Thursday, June 06, 2024

Law Professor cannot explain the Verdict

Law professor Lawrence Tribe quotes:
In 2016, Donald Trump seemed to pull an inside straight by narrowly winning Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin while losing the popular vote by three million. We now know, Trump committed 34 felonies to win that election.

Without these crimes, he seems almost certain to have lost to Hillary Clinton.

What is missing from these posts and articles is any explanation of what those crimes were.

Would voters in those three states been swayed by allegation of a ten-year-old affair? I doubt it.

The Deep State did plant false stories in 2016 about how Trump was a Russian agent, and in 2020 about how the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian misinformation.

Update: Reason ridicules Tribe:

Since those 34 felonies involved falsified business records that were produced in 2017, Tribe's claim is logically impossible. Yet his gloss on the former president's New York conviction echoes similarly puzzling claims by many smart and ostensibly well-informed observers. In their eagerness to embrace the prosecution's dubious "election fraud" narrative, they nonsensically assert that Trump retroactively ensured his 2016 victory by disguising a 2017 hush-money reimbursement as payment for legal services. ...

Yet according to a May 30 Washington Post editorial, the jury found Trump "guilty of felony falsification of business records in order to influence the 2016 election." A New York Times editorial published the same day likewise claimed the jury found Trump "guilty of falsifying business records to prevent voters from learning about a sexual encounter that he believed would have been politically damaging." Barring time travel, of course, nothing Trump did in 2017 could have "influence[d] the 2016 election" or "prevent[ed] voters from learning about" that "sexual encounter" before they cast their ballots.

These people certainly know better. Why are they saying such obvious falsehoods?

It is not enough for them to say that Trump lies about the 2020 election being stolen. They want to tell lies to trick people into thinking that Trump stole the 2016 election.


MikeAdamson said...

To say that Trump won in 2016 as a result of his felonies is questionable but the facts that he won and committed felonies are certainly true.

CFT said...

Biden has committed a few felonies himself as well. He knowingly removed classified materials from secured locations without any authorization whatsoever both as a senator and vice president, but he wasn't charged with anything despite the fact he kept said classified documents for years in an incredibly unsecured place (in cardboard boxes his garage), and he and his administration was directly behind the prosecution of Trump, Who actually was authorized to declassify the very documents he removed from the White House.

Biden's own secret service were also involved with retrieving his daughter's diary, of all things. Turned out his daughter had written about Biden taking showers with her and perving on her when she was fourteen, among other very disturbing things. Biden's son also took money for paid access to the president who was definitely on the take, as Hunter himself complained frequently of and which the FBI has known about since before Biden was elected president. Biden lied and claimed he didn't even know what his son was doing...despite being on record and recording interacting with Hunter's 'business partners'. Hunter is presently in an awkward position trying to protest his being prosecuted for tax evasion and illegal possession of a firearm despite being a drug offender.

Presently, Biden's own DOJ is giving 'The Big Guy' a pass on pretty much everything because they claim he's too senile to testify in court...and yet he's somehow capable of acting as president.
Strangely selective medical dysfunction he's got there.

No one who doesn't have TDS believes Biden isn't using his office to go after Trump. Biden has been using humiliation more than evidence to go after the former President. That's fine, I just don't want hear all the sob stories of unfair treatment once Trump open's the flood gates on investigating Biden and his corrupt administration. The Deep State is already whispering that they are 'scared of retaliation'. No s#!t Sherlock, they should have thought of that before they jumped on the crazy train with a senile coot at the controls.

Bring on the accusations against Trump, It will be hilarious to see how they stack up against Biden's long list of excused indiscretions. Biden can barely be understood now, and he is presently in the habit of pooping his pants in public, so I don't think he's really going to be in much shape to cover his slight 'lapses' in judgement much longer.