Monday, June 17, 2024

California bans telling Child Names to Parents

California policy is to induce/support schoolchildren to be LGBTQ, and to hide is from their parents.

Liberty Justice Center announced:

In an announcement issued on May 22, elected California representatives proposed new legislation to ban parental notification policies that have been lawfully adopted by school boards across California. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond joined the California Legislative LGBTQ Caucus to prohibit parental notification policies that require school administrators to inform parents if their children ask to be referred to a name or pronouns that differ from their gender at birth or to access sex-segregated school programs or bathrooms for the opposite gender.
Now the law has passed:
SECTION 1. This act shall be known, and may be cited, as the Support Academic Futures and Educators for Today’s Youth Act or SAFETY Act. ...

(f) LGBTQ+ pupils have the right to express themselves freely at school without fear, punishment, or retaliation, including that teachers or administrators might “out” them without their permission. Policies that require outing pupils without their consent violate pupils’ rights to privacy and self-determination. ...

220.5. (a) A school district, county office of education, charter school, state special school for the blind or the deaf, or a member of the governing board of a school district or county office of education or a member of the governing body of a charter school, shall not enact or enforce any policy, rule, or administrative regulation that would require an employee or a contractor to disclose any information related to a pupil’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression to any other person without the pupil’s consent, unless otherwise required by state or federal law.

They claim that this is just enforcement of existing non-discrimination laws.

California schoolchildren cannot legally have sexual relations until age 18, so normally they would keep their sexual fantasies to themselves. The schools have nothing to do with that.

This law concerns kids who cross-dress, use odd pronouns, adopt a new name, and expect everyone at school to respect their queer sexual identity. And they also expect the school to hide this information from the parents.

There is no good reason for any school to hide information from parents. A priest should keep quiet about what was said in a confessional, but this law is about open behavior that the school is openly catering to.

One excuse is that LGBTQ kids are often suicidal, and therefore related info must be handled with care. This is all the more reason to tell the parents.

The policy is driving kids to suicide, and hiding it from the parents.

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CFT said...

I have a fair amount of family in California. At one time, many of them voted Democrat. As of the last few years since the Covid fiasco, Almost none of my family in California believe the State is going the correct quite a large margin, and almost all of them openly talk about various George Soros appointed DAs doing their damnedest to screw up the court system and openly promote crime, violence, and talk about Gavin Newsom with some very colorful language I've not heard them use before. Everyone in California is very much aware of the violence, homelessness, and gang activity running rampant in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and throughout many other smaller cities.

At one time, many in my family were very supportive of basic gay equal protection under the law, but having seen their local school systems collapse into 'queer everything', and 'self identified' cat and dog kids, and the growing mental health issues of children wanting to get themselves castrated to 'express themselves', that concern for the alphabet community is pretty much exhausted.

I don't think California will be continuing with the 'gender construct theory' insanity much longer, they can't really afford it anyways.