Saturday, September 07, 2019

Weiss wants Jews to align with other non-Christians

A Wash. Post article attacks NY Times columnist Bari Weiss as if she were a white supremacist or a slavery apologist, but she is really a Jewish supremacist. To decide for yourself, see her latest column:
Since you are reading this, I probably don’t have to tell you that the news these days is not good for the Jews.
Now this is just lunacy. Jews have more economic power and political and cultural high status than they are ever had in their history. Per capita, they are the most powerful ethnic group in the world. Saying that the news is "not good" is just a way of saying that the Jews have not yet achieved world domination.

But the Jewish religion is to complain about imaginary persecutions.
For the second time in American history — and the second time in six months — Jews were shot dead in synagogue by a neo-Nazi, this time in Poway, Calif.
No, "Jews" were not shot dead. According to Wikipedia, only one Jew died.

I strongly disapprove of murder, of course, but one murder in six months is not a lot.
In the last week of August, there were three assaults on ultra-Orthodox Jewish men in Brooklyn — attacks largely not covered by the press perhaps because, as in a majority of anti-Semitic instances in New York, the perpetrators were not white supremacists.
So they are Blacks or Pakistanis? Why all the complaining about Whites? These are simple crimes, and such crimes are committed overwhelmingly by Blacks and immigrant populations, and Jews make excuses for them.
Conversion out of Judaism could never be the answer to anti-Semitism. That was merely self-mutilation born out of fear and despair.
Self-mutilation? Okay, it is clear that she believes Jews must maintain their hatred of Christianity.
As Wasi Mohamed, then the head of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, pointed out: ... Our [Moslem] neighbors understood that an attack on the Jewish community was an attack on them, too.
That is because the Pittsburgh shooter explained that his anger at the synagogue was based on its efforts to import Third World non-Christians and criminals into the USA.

The Moslem neighbors recognize that, and expressed their support for Jews importing Third World Moslems.

Update: The NY Times also just released this YouTube interview of Weiss. I have not watched it, but supposedly she says “Anyone who knows Jews in Europe knows that they all have a plan.” The plan from George Soros and many others is to flood Europe with Moslem migrants.

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