Tuesday, September 17, 2019

More anti-Trump fake news from the NY Times

The NY Times claims to have broken a story about some misbehavior many decades ago, and now the leading Democrat candidates are calling for impeachment. But the story had this correction:
On Sunday, the New York Times updated its story reporting a new assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, which had drawn widespread attention, to clarify that the woman at the center of the incident does not recall it.
With this story being the paper's biggest scoop in weeks, and with it being considered such political dynamite, it is surely the case that the management and top editors signed off on it.

And no one thought that it was important that the supposed accuser denies the accusation?

The NY Times is evil.

Monday, September 16, 2019

NY Times pushes white supremacist theory

Left-wing pundit Andrew Sullivan writes:
The New York Times, by its executive editor’s own admission, is increasingly engaged in a project of reporting everything through the prism of white supremacy and critical race theory, in order to “teach” its readers to think in these crudely reductionist and racial terms. That’s why this issue wasn’t called, say, “special issue”, but a “project”. It’s as much activism as journalism. ...

the NYT chose a neo-Marxist rather than liberal path to make a very specific claim: that slavery is not one of many things that describe America’s founding and culture, it is the definitive one. Arguing that the “true founding” was the arrival of African slaves on the continent, period, is a bitter rebuke to the actual founders and Lincoln. America is not a messy, evolving, multicultural, religiously infused, Enlightenment-based, racist, liberating, wealth-generating kaleidoscope of a society. It’s white supremacy, which started in 1619, and that’s the key to understand all of it.
The Dred Scot supreme court decision said that the USA was founded as a white supremacist nation, and various others have made similar arguments. I am just surprised to see the NY Times get on board with this view.

Meanwhile, NY Times columnist Paul Krugman brags in this video that white non-Jews are being exterminated. This is another theory that is blamed on white supremacists. When whites say that they are being wiped out, it is called a false conspiracy theory. But NY Times Jewish columnists say the same thing.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

The term Autism is becoming meaningless

The London Guardian reports:
The word autism means a lot of different things to different people. To some, it conjures an image of the socially awkward eccentric who, besotted by a narrow set of interests, eschews small-talk and large gatherings in favour of solitude. To others, it’s a profoundly life-limiting disorder that consumes every waking hour of a family’s life, a medical disability that entails unpredictable bouts of aggression resulting in torn upholstery, cracked skulls and savage bites. Severely autistic people have a life expectancy of 36 in the United States and 39.5 in Europe, while their parents and care-givers often experience PTSD and stress similar to that of combat veterans. Mildly autistic people, on the other hand, though far more prone to depression and suicide, can go on to lead productive and fulfilling lives, often blending imperceptibly into the wider population despite their idiosyncracies and social difficulties.

Many people now self-identify as autistic as though it were a fashion label rather than a debilitating disorder

Yet a report this week claimed that the difference between people diagnosed with autism and the rest of the population is shrinking. The autism spectrum is so all-encompassing that experts are now finally starting to question the validity of the term itself. After studying the meta-analyses of autism data, Dr Laurent Mottron, a professor at Université de Montréal, concluded that: “The objective difference between people with autism and the general population will disappear in less than 10 years. The definition of autism may get too vague to be meaningful.”
This is correct. The term has been expanded to include the severely mentally disabled, as well as many that are well within the normal range.

The fields of psychiatry and psychology are dominated by those with an anti-masculine bias, so ordinary male traits can show up as symptoms of autism.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Yale bans innocent grad student

Suppose you spend you whole life developing anti-racist credentials, but some crazy black women accuses you of racist profiling? Yale University had such a case. It ended up exonerating the student, but banning her from campus anyway.

Once she was outcast, others scrutinized her publications for traces of not sufficiently woke thinking. After finding a couple of sentences, a scholarly journal issued an apology for permitting a couple of sentences that some leftists might disagree with!

Academia has gone mad. Such differences of opinion should be celebrated.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The disappearing white middle class

From an academic paper, excerpted here.

So the only white women having two kids are the poor and the super-rich. And by super-rich, this presumably means having super-rich husbands. High-earning women usually don't have kids.

Replacement is a Total Fertility Rate of about 2.1 kids per women.

The middle class is also economically less viable. In California, only the super-rich can afford to buy homes. The poor sometimes get subsidized housing. College has become affordable for the rich and the poor, but a huge strain on the middle class.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Women say men are not good enough

The NY Post reports:
There’s a devastating shortage of men who have their act together, according to a new study that may not be so surprising to all the single ladies out there.

Research now suggests that the reason for recent years’ decline in the marriage rate could have something to do with the lack of “economically attractive” male spouses who can bring home the bacon, according to the paper published Wednesday in the Journal of Family and Marriage.

“Most American women hope to marry, but current shortages of marriageable men — men with a stable job and a good income — make this increasingly difficult,” says lead author Daniel Lichter in a press release.
The researchers asked women to describe their ideal mates, and then discovered that most of these women would have to settle for less.

They could have asked people their ideal car, with make, model, and price, and then they would have discovered that people would have to pay more than they really wanted to.

The same reasoning would say that there is a shortage of any desirable commodity.

If you ask men about the available women, you will also find that there is a critical shortage of marriageable women. Surely that is a much bigger contributor to the decline in marriage.

It is true that a lot of women complain that the available men are not good enough, but that would be true no matter how good the men were.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Gay newspaper disavows gay gene research

A front-page San Francisco Chronicle newspaper reports:
“I’ve said this multiple times: Why are we so obsessed with studying homosexuality?” Risch said. “Why not genetics of religiosity? Or genetics of homophobia? Racism? Why this?”

Risch joined many other scientists across the country in asking whether it is appropriate to keep spending time and money pursuing a genetic explanation for sexual orientation, when other human behaviors — never mind hundreds of heritable diseases — remain under-explored.

Geneticists have been hunting for a clue in human DNA that would help explain sexuality since the early 1990s, when a scientist at the National Institutes of Health claimed to have found a “gay gene” that was passed from mothers to sons. His initial work has never been successfully replicated, but dozens of other studies have been done since then looking for other genetic ties.
The article strangely does not answer the question. It is true that the heritability of homosexuality is probably not much different from hundreds of other behaviors.

The simple explanation is that the gay lobby did some market research, and discovered that the public was more accepting of same-sex marriage and other gay rights proposals if they believed that homosexuality was genetic. So they cooked up phony scientific evidence for a gay gene.
It’s especially unsettling when sexual orientation is already a stigmatized, highly political issue, and it’s easy for even the most benign results to be misinterpreted, Reilly said. Already, he’d seen evidence on social media of people using the Broad Institute findings to support the long-disproved concept that sexual orientation is a choice, because it isn’t defined by one single gay gene.
No, it is not a long-disproved concept. That was just the earlier propaganda that homosexuality is genetic, and not a choice.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Jews celebrate imminent GOP destruction

NY Times columnist Michelle Goldberg writes:
Toward the end of his new book, “R.I.P. G.O.P.,” the renowned Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg makes a thrilling prediction, delivered with the certainty of prophecy. “The year 2020 will produce a second blue wave on at least the scale of the first in 2018 and finally will crash and shatter the Republican Party that was consumed by the ill-begotten battle to stop the New America from governing,” he writes.

It sounds almost messianic: the Republican Party, that foul agglomeration of bigotry and avarice that has turned American politics into a dystopian farce, not just defeated but destroyed. The inexorable force of demography bringing us a new, enlightened political dispensation. Greenberg foresees “the death of the Republican Party as we’ve known it,” and a Democratic Party “liberated from the nation’s suffocating polarization to use government to advance the public good.” I’d like to believe it, and maybe you would too. But should we? ...

His confidence will not be enough to lessen the insomnia that has plagued me since the cursed night when Trump was elected.
I am just giving another example of how Jews think. She obviously believes that demographic displacement of White people will increase Jewish power, so Jews should work towards that end.

Sunday, September 08, 2019

Buffalo churches are now mosques

Salon mag reports:
Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia famously switched from a Christian church to a mosque in 1453.

The same sort of conversions have been taking place in Buffalo’s East Side. ...

Two mosques, Bait Ul Mamur Inc. Masjid and Masjid Zakariya, used to be Saint Joachim’s Roman Catholic Church and Holy Mother of Rosary Polish National Catholic Church, respectively.

And two other formerly vacant churches that the Catholic diocese was struggling to sell were eventually sold. One, Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church, was converted into a mosque, Jami Masjid. Another, Saint Agnes Roman Catholic Church, became a temple, the International Sangha Bhiksu Buddhist Association.
I just listened to an interview of David French, the conservative Trump-hater. He ranted against white supremacy, and against those who do not accept his adopted African daughter.

A lot of people do not agree with bringing in African children as pets, not just white supremacists.

His biggest gripe was about use of the word "invasion" to describe certain demographic changes. He wanted to stamp out the word as evil white supremacist propaganda. He seemed to think that it wrong implies that the invaders are hostile.

In fact common usage does not imply that the invaders intend to be hostile. People speak of an invasion of tourists, or an invasion of ants.

America is being invaded by foreigners who are transforming it into something else. The members of the Buffalo mosques are probably peaceful, and not terrorists, but they are still invaders.

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Weiss wants Jews to align with other non-Christians

A Wash. Post article attacks NY Times columnist Bari Weiss as if she were a white supremacist or a slavery apologist, but she is really a Jewish supremacist. To decide for yourself, see her latest column:
Since you are reading this, I probably don’t have to tell you that the news these days is not good for the Jews.
Now this is just lunacy. Jews have more economic power and political and cultural high status than they are ever had in their history. Per capita, they are the most powerful ethnic group in the world. Saying that the news is "not good" is just a way of saying that the Jews have not yet achieved world domination.

But the Jewish religion is to complain about imaginary persecutions.
For the second time in American history — and the second time in six months — Jews were shot dead in synagogue by a neo-Nazi, this time in Poway, Calif.
No, "Jews" were not shot dead. According to Wikipedia, only one Jew died.

I strongly disapprove of murder, of course, but one murder in six months is not a lot.
In the last week of August, there were three assaults on ultra-Orthodox Jewish men in Brooklyn — attacks largely not covered by the press perhaps because, as in a majority of anti-Semitic instances in New York, the perpetrators were not white supremacists.
So they are Blacks or Pakistanis? Why all the complaining about Whites? These are simple crimes, and such crimes are committed overwhelmingly by Blacks and immigrant populations, and Jews make excuses for them.
Conversion out of Judaism could never be the answer to anti-Semitism. That was merely self-mutilation born out of fear and despair.
Self-mutilation? Okay, it is clear that she believes Jews must maintain their hatred of Christianity.
As Wasi Mohamed, then the head of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, pointed out: ... Our [Moslem] neighbors understood that an attack on the Jewish community was an attack on them, too.
That is because the Pittsburgh shooter explained that his anger at the synagogue was based on its efforts to import Third World non-Christians and criminals into the USA.

The Moslem neighbors recognize that, and expressed their support for Jews importing Third World Moslems.

Update: The NY Times also just released this YouTube interview of Weiss. I have not watched it, but supposedly she says “Anyone who knows Jews in Europe knows that they all have a plan.” The plan from George Soros and many others is to flood Europe with Moslem migrants.

Friday, September 06, 2019

Wash Post wants to suppress the Reasonable Right

The Wash. Post slogan is:
Democracy Dies in Darkness
This sounds like a White supremacist slogan. That is, one could read that as saying that majority rule does not work with too many darkies.

If that seems like a stretch, consider this Wash. Post op-ed:
After the El Paso shooting, Ben Shapiro, a popular conservative podcaster, asked Americans to draw a line between the few conservatives who are white supremacists and those who, like him, aren’t.
Ben Shapiro is a Jewish supremacist, not a white supremacist.
Not all these figures identify as right-wing. They typically dislike President Trump but say they’re being pushed rightward — or driven to defend the rights of conservatives — by intolerance and extremism on the left.
She goes on to list a bunch of left-wingers.
The reasonable right’s rhetoric is exactly the same as the antebellum rhetoric I’d read so much of. The same exact words. The same exact arguments. Rhetoric, to be precise, in support of the slave-owning South. ...

They stressed the importance of logic, “facts,” “truth,” “science” and “nature” much more than Northern rhetoricians did. They chided their adversaries for being romantic idealists, ignoring the “experience of centuries.”
I learned from this article. Until now, I did not know why John Wilkes Booth shot Pres. Lincoln.

Apparently some people wanted to use reason, truth, and common sense to avoid the Civil War. That seems like it was a worthy goal to me, as the war was a disaster.
If you hear somebody lament, as Bret Stephens does, that political “opinions that were considered reasonable and normal” not too long ago now must be “delivered in whispers,” it might be antebellum reasoning. If somebody says — as Harris has — that our politics are at risk of ignoring common sense, logic or the realities of human biology, it might be antebellum reasoning. If somebody such as Nicholas Kristof says ...
These are all extreme Trump-haters.

The gist of this article is that reasonable people tried to avoid the Civil War, and now there are seemingly reasonable prople using truth and common sense to try to avoid Civil War 2.0. If the Left is going to succeed in its war goals, it must censor and ostracize these folks on the reasonable right and center.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Backpage.com may be innocent

Backpage.com has been shut down for alleged child trafficking, but Reason reports that it is all a lie:
In April 2012, two federal prosecutors sent their boss a memo about Backpage, the site that had, since 2004, been operating like a parallel Craigslist. What would unravel over the course of the 24-page document contradicts almost everything we've heard from federal authorities about Backpage since.

The memo—subject: "Backpage.com Investigation" — reveals that six years before Backpage leaders were indicted on federal criminal charges, prosecutors had already begun building a "child sex trafficking" case against the company. But this case was hampered by the fact that Backpage kept trying to help stop sex trafficking.

"Information provided to us by [FBI Agent Steve] Vienneau and other members of the Innocence Lost Task Force confirm that, unlike virtually every other website that is used for prostitution and sex trafficking, Backpage is remarkably responsive to law enforcement requests and often takes proactive steps to assist in investigations," wrote Catherine Crisham and Aravind Swaminathan, both assistant U.S. attorneys for the Western District of Washington, in the April 3 memo to Jenny Durkan, now mayor of Seattle and then head federal prosecutor for the district. Vienneau told prosecutors that "on many occasions," Backpage staff proactively sent him "advertisements that appear to contain pictures of juveniles" and that the company was "very cooperative at removing these advertisements at law enforcement's request."

"Even without a subpoena, in exigent circumstances such as a child rescue situation, Backpage will provide the maximum information and assistance permitted under the law," wrote Crisham and Swaminathan.
I am not surprised. Backpage seemed to be just a competitor to Craigslist. Because of potential legal liability, Craigslist has had to remove personal (dating) ads. Both operated on the principle that users can post anything, and then offensive and illegal ads get flagged and removed.

Reason also defends Johnson & Johnson. Yes, we have an opioid crisis, but it is not clear that these lawsuits will help anything. The tobacco lawsuits mainly just enriched some law firms.

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

How TV went queer

I junked my TV about ten years ago. No regrets.

The NY Times reports on some reality TV man named "Kai":
I’m a voyeur, so I might be biased, but what happens next is arguably the most pleasurable eight minutes of reality television in the last decade. It’s better than Justin Timberlake crying on “Punk’d.” It’s better than Kim Kardashian’s meltdown after she loses her diamond earring in Bora Bora, or maybe even the time a Real Housewife gets so angry she slams her prosthetic leg on a table. A night-vision camera shows Jenna, sleeping in the nearby communal bedroom, then cuts to Kai, who is lounging on an outdoor bed (are there any couches in this compound?) with a handsome raven-haired man named Remy. The two flirt for a few moments, kiss and then go ... right back to the boom boom room. Later, Kai crawls into bed with Jenna, who has slept through the entire debacle, and the two embrace. Although there’s definitely an element of reality-TV debauchery, those eight minutes stand out for showing the spectrum of human sexual experiences that queer people enjoy.
MTV used to be a music channel.

Monday, September 02, 2019

Long term American trend towards tolerance

From a Quillette essay:
Though it’s hard to appreciate it in the age of Trump, the arc of American history shows we are trending towards greater tolerance, not intolerance. Researchers at Harvard recently used data collected between 2007 and 2016 to show that there has been a dramatic reduction in both implicit and explicit bias about race. The long-term trend is that Americans are getting more tolerant. And there is little that white supremacist terrorists can do about it.
That is correct that there has been greater tolerance towards non-whites, Moslems, LGBTs, etc.

But there has been less tolerance of right-wing political views. In the past couple of years, many important views have been banned from Amazon, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. More and more the Left has sought to ostracize those of whom it disapproves.

Boston had a Straight Pride parade, and the anti-straights rioted, causing many injuries and arrests. So there is tolerance for queers, but not for straights.

Claims of hate crimes are exaggerated:
Last March, a number of media outlets—including The Washington Post, Business Insider, Vox, and The Hill—reported a startling figure: During the 2016 campaign, U.S. counties in which candidate Donald Trump held a political rally experienced a 226 percent increase in hate crimes over those that did not.

The Post reupped this claim in a recent article, and numerous Trump-critical politicians—including Sen. Bernie Sanders (D–Vt.) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D–Minn.)—seized upon it. "Mr. President: stop your racist, hateful and anti-immigrant rhetoric," wrote Sanders in a Facebook post that referenced the statistic. "Your language creates a climate which emboldens violent extremists."

But much like the unsupported idea that the hate crime rate is higher than ever, the 226 percent statistic doesn't quite stand up to scrutiny.

The source of the statistic is a study by political scientists Ayal Feinberg,
And of course white folks are leading the push for favoring non-whites:
But who preaches against the evils of white privilege? Well, white liberals mainly.

According to Pew survey data collected in 2017, 79.2 percent of white liberals agreed that “racial discrimination is the main reason why many black people can’t get ahead these days.” In fact, white liberals are to the left of blacks on this issue, with 59.9 percent of blacks viewing discrimination as the main deterrent to upward mobility. A similar trend can be observed in a 2018 ANES survey where 87 percent of white liberals reported that an increase in ethnic diversity would make the U.S. a better place to live.

White liberals were also the most likely to both support race-based affirmative action and the removal of racist books from public libraries.
This is why many non-whites prefer to live in a white supremacist nation.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Importing Nigerians to reduce inbreeding

What would people say if some Irish Catholic guy got power in Israel, and started systematically importing non-Jews and changing the laws to be a Moslem country? We would hear cries of Genocide.

Something similar happened in Ireland. It is being systematically transformed to a non-Irish non-Catholic country.
But it was in his efforts in the field of immigration that Shatter demonstrated real revolutionary zeal. Between 2011 and 2014, Shatter utterly transformed the Irish citizenship process, personally granting Irish citizenship to 69,000 foreign nationals. In August 2013 he took steps to expand the Irish asylum process, citing the Syrian Civil War as the reason but later conceding that the highest number of asylum applications was actually coming from Nigerians and Pakistanis. In fact, Shatter was so keen to boost the number of Africans entering Ireland that the rejection rate for African asylum applications dropped from 47% to 3% as soon as he took office. He was so celebrated in Africa that he won the Africa World Man of the Year Award in 2012. ...

If Shatter and Lentin weren’t enough, Twitter recently erupted due the recent emergence of Laura Weinstein, a New York PhD who now lives in Ireland and claims to be an expert in Irish history and culture. Of all the aspects of Irish history and culture she could have chosen to focus on, however, Dr Weinstein has decided she is most interested, like Lentin, in the “myth” of a homogeneous Irish identity and “right wing Irish nationalism,” and appears to employ her Twitter account, to a large degree, to the trolling of Irish political figures opposed to mass immigration. If Shatter and Lentin weren’t enough, Twitter recently erupted due the recent emergence of Laura Weinstein, a New York PhD who now lives in Ireland and claims to be an expert in Irish history and culture. Of all the aspects of Irish history and culture she could have chosen to focus on, however, Dr Weinstein has decided she is most interested, like Lentin, in the “myth” of a homogeneous Irish identity and “right wing Irish nationalism,” and appears to employ her Twitter account, to a large degree, to the trolling of Irish political figures opposed to mass immigration. Several days ago, for example, she responded to a post by the National Party pointing out that multiculturalism essentially results in identity crisis for all in society by basically implying that Irish opposition to immigration would leave the Irish like “neurotic” “inbred” “dogs.” She wrote: “Gene flow as a result of immigration prevents the negative impact of inbreeding. But, go ahead and constrain migration and gene flow if you want to create a race of humans that reflects the neuroticism of “pure bred” dogs. Just be sure to hold a referendum on inbreeding first.”
These are crazy arguments, as the article explains. It is amazing that the Irish were so manipulated by another ethnic group.