Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Black Lesbian Space Witches in Star Wars

The NY Post reports:
The creator of the controversial Disney+ “Star Wars” show “The Acolyte” is pushing back against those who say that her show is “woke” propaganda featuring “lesbian space witches,” slamming the criticism as “reductive.”

Leslye Headland, the “first openly queer person to create” a major Star Wars project as The Hollywood Reporter (THR) described her, spoke to the outlet this week about the backlash the show has gotten for its progressive themes, telling the outlet that she never intended to make a show with an overt political agenda, even if it contains some LGBTQ messaging.

“I don’t believe that I’ve created queer, with a capital Q, content,” Headland told the entertainment outlet.

“Star Wars: The Acolyte” has proven to be one of the most divisive entries in the Star Wars franchise since its debut on Disney’s streaming platform earlier this month. Despite being a hit with critics – it currently features an 85% Rotten Tomatoes rating among professional movie reviewers – it has a 14% audience score, the lowest rating in that category among all Star Wars content.

Wow, that last figure is all you need to know. 85% by critics, 14% by audience. Everyone hates it, except for critics trying to maintain a woke image.

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CFT said...

I'm disappointed at how you didn't do due diligence in terms of how you referred to the Acolyte as 'Black Lesbian Space Witches' quite unfairly. I'm beginning to suspect you might not be taking this...fine... contribution to the Star Wars universe quite seriously.

In actual fact, only some of the lesbian space witches were black..or even human, but... they were also living in a commune (they even said so themselves). So in actual fact, they were 'Commiunist Lesbian Space Witches'. It's important to get the little things correct.

I would also point out that their entire commune of capitalistically lesbian space witches was built into a large 'V' shaped cleft in the top of a mountain and resembled a giant ... well, it was built inside the great big 'V' crack...and despite being made almost entirely of solid stone and metal, it was also apparently highly flammable... almost as if the entire place had been soaked in gasoline while at the same time being entirely illuminated by ...highly explosive gas flame lamps.

Go figure what happens nest. I dare you.

It would appear the future of the Force in Star Wars isn't going to be as female as Kathleen Kennedy thought. A pity she didn't listen to the wise prophecies of Eric Cartman before she committed over two hundred million dollars to this latest endeavor.