Friday, September 06, 2019

Wash Post wants to suppress the Reasonable Right

The Wash. Post slogan is:
Democracy Dies in Darkness
This sounds like a White supremacist slogan. That is, one could read that as saying that majority rule does not work with too many darkies.

If that seems like a stretch, consider this Wash. Post op-ed:
After the El Paso shooting, Ben Shapiro, a popular conservative podcaster, asked Americans to draw a line between the few conservatives who are white supremacists and those who, like him, aren’t.
Ben Shapiro is a Jewish supremacist, not a white supremacist.
Not all these figures identify as right-wing. They typically dislike President Trump but say they’re being pushed rightward — or driven to defend the rights of conservatives — by intolerance and extremism on the left.
She goes on to list a bunch of left-wingers.
The reasonable right’s rhetoric is exactly the same as the antebellum rhetoric I’d read so much of. The same exact words. The same exact arguments. Rhetoric, to be precise, in support of the slave-owning South. ...

They stressed the importance of logic, “facts,” “truth,” “science” and “nature” much more than Northern rhetoricians did. They chided their adversaries for being romantic idealists, ignoring the “experience of centuries.”
I learned from this article. Until now, I did not know why John Wilkes Booth shot Pres. Lincoln.

Apparently some people wanted to use reason, truth, and common sense to avoid the Civil War. That seems like it was a worthy goal to me, as the war was a disaster.
If you hear somebody lament, as Bret Stephens does, that political “opinions that were considered reasonable and normal” not too long ago now must be “delivered in whispers,” it might be antebellum reasoning. If somebody says — as Harris has — that our politics are at risk of ignoring common sense, logic or the realities of human biology, it might be antebellum reasoning. If somebody such as Nicholas Kristof says ...
These are all extreme Trump-haters.

The gist of this article is that reasonable people tried to avoid the Civil War, and now there are seemingly reasonable prople using truth and common sense to try to avoid Civil War 2.0. If the Left is going to succeed in its war goals, it must censor and ostracize these folks on the reasonable right and center.

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