Wednesday, June 19, 2024

More on the Death of George Floyd

I have previously posted arguments for and against police guilt in the death of George Floyd, such as here and here. This is a followup.

Coleman Hughes writes:

In January, I wrote an essay for The Free Press provoked by a new documentary called The Fall of Minneapolis. In the essay, I argued that Derek Chauvin’s conviction for felony murder in the case of George Floyd was erroneous. There was reasonable doubt, I argued, on two elements of the crime: felony assault and cause of death. Furthermore, I argued that the fairness of the trial was compromised by jury bias, by fears for personal safety in the event of Chauvin’s acquittal, and by a more general fear of rioting in the event of an acquittal. In response to my piece, Radley Balko, a former Washington Post columnist who focuses on criminal justice and civil liberties issues, wrote a three-part response on his Substack, as well as a shorter “update” post between parts two and three. He has also written a follow-up piece in The UnPopulist, summarizing his arguments.
I remain convinced that Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose, and that the police followed procedures that were reasonable and consistent with their training.

You might read the above articles and disagree, but I still do not see how any reasonable person can conclude that this case proves that the world is systemically racist against Blacks, requiring drastic remedies. It that were true, where are the other examples? Why isn't there a convincing one?

The case triggered a national madness, and even an international madness.

I can understand someone thinking that the cops might have handled the situation better, with better medical knowledge. But there is something wrong with the brain of anyone thinking that the cops murdered Floyd.

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CFT said...

Granting a thug sainthood does not raise the thug up, it lowers everyone else into idiocy.
People should pick their role models much more carefully, and idolize no one.