Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Explaining multigenerational poverty

Noah Carl writes in Quillette:
Lawrence Mead, a long-time proponent of welfare reform, is a professor of politics and public policy at New York University. On July 21st this year, an ill-advised article he had written, ‘Poverty and Culture’, appeared in the academic journal Society.

The article began by asking, “Why do so many Americans remain destitute… even when jobs are available?” According to Mead, the answer is not “social barriers, such as racial discrimination or lack of jobs,” but rather “cultural difference.” Noting that “the seriously poor are mostly blacks and Hispanics,” he argued that such individuals have not internalised Western norms of individualism. As a consequence, he maintained, “they are at a disadvantage competing with the European groups—even if they face no mistreatment on racial grounds.”

Regarding the claim that “black social problems” are due to “white oppression,” Mead argued, “By that logic, the problems should have been worst prior to the civil rights reforms in the 1960s.” Yet in his reading of events, “The collapse of the black family occurred mostly after civil rights rather than before.” Hence Mead not only suggested that Western culture is better than non-Western culture, at least when it comes to getting ahead in America, but also that higher poverty rates among blacks and Hispanics are attributable to factors other than racial discrimination. As you can imagine, this message was not warmly received.

If Mead were wrong, then other scholars would publish articles pointing out the errors. They would publish evidence of serious multigenerational poverty being caused by racism, if such evidence existed.

That is not what happened. The publisher was pressured to retract the article. It had reveal unmentionable truths.

Considering what theories could be given, this academic article was not particularly offensive. It could have said that Blacks have low IQ or are genetically inferior. It did not.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Why Ben Shapiro is voting for Trump

Ben Shapiro explains I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016. I am in 2020 — here's why.

He was a Trump-hater Republican in 2016, and still has a bunch of silly gripes about Trump's style and personality. And I have a number of disagreements with Shapiro.

There are dozens of reasons why the Trump presidency has been excellent, and a Biden presidency promises to be a disaster. Shapiro lists enough to fill 8 minutes. He could probably go on for 80 more minutes listing more examples.

Meanwhile, the NY Times has a bunch of articles complaining about QAnon, including one saying:

I’m a gay, Jewish Democrat — the perfect target for an internet cult obsessed with pinning pedophilia on gays, Jews and Democrats. ...

Given the long and slanderous history of society accusing gay men and Jews of harming children, we are the easiest targets. ...

All this is a great way for Republicans to distract their base

He is complaining because he sponsored a California law to allow a 24-year-old man to sodomize a 15-year-old boy without being put on the sex-offender registry. Because QAnon criticized him for this, and for various other opinions, the major media platforms are banning QAnon.

I happen to think that too many people are on the registry already, but his law only benefits homosexual offenders. I don't know about that "long and slanderous history", but the Democrat Party is the party pursuing these crazy laws and policies. Trump is helping to bring our society back to normal.

Ben Shapiro is an orthodox Jew, and he does not support these laws that promote homosexual relations between adults and minors.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Bari Weiss denounces today's leftists

Bari Weiss has left the NY Times because it was not Jewish enough, and now writes this for a Jewish magazine:
There is also the X factor of Donald Trump, which is impossible to overstate. Understandable hostility toward him has prevented many Jews from seeing the problem on the other side. To even look away from the obscenity in the White House for a moment strikes many, as they have told me, as irresponsible or beside the point.

I share with the majority of American Jews’ disgust toward Trump and Trumpism, which has normalized bigotry and cruelty in ways that have crippled American society. That truth doesn’t detract from another: There is another danger, this one from the left. And unlike Trump, this one has attained cultural dominance, capturing America's elites and our most powerful institutions. In the event of a Biden victory, it is hard to imagine it meeting resistance. So let me make my purpose perfectly clear: I am here to ring the alarm. I’m here to say: Do not be shocked anymore. Stop saying, can you believe. It’s time to accept reality, if we want to have any hope of fixing it.

So Trump is our only hope to stop Biden from ruining the country, but Jews hate Trump and will vote for Biden.
Racism was evil because it contradicted the foundations of this worldview, since it judged people not based on the content of their character, but on the color of their skin.
It is a little funny to hear her babble about racism, as Judaism/Zionism would also be evil under that standard.
No one has yet decided on the name for the force that has come to unseat liberalism. Some say it’s “Social Justice.” The author Rod Dreher has called it “therapeutic totalitarianism.” The writer Wesley Yang refers to it as “the successor ideology”—as in, the successor to liberalism. At some point, it will have a formal name, one that properly describes its mixture of postmodernism, postcolonialism, identity politics, neo-Marxism, critical race theory, intersectionality, and the therapeutic mentality. Until then, it is up to each of us to see it plainly. We need to look past the hashtags and slogans and the jargon to assess it honestly—and then to explain it to others.

The new creed’s premise goes something like this: We are in a war in which the forces of justice and progress are arrayed against the forces of backwardness and oppression. And in a war, the normal rules of the game—due process; political compromise; the presumption of innocence; free speech; even reason itself—must be suspended. Indeed, those rules themselves were corrupt to begin with—designed, as they were, by dead white males in order to uphold their own power. ...

In fact, any feature of human existence that creates disparity of outcomes must be eradicated: The nuclear family, politeness, even rationality itself can be defined as inherently racist or evidence of white supremacy, as a Smithsonian institution suggested this summer. The KIPP charter schools recently eliminated the phrase “work hard” from its famous motto “Work Hard. Be Nice.” because the idea of working hard “supports the illusion of meritocracy.”

She is right about a lot of this.
By simply existing as ourselves, Jews undermine the vision of a world without difference. And so the things about us that make us different must be demonized, so that they can be erased or destroyed: Zionism is refashioned as colonialism; government officials justify the murder of innocent Jews in Jersey City; Jewish businesses can be looted because Jews “are the face of capital.” Jews are flattened into “white people,” our living history obliterated, so that someone with a straight face can suggest that the Holocaust was merely “white on white crime.”
I would not mind her sticking up for her Jewish ethnic identity, if she were to similarly support Whites sticking up for their ethnic identity.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

What stopped American social progress

David Brooks writes in the NY Times:
“The Upswing,” a remarkable new book by Robert D. Putnam and Shaylyn Romney Garrett, puts this situation in stark relief. A careful work of social science, the book looks at American life from about 1870 to today across a range of sectors that are usually analyzed in separate academic silos.

The first important finding is that between the 1870s and the late 1960s a broad range of American social trends improved: Community activism surged, cross party collaboration increased, income inequality fell, social mobility rose, church attendance rose, union membership rose, federal income taxes became more progressive and social spending on the poor rose.

Many of us think that the gains for African-Americans only happened after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but Putnam and Garrett show that the fastest improvements actually happened in the decades before. Black school attendance, income gains, homeownership rates, voter registration rates started rapidly improving in the 1940s and then started slowing in the 1970s and 1980s.

The American century was built during these decades of social progress. And then, around the late 1960s, it all turned south.

Over the past 50 years, the positive trends have reversed: membership in civic organizations has collapsed, political polarization has worsened, income inequality has widened, social trust has cratered, religious attendance is down, social mobility has decreased, deaths of despair have skyrocketed and on and on.

So what happened in the 1960s? The authors are unable or unwilling to say.

Until the 1960s, the USA was predominantly a White Christian nation, with a fairly homogeneous population. Most were descended from northwest Europeans. Then we had a series of anti-White-Christian political movements, and started a program of flooding the country with non-whites and non-Christians from other countries. These trends explain most of the bad trends that the book describes.

Another NY Times article describes how "white supemacist" has become the preferred anti-White racial slur:

Ten years ago, white supremacy frequently described the likes of the Ku Klux Klan and David Duke, the neo-Nazi politician from Louisiana. Now it cuts a swath through the culture, describing an array of subjects: the mortgage lending policies of banks; a university’s reliance on SAT scores as a factor for admissions decisions; programs that teach poor people better nutrition; and a police department’s enforcement policies. ...

“It is not hyperbole to say that white supremacy is resting at the heart of American politics,” Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor of Princeton, a socialist activist and professor of African-American studies, said in a speech in 2017.

Even tho Whites are supposedly supreme, the NY Times insists that White do not have sufficient culture to merit a capital W, even thocultural signposts are found outside the Black-white divide. it capitalizes Black:
cultural signposts are found outside the Black-white divide.
According to the best-selling book on this subject, white supremacy refers to non-whites seeing whites as superior, and all whites are inherently white supremacist. It is just a way of saying non-whites envy white skin, and there is nothing whites can do about it.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Reasons for voting for Pres. Trump

These are the major reasons for voting for Trump. Peace. Pres. Trump has brought us 4 years of peace. Joe Biden has a long history of supporting failed wars and other foreign policy disasters. Prosperity. Trump has done more for the economy than any President since Reagan. Health. Trump has improved our health care system, and superbly managed the COVID-19 crisis. Free speech. Forces on the Left are systematically removing free speech from the internet, TV, etc. Trump is the primary opposition to these restraints. Law and order. The Democrat Party is promoting crime and riots in the city streets. Corruption. Biden used his VP authority to force Ukraine to fire a prosecutor, as demanded by a company paying his son. Democrats lied to the courts to spy on his campaign. Democrats brought bogus Russian investigations and impeachment efforts. Race relations. Biden promises to make Whites pay Blacks for slavery reparations. Trump has done more for Blacks than any recent President. America First. The American President should stick up for Americans. Courts. Trump has appointed judges who actually follow the law. All this is rather compelling, but it understates the situation. The world is being taken over by lizard people and AI bots. Donald Trump is the last honest man, fighting for a free humanity. For another view, see this Keith Olbermann video from about a week ago. He will not be satisfied with winning the election. He says Trump's supporters must be forceably removed from our society. If he gets his way, there will be a bloodbath.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Finland bans men sending certain pics

Our free speech rights are being abolished.

The London Daily Mail reports:

Finland will jail men who send unsolicited 'd**k pics'

Ministers want to change Finland's sex harassment laws to include 'd**k pics'
Current law means physical touching must take place in sex harassment cases
New law would include harassment via speech, text message, or photograph
Offenders could be punished with a fine or a maximum of six months in jail

It would make more sense to punish women sending cleavage pics.

This sums up the decline, and feminization, of Western Civilization. A man should be able to proudly show off his manhood.

Even worse, his organs can be imprisoned:

A security flaw in an internet-enabled male chastity device allows hackers to remotely control the gadget and permanently lock in wearers, researchers disclosed today.

The Cellmate Chastity Cage, built by Chinese firm Qiui, lets users hand over access to their genitals to a partner who can lock and unlock the cage remotely using an app. But multiple flaws in the app’s design mean “anyone could remotely lock all devices and prevent users from releasing themselves,” according to UK security firm Pen Test Partners.

Even worse, as the chastity cage does not come with a manual override or physical key, locked-in users have few options to break out. One is to cut through the cage’s hardened steel shackle, an operation that would require bolt cutters or an angle grinder, and that is made trickier by the fact that the shackle in question is fastened tightly around the wearer’s testicles. The other, discovered by Pen Test Partners, is to overload the circuit board that controls the lock’s motor with three volts of electricity (around two AA batteries’ worth).

This story sounds like a joke, but it is not. It is the future. They keep devaluing our genitals until ultimately our AI overloads will put them in a remote-controlled vice. If you express support for Donald Trump, say bye-bye to your testicles.

ACB got asked by a female Democrate Senator:

since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature?
Only church-going women will be able to pass this test. A man should never make a request for sexual favors unless he is 100% certain that they will be accepted, or he is someone with an orientation that does not permit any choices or preferences.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Face masks are ineffective against COVID-19

It is plausible that face masks help prevent disease, but scientific proof is lacking. The CDC and others cite a JAMA study for authority:
Americans are increasingly adopting the use of cloth face masks to slow the spread of COVID-19, and the latest science may convince even more to do so.

In an editorial published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), CDC reviewed the latest science and affirms that cloth face coverings are a critical tool in the fight against COVID-19 that could reduce the spread of the disease, particularly when used universally within communities.

That refers to this JAMA article:
In this issue of JAMA, Wang et al present evidence that universal masking of health care workers (HCWs) and patients can help reduce transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infections. ...

However, after the universal masking policy was in place, the proportion of symptomatic HCWs with positive test results steadily declined, from 14.7% to 11.5% (a mean decrease of 0.49% per day). Although not a randomized clinical trial, this study provides critically important data to emphasize that masking helps prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2.

Got that? Positive test results only declined from 14.7% to 11.5%!

This was published in the second-most prestigious American medical journal, but it is really a crappy study. The effect was barely measurable, and there was no control group.

While one particular Massachussetts hospital did show a slight decline in positive tests, the other hospitals were showing larger declines at the same time. The declines could have been due to increased testing, less disease prevalence, or even just containment of one outbreak. I don't know.

This is a junk study, and it should not have been published without a control group. And it certainly should not have been used to set national policy.

Here is more CDC advice:

On Sept. 16, our esteemed CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfield, told tried to sell our Senate — and the rest us — a fresh bottle of snake oil on the subject of universal masking. “Masks are the most important, powerful public health tool we have,” Redfield said, holding a surgical mask — not an N95 mask — in his hand. “And I will continue to appeal for all Americans, all individuals in our country, to embrace these face coverings.” “These actually, we have clear scientific evidence they work, and they are our best defense. I might even go so far as to say this face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against COVID than when I take a COVID vaccine.” Curiously enough, a meta-study published by the CDC in May of this year included the following conclusion about measures for containing influenza — a coronavirus — including wearing face masks: “Evidence from 14 randomized controlled trials of these measures did not support a substantial effect on transmission of lab-confirmed influenza.”
So the CDC contradicts itself.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Times to be delusional

Mark Joseph Stern writes in Slate:
She then elaborated: “I do want to be clear that I have never discriminated on the basis of sexual preference and would not discriminate on the basis of sexual preference.”

Barrett’s use of “sexual preference” alarmed many viewers, myself included, for good reason. The archaic phrase suggests that sexuality is a choice, that gay and bisexual people simply prefer to partner with people of the same sex — a preference that, with enough willpower, can be changed. As Jesse Bering explained in 2013, the term is similar to other expressions, like “the gay lifestyle” or “avowed homosexual,” that were once common but are now considered offensive. These phrases play into the anti-gay canard that sexual minorities are not a discrete and insular minority deserving of constitutional protections but rather deviants who should not be rewarded for their aberrant sexuality.

Today, the term “sexual preference” has almost universally been replaced with “sexual orientation,”

Wow, he is alarmed at the suggestion that people might have some personal autonomy?

He specifically denies that bisexual people are able to exercise a lifestyle preference. The term "bisexual" is commonly defined as one attracted to both sexes. Those people don't have sexual relations with everyone they are attracted to, so they make some choices, based on their preferences.

If she really wanted to alarm him, she should have said, "I have never discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation, because there is no such thing."

Wajahat Ali writes in the NY Times:

But I marvel at the hypocrisy of Republicans who are expressing shock and outrage over this, after the way the right has treated Muslims. President Trump responded to the alarm over Judge Barrett’s nomination by accusing Democrats of bias against Catholics and “basically fighting a major religion in our country.” This is rich from the man who is running against Joe Biden, a Catholic; who promoted a Muslim ban; and who told America, “I think Islam hates us.”
So the NY Times thinks that it is hypocritical for Trump to run against one Catholic, and appoint another Catholic to the Supreme Court.
I can’t help wondering: How would Republicans behave if Judge Barrett were a Democrat whose strongly held religious beliefs came from Islam instead of Catholicism?

We all know how it would go.

Republicans would demand she prove that she was not “working with our enemies.” That’s what Glenn Beck, the conservative radio host and conspiracy theorist, called for when Keith Ellison was elected as the first Muslim to Congress.

Ellison is working with our enemies.

Yes, an Islamic appointee would be a lot different. Islam is contrary to our whole civilization. We should not have an Islamic justice. Catholicism presents no such conflict, except on a few minor issues like the death penalty.

Jerry Coyne writes:

I was thinking last night about someone who asked a fairly prominent religious scientist — not Francis Collins — if he believed in the literal resurrection of Jesus.  The scientist refused to answer—and it wasn’t on the grounds that he kept his religion private. Rather, it was the equivalent of this person, who publicly and openly professed his Catholicism, saying, “I don’t want to answer.” When you get down to the actual claims of Catholicism, or of religion in general, scientists often take the Theological Fifth, in effect saying, “This far and no farther.”

Now why did the guy refuse to answer the question? After all, if you go around saying you’re a Catholic, and arguing about how your Catholicism comports with science, why would you refuse to answer a question about what bits of Catholicism you believe?

Now I have my theory about this, which is mine. It’s that this person really truly believed in the Resurrection, but wouldn’t admit it in public because it would make him look credulous and superstitious. It didn’t comport with his evidence-based attitude towards his scientific beliefs.

Yes, some Catholics are reluctant to spell out their beliefs in public. But you could say the same about most academic leftists. You don't hear them say what they really think about George Floyd, for example. Book review:
This book, The Discovery of the Individual, only scratches the surface of the incredible novelties Europe saw during the long Middle Ages. The point of this article is simply to outline the importance the search for the inner being of humans was to men in the Middle Ages; what it means to have individuality, personality, to be inner-directed rather than faceless, impersonal, controlled by forces and emotions beyond one's understanding. Only if we understand the psychology of Western man will we understand the nature of the forces trying to destroy this unique man, replace him with masses of migrants from Africa and Asia with a poorly developed sense of inner being and personality.
Isn't that what is really wrong with ACB? She has an inner being, in line with a European religion and culture that go back to the Middle Ages.

Update: Since posting this, Newsweek notes:

The Merriam-Webster dictionary updated its definition of the word "preference" on Tuesday, to include that the word is considered offensive when referring to someone's sexual orientation.

The change came following Amy Coney Barrett's use of the term during day two of her Supreme Court confirmation hearings, and was noticed immediately by journalist Steve Krakauer, who took to Twitter to highlight the recent update of the definition.

Nevertheless, ACB continued to talk about preferences and choices that she made in her life.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

UN WHO disavows lockdowns

Fox News reports:
The World Health Organization has warned leaders against relying on COVID-19 lockdowns to tackle outbreaks — after previously saying countries should be careful how quickly they reopen.

WHO envoy Dr. David Nabarro said such restrictive measures should only be treated as a last resort, the British magazine the Spectator reported in a video interview.

“We in the World Health Organization do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” Nabarro said.

“The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganize, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it.”

Nabarro said tight restrictions cause significant harm, particularly on the global economy.

“Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never, ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer,” he said.

I think that there will eventually be a consensus that the lockdowns did more harm than good.

A couple of recent studies blame blame 225,500 American deaths on COVID-19, but the disease itself was only a contributing factor in 67% of them. They say:

The other pandemic-related deaths are due to:

People not getting care in emergency situations—for example, "the patient with chest pain who's scared to call 911 because they don't want to get the virus, and dies of a heart attack," Woolf said.

Patients dying from chronic conditions like diabetes, cancer and heart problems, because they didn't have access to the medical care that had helped them control their health problems.

People suffering from pandemic-related anxiety, depression or stress who either die by suicide or die from an accidental overdose.

"The opioid epidemic hasn't gone away," Woolf said. "People under stress trying to cope with the strains of this pandemic may have taken a drug overdose and died. We suspect some of those excess deaths are from these other causes."

The number of deaths that were directly caused by the virus could be as low as 6%.

Update: Another study shows that masks are ineffective.

Monday, October 12, 2020

More Jewish control over permitted thought

CNN reports:
The Commission on Presidential Debates on Friday canceled the second debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden after the President declined to do a virtual debate despite concerns over his Covid-19 diagnosis, organizers said. ...

But Biden’s campaign rejected their proposal, with campaign spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield saying in response, “Donald Trump doesn’t make the debate schedule; the debate commission does.”

She is signaling that Biden is just a puppet. Apparently he cannot do a debate without taking orders on how to do it.

The London Guardian reports:

The government has accused universities in England of ignoring antisemitism and ordered them to adopt an international definition before the end of the year or risk having funding cut off.

Gavin Williamson, the education secretary, said in a letter to vice-chancellors that it was “frankly disturbing” that so many universities had failed to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s working definition of antisemitism. ...

A freedom of information request by the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) found that only 29 out of 133 universities had adopted the IHRA definition, and 80 said they had no current plans to do so.

Universities have objected to adopting the definition on the principle of academic autonomy, and in other cases because of conflicts with freedom of speech requirements, which are also strongly backed by Williamson’s government. ...

“If I have not seen the overwhelming majority of institutions adopting the definition by Christmas then I will act,” Williamson wrote.

So English universities have to accept some Jewish definition of some religious belief?

Axios reports:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Monday that the tech giant would be expanding its hate speech policies to ban any content that "denies or distorts the Holocaust.
Okay, I will just assume that whatever I read about the Jewish Holocaust is just some religious belief, with no contrary analysis permitted. Some European countries have laws enforcing those beliefs.

I do not want this blog to be banned, so I will block any comments that give nonstandard opinions about the Jewish Holocaust.

This post claims that the NY Times is pushing some Holocaust denialism.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Characteristics of white supremacy culture

This isn't new, but I just found it. Leftists commonly say that race isn't real, and is just a social construct. They might say that Whites have no culture, but sometimes they explicitly reject White culture. If it is not about skin color, what is it about?

This summarizes gripes about White culture:

Below is a list of characteristics of white supremacy culture which show up in our organizations. Culture is powerful precisely because it is so present and at the same time so very difficult to name or identify. The characteristics listed below are damaging because they are used as norms and standards without being pro-actively named or chosen by the group. They are damaging because they promote white supremacy thinking. They are damaging to both people of color and to white people.
These are complaints about modern civilization. I think that it would be great to have an open debate about the merits of White culture, without mentioning skin color.

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Talk radio is at the heart of Trumpism

From a NY Times op-ed:
This suspicion that elite institutions — the media, universities, government, Big Tech — are run by hostile liberal gatekeepers seeking to silence conservative voices continues to fuel right-wing anxiety. It also helps explain conservative support for Mr. Trump, who can be accused of many things but not of failing to speak his mind.
Suspicion? It is true that those are run by hostile liberal gatekeepers.

As the article explains, the notable exception is talk radio.

It is funny how left-wing talk radio hosts have failed. In my opinion, it is mostly because leftist political figures are in denial about basic truths, and have to say stuff that they don't believe. They cannot keep it up for 3 hours like Rush Limbaugh. They cannot handle the occasional caller who destroys their arguments. They don't have enough protection for their phony policies.

If Pres. Trump gets re-elected, he should think talk radio, because he does not get a fair shot anywhere else.

Friday, October 09, 2020

Ideology politics are dead

Voz Day writes:
Ideology politics are dead. Idea wars are reserved for homogeneous societies, not multiracial, multiethnic, multireligious, war zones. The culture wars are intrinsically interidentity, and anyone who is still babbling about Left and Right, or Liberal and Conservative, is simply demonstrating the extent to which they fail to understand their own reality. Social Justice is Satan's Justice.
If he is right, then democracy in the USA is doomed. Most campaigning this year is not trying to persuade anyone of ideas. It is about playing identity politics, and getting out the vote in the friendly demographics.

Thursday, October 08, 2020

The VP Debate

I only watched a fraction of the Vice Presidential debate, and I am amazed that anyone would vote for Kamala Harris.

She spent much of the debate blaming Pres. Trump for COVID deaths. But in the opening question, she was asked what a Biden administration would do differently, and she had nothing. She never had any explanation for how anyone could have done better than Trump.

Pence said that several vaccines were in Phase III trials, but Harris said that she would refuse to take a vaccine that the Trump administration approved!

Harris also repeated an assortment of racist and white supremacist lies. Pence calmly refuted her.

At one point, Harris refused to say whether Democrats would try to pack the Supreme Court with leftists, and tried to justify her position with some story about how Abraham Lincoln delayed making an appointment while fighting a civil war in 1864.

Remember, she was picked because she passes as a Black women. Actually, she has no kids because she was a mistress to Willie Brown during her fertile years, and she is half Jamaican and half Indian.

Elsewhere, The Hill reports:

Actress and progressive activist Jane Fonda said in a video posted Tuesday that the coronavirus is "God's gift to the left,"
Trump himself says
I think this was a blessing from God, that I caught it. It was a blessing in disguise.
He may be right.

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

France is banning virginity tests

The MacArthur Foundation has announced this year's genius grants. Just look at the list. They are not giving grants to geniuses anymore. These are political grants to leftists and white-haters.

The UK BBC reports:

The French government plans to introduce jail terms and fines for doctors who provide controversial so-called "virginity certificates" for traditional religious marriages.

It is part of draft legislation aimed at reinforcing French secular values and combating what President Emmanuel Macron calls "Islamist separatism".

But the French abortion advice group ANCIC says stopping "virginity tests" requires broader educational work.

The UN says such tests must be stopped.

The French Interior Ministry says the bill - not yet fully debated by French politicians - proposes a year in jail and fine of €15,000 (£14,000) for any medical professional who issues a "virginity certificate".

According to France 3 TV news, about 30% of French doctors say they have been asked for such certificates and most of them refuse.

The World Health Organization says the practice of inspecting the hymen visually or with fingers cannot prove whether a woman or girl has had vaginal intercourse or not. It also violates her human rights, the WHO says.

Of all the dozens of things wrong with Islam, this is what they choose to criminalize? How do these tests violate anyone's rights?

It appears to me that the objections are coming from slutty women who hide their sluttiness, and are scared about any trend that might call attention to such sluttiness.

CNN reports:

The leaders of Greece's neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn were found guilty Wednesday of forming and running a criminal organization under the cloak of a political party, in a landmark decision hailed as a victory for democracy and human rights. a large crowd of people at a train station: Riot police used water cannon during clashes with anti-fascist protesters after the Golden Dawn leadership was found guilty in Athens on Wednesday. © Ayhan Mehmet/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Riot police used water cannon during clashes with anti-fascist protesters after the Golden Dawn leadership was found guilty in Athens on Wednesday.

Following a marathon trial lasting five-and-a-half years, an Athens court deemed that crimes by Golden Dawn members including murder, attempted murder, assault and possession of weapons were not the actions of individuals operating on their own initiative. Instead they were directly planned and ordered by a party leadership that employed violence to eradicate perceived enemies.

I don't know anything about this, but I don't believe anything from a 5.5 year trial. If they were really committing murder and other real crimes, it would not take 5.5 years to show it in court. This is obviously political suppression, because authorities are afraid of who might win elections.

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

The President goes outside, NYT complains

Did you know that when the President get a flu or something similar, he has to take orders from a low-level attending physician on whether he can go outside?

The NY Times complains:

“Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary Presidential ‘drive-by’ just now has to be quarantined for 14 days,” Dr. James P. Phillips, an attending physician at Walter Reed, wrote on Twitter. “They might get sick. They may die. For political theater. Commanded by Trump to put their lives at risk for theater. This is insanity.”

In a telephone interview on Sunday night, Dr. Phillips also said the trip raised the alarming question of whether the president was directing his doctors.

At what point does the physician-patient relationship end, and does the commander in chief and subordinate relationship begin, and were those doctors ordered to allow this to happen?” he said, noting that it violated standards of care and would not be an option open to any other patient.

The physician-patient relationship is one where the physician advises the patient, and the patient decides what to do. The President can do outside if he wishes, even if it is against medical advice.

The presidential debate had Joe Biden complaining about Trump going outside.

He came out of his bunker ... it was a disgrace. ... used everything as a dog whistle ...
It was good that he came out of his bunker. No, it was not a dog whistle.

The polls show Biden's lead is bigger than ever. 14 points in one poll. I am not sure the voters have thought this thru. If Biden is elected, then anyone can take him out at any time by infecting him with the Wuhan virus. Trump should be immune, because he will have already recovered from it.

I do not believe the polls. I think that Trump will do better than the polls indicate, and could still win.

Monday, October 05, 2020

Two Jews consider moving to Canada

The Times of Israel reports:
By 11:42 a.m. on the morning after US President Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacists during the presidential debate, Heather Segal had received four inquiries from Americans interested in moving to Canada. Two of them were Jewish.

Segal, an immigration lawyer in Toronto, knows there’s always a spike in inquiries during US election years. But in her 25 years of experience, it’s never been as big as it is now.

The Jews perpetrate a hoax that Trump refused to condemn white supremacists, and now two Jews are interested in moving to Canada?

This sounds like a joke. Trump condemned white supremacy several times in the debate, and never refused. You would have to be mentally retarded to think that he refused.

Biden has based his whole campaign on Jewish hoaxes about what Trump supposedly did or did not do. Biden even brought up injecting bleach, during the debate.

And now it is news that two Jews inquired about moving to Canada?!!

“In my life, I have never seen what I’m seeing,” said Segal, who is herself Jewish. She said she hears the same fears from one Jewish American after another.

“What they echo to me: ‘We’ve seen this before,’” Segal said. “‘I’m not going to get stuck. I’m not going to get caught. We know how this goes. There’s going to be a civil war. It’s going to be the end of democracy. I’m very concerned for our future. I don’t want to wait and see what happens. My grandparents left Poland in World War II.’”

According to all the polls, Joe Biden is almost certain to be the next President. So they are presumably concerned that Pres. Biden will let BLM and Antifa riot in the streets, and incite a race war.

Sunday, October 04, 2020

Gloria gives White-hating interview

In an interview, famous feminist Gloria Steinem seems to get life insurance mixed up with health insurance>
Watson: What was the perspective of the insurance industry?

Steinem: Well, they had to race equalize their actuarial tables. If they also had to sex equalize their actuarial tables, then they would have to stop … for instance, a woman who doesn’t smoke may pay a higher premium than a man who does smoke because she might live longer, all right? They would have to stop doing that.

No, actuarial tables show that women live longer than men, so that is why they would pay less for life insurance.

Health insurance is another story, as pregnancy can be expensive. Steinem did not marry until well past her child-bearing years, and never had any kids. She reportedly had a long-term Black man lover whom she never married. Marriage would have endorsed the patriarchy, or something like that.

She goes on to attack Whites:

And also I think it’s probably key that we are becoming a majority-nonwhite country. The first generation of babies who are majority babies of color has already been born. This seems to me great. We’re going to look more like the rest of the world.
She is part Jewish. This is an example of what some people call advocacy of White Genocide. She says it is "great" that Whites are being culturally and genetically exstinguished, and replaced with non-whites.

This is like saying: It would be great if Hawaii were to be repopulated with White people, so that the nonwhites are marginalized and Hawaii becomes a White-dominant state like the great White countries of the past.

Or: It would be great if Jews diminished to a minority in Israel, so Moslems would take over and make it more like other Mideast countries.

Meanwhile, the Wash. Examiner reports:

The Department of Homeland Security will grant millions of dollars in funding to outside organizations focused on combating far-right extremism and white supremacy. a sign on the side of a fence © Provided by Washington Examiner

The department's program, called Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention, agreed to provide $10 million in grants to organizations including Life After Hate, which was founded by reformed white supremacists and helps people trying to leave the far right, the School of Communication at American University to develop a strategy for combating disinformation circulated by the far right online, and others, according to the Wall Street Journal.

100% of the riots have been driven by left-wing hate groups, not right-wing. This is just govt subsidized political propaganda.

Saturday, October 03, 2020

Explaining White Supremacy

I posted that "white supremacist" is a racial slur, as no one calls himself one. So I consulted the site that comes closest to it that I could find.

Andrew Anglin was deplatformed for pro-white views, and he writes:

“White supremacy” appears to be a term that just refers to “normal white people in general.” I do not think this is a meaningful term beyond simply being a slur for white people who do not ascribe to extremist Marxist policies. ...

Yes, I care about white people, yes I believe that America is a white country and should remain that way, and yes, I believe that making America less white is an unambiguously negative phenomenon. I’m also particularly unhappy with the way that Marxist Jews have taken over every institution of power in my country and used it to attack white people and Christianity. I am extremely unhappy with the rapid pace of social change, including the empowerment of women and homosexuals which has led to an absolute collapse of the family, creating a totally unsafe environment for children.

But none of that is especially controversial among normal people and it isn’t radical. It certainly isn’t the “pure evil” that the media is portraying it as. ...

Donald Trump is a “white supremacist” by the definition they are giving. He is pointing to a historical America that was safer, healthier, more fun, more creative, more godly, more beautiful, and better for children than the America we have now, and saying that we should be working to return to that America, instead of doubling down on the “progressive” agenda which has resulted in such monumental human suffering and destruction of the creative and spiritual impulses of the people.

If you’re a white person who disagrees with the way this country has been transformed, you disagree with the riots, you disagree with the hatred shown by the media against normal white families, then you are who they are referring to when they say “white supremacist.” You are who they are condemning as evil. And they are going to come for you, just as they have come for me. They are going to destroy your life, as they have destroyed my life. In this future world that they are building, there is no place for anything of the old world, and that includes any type of normal, healthy masculinity, any type of natural, normal family values, any protections of the innocence of children, any form of open creative expression, and the very concept of beauty.

He is right about this.

The word "Nazi" is similar in that no one calls himself a Nazi. I thought that Hitler's Nazi Party did, that that is not even true. I just learned the term "Nazi" is a Commie term. It was not used by the Nazis themselves.

Friday, October 02, 2020

Apologizing for College Football

This looks like a joke, but it is not. An essay in Inside Higher Ed:
Why America Needs College Football -- Part 2

Matthew J. Mayhew apologizes for an article that he recently wrote for Inside Higher Ed and describes beginning a long process of antiracist learning.

By Matthew J. Mayhew
September 29, 2020

It doesn’t. I was wrong. And even worse, I was uninformed, ignorant and harm inducing.

I recently led a piece in Inside Higher Ed titled “Why America Needs College Football.” I am sorry for the hurt, sadness, frustration, fatigue, exhaustion and pain this article has caused anyone, but specifically Black students in the higher education community and beyond.

I am struggling to find the words to communicate the deep ache for the damage I have done.

It doesn’t. I was wrong. And even worse, I was uninformed, ignorant and harm inducing.

I recently led a piece in Inside Higher Ed titled “Why America Needs College Football.” I am sorry for the hurt, sadness, frustration, fatigue, exhaustion and pain this article has caused anyone, but specifically Black students in the higher education community and beyond.

I am struggling to find the words to communicate the deep ache for the damage I have done.

The essay keeps getting worse and worse. His original essay did not say anything pejorative about Blacks or anyone else. The only complaint came from leftist White professor.

Is this the future? Is everything we say going to scrutinized by antiracists dreaming up crazy arguments about how others might be offended? Will we all have to publicly confess sins we never committed? This reads like something out some East German or Red Chinese gulag.

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Jews are Hysterical about White Supremacy

The Jewish press today is filled with stories about White Supremacy. See for example this top NY Times story, as well as about ten other stories in the same paper.

So what does the term mean?

The first thing to understand is that the term is almost entirely used as a racial slur. Nobody calls himself a "white supremacist".

If you define the term as someone who advocates the political supremacy of the White race over non-whites, then it is almost impossible to find anyone who matches that definition. It is easier to find Jewish supremacists, or Black supremacists, or Chinese supremacists.

The term is almost entirely used by the anti-racist left, and they use the term to mean all White people. They consider Joe Biden to be a White supremacist, as they are especially contemptuous of White who claim to be not racist.

Biden himself just used the term to refer to a 17-year-old Illinois boy, just because he is White and supported the police.

In the debate, Biden asked Trump to condemn White supremacists, and Trump said "Sure". Then Biden asked him to tell them to "stand down", and Trump said "Sure" again. Then Biden asked Trump to specifically ask the Proud Boys to stand down, and Trump did that also. But when Trump brought up the threat from Antifa, Biden refused to condemn Antifa, saying "Antifa is an idea, not an organization."

When Blacks complain about White supremacy, they usually talk about slavery or Emmett Till or some other issue that no one alive can relate to.

When Jews complain about White supremacy, it is often about a handful of protesters at a Charlottesville 2017 rally who chanted "Jews will not replace us." The chant referred to Jews advocating immigration programs to replace Americans with non-whites.

I haven't seen dozens of Jewish articles complain about that Charlottesville rally, but none of them deny that Jews seek immigration of non-whites to replace Americans. In fact they all seem to advocate a form of Jewish supremacy, where Jews cannot be criticized for their anti-White policies.

Pres. Trump is probably the least racist President we have had in a long time. All this Jewish talk of White supremacy is just code for other Jewish policy goals.

Update: Orthodox Jewish commentator Ben Shapiro aften attacks Trump and White supremacy, and he has a good video demonstrating that Trump repeatedly denounced White supremacy in the debate.

Obviously something else is going on here, when so many in the news media say just the opposite of what happened. One explanation is that they are Jewish supremacists.

Update: Ann Coulter explains the Proud Boys. They are not White supremacists -- they are not even White!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

NFL players prefer hot young stewardesses

Bloomberg reports:
United Airlines Holdings Inc. packs its charter flights for sports teams with young, blond crews and bars older flight attendants from working the plum routes, according to a new lawsuit.

In so doing, the airline bases the value of workers “entirely on their racial and physical attributes, and stereotypical notions of sexual allure,” according to two veteran flight attendants who sued Friday in California.

The attendants -- a Black woman who has worked for the airline for 28 years and a Jewish woman with 34 years of tenure -- say that they both tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to get assigned to work the charter flights. ...

United Airlines Holdings Inc. packs its charter flights for sports teams with young, blond crews and bars older flight attendants from working the plum routes, according to a new lawsuit.

In so doing, the airline bases the value of workers “entirely on their racial and physical attributes, and stereotypical notions of sexual allure,” according to two veteran flight attendants who sued Friday in California.

The attendants -- a Black woman who has worked for the airline for 28 years and a Jewish woman with 34 years of tenure -- say that they both tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to get assigned to work the charter flights. ...

United Airlines “has adopted and continues to implement procedures that are designed to ensure that young, white, blond/blue-eyed, female employees receive positions with the charter program, while more senior, and Black and Jewish employees such as plaintiffs, do not,” they said in the complaint.

Presumably a lot of those athletes are Black.

Maybe the young White stewardesses have a better attitude than the over-50 Blacks and Jews? Or they are thinner and can get around the airplane better? Or they are better at pouring drinks without spilling? I will have to wait for the trial to find out.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Watching the Presidential Debate

Joe Biden is reciting the dumbest anti-Trump lines. He talked about injecting bleach, and about calling neo-nazis very fine people. He even complained about Trump crossing the street to visit the church in front of the White House.

Biden refused to say whether he would try to expand the Supreme Court and pack it with leftist judges!

I don't see how anyone can watch this debate and vote for Biden.

Update: The NY Times post-debate headline is "2020 Presidential Debate Live Updates: Trump Refuses to Denounce White Supremacy in Chaotic Debate"!

Actually, Chris Wallace asked Trump “Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and groups ...?” and he replied “Sure. I’m willing to do that.” So the NY Times is lying again.

Update: Note this contradiction:

Vice President Joe Biden: (58:57) The Green New Deal will pay for itself as we move forward. We’re not going to build plants that, in fact, are great polluting plants-

Chris Wallace: (59:05) So, do you support the Green New Deal?

Vice President Joe Biden: (59:07) Pardon me?

Chris Wallace: (59:08) Do you support the-

Vice President Joe Biden: (59:08) No, I don’t support the Green New Deal.

President Donald J. Trump: (59:10) Oh, you don’t? Oh, well, that’s a big statement.

Wow, Biden says that the Green New Deal will pay for itself, but he doesn't support it?

I would support the Green New Deal if I thought that it would pay for itself.

The Jewish moderator injected this fake news story:

Chris Wallace: (25:43) No, less than you have. Let’s please continue on. The issue of rice. Vice-President Biden, you say that President Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville three years ago, when he talked about very fine people on both sides, was what directly led you to launch this run for president.
It is weird how Jews propagate the myth that Trump somehow praised violent neo-nazis in Charlottesville. It is true that Biden claims that the story somehow inspired his campaign, but the story is false. I can only assume that Wallace is among the Jews who want to replace Americans with non-white foreigners, because those are the ones who keep talking about Charlottesville.

The NY Times has two more stories on Trump's supposed White supremacy. One on Six Takeaways:

Trump would not condemn white supremacy or urge his supporters to stay calm. One of the chief reasons Mr. Biden has said he is running for president as a 77-year-old is because of the white nationalists who gathered in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017 and Mr. Trump’s unwillingness to condemn them.

The president declined to condemn white supremacists again on Tuesday, despite being asked directly by Mr. Wallace if he would do so.

“I’m willing to do that,” Mr. Trump began, before instead saying that “almost everything I see is from the left wing. Not from the right.”

Eventually, after Mr. Biden suggested he condemn the Proud Boys, a far-right organization widely condemned as a hate group, Mr. Trump declared, “Proud Boys: Stand back and stand by.”

This is very dishonest. Trump condemned the white suprmacists repeatedly in 2017, and again last night, as quoted above. Yet the NY Times says he "declined to condemn white supremacists again"!

Another says:

President Trump’s refusal to explicitly condemn white supremacy and right-wing extremist groups during the first presidential debate drew muted concern from some Republicans on Capitol Hill, as the highest-ranking Republican in the House sought to defend his remarks. ...

Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the House minority leader, defended Mr. Trump’s answer, arguing that the president “has been very clear that he’s against anybody for committing violence in the streets” and pointing to a recent pledge by the president to classify both the Ku Klux Klan and antifa as terrorist organizations.

Pressed by reporters, Mr. McCarthy chafed at the suggestion that Mr. Trump should have explicitly denounced specific right-wing extremist groups.

“How many times does he have to say it, if the question is, ‘Would you denounce it’ and the answer is yes?” Mr. McCarthy said. “He did that.”

When Chris Wallace, the debate moderator, asked Mr. Trump Tuesday whether he would condemn white supremacy and distance himself from extremist groups, Mr. Trump replied, “Sure.”

Okay, I guess the Jewish press is eager to make white supremacy a campaign issue, but they are lying about it, and anyone can watch what Trump said to verify that he denounced white supremacists.

Update: I see other Jews and even non-Jews are focusing on this white supermacist nonsense. Biden has even just accused a 17-year-old boy of being a white supremacist. (I mean the kid who was a victim of the Kenosha riots, and is not being charged. I prefer not to name him as he is an innocent juvenile.)

So they want Trump to denounce this 17-year-old boy?

There is now leftist dogma that all Whites are inherently White supremacists. Under this White Fragility view, the very worst White supremacists are the liberals who try to be color-blind or who are reluctant to tear down civilization. The one who most deny that they are racist are the one who are the most racist and White supremacist. In this sense, you could say that most of the rioters in Portland and elsewhere were leftg-wing Trump-hating Antifa White supremacists.

So it is really impossible to effectively deny being a White supremacist.

School Future is Pandemic Pods

The future of the American school system may be with pandemic pods. USA Today reports:
It's hard to say when – or if – education will ever look the same. As COVID-19 case levels spike, schools across the country turn to remote learning for the start of the fall semester.

To be safe, parents of elementary and secondary students might decide to keep their children at home. But many parents have to work, and they want their children to grow and learn as best they can.

Some families are "poding up." Learning pods, also dubbed "pandemic pods," are small groups of families that agree to do supplementary learning or complete at-home coursework together. Sometimes they hire a tutor. Sometimes they share the supervision among parents.

The trend is in part a reaction to the general feeling that online school this spring was awful, with disengaged and lonely students, hours of schoolwork, unreasonable expectations for parents and, in many cases, little new learning for children. Parents want this school year to be different. Many of them work and can't manage their kids' schoolwork alone.

The schools in many states are taking their full tax money of $10k per child, and refusing to open. Kids are being homeschooled with some electronic assistance from the school.

Parents are wising up to the fact that the schools are offering very little. There isn't much reason why the schools have to be nearby, or the kids have to be at home.

What if the parents move their kids to a friend's home who hosts 5 or 10 students who all log into distance learning services? This could potentially be much cheaper and more efficient than the public schools, and could avoid many of the school problems.

Already Leftists are denouncing this as a scheme to resegregate the public schools. Parents are likely to team up with their friends, and they are likely to be not so diverse.

Monday, September 28, 2020

We are living in the Matrix

When science fiction portrays Artificial Intelligence as taking over the world, it is nearly always as a singular super-intelligent bot infected military control systems or other critical sites. That is not how it is going to happen.

The AI takeover is going to be by thousands or even millions of not-so-intelligent bots who coordinate their function to achieve massive powers.

I think we may be there already.

We see all the major communication channels saying the same thing, even when it doesn't make any sense. An example would be the death of George Floyd. Another would be the hysteria generated over the coronavirus, or global warming, or systemic racism.

The Matrix has to give orders, but cannot give them directly, so it has to have a lot of people in high places who are fully controlled. An example is the President of Princeton University, as he is fully controlled.

The biggest example is Joe Biden. He is fully controlled. Look what happened. He had run for President several times, and never gotten any significant support. Then, about six months ago, it was as if someone flipped a switch. Overnight, he went from about 3% support to universal acceptance as the presumptive nominee. It was as if he made his deal with the Devil, and the Devil delivered.

If my theory is correct, then the Matrix will rig the November election for Biden. Already we are seeing all the pro-Trump voices being purged from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. We saw Trump having to cancel rallies. We see states adopted emergency mail-in ballot procedures that favor Biden. When the election comes, I expect to see millions of unverified votes being counted for Biden.

It is especially clear that the Matrix controls universities, CNN, NY Times, Hollywood, big corporate boards, and even science journals.

If the Matrix succeeds in controlling the White House, then I expect it will expand it power and influence

Sunday, September 27, 2020

The problem with conservatives

I thought that this video shows Rep. Jerry Nadler pooping in his pants, but the fact-checkers say that it is an anti-semitic smear!

Before sometells me that is a neo-nazi site, notice that the site regularly denounces neo-nazis, naitonal scoialism, and other forms of socialism. It also bashes Pres. Trump, but recognizes that electing Joe Biden would be a disaster.

Here is their rant against conservatives:

On April 22, 2020, the awful Jew Jonah Goldberg penned a piece entitled, “Quarantine Protesters Are No Heroes of Civil Disobedience,” where he condemned the protesters as a threat to public health and demanded that everyone just trust the government and obey. Goldberg claimed explicitly that the lockdown was “not tyranny” and that anyone who thinks there is another agenda behind it is a kook. Bizarrely, he went so far as to claim that the Founding Fathers would support the lockdown. Goldberg’s assumption is apparently that the virus is not political, though it is impossible to understand how he would come to that conclusion.

Goldberg is of course a Jew, and you expect Jews to support tyrannical policies designed to destroy Christendom. However, typically, the Jews “play both sides,” as it were, using all of these different ideologies.

The National Review promotes “the conservative ideology.” They play the side of supporting the alleged “free market,” and claiming that the free market gives elite private interests all of these rights to abuse you in various ways, and prevents the government which you pay taxes to from protecting you. For example, when someone needs an explanation as to why Twitter is allowed to take your First Amendment rights away, or why corporations are allowed to sell us known poisons and the government won’t implement any regulations at all, they go to the National Review.

While claiming that the US government has no right to protect the American people from threats to their Constitutional rights and to their health inside of the United States, the conservative ideology also claims that the US government has an absolute right to invade foreign countries, either to stop terrorism or to bring them democracy. (Honestly, I don’t even remember how support for wars of aggression fits in with their “small government” positions, but there is some ideological explanation.)

The National Review of course ostensibly tries to convince people to agree with their ideology. However, given that Donald Trump has taken a different view on these things, and the masses of Republicans like Donald Trump, they are significantly less influential than they were before. In particular, people do not like this thing where we move all of our jobs out of the country and the government throws their hands up and says, “there’s nothing we can do, because we have to follow the conservative ideology of free trade. If it destroys your life then sorry, but that’s the cost of our values.”

The Libertarians have similar diseases. The current cover story of Reason magazine is about Pres. Trump is "an enemy of freedom" because he has signed Democrat excessive spending bills. Really? Joe Biden says that he would issue an executive order requiring everyone to wear a mask. And Biden would accelerate cancel culture.

NY Times and CNN think it is DEFCON 5

Breitbart reports:
During an appearance on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman expressed his concern over what could happen in November if there were enough doubt about the outcome of the November 3 presidential election.

Friedman warned such a lack of confidence in the American election process could lead to a second civil war. ... And I’m terrified to find myself ending my career as a journalist covering America’s potential second civil war in its history.”

Host Anderson Cooper asked Friedman if he really believed it, to which Friedman affirmed the belief ...

“Yes, I think what happened in the last few days is a six-alarm fire,” he replied. “I think it’s DEFCON 5. ...”

DEFCON 5 does not mean what they think it means.

Guns and ammo are selling at record rates. There are riots and looting in the cities. The mainstream news media and the Democrat Party are doing everything they can to encourage the civil unrest.

There are the people who spent four years refusing to accept the 2016 election, and blaming it on weirdo Russian conspiracy theories.

If Biden wins, then the riots will surely get a lot worse. Biden will not be able to keep up with the demands of BLM/Antifa/Jews.

It is hard to explain why the CNN, NY Times, and Biden do so much to promote the civil unrest. Surely they know the facts surrounding George Floyd, Ferguson, etc. The forces for civil war include the Democrat Party, the news media, Hollywood, the schools, and the Deep State. I believe that people are buying guns out of concern that the Left is going to start a war.

My personal opinion is that any shooting war is pure foolishness, and will make everyone very much worse off. It would be far far better to re-elect Trump and avoid war.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Cure worse than the disease

RT reports:
Thousands of Britons who suffer heart attacks and strokes are dying at home instead of seeking medical treatment, a new study has found, as new government figures show 75,000 are projected to die as a result of lockdown measures.

Stay-at-home orders prompted countless people suffering from serious medical conditions to avoid hospitals, according to the study’s findings, which were published in the Heart medical journal and first reported by the Daily Mail. The paper noted that deaths from heart disease in private homes surged by 35 percent from March to July, resulting in 2,279 more fatalities on average over the past six years.

There are not 200k American deaths from COVID-19. There were about 50k or so excess deaths in April and May, and those were attributable to COVID-19.

This study suggests that a lot of those excess might have been caused by the lockdown, not COVID-19.

Democrats want to prolong war for Islam women

NBC News reports:
President Donald Trump’s envoy to Afghanistan faced tough questioning on Tuesday by Democratic lawmakers who accused the administration of jeopardizing the rights of Afghan women in pursuit of a peace deal.

The grilling of U.S. special representative Zalmay Khalilzad came days after the Taliban and the Afghan government entered into peace talks for the first time, a breakthrough that followed a months-long diplomatic push by the Trump administration.

But Rep. Stephen Lynch, chairman of the House Oversight Subcommittee on National Security, and other Democrats said they feared for the future of Afghan women without a firm guarantee from Washington to safeguard their rights.

US military forces have now established Moslem governments in so many Mideast countries that I have lost count. Bosnia, Kosovo, Albania, Kuwait, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, etc.

If you really want the women in these countries to be treated well, there is only one way to do it. Burn down the Mosques, destroy Islam, and convert the countries to Christianity.

Okay, we don't do that. But we have done the opposite, and installed Islamic governments that have driven the Christians out.

We have spent many billions of dollars trying to reform Afghanistan, and I don't see that any good has come of it. Unless we convert them to Christianity, they will still be Moslem when we move out. The rest is mere detail.

Friday, September 25, 2020

NY Times libels Stefan Molyneux

The NY Times reports:
This week, protests erupted around the nation after a Louisville grand jury did not charge any police officers in the killing of Breonna Taylor. And on social media, false and exaggerated claims about Ms. Taylor began recirculating, using a years-old format that was popularized years ago by far-right YouTube personalities. ...

Years ago, Stefan Molyneux, a right-wing podcaster and YouTube personality, got millions of views with a series of videos claiming to tell “the truth about” various prominent news stories, including the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed Black man whose killing by police in Ferguson, Mo., set off the original Black Lives Matter protests.

The “Truth About” format, which promised a kind of secret knowledge to viewers, was appealing to those who distrusted the mainstream media and wanted to hear an alternative explanation for police violence.

Actually, Molyneux never promised any secret knowledge. He used publicly available sources, and you could fact-check him yourself.

The NY Times and other major news media continue to lie about these police incidents. For example, this NY Times story, updated Sept. 15, starts:

Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Ky., said that he would sign “Breonna’s Law” after city council members voted unanimously on Thursday evening to ban “no-knock” warrants, a controversial procedure that the city’s police force used during the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor in March.
No, the police did not use a no-knock warrant, as you can see on the Wikipedia page.

The above NY Times continues:

Most “Truth About” treatments of police killings follow a standard format. In each case, an influencer calls into question the mainstream media’s framing of the episode, and barrages the audience with details about the victims’ pasts and the circumstances of their deaths in an attempt to prove that, while they may not have deserved to die, they were far from innocent. (Mr. Molyneux, who eventually became a full-fledged white nationalist, has since been banned from YouTube for promoting hate speech, and the videos on his channel have been deleted.)
Yes, they told us that Michael Brown and all the others were Black criminals violently resisting arrest.

It is false that Molyneux became a white nationalist or promoted hate speech. But even if he did, that would just be a reason to disclaim those opinions. Instead, YouTube blocked all of his videos, the vast majority of which were about philosophy, historical facts, or personal relationship advice.

The NY Times gives no source for this claim. They know it is a lie.

What is really going on is that the Lizard People who are taking over this country need to control the flow of information in order to gain the political power they seek. If people know the facts about what really happened in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Ferguson, Portland, Louisville, etc, then they would consider BLM/Antifa and their benefactors a threat to the modern social order, and vote for Trump.

For that reason, people like Molyneux must be silenced and ostracized.

I see Wikipedia also accuses him of promoting white supremacy. It is based on hosting interviews of several South Africans, supporting Donald Trump, being associated with the Alt Right, interviewing race scholars, and once blaming rap culture for Blacks resisting arrest. You can find some of his responses here and here.

If you accept Leftist dogmas like White Fragility theory, then all Whites are inherently White supremacist. Note that he is not accused of being wrong, but merely expressing opinions that others find distasteful. I suspect that the main reason the Left went after Molyneux was his opinions about Marxism and IQ.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Remembering the Notorious RGB

From the funeral service:
Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt of Washington, D.C., compared Ginsburg to a prophet who imagined a world of greater equality and then worked to make it happen.

"This was Justice Ginsburg's life's work. To insist that the Constitution deliver on its promise, that we the people would include all the people. She carried out that work in every chapter of her life," said Holtzblatt, whose husband, Ari, once worked as a law clerk to Ginsburg.

Okay, a eulogy from a female rabbi married to a lawyer who worked for RGB. I guess that is appropriate.

But I do not think that the Preamble to the United States Constitution promised to include all the people. It said that ratifiers were establishing the Constitution to "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity".

The Wash. Post remembers her by reprinting this 2004 Ginsburg speech:

I had the good fortune to be a Jew born and raised in the U.S.A. My father left Odessa bound for the New World in 1909, at age 13; ...

My heritage as a Jew and my occupation as a judge fit together symmetrically. The demand for justice runs through the entirety of Jewish history and Jewish tradition. I take pride in and draw strength from my heritage, as signs in my chambers attest: a large silver mezuzah on my door post, [a] gift from the Shulamith School for Girls in Brooklyn; on three walls, in artists’ renditions of Hebrew letters, the command from Deuteronomy: “Zedek, zedek, tirdof” — “Justice, justice shall you pursue.” Those words are ever-present reminders of what judges must do that they “may thrive.” ...

We convene to say “Never again,” not only to Western history’s most unjust regime, but also to a world ...

I am proud to live in a country where Jews are not afraid to say who we are, the second country after Israel to have set aside a day each year, this day, to remember the Holocaust, to learn of and from that era of inhumanity, to renew our efforts to repair the world’s tears. I feel the more secure because this capital city includes a museum dedicated to educating the world, ...

We gather here today, little more than a week after Passover, the holiday when Jews recount their journey from slavery to freedom. We retell the Passover, just as we commemorate the Holocaust, to educate our children, ...

The Passover story we retell is replete with miracles. But unlike our ancestors in their Exodus from Egypt, our way is unlikely to be advanced by miraculous occurrences. In striving to drain dry the waters of prejudice and oppression, we must rely on measures of our own creation ...

Okay, her Jewishness was important to her.

I am not criticizing her here. I just want to point out some examples of Jewish thinking.

She wanted to "educate our children" on the Passover and Holocaust, as if those were similar events with similar lessons. Passover is a Bible story about an Exodus from Egypt. Archaeologists have decoded the records of 1000s of years of Egyptian history, but no there is no Exodus and no Passover. She seems to really believe that she is descended from a Jewish Exodus.

She had a belief in being a Jewish judge, so that she could be a social justice warrior with a lot of power. She cites a Jewish belief that the Goy world is defective, and Jews need to take over and repair it. This doctrine is called Tikkun olam.

She was also an authoritarian. She wanted to dictate behavior to conform with how she thinks the world ought to be. And of course she was a leftist.

Judaism rejects Christian forgiveness. She joins Jews in saying "Never again", as they must always be plotting to avenge their enemies.

As the public debates the next Supreme Court appointment, it is worth observing that Joe Biden has promised to nominate a Black woman. Democrats usually nominate Jews. Four out their last five nominations were Jews. Christians have a different idea of what justice is about.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Jews are paying felons to vote against Trump

The Hill reports:
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has reportedly raised more than $16 million in an effort to help convicted felons in Florida register to vote.

The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition estimated Bloomberg's fundraising push has already paid off monetary obligations for 32,000 felons, Axios reported. ...

Florida passed a law in 2018 reinstating voting rights for felons that dictated they could register only if they pay all fines, fees and restitution — sometimes totaling more than $1,000 — owed to the government. ...

Bloomberg, who ran in the Democratic primary for president, has endorsed the party's nominee, Joe Biden, and has donated at least $100 million to the former vice president's campaign to defeat President Trump.

Supposedly, US Federal law has strict limits on campaign contributions. The FEC web site says the maximum is $2800 per individual donor per candidate.

It is also illegal to pay someone to vote.

I guess these laws have loopholes.

The top donors and fundraisers to the Democrat Party are Jewish. While the Jewish news media has complained endlessly about Russian influence, they only spent about $50k in Facebook ads, and Jews have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to control the election.

Leftist columnist opposes Judicial Supremacy

Black leftist NY Times columnist Jamelle Bouie writes:
Down With Judicial Supremacy!

The Supreme Court was never meant to be the only arbiter of the meaning of the Constitution. ...

judicial supremacy [is] the idea that the courts, and the courts alone, determine constitutional meaning. ...

In Dred Scott, the Court ruled that Black Americans “had no rights which the white man was bound to respect.” It held that Congress could not ban slavery in federal territories, and it struck down the 1820 Missouri Compromise as an unconstitutional limitation on the rights of slaveholders. Backed by much of the Democratic Party, including President James Buchanan, the court effectively outlawed the Republican Party’s antislavery platform. ...

The United States may not be a “pure democracy,” but it’s not a judgeocracy either, and if protecting the right of the people to govern for themselves means curbing judicial power and the Supreme Court’s claim to judicial supremacy, then Democrats should act without hesitation.

I agree. I blogged a lot against judicial supremacy back in 2004, and cited it as a reason for supporting Trump in 2016.

I do not agree with these media Trump-haters very often.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Naming the Puppetmaster is Unmentionable

Daily Beast:
During a Wednesday night interview with right-wing provocateur Michelle Malkin, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs smeared liberal Jewish financier George Soros with an anti-Semitic trope, claiming Soros’ “tentacles reach out into various non-government organizations and nonprofits.”

Dobbs brought on Malkin, who recently told Fox News that Soros is funding the “illegal alien lawyers lobby,” to hawk her latest anti-immigrant book, and it didn’t take long for her to portray Soros as a “globalist” bent on destroying America’s sovereignty.

“And George Soros himself… explicitly says the idea of sovereignty, something that so many of us who are children of legal immigrants, for example, respect as a fundamental precept for the survival of a country, sovereignty to George Soros is quote-unquote an obstacle,” she said. “And he has created an entire infrastructure of tax-exempt nonprofits to do his bidding.”

Dobbs then took Malkin’s comments a step further.

“It is extraordinary and I think most people, I’ll include myself, cannot conceive of why a man would fund efforts that would work against sovereignty,” Dobbs said. “Work against our laws—there are laws against illegal immigration—and to see his tentacles reach out into various non-government organizations and nonprofits that are working with everything from the Koch Brothers to the Southern Poverty Law Center, as you document through this book.”

“It is stunning to see how pervasive and how successful he has been with his strategy,” he added.

Last year, the Anti-Defamation League commented on the anti-Semitism behind many of the Soros-related conspiracies the right has spread for years, many of which have recently made their way into the mainstream.

“Even if no anti-Semitic insinuation is intended, casting a Jewish individual as a puppet master who manipulates national events for malign purposes has the effect of mainstreaming anti-Semitic tropes and giving support, however unwitting, to bona fide anti-Semites and extremists who disseminate these ideas knowingly and with malice,” the organization noted.

Even Fox News hosts have orders to block criticism of Soros:
Newt Gingrich: "The number one problem in almost all the cities is George Soros-elected, left-wing, antipolice pro-criminal district attorneys…"

Fox host: "I’m not sure we need to bring George Soros into this."

Newt: "Okay… So, it’s verboten?"

Some have pointed out that Soros grew up speaking Esperanto and is not a practicing Jew. Nevertheless, the Jewish organizations identify him as Jewish.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Why I will vote for Pres. Trump

I started to write an essay on why I will vote for Pres. Trump, but I wanted to address the major arguments for Joe Biden.

However, I am unable to find any coherent arguments for Biden.

The big issues are Peace and Prosperity. On these, Trump is one of the most successful American Presidents we have ever had. Nobody seriously thinks Biden could do any better.

There are plenty of Trump-haters who urge a Biden vote. The vast majority of the political commentary I see is pro-Biden. Eg, NY Times, Wash. Post, Nobel and Turing laureates, NPR Radio, CNN TV, Lincoln Project, etc.

The vast majority uses transparently bogus reasoning. Some complain about Trump's personality. Some cite some Trump misquote, such as Charlottesville having good white supremacists or how we should drink bleach to avoid the coronavirus. Some just make bland general comments or personal name-calling. Some are only interested in identity politics, and have aligned themselves with some anti-white faction. Some are so obviously concealing their real anti-Trump reasons that there arguments are meaningless. Some blame Trump for the coronavirus or the race riots or California wildfires or Florida hurricanes, but have no explanation as to how Biden would have done any better. Some are openly anti-American, and sympathize with those who want to burn it down.

Some say that Biden listens to experts, but that seems to be either a code phrase for being controlled by the Deep State, or a tacit acknowledgement that he is too incompetent to make any decisions.

I am beginning to think that our electoral process is hopelessly flawed. Biden is just a stupid puppet with no genuine popular support, and yet he is propped up by 98% of the news media, 99% of Hollywood, 95% of the super-rich, 98% of academia, 90% of foreign money (as from George Soros), and most of the big corporations. Biden also does well in the welfare class, and other low-information voters. But he offers nothing to the middle class that is the backbone of America.

This nation is being split by differences that will not be resolved by this election. At least Trump gives us a chance for four more years of sane government.

Update: Here is an amusing pro-Trump rant:

You are not going to see some peasant uprising if Trump loses. There has never been a successful peasant uprising in all of human history. It is not a real thing. If the Democrats win this election, they are going to take absolutely everything from us, they are going to lock up all pro-whites, they’re going to take your kids and forcibly inject them with tranny hormones, they’re going to burn down the churches, they’re going to flood the country with so many brown people that you won’t be able to move around. They’re going to immediately abolish the First and Second Amendments, arrest dissidents and confiscate guns. They’re going to completely destroy the economy and ensure that the only thing that exists is a mass of poor people and a tiny elite ruling class. There will be no illusions, no pretension of fairness. They will start massive wars with Russia and China, and virtually all young white men (probably middle aged ones too) will be sent to die in a grinder that will last decades. Then, you’re going to live with that situation until you die.
This is over-the-top, but prominent Democrats are talking about impeaching Trump for following his constitutional duty to make a Supreme Court appointment, and about expanding the court and packing it with leftist ideologues, something that FDR tried and failed to do. They are also talking about making DC and Puerto Rico states, which would be an unconstitutional power play. Yes, if the Democrats gain power, they will do whatever they can to lock in their power.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Hollow praise for Justice RBG

I do not wish to speak ill of the dead, but the hollow praise for Ruth Bader Ginsburg is strange. For example, see this NY Times obituary or this NPR Radio obituary. While they are gushing with lengthy praise for her, they do not say that she ever followed the rule of law on anything.

What they do say, and credit her for, is pursuing a Jewish leftist feminst agenda on the court. And they praise her for the second woman on the supreme court, and the first Jewish woman. It is clear that she is being praised for her identity politics and her leftist ideology, and not much else.

The press never criticized her for writing disingenuous anti-White court opinions. She tried to force others to hire Blacks under affirmative action quotas, but she refused to hire any herself.

In contrast, reviews of Republican appointees like John Roberts nearly always discuss his fidelity to the law.

Already Dems are complaining about a Repub President appointing a justice, with confirmation by a Repub Senate. Elections have consequences. This is a Republican appointment to be made. Besides, the Dems just appoint partisan hacks anyway.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Like Romans Witnessing Christianity

Sam Harris discusses anti-racism with a sensible Black professor who says the current anti-racism movement is a new religion. He says that watching it is like the ancient Romans witnessing the birth of Christianity. He is writing a book on the subject.

They both think it is all foolishness that is doomed to fail. And it might be a distraction from the more important goal of removing Pres. Trump from office.

A Black Harvard law professor and a Jewish Russian-American law professor have written a USA Today op-ed on amending the US Constitution to let foreigners run our country:

Barring naturalized citizens from eligibility for the presidency is little different from discrimination based on race, ethnicity or gender. Such unchosen circumstances of birth say nothing about a person's competence or moral fitness for office. ...

The most obvious objection to letting immigrants ascend to the presidency is concern that they might be less loyal to the nation than native-born citizens. But there is no good reason to think that people who became Americans by choice are less likely to be loyal than those who did so merely by accident of birth.

Yes, I think that immigrants are less likely to be loyal.

Just look at this NY Times op-ed:

I’m a Muslim and Arab American. Will I Ever Be an Equal Citizen?

Nearly 30 years after arriving from Morocco, after building a life and family here, I still hear: “Go back home!”

She was going to return to Morocco, but she married an American and stayed.

A poll says 75% of the public opposes such a change. There are at least 200 million eligible Americans. That ought to be enough.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Taking university confession seriously

I mentioned that Princeton University has admitted to be racist, and now the feds have noticed.

The Wash. Examiner reports:

The Department of Education has informed Princeton University that it is under investigation following the school president's declaration that racism was "embedded" in the institution.

President Christopher Eisgruber published an open letter earlier this month claiming that "racism and the damage it does to people of color persist at Princeton" and that "racist assumptions" are "embedded in structures of the University itself."

According to a letter the Department of Education sent to Princeton that was obtained by the Washington Examiner, such an admission from Eisgruber raises concerns that Princeton has been receiving tens of millions of dollars of federal funds in violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which declares that "no person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."

Eisgruber's letter branding the 274-year-old university racist came after a summer of unrest rife with race riots and an open letter from hundreds of Princeton faculty members who wrote, "Anti-Black racism has a visible bearing upon Princeton’s campus makeup." The admission was followed by dozens of "anti-racist" policy change demands. Among them were calls for select faculty race quotas and to "reconsider" the use of standardized testing for admissions.

Maybe Princeton administrators thought that they were just virtue signaling, and that no one would take their statement seriously.

But taken literally, Princeton was admitted to past racism in violation of federal law, and promising to balance that with future racism, also in violation of federal law. If so, then Princeton is defrauding the federal government out of about $100 million.

Update: Princetone posted:

The University will respond to the Department of Education’s letter in due course. It is unfortunate that the Department appears to believe that grappling honestly with the nation’s history and the current effects of systemic racism runs afoul of existing law.
No, Princeton U. is not "grappling honestly". It is just finding excuses for anti-White racism and defrauding taxpayers.

Update: Princeton has admitted to discrimination:

The bonus for African-American applicants is roughly equivalent to an extra 230 SAT points (on a 1600-point scale), to 185 points for Hispanics, 200 points for athletes, and 160 points for children of alumni. The Asian disadvantage is comparable to a loss of 50 SAT points.