Sunday, September 08, 2019

Buffalo churches are now mosques

Salon mag reports:
Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia famously switched from a Christian church to a mosque in 1453.

The same sort of conversions have been taking place in Buffalo’s East Side. ...

Two mosques, Bait Ul Mamur Inc. Masjid and Masjid Zakariya, used to be Saint Joachim’s Roman Catholic Church and Holy Mother of Rosary Polish National Catholic Church, respectively.

And two other formerly vacant churches that the Catholic diocese was struggling to sell were eventually sold. One, Queen of Peace Roman Catholic Church, was converted into a mosque, Jami Masjid. Another, Saint Agnes Roman Catholic Church, became a temple, the International Sangha Bhiksu Buddhist Association.
I just listened to an interview of David French, the conservative Trump-hater. He ranted against white supremacy, and against those who do not accept his adopted African daughter.

A lot of people do not agree with bringing in African children as pets, not just white supremacists.

His biggest gripe was about use of the word "invasion" to describe certain demographic changes. He wanted to stamp out the word as evil white supremacist propaganda. He seemed to think that it wrong implies that the invaders are hostile.

In fact common usage does not imply that the invaders intend to be hostile. People speak of an invasion of tourists, or an invasion of ants.

America is being invaded by foreigners who are transforming it into something else. The members of the Buffalo mosques are probably peaceful, and not terrorists, but they are still invaders.

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