Friday, July 21, 2023

Nick Fuentes Denounces the Enemies of Christ

Donald has been let back on social media, but many other right-wingers are still banned.

Nick Fuentes has discovered a loophole. If he says stuff outrageous enough to get the attention of left-wing groups, then they will quote him!

Here is a tweet from PFAW:

Christian fascist white nationalist Nick Fuentes delivered a speech last week that was filled with virulent and violent antisemitism: "We will make them die in the holy war ... The enemies of Christ have no future in this world."
Here is the Fuentes speech on Rumble. One of his points is that he is addressing issues that others dance around.

There is no free speech, unless he can post on Twitter. His speech did not advocate violence, and has retracted use the term "holy war".

His message is mainly one of America First, pro-America, pro-Christian. For that, the powers who run the world are trying to destroy him. I am not endorsing him, but I do think that he has a legitimate and important message, and he should be heard.

Listen to Trump:

TRUMP: "We have a corrupt, compromised president who is dragging us into WW3 on behalf of a nation that paid his family millions and millions of dollars in obvious bribes."
Yes, and Biden is corruptly prosecuting Trump for trivialities while leading us into WWIII. They have spent 2.5 years trying to make a criminal case over a political speech on Jan. 6, 2021.

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