Monday, June 10, 2024

The Top Ranked Male Supremacists

Diverting Hate is a US DHS funded organization to subvert hateful social media channel by placing ads to distract followers.

Some of those channels have been demonetized, making ad placement impossible.

Here is some discussion:

The Male Supremacy Scale, created by a PERIL researcher, is a 15-item scale to “measure” Male Supremacy which was implemented in the Diverting Hate program to test the efficacy of diversion campaigns. The report confirms that 11 large Manosphere influencers were targeted by diversion campaigns on YouTube. In the study, the team analyzed content and assigned it a quantitative extremism score according to the Male Supremacy Scale.
The leading male supremacist channel is SandMan, a MGTOW advocate. MGTOW means he avoid personal relationships with women.

Here is a typical Sandman podcast, where he discusses female teachers seducing their underage students.

What exactly is the complaint? If Sandman is such a terrible person to women, then shouldn't women be happy that he does not bother them or have anything to do with him?

Rollo Tomassi’s The Rational Male is the fourth worst male supremacist. Now he is a happily married man.

Here is how they measure Male Supremacy:

The scale has 15 items across the three sub-scales. Anti-Feminism
1. Feminism is about hating men
2. Modern society prioritizes women over men
3. Feminists are unattractive
4. Women use feminism to gain an unfair advantage over men
5. Feminists are seeking to control men

Female Dishonesty in Relationships
6. If a man commits to a woman in a romantic relationship, she gets the upper hand.
7. In a relationship, women are less trustworthy than men
8. Men in romantic relationships need to be constantly on guard for cheating
9. Women have a biological drive to cheat on their partners
10. You can’t trust women to be faithful in relationships

Women Like Alphas 11. Women are biologically driven to seek out the highest status man possible
12. Women cannot help being attracted to rich men
13. Women cannot help but be attracted to those who are higher in status than they are
14. Women are not attracted to men who have a low social status
15. Women are attracted to high-status men

These are just observations. They are true to some extent.

These supposed male supremacists do not even agree on many of these points. In particular, the MGTOWs, the blue-pillers, the PUAs, and the TradCons all have different views. They do not hate women; they either avoid women or seek better relationships with them.

The blue pillers, in particular, believe that there are natural differences between men and women, and seek to understand those differences better.

And they are all outnumbered by feminist views online, by about 100x.

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