Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Women say men are not good enough

The NY Post reports:
There’s a devastating shortage of men who have their act together, according to a new study that may not be so surprising to all the single ladies out there.

Research now suggests that the reason for recent years’ decline in the marriage rate could have something to do with the lack of “economically attractive” male spouses who can bring home the bacon, according to the paper published Wednesday in the Journal of Family and Marriage.

“Most American women hope to marry, but current shortages of marriageable men — men with a stable job and a good income — make this increasingly difficult,” says lead author Daniel Lichter in a press release.
The researchers asked women to describe their ideal mates, and then discovered that most of these women would have to settle for less.

They could have asked people their ideal car, with make, model, and price, and then they would have discovered that people would have to pay more than they really wanted to.

The same reasoning would say that there is a shortage of any desirable commodity.

If you ask men about the available women, you will also find that there is a critical shortage of marriageable women. Surely that is a much bigger contributor to the decline in marriage.

It is true that a lot of women complain that the available men are not good enough, but that would be true no matter how good the men were.

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