Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Trump-haters Paranoid about Retribution

It is rare to hear any pro-Trump views on NPR Rad. The latest one-hour episode of This American Life actually squeezed in a couple of minutes at the end.
Come Retribution

Donald Trump has talked about taking retribution on his enemies since the early days of his 2024 presidential campaign. After his conviction last week in New York, his talk intensified. We try to understand what his retribution might look like by speaking with people who have the most to lose in a second Trump administration: people who believe Trump will be coming for them.

Most of the show tracked Trump-haters who were paranoid about Trump seeking retribution. They all vindictively attacked and tried to jail Trump for bogus political reasons, and they feared Trump would do the same to them. A couple talked about leaving the country to evade justice.

Listening to this would give the impression that Trump was going to send them all to concentration camps.

This is all delusional, as Trump was President for four years, and did not prosecute any of this political enemeies. Biden has prosecuted dozens.

At the end of the episode, the show tried to find some Trump supporters who were motivated by this sort of revenge. But it could not find any. It as

I started talking to people, asking everyone, what are the top things you want from Trump if he's back in office, curious if they'd say revenge.

Voter 1 - Inflation to go down, lower inflation, gas prices, migrants, the borders closed. ...

Notice what never came up-- retribution. ...

another guy I met had flown in from Indiana to support Trump during the trial. That's passion.

Zoe Chace Would you be comfortable with Trump using the levers of the federal government against his political enemies? Like, he's talked about going after the Biden crime family, or he's talked about going after the radical AGs, radical prosecutors. Would you be comfortable with that coming from him?

Jason King No, my preference would be that as soon as Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 47th president that he pardons himself and he pardons Joe Biden.

Zoe Chace Well, Joe Biden's not on trial right now.

Jason King No, he's not on trial now. But I would like him to issue a pardon for the crimes that he has done, rather than prosecuting him, so that no one could prosecute him.

Zoe Chace I see. If Trump becomes president, you just want to move on.

Jason King Yes.

Zoe Chace Retribution doesn't seem to be motivating these Trump voters

I expect that Trump probably will pardon Hunter Biden.

The idea of retribution strikes a nerve because everyone knows these Trump prosecutions are bogus. But Trump is all about Making America Great Again, and that means stopping the political prosecutions of bogus crimes.

By comparison, the Italy prime minister is suing a historian for calling her a “neo-Nazi at heart”. If that were a crime in the USA, a lot of Trump-haters would be in jail.

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CFT said...

It depends upon what you call 'retribution'. If by retribution you mean 'fire Joe Biden's deep state political apointments' I say 'why not?' It's the president's right to do so.

If someone tries to destroy you, don't turn your back on them unless you are trying to get knifed.

Had Trump cleaned house instead of playing 'olive branch' with TDS sufferers, he would have had far more success than he did. The FBI and DOJ spent his entire administration using evidence they already knew originated from Hillary Clinton (not Russia) to falsely prosecute him with.