Saturday, July 22, 2023

The Outing of RationalWiki

I thought that RationalWiki was run by leftists. But look at this memory-holed City Journal article:
David Zimmerman
The Cancel-Culture Troll with a Neo-Nazi Past

A surreal tale of one man’s campaign against an academic field

RationalWiki does personal attacks on people for ideological reasons. It turns out that the anonymous author of a lot of their slanderous articles has an embarrassing past.

Sailer also comments, but does not know why the article disappeared.


CFT said...

Whenever a leftist complains about infidelity, you know they're cheating on their spouse.

Whenever a leftist complains about corruption, you know they're on the take.

Whenever a leftist complains about unsolved murders, look for the body buried in their back yard.

The left relies upon groupthink, outrage, and playbook formulas for pretty much everything they do since they are not really very good at debating ideas, just following them, so it's kind of easy to know what they are up to as they telegraph every punch before they take it.

MikeAdamson said...

The funny thing about the leftist complaints is that they're actually true for rightist complaints. The world is a funny place.