Thursday, June 27, 2024

Biden Forces Trans Surgery on Minors

Jesse Singal writes:
Unsealed Court Documents Show That Admiral Rachel Levine Pressured WPATH To Remove Age Guidelines From The Latest Standards Of Care

A head-on collision between science and politics

When the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s Standards of Care Version 8 was released in September 2022, a very strange thing happened: WPATH removed references to minimum age requirements for various medical interventions, describing the change as a “correction” in a notice that now reads, weirdly: “This correction notice has been removed as it referred to a previous version of the article, which was published in error.” Whatever happened, exactly, it’s clear that until late in the game the document did have age minimums until, suddenly, it did not.

The SoC 8 was supposed to have been created via something called the Delphi process. As the document itself explains: “Consensus on the final recommendations was attained using the Delphi process that included all members of the guidelines committee and required that recommendation statements were approved by at least 75% of members.” Suffice it to say that making a sudden, major change so late in the game calls into question whether that process was fully adhered to.

Thanks to a rather remarkable document just unsealed as part of Boe v. Marshall, one of the many American lawsuits over youth gender medicine, we now have a potential explanation for why the age guidelines were removed: direct pressure from assistant secretary for health of the Department of Health and Human Services Admiral Rachel Levine (who is a trans woman herself) and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Levine was born Richard Levine, a Jewish man. He dresses as a woman.

You might hear that science supports gender-affirming treatment, but it is not true. The medical statements have been corrupted by leftist politics.

Singal also posts a good rebuttal to this Scientific American article:

If it seems like things are kind of off these days, you’re not alone. Recently, more than 100,000 people liked a post marking the start of the pandemic that said, “[Four] years ago, this week was the last normal week of our lives.”

Objectively speaking, we are living through a dumpster fire of a historical moment.

No, the world is not objectively bad. It is because things are so good, that a silly flu epidemic caused such hysteria.

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CFT said...

Castrating little children is not 'gender affirming', it is in fact gender negating.
Encouraging a minor to undergo such mutilation should be considered endangerment and child molestation.

Mental illness can't be treated by capitulation to the very mental disorder the patient is suffering from and then blaming everyone else for the person's misery.