Saturday, June 20, 2020

Woman canceled for a 2018 Halloween joke

Reason reports:
A few years ago, something mildly embarrassing occurred at a Halloween party hosted by a Washington Post cartoonist: A white woman painted her face black and wore a name tag that read "Hello, My Name is Megyn Kelly," in reference to the TV host's controversial defense of white people wearing blackface. The intended butt of the joke would appear to be Kelly, not black people. Regardless, several guests approached the woman and explained to her that it was still not OK to wear blackface. The woman reportedly left the party in tears.

Suffice it to say, this is not a story that needed to be told. The woman is not famous, she does not appear to hold any power, and is not seeking public office. But because two of the aggrieved guests—a pair of young, progressive women—are still raw about it, and because we are living through a moment where no single person's humiliation is too trivial to earn them a reprieve from the forces of cancel culture, a pair of reporters have exhaustively chronicled the incident in a 3,000-word article for…The Washington Post.
No stable person is actually upset by a Halloween joke costume. This is a show of power.

The Wash. Post is evil. There is no defense of what that paper does.

The Left will continue to destroy people like this. Because they can. Until they are stopped. And they will not be stopped anytime soon. Get used to it.

Meanwhile, a NY Times op-ed argues that we should ignore the Black looters because they are just continuing a White tradition:
Our country was built on looting — the looting of Indigenous lands and African labor. African-Americans, in fact, have much more experience being looted than looting. The long history of “race riots” in America ...

Our bodies were loot. The forced extraction of our labor was loot. A system of governance that suppressed our wages, relieved us of property and excluded black people from equal schools and public accommodations is a form of looting. We can speak of the looting of black property through redlining, slum clearance and more recently predatory lending.
This Black professor is not helping. He is just reinforcing prejudices about Black people.

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