Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Aunt Jemima’s Relatives Want Reparations

Today's story of our current madness: Aunt Jemima’s Relatives Want Reparations.

Update: Youtube has now banned American Renaissance and Stefan Molyneux.
YouTube intellectual Stefan Molyneux has seen his channel of 14 years and thousands of videos deleted, with the platform citing “hate speech” as a number of online venues take aim at conservative and right-wing personalities.

Molyneux – the host of Freedomain Radio, billed as “the world’s number one philosophy show” – was booted off YouTube on Monday over its policies regulating “hate speech,” according to a company statement. His termination came amid a broader social media purge throughout the day, which saw prominent Trump-related accounts banned on Reddit and Twitch, as well as other right-wingers scrubbed from YouTube for good. ...

Previously boasting nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers and hundreds of millions of video views, Molyneux has launched a campaign to reinstate the channel, calling on his followers to inundate the company with pleas to have his account revived. In a video statement posted on Twitter, Molyneux insisted the charges against him are baseless, stating there is a “highly coordinated effort” to silence “dissidents,” comparing his ban to a “book burning.”

“The accusation is the usual one, that I am fomenting violence and hatred and so on, which is not true at all,” he said, adding that he has always called to resolve social disputes with “reason and evidence,” rather than violence.
Molyneux is mostly a libertarian Canadian.

These videos were packed with useful info. I have listened to dozens of them, and never heard any hate speech. This is just suppression of political speech.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Trying to cancel My Little Pony

Jewish publications tend to imagine Nazis wherever they look. Here is a current example:
My Little Pony fans have had a Nazi problem for a long time. ...

What’s clearest from talking with those on either side of the argument is that the My Little Pony fandom has developed a totally nonsensical hodgepodge of values. Many fans who specifically support Black Lives Matter, for example, are also fans of Aryanne, a fan-invented Nazi pony with a pink swastika on her hip. They do not acknowledge a contradiction.
Weird. This article appears to be serious. I could also imagine it on a humor site.

I am not even sure that any Nazis exist today. There are a couple of sites that joke about being Nazis, but that is just because they figure that they are going to be called Nazis anyway. There are other sites that use Nazis symbols just to get attention or to annoy people. But none of these are Nazis.

Princeton University has memory-holed Woodrow Wilson, its former college president. The NY Times article does not mention that he was the former president of the college, or that many conservatives consider him to be the worst US president of the XX century. The current PU president cited the death of George Floyd, and the NY Central Park argument between the White Karen and the Black birder.

RT reports:
The UK Labour Party’s “antisemitism crisis” has claimed another victim, as shadow education secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey is fired for sharing an article containing a so-called “antisemitic conspiracy theory.” ...

Long-Bailey shared an Independent interview with Maxine Peake on Twitter. In it, the actress says: “The tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services.” It was later updated to include a denial by the Israeli police that this is the case, and a reference to an Amnesty International report about US law enforcement travel to Israel for training was removed.

Amnesty International has said that Israeli forces train US law enforcement and partake in police exchange programs. In the wake of Floyd’s murder a number of articles circulated, reporting that Minnesota cops received Israeli training in Chicago in 2012. Israeli soldiers have been photographed leaning on Palestinians’ chests and necks, although Israel Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld denies this is a tactic they use.
In other words, she was fired for telling the truth. It is true that Minnesota cops received Israeli training on restraining the neck. Whether this directly influenced Derek Chauvin, we haven't been told.

How far will this cancel culture go? In England, they want to cancel White Jesus Christ! CNN reports:
Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Church of England, has said the church should reconsider its portrayal of Jesus as a White man.

Speaking to the BBC Today Programme, Welby was asked whether the way the western church "portrays Jesus" needed to be "thought about again" and "re-imagined" in light of recent Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd.
This is stunning. Some Black junkie criminal in Minneosota dies of an opioid overdose, and the Church of England reconsiders its portrayal of Jesus. The world has gone mad.

Floyd was diagnosed with COVID-19, and the NY Times now admits:
To a startling degree, many coronavirus patients are reporting similar experiences. Called hospital delirium, the phenomenon has previously been seen mostly in a subset of older patients, some of whom already had dementia, and in recent years, hospitals adopted measures to reduce it. ...

Now, the condition is bedeviling coronavirus patients of all ages with no previous cognitive impairment. Reports from hospitals and researchers suggest that about two-thirds to three-quarters of coronavirus patients in I.C.U.’s have experienced it in various ways. Some have “hyperactive delirium,” paranoid hallucinations and agitation; some have “hypoactive delirium,” internalized visions and confusion that cause patients to become withdrawn and incommunicative; and some have both.
The police said that they were concerned that Floyd had Excited Delirium, and apparently held him down so that he would be safe until the ambulance arrives.

And also, Floyd also had three times a lethal dose of fentanyl, and blocked arteries from heart disease.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Infection fatality rate is much lower

Nature journal reports:
One of the most crucial questions about an emerging infectious disease such as the new coronavirus is how deadly it is. After months of collecting data, scientists are getting closer to an answer.

Researchers use a metric called infection fatality rate (IFR) to calculate how deadly a new disease is. It is the proportion of infected people who will die as a result, including those who don’t get tested or show symptoms. ...

estimates an IFR of 0.6% for the total population, and an IFR of 5.6% for people aged 65 and older.
It doesn't mention it, but that means a very small IFR for healthy people under age 50.

By 2022, the Wuhan virus could infect 300M Americans. New treatments and vaccines could be available, but they may not help old folks much. So we could eventually see as many as 2M dead, mostly old people with multiple other health problems. Probably a lot less.

The CDC now admits that the fatality rate is a lot lower than that. The BBC reports, since that Nature article appeared:
At least 20 million people in the US may already have been infected with Covid-19, according to the latest estimate by health officials.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says the true number of cases is likely to be 10 times higher than the reported figure. ...

The US has recorded 2.4m confirmed infections and 122,370 deaths.
This means that the fatality rate is about the same as the common flu. For healthy people under age 50, the rate is about 0.01%.

54K of those 122k deaths have been in nursing homes. This is primarily a disease of the elderly.

The authorities have been lying to us. They told us that masks were useless, that ventilators were essential, that hospitals were going to be overwhelmed, that schools needed to be closed, and that BLM protests were just fine. California hospitals have been operating at 5-8% capacity.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Trend to ban change in skin tone

The NY Times reports:
As major consumer products companies have rushed to declare their opposition to racism in response to the national outrage over the killing of George Floyd, many of them have been accused of openly promoting a beauty standard rooted in racism and discrimination.

Unilever, Procter & Gamble, L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson — some of the world’s biggest advertisers — sell beauty products that advocate lighter, whiter skin in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
So I guess we need to ban dark-skinning people passing themselves off as light-skinned. Also, the campaign against entertainers using cosmetics to darken their skin is greater than ever, as two late-night talk-show hosts have gotten into trouble for skits they did long ago.

This development should please race segregationists. They want everybody's race to be readily identifiable. As it is, we have BLM leaders like Shaun King who pretends to be Black, but appears to be mostly or entirely White.

It is funny how changing one sex is now considered a sacred right, but changing race is forbidden.

Unilever is also boycotting Facebook, because Facebook refuses to ban pro-Trump messages! It is amazing how evil these big companies can be.

Melinda Gates wants to make sure White Americans are last in line to get any Wuhan virus vaccine:
"One of the reasons we are so involved in this is that you don't want the first vaccines to go to the highest-bidding countries," Melinda Gates said. "There are 60 million healthcare workers [around the world]. They deserve to get the vaccine first, they're the ones dealing with this on the front lines, trying to keep us all safe."

"Then you have to start to tier from there, based on the countries and the populations," Melinda Gates continued. "Here in the United States, it's going to be black people who really should get it first and many indigenous people, as well as people with underlying symptoms, and then elderly people."
I have heard people say we ought to make Bill Gates a benevolent dictator. Nope. He and Melinda are anti-American.

This NY Times article brags about how a Chinese software company successfully conspired to sabotage a Trump campaign event. This is the same newspaper that has published a thousand stories alleging crazy Russian conspiracy theories about election influence, as if Russians helping Trump is the worst thing in the world. But China working against Trump is just fine, apparently.

Another crazy NY Times rant says:
I have rape-colored skin. ...

I am a black, Southern woman, and of my immediate white male ancestors, all of them were rapists. My very existence is a relic of slavery and Jim Crow.
No, her skin color is much more likely to be the result of Black men raping White women.

FBI rape data show that Black men rape White women about 10,000 times more often than White men rape Black women. If anything, her skin color is a relic of Black crime. If she is really against race-mixing, then she should be all in favor of Jim Crow.

Friday, June 26, 2020

The trope of the drug-crazed Negro

I posted evidence that George Floyd died of a combination of heart disease, Covid-19, and a fentanyl overdose, and that Minneapolis police followed recommended procedures for saving his life.

Not everyone agrees. So I am posting a NY Times op-ed denying the overdose:
My heart sank when I read the prosecutors’ criminal complaint against Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who is charged with killing George Floyd. It suggests that drugs were one factor contributing to his death.

Not again, I thought. I have seen the “drug-crazed Negro” script trotted out too many times when a police officer kills a black person.

And it could happen again in the Floyd case. ...

The trope of the drug-crazed Negro is old and durable. A hundred years ago, people believed that cocaine made black men homicidal, exceptional marksmen, and impervious to some bullets. ...

He also had 11 nanograms of fentanyl in his blood. ...

What’s more, the same amount of fentanyl that produces euphoria in a tolerant user can result in an overdose in a newer user. ...

There was a time when we had virtually no scientific data on drugs. This allowed racists and others to exaggerate drug effects in the name of subjugating black people. Now, we do have data — and yet, the scarecrow of the drug-crazed Negro persists.
Okay, maybe Floyd had developed a tolerance, but the fentanyl in his blood was triple the lethal dose for a new user.

The article says "11 nanograms", but it is really 11 ng per mL. If the author doesn't know the difference, then he is no expert on the subject.

The autopsy also confirms that Floyd had severe heart disease, and Covid-19.

I don't like to jump to a conclusion until I see both sides of the issue, but this article just convinces me more that fentanyl was the main cause of death. It doesn't give any reason to believe that the police contributed to Floyd's death. It does say that the medical examiner called it a "homicide", but he specifically denied that use of that term had any legal significance. In particular, he found no neck injuries.

The main argument is just that the drug-crazed Negro is a trope.

This is crazy. Opioids are killing 47,000 people a year, and 35,000 of them are White. 6,000 are Black. Floyd was one of them. Anyone who does not recognize this as a possible outcome of the court process is just lying to you.

The news in 2020 has degenerated to ignoring the facts, and just calling people racists instead.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

NASCAR trolled us with a noose hoax

Michelle Malkin writes:
On Sunday, as “news” of a “noose” hung in NASCAR D-lister Bubba Wallace’s garage spread across social media, I tweeted a long thread recounting all of the fake noose stories I’ve curated over the years, including the phony Oakland swinging weapons of white supremacy that turned out just last week to be … exercise bands. I cautioned, “If you don’t smell bullsh*t, you’re not paying attention.”
ESPN reports:
A crew member for Richard Petty Motorsports discovered the noose Sunday at the Alabama racetrack. NASCAR was alerted and contacted the FBI, which sent 15 agents to the track to investigate.
That's right. With rioting, vandalism, and looting all over the USA, the FBI sent 15 agents to investigate a stupid noose hoax.

The Oakland #FakeNoose ruse fell apart seven days ago, but no sooner had that fiasco ended than the NASCAR hoax erupted on Sunday. Racecar driver-turned-Black Lives Matter mascot Bubba Wallace claimed a “noose” was discovered in his team garage. A literal virtue-signaling parade convened. Establishment conservatives such as Ben Shapiro, Scott Walker, and Nikki Haley joined anti-American liberals in condemning “despicable” racism and declared that they “stand with Bubba.” Wallace appeared on The View to say that anyone who questioned his self-serving narrative was a “simple-minded” bigot who “offends me.”

Turns out, thanks to citizen journalists’ sleuthing and observant pit crew workers, that the “noose” was a typical garage door pull rope present in the garage at least 8 months before Wallace moved into it last week.
You would think that, with all the hysteria about Black racism, someone somewhere would find some actual example of some Black guy being mistreated somehow. Yet the most publicized examples are obvious hoaxes.

I believe the George Floyd story will eventually be considered a hoax, as there is very strong evidence he died of a fentanyl overdose.

You can be sure the anti-racism nonsense will continue in the Jewish news media and movies. The Daily Mail reports:
J.J. Abrams is committing to fostering an anti-racism environment at his Bad Robot Productions company, and beyond.

The production company released a 20-page guide on their Twitter and Instagram, titled Guide to Dismantling White Supremacy at Work.

The company stated they were, 'committed to dismantling white supremacy at work & at large' with their guide.
It defines white supremacy so broadly as to include most of Christendom. They are out to dismantle modern civilization as we know it, and you cannot even escape the propaganda when you want a Star Trek or Star Wars movie.

They define race and racism in a way that makes all Whites racist, and no non-Whites are racist. The idea is that racism means benefiting from system advantages of being White in a White society, regardless of whatever opinions one might have. They are especially contemptuous of Whites who say All Lives Matter or who try to practice race-blindness. They say all Whites are racist, no matter what they say and do.

Update: I tuned into an NPR Radio show this morning, and they had some guy saying that we should side with Bubba, and validate his feelings, whether the noose is a hoax or not!

I am beginning to think that the press knows that these stories are hoaxes, but play along anyway for political purposes.

Update: The NY Times and Wash. Post continue to try to spin this story. Bloggers solved this before those 15 FBI agents even arrived on the scene, and they point out that the knot was almost certainly not a noose. Everyone who calls it a noose is part of the hoax.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Schools teaching systemic racism

Here is a BLM essay by a White high school girl in a nearly all-White community newspaper. It has one dopey leftist talking point after another. She doesn't appear to know any Black people, so I just cite is as an example of how today's White high school girls are brainwashed. She cannot be expected to think for herself.

Surely our elite schools can do better. But check out this letter from Princeton University's president. It is no better than the high school girl drivel.

The main evidence for systemic racism against Blacks is the supposed murder of George Floyd.

If I were a White supremacist trying to discredit BLM, that is exactly what I would say. I might say:
The White society had no idea that there was systemic racism against Blacks until the George Floyd video revealed that a White cop can openly murder a Black man and get away with it.
Then when the trial proves that Floyd died of a heart attack induced by COVID-19 and a fentanyl overdose, we are back to denying systemic racism.

The PU president goes on to say:
It coincided with the appalling harassment of Christian Cooper in New York’s Central Park, an incident that demonstrated how easily a racist complaint could put a Black man in danger.
Now he seems to be trolling us. Only the White Karen woman was in danger, and she was the one who lost her job.

He trivializes the whole subject to bring up a silly dispute between a bird watcher and a dog walker in the park.

This is all like someone saying:
We must do something about werewolves. For too long, people have ignored the threat of werewolves. But at the last Full Moon, and elderly woman called 911 and reported hearing some dog barking. This threat is so commonly ignored that some teenagers were arguing on Facebook over whether werewolves or vampires were the greater threat. We ,ist do more to combat the realities and legacy of werewolves.
The PU president's statement is almost this ridiculous.

PU already admits as many Black students as it can. Not sure what more it can do.

It could try for some symbolism, such as this newspaper:
The Tampa Bay Times effective today will no longer publish the mugshot galleries of those arrested around parts of Tampa Bay. ... Several news organizations have discontinued such galleries amid criticism that they disproportionately show black and brown faces.
The last time the social justice warriors came after this PU president, it was for Woodrow Wilson. So he appointed a committee to enumerate Wilson's faults, and it determined that Wilson was a racist.

Yes, of course Wilson was a racist, but he had worse faults that were not enumerated. Glenn Beck and others have rated Wilson the worst XX century president.

The NY Times reports:
It’s actually illegal to kill any snake in Tennessee unless it poses a direct threat to you. Thing is, there’s never any reason to consider a snake a direct threat. Unless you’re the one posing a direct threat to the snake — if, say, you’re trying to kill it — a snake will simply sit quietly and wait for you to go away.
Oops, this article is about reptiles. I meant this article:
The sustained outcry over Mr. Floyd’s death has compelled many white Americans to acknowledge the anti-black racism that is prevalent in the United States — and to perhaps even examine their own culpability for it. It is as though the ability of white people to collectively ignore the everyday experience of black people has been short-circuited, at least for now.
If one Floyd video convinced these White Americans, what will they think if they discover that Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose, and the police were following procedure for keeping him alive?

Monday, June 22, 2020

Professor canceled for genomics work

Professor Steve Hsu has been fired as an Michigan State U administrator. He is largely known for is podcast interviews of various intellectuals, and promoting genomic research.

Here is a typical critic:
To me, though, it seems that he’s using Neanderthals and Homo Erectus and “things” with “really tiny brains” as a proxy for people of African heritage. He even went and said he wouldn’t want his daughter to marry a Neanderthal!
More recently, he had a podcast guest who said that there is no widespread racial bias in police shootings, based on the best published research.

Is there anyone who wants his daughter to marry a Neanderthal?

Saying Neanderthals are a "proxy for people of African heritage" is especially strange. Neanderthals were the least African people on Earth. I have more direct African heritage than the Neanderthals did.

It is also correct that the academic research on police shootings has shown that there is no widespread racial bias. Black criminals get shot at about the same rate as White criminals.

Hsu is obviously not a White supremacist, as he is not White. I have listened to many of his podcasts, and never heard anything offensive. Perhaps the most offensive thing is to say he favors eugenics, because he is involved with a startup company that does genetic screening to reduce birth defects. He has also talked about screening for positive traits also. This technology scares people, but the technology is getting better, and the Chinese are likely to use it even if we aren't.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Why are neighborhoods so unequal?

The NY Times reports:
Why are black and white neighborhoods so unequal? The explanation is historical and complex, involving race restrictive housing covenants that prevented home sales to minorities, banks that discriminated against people of color seeking to borrow money to buy homes, and strategic siting of interstate highways and public housing developments to solidify the boundaries of segregation.
No, segregation is never the explanation for inequality.

If Blacks were just like Whites, but living in different communities, then they would build`everything they need for a thriving civilization.

When someone says segregation is the reason for Black suffering, he is essentially arguing that Blacks are parasites on the White society, and that Blacks cannot do anything by themselves.

Jewish publications commonly have this attitude. In their view, the world is like a giant corporation, with Jews as the board of directors and stockholders, and White gentiles as the middle management and other white collar workers. The management needs to be constantly putting everyone in their places. The White gentiles need to be told that they are no better than the Black workers, but for the generosity of management, and the Blacks need to be told that they are dependent on the Whites.

A NY Times op-ed says:
One powerful lie that we were born into is that white people deserve different, better lives than anyone else.
The context for this is several widely publicized stories of Black men who died while resisting arrest. George Floyd died of a drug overdose. So I guess the lie is supposed to be that White people think that they deserve different, if they don't take fentanyl and don't resist arrest.

Leaked transcripts show that the NY Times decided to go all-in on Black racism, after RussiaGate and other anti-Trump propaganda failed.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Woman canceled for a 2018 Halloween joke

Reason reports:
A few years ago, something mildly embarrassing occurred at a Halloween party hosted by a Washington Post cartoonist: A white woman painted her face black and wore a name tag that read "Hello, My Name is Megyn Kelly," in reference to the TV host's controversial defense of white people wearing blackface. The intended butt of the joke would appear to be Kelly, not black people. Regardless, several guests approached the woman and explained to her that it was still not OK to wear blackface. The woman reportedly left the party in tears.

Suffice it to say, this is not a story that needed to be told. The woman is not famous, she does not appear to hold any power, and is not seeking public office. But because two of the aggrieved guests—a pair of young, progressive women—are still raw about it, and because we are living through a moment where no single person's humiliation is too trivial to earn them a reprieve from the forces of cancel culture, a pair of reporters have exhaustively chronicled the incident in a 3,000-word article for…The Washington Post.
No stable person is actually upset by a Halloween joke costume. This is a show of power.

The Wash. Post is evil. There is no defense of what that paper does.

The Left will continue to destroy people like this. Because they can. Until they are stopped. And they will not be stopped anytime soon. Get used to it.

Meanwhile, a NY Times op-ed argues that we should ignore the Black looters because they are just continuing a White tradition:
Our country was built on looting — the looting of Indigenous lands and African labor. African-Americans, in fact, have much more experience being looted than looting. The long history of “race riots” in America ...

Our bodies were loot. The forced extraction of our labor was loot. A system of governance that suppressed our wages, relieved us of property and excluded black people from equal schools and public accommodations is a form of looting. We can speak of the looting of black property through redlining, slum clearance and more recently predatory lending.
This Black professor is not helping. He is just reinforcing prejudices about Black people.

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Genderbread Person

Quillette essay:
This way of thinking about biological sex is now frequently presented to children in school using such cartoon illustrations as The Genderbread Person (shown below). In the purple box labeled “Biological Sex,” you’ll notice the terms “male” and “female” are not used. Instead, terms denoting the idea of sex as a continuous variable—“male-ness” and “female-ness”—are chosen. Many of the traits listed as defining one’s degree of male-ness and female-ness are secondary sex organs and characteristics: genital morphology, body shape, voice pitch, and body hair. Conspicuously absent from this chart is any mention of primary sex organs (gonads, i.e. ovaries and testes in the case of females and males, respectively) or the typical functions associated with sex, such as menstruation in females and ejaculation in males. There is also no mention of eggs or sperm (produced by ovaries and testes, respectively).

Apparently feminism is going to be brought down by transsexual freaks.

Meanwhile, Facebook is banning red triangles. Apparently it was once used for Commies. News to me.

The press keeps drawing attention to Black crime. Wonder why cops often treat Black perps as potentially dangerous? Is it racism?

According to FBI data, Blacks are 13.4% of the population, and 55% of known murder offenders in 2018. Ponder that.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

White women burned Wendys

Fox News reports:
Atlanta officials released photographs on Tuesday of a second suspect in their arson investigation at a Wendy's, which was burned down following the death of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks.

Images of the two arson suspects, both white females, were shared during a press conference at a fire station on Manford Road, according to Fox 5.
I don't want to give the impression that I am just criticizing rioting Blacks. No, the Whites are much more deserving of blame.

The Los Angeles Times, BuzzFeed News, NBC News, and MSNBC are among the latest publications to change their style guides to capitalize “Black” when referring to people of the African diaspora — something that industry leaders the Associated Press and New York Times have still not yet called for.
But they still use lower case "white" for White.

At the Columbia Journalism Review, we capitalize Black, and not white, when referring to racial groups. Black is an ethnic designation; white merely describes the skin color of people who can, usually without much difficulty, trace their ethnic origins back to a handful of European countries. ...

This all makes for a good start, but it will mean nothing if white Americans don’t make an effort to understand the whys and wherefores — which is to say, the history that delivered us to this precise point in time.
Okay, I hope all those Whites fully understand the whys and wherefores.

Meanwhile, there seems to be an effort to remove images of Blacks, like Aunt Jemima, from consumer products. I am not sure what that is supposed to accomplish.

Whites who support Black Lives Matter are especially culpable. If the movement sounds innocent, see their What We Believe web page. They want to disrupt the nuclear family, replace White Americans with immigrants, and kill cops.

Everyone must be onboard. Dissenters are being ostracized, fired, and deplatformed. Example:
The Boy Scouts of America says it stands with the Black Lives Matter movement and will require all Eagle Scouts to earn a “diversity and inclusion merit badge.”

Starting July 1, the scouts will also begin requiring all workers to undergo “diversity and inclusion” training and start reviewing all “property names, events and insignia, in partnership with local councils, to build on and enhance the organization’s nearly 30-year ban on the use of the Confederate flag.”
The Scouts used to stand for something. Now their top priority is to "enhance" a stupid flag ban.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Some colleges respond to market forces

A NY Times op-ed complains:
In recent decades, many institutions of higher education have increasingly been awarding money to students who do not need that aid to afford college. More than half of the 339 public universities sampled in a paper published by New America at least doubled the amount they spent on so-called merit aid from 2001 to 2017; more than 25 percent quadrupled the amount. About two out of every five dollars these schools provided in institutional aid went to students the government deemed able to afford college without need-based aid. The schools do it because well-to-do families, overall, bring the institutions more tuition dollars than their lower income peers.
So colleges offer discounts to recruit paying students. Why is that bad?

Next they will be complaining: "Car dealerships have been caught giving discounts to customers who can afford cars."
Generally, ever since the U.S. v. Brown University decision by the Third Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals in 1993 — which ruled that the efforts of M.I.T. and Ivy League schools to collectively determine the amount of aid they would award was an antitrust violation — higher education aid policies that rely on interschool cooperation have been discouraged. It’s a viewpoint supported by written guidance from the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice. In 2013, after the Council of Independent Colleges merely raised the elimination of merit aid at its members’ meeting, the Department of Justice under President Barack Obama opened an investigation.

While these laws make sense for other institutions, Congress should carve out an exception for schools. Inaction will mean furthering inequality.
It is called price-fixing. The law forbids competitors from making secret agreements to fix prices. Colleges used to do that. Now colleges are supposed to compete for students.

The op-ed is opposed to that.

Now that the colleges have shut down, they have discovered that their services are overpriced, and they will have to adapt to compete.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The blood shortage hoax

The NY Times reports:
As the coronavirus spread across the country, the nation’s blood supply faced a dire shortage. ...

Chris Hrouda, president of biomedical services for the American Red Cross, which collects about 40 percent of the country’s blood donations, calls it a “staggering” drop in supply.

“Our inventories have been cut in half,” Mr. Hrouda said. “We’re starting to get into a critical situation.”
I am pretty sure that this is a hoax.

Whenever I see an article start by declaring a "shortage", I scan it for data on how much the price has gone up. Simple economics tells us that whenever there is a shortage, the price goes up. Always. It is the law of supply and demand.

The price has not gone up. There is no shortage. The Red Cross has excess blood supplies that it usually have to sell overseas to get rid of it.

Occasionally I hear someone say we have a shortage of nurses, engineers, teachers, or some other occupation. But in nearly all cases, the salaries have not gone up at all, proving that there is no shortage.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Putin says USA gripped by deep internal crisis

The NY Times reports:
MOSCOW — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia on Sunday described the United States as a country gripped by a “deep internal crisis” and attributed it to what he said was a refusal by opponents of President Trump to accept his “obvious” 2016 election victory and his legitimacy as leader. ...

Russia and before that the Soviet Union, he said, always had “lots of sympathy for the fight of African-Americans for their natural rights.” But, Mr. Putin said, when protests “turn into mayhem and pogroms, I see nothing good for the country.”

He described the pulling down of statues as “undoubtedly a destructive phenomenon” and claimed that protests had at times been infected by “radical nationalism and extremism.” ...

America’s “longstanding” problem with racism, Mr. Putin said, had aggravated a deep crisis of legitimacy that “we have been observing for a long time.” Instead of accepting that Mr. Trump “obviously won in an absolutely democratic way,” supporters of Hillary Clinton “came up with all sorts of fables to cast doubt on his legitimacy,” he said.

Mr. Putin’s comments were broadcast Sunday evening on state television after a weekly television news digest that gave a picture of relentless mayhem on American streets. The host, Dmitri Kiselyov, suggested that the United States today resembles the Soviet Union as it stumbled toward collapse at the end of 1991.
I would not trust Putin or the NY Times, but these opinions are interesting anyway.

I am beginning to think that BLM is a plot to make Blacks look bad. The public image of Blacks is now that of lawless criminals who riot and loot. The ones held up as martyrs and saints are junkies and troublemakers who have a hard time staying out of prison. Even the sober protesters recite crazy ideas like defunding the police and abolishing the use of force.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

New riots over Atlanta shooting

Why have the police been so intimidated? Obviously they were scared of the blowback from the next Black man kiiled.

Reuters reports:
Protesters shut down a major highway in Atlanta on Saturday and set fire to a Wendy's restaurant where a black man was shot by police as he tried to escape arrest, an incident caught on video and sure to fuel more nationwide demonstrations.

The unrest broke out after dark in Atlanta, where earlier in the day Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said she had accepted the prompt resignation of police chief Erika Shields over the death on Friday night of 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks at the Wendy's.

The police department has terminated the officer who allegedly shot and killed Brooks, police spokesman Carlos Campos confirmed late on Saturday. Another officer involved in the incident was put on administrative leave.

Authorities have not yet released the names of the two officers, both of whom were white.

Images on local television showed the restaurant in flames for more than 45 minutes before fire crews arrived to extinguish the blaze, protected by a line of police officers. By that time the building was reduced to charred rubble next to a gas station. ...

Police were called to the Wendy's over reports that Brooks had fallen asleep in the drive-thru line. Officers attempted to take him into custody after he failed a field sobriety test, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Video shot by a bystander captures Brooks struggling with two officers on the ground outside the Wendy's before breaking free and running across the parking lot with what appears to be a police TASER in his hand.

A second videotape from the restaurant's cameras shows Brooks turning as he runs and possibly aiming the TASER at the pursuing officers before one of them fires his gun and Brooks falls to the ground.

Brooks ran the length of about six cars when he turned back toward an officer and pointed what he had in his hand at the policeman, said Vic Reynolds, director of the GBI at a separate press conference.

"At that point, the Atlanta officer reaches down and retrieves his weapon from his holster, discharges it, strikes Mr. Brooks there on the parking lot and he goes down," Reynolds said.

Lawyers representing the family of Brooks told reporters that Atlanta police had no right to use deadly force even if he had fired the TASER, a non-lethal weapon, in their direction.
Got that? Black man drunk or on other drugs. Resists arrests. Attacks cops with taser gun. White cops shoot man. Rioters burn down fast-food restaurant. Police chief fired.

This is life in 2020, and it is only going to get worse.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Why the Floyd cops will be acquitted

When the George Floyd cops go on trial, I am expecting the defense to prove:

* Floyd died of a heart attack. The autopsy showed serious heart disease that could have killed him.
* He had enough fentanyl in his system to kill him, as well as other illegal drugs.
* He had COVID-19.
* The death is consistent with both fentanyl overdose and COVID-19.
* The cops recognized him as a junkie and a criminal.
* The cops correctly diagnosed him as having Excited Delirium Syndrome.
* The cops took all available action to help him, which is to restrain him and call an ambulance.
* The autopsy showed no injury to his neck.
* No weight was put on his neck. The knee was just to block him from getting up.
* Chauvin appeared indifferent, but he was really a professional doing his job according to his training.
* If he intended murder or anything else illegal, he would have moved away from the videorecording.
* The rookie cops were just following orders.
* The whole process conformed to best practices, as taught by police academy training.
* There is no proof that any other course of action would have increased the survival likelihood.

For the prosecution, the main argument is that some uninformed bystander took a videorecording accusing the cops of killing Floyd.

I predict an acquittal, followed by more riots.

There probably are some Blacks who were wrongfully killed, but Barack Obama and the mainstream news media make the biggest issues out of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and George Floyd. Ask your self why.

Some news stories that it may be difficult to convict the cops, but I haven't heard any explain why.

I believe that our elites are looking to provoke race riots. They live in gated communities, and they depend on crushing the middle class. The middle class should be controlling this country, but the elites like to keep them distracted.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Biden is the liar in this campaign

The NY Times has another article arguing that Pres. Trump lies:
The lies and obfuscations pile up. No, it wasn’t tear gas used to clear Lafayette Park for President Trump’s Bible-waving photo-op last Monday night, Attorney General William Barr said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday. Rather it was “pepper balls,” he said. “Pepper spray is not a chemical irritant. It’s not chemical.” ...

As of May 29, the most honest man in America had uttered 19,127 false or misleading claims in his 1,226 days in office, according to Glenn Kessler of The [Washington] Post, who has been tracking them since Day 1. ...

Here’s the big deal. Mr. Trump’s lies are different. Not just in quantity, but also in quality. He lies for a different purpose than every other president
It goes on the explain that G.W. Bush lied to get America to fight a war in Iraq and waste $5 trillion.

But Trump's lies are different, because they are not intended to deceive anyone. The only lie mentioned in the article is the above description of pepper spray. The lie is just an attempt to use terms more precisely, while being completely transparent about what happened.

The same paper praises Joe Biden, saying he deserves to be President because of his expertise in delivering eulogies, as he has personally faced tradegy. It does not mention that Biden has a long history of lying about his wife's death, and many other things.

Trump is the most honest politician in my lifetime. He is open and straightforward about everything he does. Our previous lawyer President were always carefully choosing their words for political gain, but never telling us the straight truth. I am not sure Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden have ever been honest about anything.

But to the NY Times, Trump is the liar because his AG said that pepper balls were different from tear gas!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Black kids ask where Daddy went

The Hill reports:
Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden struck a unifying tone with mourners during his virtual remarks at George Floyd's funeral in Houston on Tuesday as Floyd's death sparks calls for racial equality and police reform across the country. ...

"I know you have a lot of questions, honey. No child should have to ask questions that too many black children have had to ask for generations: 'Why? Why is daddy gone?'" he said to applause.
Biden alludes to problems in Minneapolis, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Detroit, but these are all controlled by Democrats and Democrat policies.

Someday maybe those kids will learn the truth. America and much of the world have been taken over by lizard people, and they maintain their power by destroying the family and pitting non-whites against Whites.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

More Jews advocating Replacement

The Israeli publication Haaretz published this essay by a New York Jew:
Trump's Attacks on Antifa Are Attacks on Jews ...

When the right vilifies Antifa, it should remind Jews of who actually protects them when racists are on the streets. According to several reports, during the infamous Charlottesville rally when white nationalists shouted "Jews will not replace us," local cops refused to protect a synagogue and several churches from potential violence. Activists who identified with Antifa, however, did.

For many liberal and centrist Jews, that Antifa is unquestionably an ideology that sits on the far left, together with images of anarchists in masks marching directly toward columns of riot police, triggers discomfort, if not skepticism. Prominent centrists try to play a "plague on both your houses approach," denouncing both white supremacist militias and Antifa in the same breath.

But, the vast majority of Jews oppose the kind of right-wing extremism that in previous generations has put them in death camps. It might not be taught sufficiently in American Hebrew schools, but fringe left anti-fascist movements have been a defense for Jews when traditional liberal governments have failed them. ...

That’s why every Jew in America should oppose Trump’s attacks on anti-fascism.
He is arguing that all Jews should align themselves with fringe leftists.

Many Jews have centrist political views, but they are brainwashed into supporting Commies and other radical leftists. This article explains it, from the view of a Jewish publications. Jews are supposed to stick together political, and they have bet their futures with the Left.

An argument for this is that they must be on the opposite side of those who shouted "Jews will not replace us." That slogan refers to Jews who promote immigration policies that result in Americans being replaced by foreigners. This has been happening over the last 50 years, as everyone now acknowledges.

This article says that the one issue that overrides in importance all other political issues is this: Should Jews work towards the demographic replacement of the American population, or not?

In essence, this article is saying all Jews should oppose Trump because he is interfering with a Jewish plan to exterminate the White population.

Israel is working towards the demographic replacement of Palestinian Arabs in the West Bank. There are pros and cons of that, and I don't know enough about it to have an opinion.

I do have an opinion on the demographic replacement of Americans. According to this article, this is an issue that pits Jews against White nationalists. Maybe so, but together, the Jews and White nationalists are only 3% of the population. Today, the Democrat Party is almost entirely for open borders. This is the defining political issue of our day. It is too important to leave to the Jews and the White nationalists.

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Celebrating Jewish feminist pioneers

Here is a Jewish Journal essay:
“Mrs. America” explicitly celebrates the Jewish pioneers of second-wave feminism, dedicating episodes to Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan. As it frames the fight over the Equal Rights Amendment around a bigger culture war between “family values” — often a pseudonym for Christian dogma — it highlights how a group of outspoken Jews was the perfect foil. ...

In real life, Steinem used Jewish tradition to promote sisterhood. ...

One of the most heartfelt and undeniably Jewish moments in “Mrs. America” is when Friedan offers to make homemade chicken soup for stressed-out Bella Abzug (played by Margot Martindale), who is unapologetically Jewish on- and off-screen. ...

“Mrs. America” honors Abzug’s strong and complicated Jewish identity. On the show, she experiences anti-Semitism and is acutely aware of it. “Mrs. Carter thought you were pushy and loud,” the assistant to the president tells her in Episode 7. “You know that’s code for Jewish,” Abzug fires back. ...

Although “Mrs. America” bills itself as a series about Phyllis Schlafly, it’s truly a love letter to the Jewish women who stood against her and for other women. ... The heroes in “Mrs. America” and its creators remain loyal to “pushy and loud” — aka Jewish — women, despite everything.
I wonder how many people notice this. "Chicken soup" is also code for Jewish.

Opposing the ERA were Protestants, Evangelicals, Catholics, Mormons, and even Orthodox Jews, and they were often portrayed as being guided by some religious beliefs. But those are different religions.

Jewish women were promoting the ERA and other feminist causes, and they were guided by their Jewish identifications and beliefs.

As the essay notes, Jews oppose family values. I recently pointed out that a Jewish NY Times columnist wrote that the nuclear family was a big mistake.

Exactly why Jews are opposed to family values is a little harder to understand. Jews have families too, of course. But the above essay attacks family values as "Christian dogma", which is a derogatory phrase in a Jewish journal.

Watch Mrs. America, and decide for yourself. What is really the issue that energizes the (mostly Jewish) feminists? Getting a law guaranteeing equal pay for equal work does not satisfy them. They have a hard time explaining why they want ERA so badly. It appears that they want to destroy the American family, but they don't want to say it.

Monday, June 08, 2020

Marriage is on a long-term decline

The marriage rate is on a long-term decline, and we see explanations such as this from Psychology Today:
Why Aren't Women Getting Married?

New research identifies an interesting quirk in the marriage market that might explain declining rates of marriage (Lichter, Price, & Swigert, 2019). Taking an economic approach, the authors argue that there's a fundamental mismatch between what available men in the United States have to offer and what available women in the United States are willing to accept. Maybe, they propose, women aren't getting married because the highly desirable men are taken.
And Quillette:
Many commentators have also pointed to the inability of many black women to partner with similarly educated black men. ...

The discussion concerning the white community is more muted. ...

Some commentators — like David Brooks and Christina Cross — claim the declining marriage rate reflects its diminished value. In an article entitled “The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake,” David Brooks contends that prior to World War II the dominant family type was the extended family in which married couples were embedded within a larger set of family ties: parents, grandparents, and siblings. Once these extended relationships became attenuated in the postwar period, the stand-alone nuclear unit lost much of its value.

But Brooks never explains how abandoning the nuclear family would benefit unmarried mothers and their children. ...

There was also a 1.6 percentage-point decline in the marriage rate of white women despite a decline in the employment gap between married and unmarried white men. That suggests the growing educational gap between white unmarried men and women had a more powerful influence than employment.
All of this theorizing ignores a long list of anti-marriage causes.

From the 1960s to the present, we have had efforts to dismantle marriage by feminists, leftists, Jews, homosexuals, judges, etc. Brooks claims to be a conservative, but recites Jewish anti-marriage propaganda.

Examples: no-fault divorce, welfare disincentives, child support.

Sunday, June 07, 2020

The systematic racism hoax

A gigantic hoax about institutional racism is being perpetrated on the world. Almost no one dares say that the emperor has no clothes. One of the very few exceptions is a tenured Black college professor in the Ivy League.

If Blacks are being mistreated, then there should be some convincing examples of it. In the past ten years, the examples given by Barack Obama were: Professor Gates, Trayvon Martin, Ferguson Missouri, and George Floyd. However, in each case, the Black perp turned out to be 100% at fault, and treated the same as similarly situated White perps.

As I write this, there is some Black guy on NPR Radio complaining that he was once subjected to an unnecessary traffic stop. So what? That has happened to me over a dozen times.

Apparently Blacks commonly believe that Whites want to do them harm because of their skin color. I have never even met any Whites like that. I have met Whites who do not care to be around Blacks, but that is something else. There are also Blacks who don't care to be around Whites.

But systemic racist police brutality? It does not exist.

What is true is that Blacks commit violent crimes at many times the rate of Whites. If we have a problem where one race is terrorizing another, then Blacks are terrorizing Whites at maybe 100x the rate that Whites terrorize Blacks.

I am not counting a Black as being terrorized if he is being arrested for a crime.

There are Black protesters arguing that Blacks built this country, and Blacks can burn it down if they want to.

Do they really think this? It is delusional. I would like to see an honest accounting of what Blacks built in America, minus the costs that they have imposed on the rest of us. I am not even sure that number would be positive. But whatever it is, I am all in favor of crediting Blacks for what they have done, and letting them live in peace. So is everyone else I know.

But these protests convince me that a lot of Blacks, including Barack Obama, just hate White people because they always blame Whites for the crimes and bad behavior of Blacks.

Friday, June 05, 2020

Police are not killing innocent Blacks

AmRen essay:
There have been careful scientific studies of possible police bias against blacks — and Hispanics. Last year, this paper and, later, this correction were published in the highly prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. The researchers built a sophisticated database for all the fatal police shootings in 2015, and looked at them from every possible racial angle. They found that the race of people shot had no bearing on their likelihood of being shot, and that non-white officers behaved no differently from white officers. They therefore concluded that “increasing diversity among officers by itself is unlikely to reduce racial disparity in police shootings.”

Roland Fryer is a black economist at Harvard. He was angry after the deaths of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, so he did his own research on police killing. He carefully studied 1,332 police shootings in 10 big-city police departments. When he compared the circumstances of each killing, he, too, could find no evidence of police bias. If anything, police were more likely to shoot a non-threatening white than a non-threatening black. Prof. Freyr said, it was “the most surprising research result of my career.”
It is amazing how many respectable people, such as Barack Obama, are perpetrating the myth that white cops are killing innocent blacks.

CBS Sports reports
[Drew] Brees had been facing some major backlash this week after he said on Wednesday that he would "never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag" by kneeling. Several of Brees' teammates in New Orleans called him out for his comments, including wide receivers Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders.

Less than 24 hours after making the comments, Brees had an emotional meeting with his team, which led to the quarterback issuing multiple apologies.
This is embarrassing. He had to apologize for having angry delusional teammates.

I listened to the NY Times podcast try to explain "Why They're Protesting". Blacks think it is unfair that they get arrested in proportion to their crimes. Blacks are mad about slavery, centuries ago. Blacks say they built America, and they will burn it down if they want to. Blacks who are still mad about Emmet Till.

All of this is insane, and it is insane to treat such nonsense seriously.

The NY Times apologized for publishing an op-ed urging the use of force to stop the riots. Their Jewish columnist said that such opinions should not be allowed. This is just another example of Jewish efforts to destroy America.

Mattis complies with anti-Christian statement

A Jewish magazine proudly presents: James Mattis Denounces President Trump.

I read this, but there is no point. It is all bland generalities. The only specific gripe is something about Pres. Trump visiting a church across the street from the White House.

For that, Mattis makes his big break? What is going on? I didn't think Mattis was Jewish, but maybe he hired a Jewish ghostwriter.

The Jewish religion has no use for Christian churches. I get that. But it is really bizarre for a general to be so triggered by a President visiting a Christian church.

Mattis was in Trump's cabinet. Surely he could say something more substantive, if he wanted to. Apparently Mattis did have a previous dispute where he urged Trump to fight a Mideast war in Syria.

But his statement says nothing about his foolish Syrian war plans. He does try to imply Trump is a Nazi, which is more Jew-speak.

My theory is that Jews are just showing off their power. They own this general, and they hate Trump and hate Christian churches. Mattis is allowing them to make an anti-Trump and anti-Christian statement at the same time.

I doubt that any other President has been criticized for visiting a church. The rioters had set fire to the church, and probably wanted to burn it down. I guess Trump wanted to make a statement that churches would not be destroyed by rioters and looters. The Jews and Mattis want to make a contrary statement.

More and more, I get the impression that our mass media are dominated by lizard people trying to destroy civilization.

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Don't depend on somebody else's babies

The Republicans just kicked Steve King out of Congress. His biggest offense was this:
“You cannot rebuild your civilization with somebody else’s babies,” he reiterated. “You’ve got to keep your birth rate up, and you need to teach your children your values. In doing so, you can grow your population, you can strengthen your culture, and you can strengthen your way of life.”
The NY Times also said that he complained about the press equating Western Civilization with White supremacy, but the paper refused to reveal the context.

Most Republican politicians do indeed seem to favor replacing Americans with foreign babies. Sad.

Meanwhile all politicians, Republican or Democrat, can only grovel about how terrible it is that blacks like George Floyd are mistreated. It is increasingly clear that Floyd died of a heart attack, brought on by COVID-19 and a fentanyl overdose. The police were following recommended procedures for dealing with someone showing Excited Delirium Syndrome. The riots just show that we have a lot of citizens who are unfit for a civilized society.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Floyd died of Fentanyl and Excited Delirium Syndrome

OFFICERS from the US police force responsible for the killing of George Floyd received training in restraint techniques and anti-terror tactics from Israeli law-enforcement officers.
LawOfficer.com notes:
From the charging documents on Officer Derek Chauvin we hear, for the first time the issue of excited delirium.

We know Chauvin was concerned about it and that was the reason Floyd was subdued. We will know more when the body camera footage is released but oddly, that has not been done. Frankly, it makes us wonder what the footage shows and whether it supports the evidence of excited delirium.

The Western Journal of Emergency Medicine says that “Excited delirium is characterized by agitation, aggression, acute distress and sudden death, often in the pre-hospital care setting. It is typically associated with the use of drugs Subjects typically die from a heart attack and the majority of the patients die before hospital arrival.”

“All accounts describe almost the exact same sequence of events: delirium with agitation (fear, panic, shouting, violence and hyperactivity), sudden cessation of struggle, respiratory arrest and death.”

Once again, the body camera footage showing the initial encounter, discussions among officers and the call to paramedics about the issue of excited delirium will be a major factor in this case.

While much has been said about Officer Chauvin’s knee to Floyd’s neck, the medical examiner’s autopsy showed that Floyd did not die from from strangulation or asphyxiation. In fact, the autopsy showed no trauma to the body.
Sounds like exactly what happened. In which case, Chauvin may have been acting according to his training.

Did you know that the second autopsy was fake?
And before you respond with Michael Baden’s “independent” autopsy as reported by the media, understand that Baden is a hired man that also believed Michael Brown was shot in the back after looking at a diagram and that O.J. Simpson was innocent. Two specific items were noticed in his press conference that the media is not reporting.

He never said it was his “expert” opinion but rather his opinion. This is to protect his integrity as an expert witness.
Most importantly, Baden didn’t do an autopsy. He formed his opinion from watching the video and speaking to the family of Mr. Floyd.

Nothing he said can be brought into a criminal proceeding. It’s simply done to sway public opinion but we will get to him in another article. Back to the actual facts…….

According to the autopsy, Mr. Floyd had two specific drugs in his system, methamphetamine and fentanyl.

A narcotic that is 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin, fentanyl is associated with more drug overdoses than any other opioid.

And combined with methamphetamine, studies indicate that fentanyl has a higher chance of inducing fatal hyperthermia. And it just so happens that hyperthermia has a direct correlation with excited delirium.

Fentanyl is also unique among the opioids in its ability to cause muscle rigidity of the chest wall, diaphragm, and larynx. Known as “wooden chest syndrome,” it’s safe to say that the combination of this drug is a recipe for heart stoppage.

Combining the deadly effects of this drug combination along with the officer’s reaction to observing signs of excited delirium very likely paints the picture as to why Mr. Floyd ended up on the ground.

The American College of Emergency Physicians’ White Paper Report on Excited Delirium Syndrome recommends two specific responses by law enforcement if they observe signs of excited delirium.

Stating that “Deescalation does not have a high likelihood of changing outcomes significantly”

“The subjects require physical restraint (this is because if they continue to struggle it accelerates the death) combined with emergent sedation.”

“Once the decision to do this has been made, action needs to be swift and efficient, and performed with all responders present when feasible.”
I had never heard of Excited Delirium Syndrome (ExDS)
While not universally fatal, it is clear that a propor-tion ofpatients with ExDSprogress to cardiac arrestand death. It is impossibleat presentto know how many patients receive a therapeutic intervention that stops the terminal progression of this syn-drome. ...

It is important for LEOs to recognize that ExDS sub-jects are persons with an acute, potentially life-threatening medical condition. LEOs must also be aware that remorse, normal fear and understanding of surroundings, and rational thoughts for safety are absent in such subjects. ExDS subjects are known to be irrational, often vio-lent and relatively impervious to pain. Unfortunate-ly, almost everything taught to LEOs about control of subjects relies on a suspect to either be rational, appropriate, or to comply with painful stimuli.
So if you hear an expert on TV, and he does not mention fentanyl and ExDS, then he is either ignorant or lying. And if he fails to mention that the autopsy showed no bruises or other trauma to the neck, then he is definitely distorting the evidence.

If it turns out that George Floyd died of a neck injury, then I will have to revise my opinion. But it is appears that the police officers followed their training.

Update: The autopsy showed that Floyd tested positive for COVID-19, and even Baden admitted that Floyd had enough fentanyl in his system to kill him. Either condition could explain his difficulties breathing, as could the heart attack.

Author says to let the invaders in And to

From NPR Fresh Air:
When living things cross into new territory, they are often viewed as threats. But science writer Sonia Shah, who has written a new book — 'The Next Great Migration' — says the "invaders" are just following biology. Shah talks about the migration of people, animals and plants (especially due to climate change), and our misconceptions about "belonging."
She says that the environmentalists were anti-immigration about 50 years ago, until they realized the racial implications.

She doesn't say what those racial implications are, but it is clear that limiting immigration would interfere with extermination of the White race.

She is in favor of open borders, not only for people, but for plants and animals also!

She is hoping that climate change will send 100s of millions of climate refugees to the USA, to replace the population. Because wild animals migrate all the time, we should just let humans migrate like wild animals.

She makes reference to the possibility that an invasive plant or animal will displace and destroy other species that we would much prefer. She says we should just let nature take its course.

This is essentially telling farmers to let pests eat their crops. And to let other invaders destroy civilization.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Do not say that it was not murder

The Daily Beast reports:
A Louisiana police officer has been put on administrative leave after he wrote in a Facebook post that the death of George Floyd, a handcuffed black man who died in police custody, was a “mistake or misstep not an act of murder.” Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond has reportedly ordered an investigation into Sgt. Brent Mason to determine whether he violated the department’s social media policy. Floyd, 46, lost consciousness after saying repeatedly that he could not breathe while an officer held him down by kneeling on his neck.

Mason said in the since-deleted post that he had been training officers for 12 years and had been with the department for 25 years. He wrote that Derek Chauvin, the officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck, had “poor technique,” which is a “common mistake” made by police officers. “Normally this mistake does not result in death,” he wrote, adding, “where is the innocent until proven guilty!?” Shreveport PD said the “views expressed by individual officers on their personal social media accounts do not reflect” the department’s views or values.
I do not hear anyone say that Chauvin should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Now I know why. One can get fired for saying that.

If Chauvin were intentionally murdering Floyd, why would he do it in from of a live videographer accusing him of murder? It makes no sense. It is much more likely that Chauvin thought that he was following proper procedure.

Speaking of censorship:
Google Drive, at the request of The Washington Post, has taken down a user’s personal copy of the movie “Plandemic.”
Plandemic has some non-mainstream opinions about COVID-19, but that's all. It is bizarre to censor this movie.

Update: There are now conflicting autopsies in the George Floyd case. Obviously a lot depends on whether a neck injury was a cause of death. We have yet to hear Chauvin's story, and how he was trained to deal with situations like this.

Monday, June 01, 2020

Female social skills do not scale

Baumeister and Vohs write:
The large institutions have almost all been created by men. The notion that women were deliberately oppressed by being excluded from these institutions requires an artful, selective, and motivated way of looking at them. Even today, the women’s movement has been a story of women demanding places and preferential treatment in the organizational and institutional structures that men create, rather than women creating organizations and institutions themselves. Almost certainly, this reflects one of the basic motivational differences between men and women, which is that female sociality is focused heavily on one-to-one relationships, whereas male sociality extends to larger groups networks of shallower relationships (e.g., Baumeister and Sommer 1997; Baumeister 2010). Crudely put, women hardly ever create large organizations or social systems. That fact can explain most of the history of gender relations, in which the gender near equality of prehistorical societies was gradually replaced by progressive inequality — not because men banded together to oppress women, but because cultural progress arose from the men’s sphere with its large networks of shallow relationships, while the women’s sphere remained stagnant because its social structure emphasized intense one-to-one relationships to the near exclusion of all else (see Baumeister 2010). All over the world and throughout history (and prehistory), the contribution of large groups of women to cultural progress has been vanishingly small.
The above link also has some contrary opinions.

In other words, female social skills do not scale.

One of them has coauthored a new paper saying this:
The prescriptive values of highly educated groups (such as secularism, but also libertarianism, criminal justice reform, and unrestricted sociosexuality, among others) may work for groups that are highly cognitively sophisticated and self-controlled, but they may be injurious to groups with lower self-control and cognitive ability. Highly educated societies with global esteem have more influence over global trends, and so the prescriptive values promulgated by these groups are likely to influence others who may not share their other cognitive characteristics. Perhaps then highly educated and intelligent groups should be humble about promoting the unique and relatively novel values that thrive among them and perhaps should be cautious about mocking certain cultural narratives and norms that are perceived as having little value in their own society.
A statistician blogger suggests that the left-wing journal only published this because the editors did not understand the political implications.

As I write this, the city of San Jose California has announced a curfew this week from 8:30pm to 5:00am. Apparently they don't want their stores and police stations burned to the ground.

If our laws could discriminate better, the curfew would be aimed at the sub-population with low IQ and low self-control.

Between COVID-19 and the race riots, we could be headed towards a new social order.

Nike have denounced racism by switching their slogan to support protests in the US over the death of George Floyd, a black man killed at the hands of police.
So what happened? The Chicago Nike store was trashed and looted.