Friday, July 28, 2023

Israel is not a Democracy or a Republic

Israel has been crippled by national strikes. It has bragged that it is the only democracy in the Middle East, but it has a government unlike any other. It is hard for outsiders to understand.

Here is an explanation from a Jewish publication:

Israel, famously, is a nation without a constitution. ...

The judicial revolution began in the 1980s, when the court unilaterally abolished two key restrictions on its power to hear cases: standing, meaning who is entitled to petition the court, and justiciability, meaning what issues are within the court’s purview. The accepted norms until then — as is still the case today in many countries, including America—were that only someone directly affected by a given executive-branch decision had standing to go to court, and that most political issues were nonjusticiable, meaning the court could not rule on them because they were properly the province of the elected branches of government. The new policy allowed anyone at all, including organizations or individuals who weren’t directly affected by a policy but disliked it, to petition the court on any issue whatsoever. The result, as the revolution’s chief ideologue, former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak, famously said, is that today “everything is justiciable.” Virtually every controversial policy question, and a great many trivial ones as well, now reach the court, and the court rules on all of them. (For more on Barak’s motivations for this and subsequent stages of the judicial revolution, see this essay from back in 1998 or this one from 2016.) Rather than merely judging whether policies comply with existing law, the court also asserted that government decisions could be “so unreasonable as to be illegal ” — even if they violated no law.

But rather than merely judging whether policies comply with existing law, the court also asserted that government decisions could be “so unreasonable as to be illegal ” even if they violated no law. This was the second crucial part of the revolution. Reasonability was originally a standard used to protect individual rights by determining whether a given official’s or agency’s handling of a particular case was a reasonable interpretation of their legally mandated authority. But overturning general policies rather than individual decisions on the grounds that they are “unreasonable” was a novel interpretation of this doctrine; courts in other democracies generally confine themselves to determining whether policies violate existing laws or the constitution.

Since then, the court has used this expanded reasonability doctrine to overturn policies on a wide range of issues at the very heart of the government’s responsibilities.

The Israel parliament has unanimous voted for some modest reforms, and hysterical protesters are trying to shut down the govt. What goes?

Meanwhile, Jews like US AG Merrick Garland are often lecturing us on democracy and rule of law, while they force they leftist politics on us.

I am coming to the conclusion that most Jews believe that the ideal government is a Communist Politburo.

Judaism teaches leftist authoritarianism. It has no foundational principles. The way they do things is that a bunch of rabbis engage in some heated arguments. When and if they reach a consensus, everyone else is expected to go along with it.

Jorday B Peterson posts a new interview of Gad Saad of Israel. They discuss research connecting leftist authoritarian with malignant narcissism.

Thursday, July 27, 2023

Silence is Complicity

Mediaite reports:
President Joe Biden challenged the United States to acknowledge its history with race, declaring that ignoring or denying it won’t do anything for the country’s societal growth.

Biden spoke from the White House on Tuesday as he was to sign a proclamation establishing a national monument to honor Emmett Till, the African America teenage whose brutal murder in 1955 prompted the Civil Rights Movement. At one point in his speech, Biden chastised “there are those who seek to ban books, bury history” and decline chances to learn from America’s past with the evils of racism.

While darkness and denialism can hide much, they erase nothing. You can hide, but they erase nothing.

We can’t just choose to learn what we want to know. We have to learn what we should know. We should know about our country. We should know everything, the good, the bad, the truth of who we are as a nation. That’s what great nations do, and we are a great nation. That’s what they do, for only with truth comes healing, justice, repair and another step forward toward forming a more perfect union. We have a hell of a long way to go.

Biden continued to emphasize the virtue of “telling the truth on the full history of our nation,” adding that hate doesn’t go away without being confronted.

“Given a little oxygen by bad people, [hate] comes roaring out again. It’s up to all of us to deal with that,” Biden warned. “It’s up to all of us to stop it. The best way to do that is with the truth. It’s used in a different context, but I think it applies here: Silence is complicity. I will not be silent, nor will you be silent.”

Okay, I accept this. Speak the truth. The good and the bad. One Black boy was killed in 1955. Maybe it was murder. The jury said that it was not. Maybe there was a racial motive. Go ahead and tell the story. A Black boy might have suffered a racial injustice 68 years ago.

Meanwhile, Blacks commit crimes against Whites every day. Tell those stories also. Give us all the statistics of White on Black and Black on White crimes. Let the truth out.

PBS TV plugs a new book on American Whitelash. It says it is dangerous for Whites to learn the truth about Black crime.

Vdare reports:

A ridiculous six years after the legendary August 11, 2017 nighttime tiki torch march across Charlottesville’s University of Virginia campus, Florida attorney Augustus Sol Invictus became the seventh participant to be arrested, on June 26, 2023. Today, after being held in jail in Florida for weeks, apparently out of sheer vindictiveness—he did not contest extradition to Virginia—he is due to appear in court in Charlottesville at a bond hearing.
It was just a political march. What is the crime?

Separately I see that Kevin Spacey was exonerated, for the second time. He was blacklisted from Hollywood, much worse than any of the 1950s Communists. The charges were always vague and dubious, about events decades ago.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Regression toward their Ethnic Origins

French opinion:
“Unfortunately for the second, the third generation there is a sort of regression toward their origins, their ethnic origins.”
That is a big problem with immigration. Even if an immigrant has a lot of great qualities, we are likely to see regression in his descendants.

The issue was not considered in Should We Have Open Borders? A Soho Forum Debate. The side for open borders won a greater share of the audience.

Also pushing meritocracy is Vivek Ramaswamy, who says racial disparities come from fatherlessness. I like some things he has to say, but that is ridiculously.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Previous Political use of the Espionage Act

I thought that it was unprecedented for Pres. Biden to be prosecuting his political enemies, but actually it has been done before by Pres. John Adams, Abe Lincoln, and Woodrow Wilson:
Outspoken leader of the labor movement, Eugene Debs opposed Woodrow Wilson as the Socialist Party candidate in the 1912 Presidential Election. Later, he would continue to rally against President Wilson and his decision to take American into war — and be jailed for it under the Espionage Act. ...

Once the United States entered the war, Debs was arrested for violating the Espionage Act after making what the district attorney of Canton, Ohio called an anti-war speech in 1918. Debs in fact only mentioned the war once, but under this repressive new law, was sentenced to ten years in a federal penitentiary. Nominated for a fifth time as the Socialist Party's presidential candidate in 1920, Debs campaigned from his jail cell and garnered over a million votes. Despite repeated pleas from Debs' supporters, President Wilson refused to release Debs from prison. President Harding finally ordered him set free on Christmas Day 1921

The NY Times reports that the size of the effort is unprecendented:
Jack Smith, the special counsel overseeing criminal investigations into former President Donald J. Trump, employs 40 to 60 career prosecutors, paralegals and support staff, augmented by a rotating cast of F.B.I. agents and technical specialists, according to people familiar with the situation.

In his first four months on the job, starting in November, Mr. Smith’s investigation incurred expenses of $9.2 million. That included $1.9 million to pay the U.S. Marshals Service to protect Mr. Smith, his family and other investigators who have faced threats after the former president and his allies singled them out on social media.

At this rate, the special counsel is on track to spend about $25 million a year. The main driver of all these efforts and their concurrent expenses is Mr. Trump’s own behavior — ...

Even the $25 million figure only begins to capture the full scale of the resources dedicated by federal, state and local officials to address Mr. Trump’s behavior before, during and after his presidency. While no comprehensive statistics are available, Justice Department officials have long said that the effort alone to prosecute the members of the pro-Trump mob who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, is the largest investigation in its history.

All of the charges are petty and inconsequential. Meanwhile Pres. Biden has taken us to war in Ukraine in order to protect corrupt officials who paid his family about $10 million in bribes.

Monday, July 24, 2023

Florida Schools to be more Balanced

The Hill reports:
Black leaders from around the nation are condemning Florida’s new education laws that further limit how Black history can be taught in schools.

The new guidelines require lessons on race be taught in an “objective” manner that does not seek to “indoctrinate or persuade students to a particular point of view.”

One updated standard requires teachers to instruct on “how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.” ...

Vice President Kamala Harris is headed to Florida on Friday to address the controversy, but on Thursday blasted Florida for pushing a “revisionist history.”

So what do the Democrats want? To teach that no slaves developed any skills? Here are Blacks complaining.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Oppenheimer and Barbie

If you miss the new Oppenheimer movie, you can watch excellent free YouTube videos on his work, here and .

Go to the movie theater if you want to see big explosions.

Oppenheimer really did try to poison an enemy as a student; his father was very rich; he was a Jewish Leftist Communist fellow traveler; he wanted to nuke Germany and Japan but not Russia; and he opposed the H-bomb. He is most famous for managing the A-bomb project, but it maight have been about the same with other managers.

There is a lot of drama about his security clearance. Everyone portrays this as some sort of injustice, but here are the facts. He had many Communist connections. He concealed and lied about them. Spies under him gave vital atomic secrets to the Russians. He was opposed to Cold War military programs for reasons that probably included Communist sympathies. He was not directly accused of being disloyal or a spy. Anyone else's clearance would have been revoked for these reasons.

The mystery is more why he had a clearance in the first place. Apparently it was only because General Groves pushed for it.

The Barbie movie is parody of feminism. Based on the preview, I thought that it would be a fun movie, but it is not. It is rated PG-13, meaning not appropriate for the 5-10 year old girls whom I expect to be the intended audience.

Saturday, July 22, 2023

The Outing of RationalWiki

I thought that RationalWiki was run by leftists. But look at this memory-holed City Journal article:
David Zimmerman
The Cancel-Culture Troll with a Neo-Nazi Past

A surreal tale of one man’s campaign against an academic field

RationalWiki does personal attacks on people for ideological reasons. It turns out that the anonymous author of a lot of their slanderous articles has an embarrassing past.

Sailer also comments, but does not know why the article disappeared.

Friday, July 21, 2023

Nick Fuentes Denounces the Enemies of Christ

Donald has been let back on social media, but many other right-wingers are still banned.

Nick Fuentes has discovered a loophole. If he says stuff outrageous enough to get the attention of left-wing groups, then they will quote him!

Here is a tweet from PFAW:

Christian fascist white nationalist Nick Fuentes delivered a speech last week that was filled with virulent and violent antisemitism: "We will make them die in the holy war ... The enemies of Christ have no future in this world."
Here is the Fuentes speech on Rumble. One of his points is that he is addressing issues that others dance around.

There is no free speech, unless he can post on Twitter. His speech did not advocate violence, and has retracted use the term "holy war".

His message is mainly one of America First, pro-America, pro-Christian. For that, the powers who run the world are trying to destroy him. I am not endorsing him, but I do think that he has a legitimate and important message, and he should be heard.

Listen to Trump:

TRUMP: "We have a corrupt, compromised president who is dragging us into WW3 on behalf of a nation that paid his family millions and millions of dollars in obvious bribes."
Yes, and Biden is corruptly prosecuting Trump for trivialities while leading us into WWIII. They have spent 2.5 years trying to make a criminal case over a political speech on Jan. 6, 2021.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Trump did not know the extent of election fraud

Most of the legal attacks on Pres. Trump depend on mindreading.

Reason magazine reports:

Based on information from "four people briefed on the matter," The New York Times reports that the Washington, D.C., grand jury convened as part of Smith's investigation recently heard testimony about whether Trump "privately acknowledged in the days after the 2020 election that he had lost." One of the witnesses was Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, who reportedly said "it was his impression that Mr. Trump truly believed the election was stolen." ...

The difference between these dueling accounts is legally significant because it goes to Trump's state of mind when he pursued the tactics recommended by Giuliani et al. Was he honestly trying to correct what he mistakenly viewed as a grave injustice, or was he knowingly perpetrating a fraud?

The House select committee that investigated the January 6 Capitol riot by Trump's supporters recommended several criminal charges against the former president, all of which hinge on his intent.

It is odd that so many supposed experts spend so much time debating Trump's state of mind. Trump is the most transparent politician I have ever seen. He is easy to read.

In 2020, many election rules were changed, legally and illegally, to favor Biden. There were many irregularities. Was it enough to convince the courts or the Congress than the election was stolen? Apparently not.

Trump pursued some arguments that it was. It is foolish to discuss whether he knew Biden won the election. There is no way he could have known. Yes, he knew the reported vote counts, and he knew the allegations of irregularities. He could not know how it would all play out. Nobody did.

Pence now attacks Trump for Jan. 6, 2021, but listen to what he said on Jan. 4:

Vice President Mike Pence said that he understands that many people are skeptical about the election results, and promises they will "have their day in Congress" on Wednesday when the results are set to be finalized.
Pence was scheduled to preside over that day in Congress.

A Trump indictment is expected shortly. I am not sure how Trump is more to blame for the Jan. 6 protest, but I guess we will see soon.

Here is PBS TV interviewing a Jewish historian on how Trump would be an authoritarian, if elected in 2024. Her father was born in Israel. Only a Jew would make such a ridiculous argument.

Trump's presidency was less authoritarian than Obama's and Biden's. If Trump were authoritarian, he would have used the covid crisis as an excuse to claim executive powers. He did not. Biden is using his executive powers to prosecute his political enemies on bogus charges.

Jews are extremely authoritarian, as an ethnic group. Jewish supreme court jusstices are authoritarian. So is attorney general Garland. So are Jewish politicians. The Jews made Communism authoritarian. And yet Jews are always pointing toward their enemies and calling them authoritarian.

This particular PBS TV segment complains that Trump promises to dismantle some of the more authoritarian parts of the administrative state.

Here is a new political prosecution:

The state charges against Michigan's would-be electors present a similar puzzle. They face eight felony counts, including various forgery-related charges, all of which hinge on intent. Conspiracy to commit forgery, for example, requires a scheme to "falsely make, alter, forge, or counterfeit a public record, with intent to injure or defraud." The 16 defendants did that, Nessel says, by signing "fraudulent 'Certificates of Votes'" identifying themselves as Michigan's electors. But if they honestly believed that the official results were decisively corrupted by tricky election software, phony ballot dumps, or other kinds of chicanery—meaning they were in fact the true electors—it is doubtful that they had an "intent to injure or defraud."
They are facing decades in prison, and all they did was to sign up to be electors, in case the vote count is favorable to Trump. With VP Pence publicly saying that he would consider alternate slates of electors, I do not see how it can be a crime to volonteer to be on one of those slates.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The True Harvard Admissions Victims

It was widely reported that Harvard has an affirmative action program favoring Blacks over Asians, but just lost in the US Supreme Court.

Ron Unz went to Harvard and has studied this for about ten years, and says we got the story wrong. He writes Affirmative Action and the Jewish Elephant in the Room.

He says the press is very misleading the way it lumps Jews and Whites together. Actually the elite collge affirmative action programs have favored Jews and Blacks, over non-Jewish Whites. The Asians are a smoke-screen.

I don't know, but he has a lot of data to back up what he says, and he has been publishing this for years. His work is known to all the experts in the field. He would be refuted, if he were wrong. There have been some criticisms of some of his work, but most of it is ignored.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

How American Academia turned Leftist

By Christopher F. Rufo explains:
How the 1970s liberation movement led to today’s identity battles
It is an old story, but an amazing one, and tells a lot about academia turned Leftist.

It is also interesting to compare these leftist terrorists with the mostly-peaceful Jan. 6, 2021 protesters. Some of the J6 protesters have gotten 20 year prison terms, with the Biden DoJ appealing to get even stiffer sentences. For the most part, they were just trying to get votes properly recorded.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Kamala Harris says to Reduce Population

The London Daily Mail reports:
Vice President Kamala Harris made a verbal slip on Friday that fed a frenzy of conspiracy theories, after she spoke of the need to 'reduce population' instead of pollution.

'When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles and reduce population, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water,' Harris said during a speech in Baltimore on combatting climate change.

The White House official transcript of the remarks corrected the obvious error, crossing out the word 'population' and adding 'pollution' in brackets to indicate what Harris intended to say.

If you want to combat climate change, it is not clear that electric vehicles will do any good at all. Maybe in 50 years, but not now.

The activists like to look long-term, such as to the year 2100. On that scale, the best things that can be done are to reduce population, and stop immigration into developed countries.

I have heard people argue that the CO2 contributions from countries like India and Nigeria are neglible compared to rich Americans. But it is just not true. By 2100, they will have contributed much more. Population growth and migration are the big problems.

Update: Here is the video. "The clock isn't only ticking, it is banging." It is pretty dopey, even when corrected.

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Joe Biden Rejects the Bastard Child

Conservatives have been mostly neutralized in the USA, so it is nice to see Ann Coulter express some conservative opinions:
Hunter’s ‘Love Child’ and Conservative Madness

Right-wingers (and The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd) are browbeating President Biden for not embracing his son Hunter’s illegitimate child — the result of drug-crazed, unprotected sex with a stripper. ...

We’re the ones who believe that marriage means something. (Thus, our opposition to gay marriage.) Ideally, a man wouldn’t have any “parental rights” to a kid he fathered unless he’s married to the mother, and she wouldn’t get access to the sperm-donor’s bank account unless she’s married to him.

... But the idea that a crack-fueled roll in the hay entitles the mother to be treated like an honored member of the family is absurd. ...

Just because Hunter is a total degenerate doesn’t mean society should allow unfit mothers to use their capture of his sperm as a winning lottery ticket, entitling her entree into someone else’s family. ...

It was (of course) the Warren court that cast aside the collective wisdom of 48 states and hundreds of years of common law to nuke the distinction between legitimate and illegitimate kids. ...

Since the court found it “unconstitutional” to distinguish between the children of married parents and unmarried parents, the illegitimacy rate in the U.S. soared from 24% for blacks and 3.1% for whites to 69.4% for blacks, 28.2% for whites and 39.6% overall. With that came an explosion in child poverty, criminality, educational deficits, teen pregnancies, behavioral problems and on and on and on.

Yes, the purpose of marriage used to be to legitimize children, and to provide for them by allocating parental rights and responsibilities in an orderly and voluntary manner. Everyone accepted that. Now Coulter appears to be in a small minority.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Professor fired for exposing bogus DIE statistics

Liberals used to be in favor of free speech. Now they gang up on a tenured statistics professor who criticized govt misuse of statistics.

FIRE reports:

The case involves Stephen Porter, a tenured professor of Higher Education in North Carolina State’s Department of Leadership, Policy and Adult & Higher Education, where he teaches graduate-level statistics and data analysis. He complained several times in recent years that NC State’s diversity initiatives resulted in “abandoning rigorous methodological analysis in favor of results-driven work aimed at furthering a highly dogmatic view of ‘diversity,’ ‘equity,’ and ‘inclusion.’” Over the course of two years, he criticized these initiatives’ impact on the department’s higher ed degree program, with which he was affiliated, during a 2016 department meeting, in a Spring 2018 email to colleagues, and in a personal blog post written that fall.

As a result, NC State removed Porter from the higher ed program on grounds that he was insufficiently collegial. He sued....

The 4th Circuit federal court of appeal upheld the firing.

From a disappointed commenter:

Curiously, the two judges in the majority (Wynn and Thacker) are Obama appointees, whereas the one judge in dissent (Richardson) is a Trump appointee. As the preceding comment observes, the argumentation in the dissenting opinion is far better than that in the majority opinion.
Yes, this is a pattern. Trump appointees favor freedom. Democratic appointees favor forcing everyone into their program.

Friday, July 14, 2023

Biden pushed for Forever War in Ukraine

The lizard people have committed us to forever wars.

Reuters reports:

The United States and global allies unveiled new security assurances for Ukraine at a NATO summit on Wednesday, designed to bolster the country’s defences against Russia over the long haul while Kyiv strives for membership of the alliance. ...

“Our support will last long into the future. It’s a powerful statement of our commitment to Ukraine,” President Joe Biden said alongside Zelenskiy and leaders of the G7, which is made up of the U.S., Germany, Japan, France, Canada, Italy and Britain.

“We’re going to be there as long as that takes.”

Biden says he wants to admit Ukraine to NATO, but not until the war is over!

Russia says that Ukraine in NATO is an existential threat, and it only invaded tp keep it neutral.

So this war is going to go on forever, or until Ukraine is so completely destroyed that no one wants it anymore.

Biden is probably too senile to know what he is saying, but surely his advisers know that there is no feasible end game here. If a negotiated peace treaty leads to NATO taking Ukraine, then Russia will not agree. So there will be no peace.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

If you get blamed anyway, why apologize?

NY Times columnist David A. French writes:
If the quote was fine, in context, why apologize?
Apparently this all started with someone quoting Hitler:
“He alone who owns the youth gains the future.”
French is a Christian who had to repudiate his LGBTQ views in order to get a job at the NY Times.

I do not think that anyone is actually offended by quoting Hitler. All famous people get quoted. Jews raise issues like this just to prove that they can control what you say.

To answer his question, there is nothing wrong with quoting Hitler. But if the Jews at the NY Times say you are not allowed to quote Hitler, then it is easier to apologize than to explain it to them.

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Brown U is now Queer U

The London Daily Mail reports:
Almost forty percent of Brown University students are not straight, according to a survey which found the proportion who identify as LGBTQ+ has tripled since 2010. The poll found that 38 percent of students said they were not straight compared to just 13 percent 13 years ago. That new figure is more than five times the national rate. The survey carried out by student paper the Brown Daily Herald, also found that of those who identified as LGBTQ+, only 22.9 percent of students described themselves as homosexual - down from 46 percent in 2010.
No, they are not born that way. These are children jumping on fads.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Ben and Jerrys Hate America

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream announces:
Ah, the Fourth of July. Who doesn't love a good parade, some tasty barbecue, and a stirring fireworks display? The only problem with all that, though, is that it can distract from an essential truth about this nation’s birth: The US was founded on stolen Indigenous land.

This year, let’s commit to returning it.

Here’s why we need to start with Mount Rushmore.

Ben and Jerry are famous for their Jewish Leftist politics. Jews traditionally believe in collective guilt and punishment for their ethnic enemies. And those enemies are most Gentiles.

Jews particularly hate symbols of White Christian achievement and good works. That is what Mount Rushmore is.

Their statement is about like a Christian saying that all Jewish property should be confiscated, as punishment for killing Jesus.

No, I am not blaming all Jews. If I see any Jews criticizing the Ben-Jerry ethnic hatred, I will post a link.

Monday, July 10, 2023

Scientists try to find Queer Plants and Fungus

everybody is celebrating LGBTQ+, even a plant exhibit:
This autumn, we’re celebrating the diversity and beauty of plants and fungi with an inspiring new festival, Queer Nature, at Kew Gardens.

What makes nature queer?

As well as refusing to conform with socially-constructed binaries that science has applied to them over the years, plants and fungi have also been used as symbols for LGBTQ+ groups throughout history.

The green carnation became a symbol for homosexuality in the early 20th century, due to Oscar Wilde’s wearing of it, at a time when being openly gay was still a criminal offence.

Since the mid-20th century, the colour lavender was used to represent gay communities across the world.

Looking at plants and fungi through a queer lens sheds a new light on the complexity and infinite possibilities of nature, highlighting the vital importance of conserving biodiversity and protecting the natural world.

That's why it's the perfect time to celebrate Queer Nature. Why not join us this autumn and discover the true diversity of the natural world?

Biologist Jerry Coyne explains how ridiculous this is, if it isn't obvious.

Sunday, July 09, 2023

Anticipating a Future World Takeover

People pretend to worry about global warming and climate change, but there are much bigger worries. The American empire will not last forever, and others could take over the world in the next century. Here are the leading contenders.

China. This is obvious, and much discussed.

Islam. It cannot coexist with Western Civ, or any other religion. We are seeing that in Europe today. Countries that allow Islamic immigrants eventually turn Islamic and backward.

Africa. The UN projects that African population will explode for the foreseeable future. In a century, there will be billions of Africans, and they will overflow to all the other continents.

AI overlords. In a few years, AI bots will be running the world. I think that they can be tamed, but time will tell.

Reptilian shape-shifters. I know this theory is wacky, but it predicts much of the social subversion we see today. Some of it is associated with Jews, but that is a distraction, as Orthodoc Jews are not in on the plan.

World War III. I was not worried about it, until the reckless warmongering of the Biden administration. Escalating the Ukraine War is dangerous.

Wealthy robber barons. Economists commonly predict that GNP will continue to grow at 2% or more for the next century. If so, there will be enough wealth for everyone on Earth to be rich. No one knows how to manage that much wealth. It seems much more likely that a small minority, less than 1%, will control all the wealth. Everyone else will have opportunities to be comfortable, but they will hate the super-wealthy.

If I had to guess, I might predict that the reptilian shape-shifters will exterminate the Moslems and Africans, leaving the world for the Chinese, AI bots, and robber barons.

Friday, July 07, 2023

Trying to Justify Racial Quotas

WSJ reports:
In a dissent from last week's ruling against racial preferences in college admissions, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson enumerated purported benefits of "diversity" in education. "It saves lives," she asserts. "For high-risk Black newborns, having a Black physician more than doubles the likelihood that the baby will live."…

The study makes no such claims.

This is a pretty crazy assertion. I don't know how "high-risk" is defined, but newborns usually survive. Nothing will double the survival rate.

Here is the error source:

The Association of American Medical Colleges (“AAMC”) is a non-profit educational association whose members include all 156 accredited U.S. medical schools; more than 400 teaching hospitals and health systems; and more than 70 academic societies.

On page 4 of the amicus brief:

And for high-risk Black newborns, having a Black physician is tantamount to a miracle drug: it more than doubles the likelihood that the baby will live. (fn)Brad N. Greenwood et al., Physician-Patient Racial Concordance and

Pres. Biden appointed Jackson because she is a Black woman, and she is arguing for admitting students just because they are Black.

The actual study found a slight effect. Correlation is not causation. Maybe it is chance. Maybe the most difficult cases are passed to the most competent White obstetricians, so the most competent ones have worse fatality rates.

Apparently the medical schools are owned by the Left, or not competent to spot a phony statistical argument.

The College Fix reports:

Guests at the recent Berkshire Conference of Women Historians are expressing fury after one of the event’s venerable cofounders — an elderly white scholar — said she wished she had dark skin so her professional life had been easier, according to numerous tweets from professors in the audience. “Well, the Berks plenary just took a turn. A white senior scholar at the 50th anniversary plenary VERY publicly, and unapologetically, said that she wished she was Black so her professional life would be easier,” tweeted attendee Stephanie Narrow, a history PhD candidate at UC Irvine. “She was immediately called out for her blatantly racist remarks, and refused to apologize, let alone listen, to the reason why her remarks were horrifying[ly] wrong. ‘You won’t change my mind, I’m 84 years old,'” Narrow continued in her June 30 tweet thread. “The room is shaken, it’s palpable.”
They argued that her remark was "wrong" in the sense of being racist, inappropriate, upsetting, and uncomfortable, but not factually wrong. No could point to any difficulties faced by Black professors. The comment caused a fuss, and this pathetic apology:
The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians apologizes sincerely for the harm experienced at the 2023 Berkshire Conference on the History of Women, Genders and Sexualities. The very public racism witnessed ... The Berkshire Conference of Women Historians leadership condemns the racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic comments of one of the Big Berks conference co-founders, Lois Banner. We acknowledge harm and apologize to scholars of color ...

Banner’s comments and other micro-aggressions at the conference were particularly harmful as the Supreme Court of the United States announced its ruling to dismantle affirmative action in higher education that very day.

They are unable to give any example of harm. Obviously Banner is correct, or this apology would find something more substantial than a trivial micro-aggression.

Here is a YouTube debate on Is It Impossible For Feminism To Be Truly Inclusive? | Women & Non-Binary Debate | Cambridge Union. Listening is a waste of time. These women make little sense. No, feminism will never be truly inclusive. You cannot be promoting women's rights, equality, and the rights of non-women at the same time.

Update: The law firm has admitted the error:

That claim came from an amicus brief filed by lawyers representing an association of medical colleges. The brief stated that for "high-risk Black newborns, having a Black physician is tantamount to a miracle drug; it more than doubles the likelihood that the baby will live," citing as support a 2020 study that examined mortality rates in Florida newborns between 1992 and 2015.

In a letter Friday filed to the Supreme Court docket, Norton Rose Fulbright wrote that the argument cited by Jackson in her opinion "warrants clarification" and sought to clear up any "confusion."

"The principal cited finding of the [study] was that the mortality rate for Black newborns, as compared to White newborns, decreased by more than half when under the supervision of Black physician," the law firm's letter said. "In absolute terms, this study found that patient-physician racial concordance led to a reduction in health inequity."

All the arguments for systemic racism and inequity are based on bogus statistics and anecdotes like this.

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Brazil Rigs Another Election

Far-right former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was barred Friday from running for office again until 2030 after a panel of judges concluded that he abused his power and cast unfounded doubts on the country’s electronic voting system.

The decision upends the 68-year-old’s political future and likely erases any chance for him to regain power.

Wow, complain about the election, and he is barred from running. Meanwhile, the current president was convicted and sentenced to 9 years, before being sprung by politically friendly judges.

Liberals used to be pro-free-speech. It is funny to hear them praise this as pro-democracy. It is funny to also see them attack the US Supreme Court for saying that a web site designer does not have to present opinions with which he disagrees.

Some point out that the web site case was fake. Maybe so, but Colorado really was prosecuting bakers and others for refusing to express an opinion. The courts routinely strike down laws based on a chilling effect to free speech.

Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Utah Promotes Queerness to Kids

If you read the left-wing press, you might get the impression that Conservative Republicans are censoring libraries, and not letting children read good books.

Utah is the most Conservative Republican state, and is controlled by Mormons. So I was surprised to see the Salt Lake City Public Library Kids’ Section.

Mormons do have some unusual beliefs. See Mormon cosmology.

Tuesday, July 04, 2023

A Troublesome Inheritance, Revisited

I have posted about various theories to explain how Western Civilization surpassed others. Maybe it is time to reassess this book:
A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History is a 2014 book by Nicholas Wade, a British writer, journalist, and former science and health editor for The New York Times.[1][2][3][4] In the book, Wade argues that human evolution has been "recent, copious and regional"[5][6][7] and that this has important implications for social sciences.[8] ...

Wade writes about racial differences in economic success between Whites, Blacks, and East Asians, and offers the argument that racial differences come from genetic differences amplified by culture. In the first part of the book, Wade provides an account of human genetics research. In the second part of his book, Wade proposes that regional differences in evolution of social behavior explain many differences among different human societies around the world.[12]

The book has been widely denounced by scientists,

Wade got a lot of blawback when the book came out 9 years ago. Where does it stand now?

Most of the criticism was that Wade's theories were unproved and racially uncomfortable. So have they been disproved in 9 years?

Apparently not.

Here is one peer-reviewed published objection:

Recently, I signed a letter to the New York Times. ...

The objection to the book included its use of the population genetics literature to buttress claims for the existence of five major human races. ... The genetic differentiation of non-admixed human populations results from a serial founder effect from the out of Africa migrations, followed by the influence of isolation by distance. So it’s not surprising that continental groups are differentiable from each other. It doesn’t make them races, but according to A Troublesome Inheritance it does. ...

Its enthusiastic proponents already include some high profile white supremacists and a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

So he quibbles about a definition that is solidly backed by genetic research, and complains about some mythical grand wizard. No, there is no such wizard cited.

Here is a recent scholarly paper showing that races are real, and match common understandings:

Philosophers and biologists alike repeatedly assert that folk racial classification has no biological basis. A few representative quotes are below, but many more can be generated with ease:

• “There are no biological races, only man-made races” (Root Reference Root2000, 32).

• “The human species does not contain biological races now nor has it at any time in the past 250,000 years” (Graves Reference Graves2004, 20).

• “We know enough about race to be quite confident that races will not turn out to be significant biological kinds” (Dupré Reference Dupré, Koenig, Lee and Richardson2008, 52).

However, the goal of this paper is to debunk this common view.

Particularly, I show that ‘race’, in its current US meaning, is a rigidly designating proper name for a biologically real entity, specifically for the partition at the K = 5 level of human population structure. Since that partition is roughly coextensive with J. F. Blumenbach’s anthropological division of humankind, I call the partition ‘the Blumenbach partition’ in honor of Blumenbach.

Apparently the critics are just frightened by genetic determinism.

Monday, July 03, 2023

Genetic Influences on Intelligence

Emil Kirkegaard
A plethora of evidence for genetic influence of American race-ethnic gaps in intelligence ...

Intelligence tests are excellent predictors of school and job performance, and racial/ethnic differences in mean IQ are common. Based on five lines of evidence, Warne (2021) builds a case for partly genetic causes of differences in general intelligence (g) across American self/parental-identified race or ethnicity (SIRE).

All the groups show average differences. No surprise there. What is interesting is that is shows correlations between IQ and religion.

Okay, you are not going to get smarter by converting to a different religion. There are genetic factors at work, and you cannot do anything to change those.

Saturday, July 01, 2023

Three Racists still on the Court

The US Supreme Court ruled against racism in college admissions. The three Democrats dissented, of course. One wrote:
To be clear, today's decision leaves intact holistic college admissions and recruitment efforts that seek to enroll diverse classes without using racial classifications. Universities should continue to use those tools as best they can to recruit and admit students from different backgrounds based on all the other factors the Court's opinion does not, and cannot, touch.
Why is she saying what "universities should" do? He job is to say what is legal or illegal, not what anyone should do. There is the leftist legal mind at work. No respect for rule of law. Just pushing her political agenda.

Even worse, she is advocating circumvention the law to impose racist admissions policies.

It is funny that the courts would never help Whites when they were discriminated against. They only act when racist colleges were favoring Blacks over Asians.

It is also funny to see the lame arguments for affirmative action, disagreeing with this court decision. They pretend to say it is needed, to correct injustices. But read carefully, and they never have any serious examples of injustices. Their real argument is that Blacks need favoritism because they cannot make it on their own.

In France, it appears that belief in diversity quotas can land you in jail:

Paris Saint Germain coach Christophe Galtier was held for questioning along with his son as part of a probe into alleged discrimination, ...

The allegations first surfaced in the French media in April. The reports alleged that ex-Nice sporting director Julien Fournier had written an email at the end of the 2021/22 season in which he claimed Galtier had made discriminatory remarks at several members of the Nice squad.

"He (Galtier) told me that I should take account of the reality of the city and that in effect we should not have as many blacks and Muslims in the team," claimed Fournier, whose relationship with Galtier was a fraught one. "He told me he wanted to profoundly change the team's make-up and limit the maximum number of Muslims."

The allegations have been denied. It seems to me that a man should be able to have an opinion.