disease, and is explained by African ancestry.

We contend that genetics education needs to move beyond Mendel and toward the complexity of human genomics if it is to prevent the development of genetic essentialism (1). To understand why, consider the following three genomics concepts (D to F): (D) Roughly 0.1% of the human genome varies between individuals, and when population geneticists partition this variable DNA, they find that most variation occurs within geographic populations (~95%) and much of the genetic variation that occurs across such populations (~5%) consists of common alleles that vary in frequency (10). If “races” are defined as geographic populations, then the essentialist assumption that there is little to no genetic variation among individuals of the same race — and thus that most genetic variation is between races — is wrong.
No, this is a straw man. No one denies genetic variation within a race. There are smart Whites and dumb Whites. There is huge genetic variation within Africa. And there are many genetic differences between Whites and Black Africans.
(E) Also, social disparities between races involve differences in complex traits. Because complex traits are multifactorial and influenced by interactions between genes and environments (12), it is not scientifically accurate to claim that racial inequality is determined by genetic variation alone (1). (F) Indeed, humans inherit their genomes along with their environments, and scientists have not yet developed convincing or ethical methods to disentangle gene-environment covariance (1).
There are 100s of convincing and ethical papers disentangling genes and environments. Many find traits that are maybe 50% genetic, with the remaining covariance being environment or something else.

They want you to believe that differences between the races is attributable to racism. But that is false. A great many differences have been proved to be genetic, or maybe 50% genetic.

Another Science article:

Sample textbook passages that illustrate essentialist codes

“You might be surprised to learn that the ability to roll your tongue is an inherited trait. Being able to roll the tongue is likely to be dominant over not being able to roll it. Characteristics such as tongue rolling are called discrete, because they tend to fall into distinct, or discrete, categories. Either you can roll your tongue or you cannot. Either you are male or female. Either you have dimples or you do not.”

Apparently this analogy is misleading, as tongue-rolling is not completely binary, as sex is. And while your sex is either male or female, you may choose a gender identity that is not binary.

This is our leading science journal. It has gone woke. There is very little scientific content in these articles, and much of it is wrong.

There really are genetic differences between the sexes and the races. Science research should be illuminating those differences, both qualitatively and quantitively. Instead, they teach the lie that the differences are socially constructed.

It is appalling to see a science journal trying to say there is no truth in a general statement, because of contrived exceptions. Science would never get anywhere with that attitude. Consider an accepted statement like "CO2 emissions cause global warming." It is not refuted by finding some place on Earth that got colder.

Or "the Earth is round" is mostly true, even though there are mountains. Even statements that seem absolutely true, like "energy is conserved" have exceptions, if not carefully interpreted.

When someone says human races do not exist because some people are of mixed race, he is just displaying a kindergarten ignorance of how science can make qualitative statements.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Poor Things is a Trash Movie

Emma Stone just got an Oscar for starring in Poor Things, so I watched it.

I was expecting a feminist role, but it was the most misogynist movie I have seen. I guess it was trying to show that a woman could escape Victorian morality by exploring her sexuality. Actually, Stone's character is given the mind of child, and she behaves very badly and is promiscuous. It is quite explicit, and much of it is a porn movie.

I am trying to figure out why this movie got such high praise. Stone portrays a stupid slut. She is so childlike that it is debatable whether she is capable of consenting to what this doing. The movie is essentially a porn movie featuring a series of men raping a mentally retarded girl.

Is this the message the movie makers were trying to send? No, I get the impression that they were trying to make a statement of female empowerment. Stone is discovering her sexuality while repudiating Victorian expectations.

The mainstream theaters and streaming services do not usually show hard-core porn, so you might think that this movie is an opportunity to see some, but i do not recommended it. Not unless you enjoy pedophile, violent, degrading, interracial, homosexual, prostitute porn.

Supposedly the movie is also a comedy, but I never laughed. I could not even tell what was supposed to be funny. The movie is sick. Also, be warned that all the dialog has a thick accent, and is hard to understand.

An Oscar was given for a Holocaust movie, with a bizarre Jewish acceptance speech:

“The Zone of Interest” writer/director Jonathan Glazer addressed the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict head-on during the 2024 Oscars.

“Our film shows where dehumanization leads at its worst. It’s shaped all of our past and present,” Glazer said in his acceptance speech for Best International Feature. “Right now we stand here as men who refute their Jewishness and the holocaust being hijacked by an occupation which has led to conflict for so many innocent people.” ...

Glazer continued, “Whether the victims of October the 7th in Israel or the ongoing attack on Gaza — all the victims of this dehumanization, how do we resist?”

The World War II period piece is set against the backdrop of Auschwitz as a German Nazi commandant (Christian Friedel) and his emotionless wife (Sandra Hüller) condone the mass-murders of Jews.

I do not know what this means. Some kind of weird leftist self-hating Jew-speak, I guess. He is not refuting his Jewishness. He is still a Jew. He is against Jewishness being hijacked.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Apple Bans Epic Games

Apple Computer became the world's most valuable brand name by delievering phones that people like, but not everyone likes them.

Apple has now banned Epic Games, maker of Fortnite, because one of its executive criticized Apple in this tweet:

Apple leadership faces some massive decisions in the coming weeks as the contradictions between their stated principles and the intended and actual consequences of their present policies are reckoned with: the app store monopoly, the digital goods payments monopoly, the tax, the…
Seems mild to me. It did not even reference the Apple CEO's sexual preference!

Apple has confirmed this, and responded:

“Epic’s egregious breach of its contractual obligations to Apple led courts to determine that Apple has the right to terminate ‘any or all of Epic Games’ wholly owned subsidiaries, affiliates, and/or other entities under Epic Games’ control at any time and at Apple’s sole discretion.’ In light of Epic’s past and ongoing behavior, Apple chose to exercise that right.”
The big tech companies have so much power that they can control what people say.

Here is a famous computer science professor who got locked out of Facebook, and only got back in when an employee noticed a gripe on the professor's blog. This may have been a mistake, but it may have also been punishment for his views. He has made some enemies by only going along with 98% of today's liberal orthodoxy.

My problem with Apple devices is that they are too confining. With them, your apps may be blocked. You cannot use standard chargers, earphones, and data cables. Their messaging apps do not work well with non-Apple devices. Their computers cannot run the best games or AI, because they block Nvidia chips. Their products cost twice as much as the competition.

Apple just released a $4000 goggles product. It is supposed to run a great demo, but few are buying.

Apple now says that it will reinstate the Epic Games account. We should not be slaves to the whims and bugs of these big tech companies.

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Oscars so Black

The NY Times page 1 top left side column story is this
The Oscars Now Have D.E.I. Rules, but Some Say It’s Just a Performance

How “Oppenheimer,” a movie about the men who developed the atomic bomb, met the new standards.

The national reckoning over racial justice after the killing of George Floyd ...

The article is a long complaint that George Floyd hysteria is not stopping a movie about WWII atomic scientists from winning Oscars.

Google AI turned the Nazis into Blacks, and I guess Hollywood was supposed to do the same with the atomic scientists.

The movie did credit a bunch of Jews, but some of them turned out to be Commies.

It is funny to see the NY Times directly say that we should be subjected to Blacks all over our movie screen, just because some Minnesota criminal junkie died of an overdose.

Just a couple of years ago, the Oscars featured a Black fistfight on stage. Isn't that enough?

Saturday, March 09, 2024

Musk: Never Went to Therapy

Business Insider reports:
Elon Musk doesn't see a therapist and he wants you to know about it.

The billionaire Tesla cofounder wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday: "Put 'Never Went to Therapy' on my gravestone."

It's not the first time Musk has brushed off therapy — or discussed his hypothetical grave marker. In the past two months, on January 8 and January 29, he posted some variation of the same line, urging future stonemasons to make it clear the SpaceX CEO never sought mental health counseling.

The January 29 post was in response to a video of German filmmaker Werner Herzog, who said that psychoanalysis was "one of the "greatest stupidities, the greatest mistakes of the 20th century."

I agree with him, except I would have to say "Never Went to Psycho Therapy", as I have gotten physical therapy.

The single biggest thing wrong with the younger generation is that they are damaged by psychotherapy. I believe that it is harmful in most cases, if not all.

Friday, March 08, 2024

Tucker Carlson interviewed Putin

Quillette publishes some worthwile essay, but not it posts an unhigned rant:
Carlson is the latest in a long line of credulous partisans so fixated on domestic political vendettas that they wind up as a humiliated mouthpiece for vicious propaganda. In this case, Carlson’s attempts to secure endorsement of his parochial obsessions with a series of leading questions went nowhere.

By all appearances, Putin had prepared to give an eccentric lecture about the world-historical importance of Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kyiv in 1019.

Okay, the guy hates Carlson and Putin, but is there any other point to this?

I thought that it would explain Putin's historical, or provide other info I did not know. Nope. It has no substantive disagreement with anything Putin or Tucker said.

The author's main complaint is that Carlson did a straight interview, and allowed Putin to give his own explanation for the Ukraine War. Seems like a public service to me. Whether you agree with the war or not, it is useful to understand what led to war.

Putin says Ukraine is important to Russian history, and he does not want the USA putting NATO missiles there.

Putin is a bad guy. He prosecutes his political enemdies, and maybe even kills them. He is worse than Pres. Biden, but Biden also prosecutes his political enemies. If Biden gets his way, Trump will die in prison. Zelensky also prosecutes his enemies.

I don't think the USA Deep State has any desire to eliminate Putin. What they really want is perpetual war. To them, the Ukraine War is a big success. It has expanded NATO, wrecked Germany's economy, put Europe more under USA control, generated a lot of business for defense contractors, given renewed purpose to DoD and CIA projects,burned a lot of Russian military resources, got Ukrainians behind a horrible US puppet, got Americans to hate Russia, etc. What's not to like?

Pres. Biden opened his State of the Union with:

Hitler was on the march. War was raging in Europe.

President Roosevelt’s purpose was to wake up the Congress and alert the American people that this was no ordinary moment.

Freedom and democracy were under assault in the world.

Tonight I come to the same chamber to address the nation.

Now it is we who face an unprecedented moment in the history of the Union. ...

Overseas, Putin of Russia is on the march, invading Ukraine and sowing chaos throughout Europe and beyond. ...

History is watching, just like history watched three years ago on January 6th.

Insurrectionists stormed this very Capitol and placed a dagger at the throat of American democracy.

Many of you were here on that darkest of days.

We all saw with our own eyes these insurrectionists were not patriots.

They had come to stop the peaceful transfer of power and to overturn the will of the people.

January 6th and the lies about the 2020 election, and the plots to steal the election, posed the gravest threat to our democracy since the Civil War.

But they failed. America stood strong and democracy prevailed.

No, this is the rant of a senile lunatic.

The 2020 election was rigged, and the Jan. 6 protest was a mostly peaceful attempt to get a valid count of the ballots. For that, Biden is imprisoning his political enemies. No one attempted to stop the peaceful transfer of power.

Did anyone really think that the transfer of power would be controlled by a bunch of rioters who walked into the Capitol building unarmed? Of course not. They merely wanted to voice their objections to faulty vote counts.

Yes, Biden must be stopped. He is the one trying to stay in office by prosecuting his rival.


JUST IN: Tucker Carlson calls President Biden's SOTU speech the most un-American speech in U.S. history.

"That was possibly the darkest, most un-American speech ever given by an American president. In fact, it wasn't a speech, it was a rant, entirely lacking in decency or…

More here. It was amazing to see a USA President try to justify himself by how much he hates Trump, and his 70 million supporters. And how we need to fight a war in Ukraine. And soldiers in Gaza.

Thursday, March 07, 2024

Mark Cuban Endorses Biden

Business Insider reports:
"I don't want a snake oil salesperson as president. I'm voting for Biden/Harris over Trump all day every day," Cuban told Axios on Tuesday.

Cuban responded to Axios' questions after he voiced support for President Joe Biden's reelection campaign. Cuban told Bloomberg on Monday that he'd still vote for Biden even if the president "was being given last rites."

Cuban told Axios that when it came to Trump and Biden, it was a match-up between "the snake oil salesperson vs the incumbent, traditional politician."

"One will tell you his snake oil will cure everything that ails you. The other will show you the details of his policies through charts, graphs, and statements," Cuban said. ...

Cuban's Biden endorsement earned him a jab from Elon Musk. Musk mocked Cuban on Monday and said Cuban would vote for Biden even if the president "were a flesh-eating zombie."

Mark Cuban is the con man. He got rich by sell to Yahoo at the peak of the dot-com bubble in 1999 for $5.7 billion. It was shut down as a total loss in 2002.

It is widely considered to be one of the worst investments any company ever made. Around the same time, Yahoo turned down offers to buy Google, and later Facebook for a lot less money.

Obviously Cuban is lying when he says Biden will show you the details of his policies with charts. Biden barely knows what his policies are, and could not explain anything with a chart.

Cuban is Jewish. A common thread among prominent Jews today is that they passionately hate Trump, and refuse to explain why. This is particularly true among supposedly secular Jews, and they do not want to admit that the Judaism religion drives their political views.

This podcast is another example: What a Second Trump Term Could Mean for America | Sam Harris and Jonathan Rauch. They seem like intelligent men, but this is the babbling of paranoid schizophrenics. I would conclude that they were mentally ill, if not Jewish.

They say they are worried about an authoritarian populist Trump Presidency, but Pres. Biden is the one who is jailing his political enemies. Trump was President for 4 years, and did not.

Harris and Rauch say they are Jewish Atheists, and would deny being religious bigots.

Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Canada is in a Population Trap

Canada news:
Much has been written of the negative impacts of rapidly rising immigration on the housing and the affordability crises and on essential services like healthcare. Now, the negative effect on the economy is being analyzed, and a previously unfamiliar term is appearing to describe it – “population trap”.

Appropriately, two economists from the National Bank of Canada (NBC) begin a report on the topic with Oxford’s definition: “Population trap: A situation where no increase in living standards is possible, because the population is growing so fast that all available savings are needed to maintain the existing capital-labour ratio.” (The capital-labour ratio is the ratio of capital employed to labour employed.)

Predictably, if the machinery and equipment employed grows relative to the labour employed, the labour productivity or efficiency of the economy increases and living standards typically rise. But when the capital-labour ratio fails to keep pace with a rapidly rising population, living standards or GDP per capita cannot improve. That is the “trap”. In Canada currently, as immigration surges, the capital-labour ratio has actually been declining, and living standards have been following. ...

The 2022 and 2023 surges are unprecedented. The NBC report observes “current population growth appears extreme” in relation to the absorptive capacity of Canada’s economy and considering our demographics are similar to the OECD average. The report says the absorption challenge is most evident in housing, where the housing supply deficit in 2023 more than doubled the historic average.

The NBC notes that population is growing so fast, we don’t have enough savings to stabilize the capital-labour ratio or to grow GDP per capita. “Simply put, Canada is in a population trap for the first time in modern history.”

Canada is destroying itself with massive immigration.

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

CDC say Covid is just the Flu

Ever wonder why covid was treated any differently from the annual flu? It turns that they were functionally the same, and public policy could have just considered covid to be the flu.

The CDC announces:

CDC released today updated recommendations for how people can protect themselves and their communities from respiratory viruses, including COVID-19. The new guidance brings a unified approach to addressing risks from a range of common respiratory viral illnesses, such as COVID-19, flu, and RSV, ...

The recommendations suggest returning to normal activities when, for at least 24 hours, symptoms are improving overall, and if a fever was present, it has been gone without use of a fever-reducing medication.

Once people resume normal activities, they are encouraged to take additional prevention strategies for the next 5 days to curb disease spread, such as taking more steps for cleaner air, enhancing hygiene practices, wearing a well-fitting mask, keeping a distance from others, and/or getting tested for respiratory viruses.

So for all practical purposes, covid is just a variant of the flu.

Monday, March 04, 2024

Jews attack Christian nationalism

Here is a Jewish magazine reporting on a Hollywood treatment of Christianity:
Rob Reiner, best known for his acting role in the 1970s sitcom All in the Family and for directing a series of beloved comedies — including This is Spinal Tap, The Princess Bride and When Harry Met Sally — is getting serious in his latest project.

God and Country, which hits theaters this week, examines what Reiner sees as the troubling rise of Christian nationalism. The Jewish filmmaker produced the documentary, along with his wife Michele and his friend Steve Okin, with Dan Partland as director. The film follows the history, and the more recent activities, of Christian nationalism, from the 1950s Cold War to the fight over abortion rights to the rise of televangelist Jerry Falwell to the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6.

“For decades, I was aware of… what we call now Christian nationalism,” Reiner told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in a recent interview. “It’s a political movement, really, certainly not a spiritual or religious movement, and it started gaining more and more strength.”

The article goes on to say the movie interviews a bunch a Trump-haters who trace their hatred to either Christianity or nationalism.

Christian Nationalism just got this defintion on MSNBC:

Politico correspondent Heidi Przybyla offered a mea culpa for what she calls "clumsy" remarks she made last week knocking "Christian nationalists."

Przybyla went viral following her MSNBC appearance when she said "Christian nationalists" believed the rights of Americans "come from God" rather than government institutions like Congress and the Supreme Court, facing accusations of demonizing Christians and of being ignorant of US civics.

Her complaint is with America's founding principles.

I am not sure what Christian Nationalism is, except that Jews think that it is some sort of synonuym for Trump. Trump is not even particularly overtly Christian, and the whole thing is a symptom of Jewish paranoia and hatred of Christianity.