Monday, September 16, 2019

NY Times pushes white supremacist theory

Left-wing pundit Andrew Sullivan writes:
The New York Times, by its executive editor’s own admission, is increasingly engaged in a project of reporting everything through the prism of white supremacy and critical race theory, in order to “teach” its readers to think in these crudely reductionist and racial terms. That’s why this issue wasn’t called, say, “special issue”, but a “project”. It’s as much activism as journalism. ...

the NYT chose a neo-Marxist rather than liberal path to make a very specific claim: that slavery is not one of many things that describe America’s founding and culture, it is the definitive one. Arguing that the “true founding” was the arrival of African slaves on the continent, period, is a bitter rebuke to the actual founders and Lincoln. America is not a messy, evolving, multicultural, religiously infused, Enlightenment-based, racist, liberating, wealth-generating kaleidoscope of a society. It’s white supremacy, which started in 1619, and that’s the key to understand all of it.
The Dred Scot supreme court decision said that the USA was founded as a white supremacist nation, and various others have made similar arguments. I am just surprised to see the NY Times get on board with this view.

Meanwhile, NY Times columnist Paul Krugman brags in this video that white non-Jews are being exterminated. This is another theory that is blamed on white supremacists. When whites say that they are being wiped out, it is called a false conspiracy theory. But NY Times Jewish columnists say the same thing.

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