Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Brown U is now Queer U

The London Daily Mail reports:
Almost forty percent of Brown University students are not straight, according to a survey which found the proportion who identify as LGBTQ+ has tripled since 2010. The poll found that 38 percent of students said they were not straight compared to just 13 percent 13 years ago. That new figure is more than five times the national rate. The survey carried out by student paper the Brown Daily Herald, also found that of those who identified as LGBTQ+, only 22.9 percent of students described themselves as homosexual - down from 46 percent in 2010.
No, they are not born that way. These are children jumping on fads.

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CFT said...

Asking a college kid what their sexuality is, is a mostly pointless exercise in du jour, but
nonetheless is dependent upon several very predictable things:

1. Is there some advantage to how they will be treated by their peer group.

2. Is there some advantage to how they will be treated academically.

3. Are any of their peers present that might judge them according to their virtue signalling.

4. Is there some frat prank going on they consider funny.

5. Will it piss off their parents...a lot.

6. Will it get them off the hook from some previous faux pas with faculty or friends.

7. And of course ***Most importantly***, Will it impress some girl/boy and help them get laid, invited to a party, and/or drunk or high.

The actual chances that someone is actually (practicing) gay is around 4%. With roughly 2% male, and 2% female, ironically, this is the least relevant factor in someone claiming to be gay at the moment.