Wednesday, July 19, 2023

The True Harvard Admissions Victims

It was widely reported that Harvard has an affirmative action program favoring Blacks over Asians, but just lost in the US Supreme Court.

Ron Unz went to Harvard and has studied this for about ten years, and says we got the story wrong. He writes Affirmative Action and the Jewish Elephant in the Room.

He says the press is very misleading the way it lumps Jews and Whites together. Actually the elite collge affirmative action programs have favored Jews and Blacks, over non-Jewish Whites. The Asians are a smoke-screen.

I don't know, but he has a lot of data to back up what he says, and he has been publishing this for years. His work is known to all the experts in the field. He would be refuted, if he were wrong. There have been some criticisms of some of his work, but most of it is ignored.

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