Monday, June 03, 2024

What is Biden Proud of?

Pres. Joe Bidenn officially tweeted::
For generations, LGBTQI+ Americans have summoned the courage to live proudly – even when it meant putting their lives at risk.

This Pride Month, we recommit to realizing the promise of America for all, to celebrating LGBTQI+ people, and to taking pride in the example they set.

Hppay Pride Month

I am wondering what exactly he means by this. What example is being set by homosexual acts? Why should we all be proud of those examples?

Here is a Natinoal Geographic movie on Pride. Again, no clue about what they are proud of.

My conclusion is the word "pride" is intended to be irony. They are deeply embarrassed to say what they do, and what they are supposedly proud about.

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CFT said...

If a person is proud they were born... well, that's actually far more their parent's effort than their own. You don't exactly get take credit for your own conception or genetic make up.

Strange that the political party which once supported eugenics and now openly promotes infanticide and euthanasia is actually encouraging pride in being born.

I am going to take an easy guess that the moment a test becomes available to determine the future sexual disposition of a child, many proud democrats will exercise their hard won rights to kill said child before it ever draws breath and incoveniences their enlightened narcissism.